Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony, which like the other testimonies awakens us in relation to spiritual warfare. It is the story of the young Felicien Mulopwe who, at the age of 13, voluntarily involved himself in witchcraft after watching demonstrations of a magician in their college. He climbed the ladder in Satan’s camp and committed dreadful damage until he accepted God’s outstretched hand and gave his life to Jesus Christ.


This testimony opens our eyes more on the works of the world of darkness in general, and on the submarine world in particular. It is very clear, and warns us against the risk of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master, and also against the danger of being a born-again Christian without truly living a life of sanctification.




One day a magician came to perform magical demonstrations in our college, as it was done in the past. After his magical exhibitions, I approached him to consult him because I wanted to become a powerful and famous man in my city and in my school. The latter gave me the addresses of great masters of Europe so that I could get in touch with them, then he made incisions on my body so that I could become powerful. After that, I wrote to one of those addresses, to a great master residing in France. I told him that I wanted to become famous in my city and powerful in my school, and also to attract girls of my generation. A few days later this master replied to my letter. He advised me to burn francs bank notes and my purchase order and throw them in the toilet. In fact, I had ordered a magic chain of power.


After having done what I was instructed, it took no time for the answer to come back through the same postal means, through the toilets. The answer to this mystic master recommended me to go naked to the cemetery at night. Before I left for the Mongansi local cemetery, at midnight I had to recite some magical prayers to disperse passers-by of my path, and also that neither my parents nor my family would know about it. Animated by a satanic courage, I went to the cemetery that night. My master’s instructions stipulated that I had to keep all this secret, and my departure to the cemetery was obligatory. The refusal to go was punishable by death or madness. I had to keep cool and not panic or scream if I saw something strange. After doing my magical prayers, I opened my eyes. What I saw frightened me, but I had to be calm and not panic. So, I was surprised to find out that I had before me a large snake coming out of one of the graves of the cemetery. It had the size of an Anaconda. It stood and began to growl in order to frighten me, but I kept my calm because I was determined to have power and notoriety. It was not an ordinary snake but a demon.


The snake tried to scare me but to no avail. Seeing that he had not made me flee, he opened his huge mouth in which was a bright and brilliant chain. Then, I heard a voice that commanded me to insert my hand inside the jaws of the snake and remove the magic chain. I had no choice, otherwise, I would go crazy or die, and the devil would be happy to see me die because he would have won my soul. I then removed the chain from the snake’s mouth and put it around my neck as a sign of victory. But unfortunately, my victory was short-lived because I was surrounded by a group of living dead in skeletal form who were singing: “Brother James, brother James sleep …” The objective of these demons was to make me spend time at the cemetery, for the master’s instructions stipulated that I had to leave the cemetery immediately after removing the chain from the mouth of the snake. So I had to leave the cemetery without wasting time, for fear of dying or running mad, and thanks to my agility, I managed to escape these demons; but they followed me, shouting,


“Thief!” They chased me with sticks and stones. Others went ahead of me to block the way, but I was able to dribble them. Finally, I left the cemetery; I had just escaped death.


When I got home nobody knew what had happened. Beloved, this was when I was only thirteen. But do not be surprised, because there are even babies coming out of their mother’s womb to travel to the invisible world and practice witchcraft. The world is full of mystery. There are terrible things happening at night while people are asleep. The next day when I arrived at school, it was as if demons had preceded me and advertised me to the students at our school. My success was such that even girls in my school could not resist me. So I became famous and even my teachers loved me. While I was practicing magic, I continued to serve in my church as a choir boy in the parish of Our-Lady Fatima in Dolisie. Days passed very quickly and one Sunday after Sunday Mass, the priest called me and let me know he needed to talk to me at 6 pm. In the evening, I went to the priest’s house. He opened his heart to me and made me understand that he already knew that I was going to the world of spirits in the cemeteries, although I had never spoken to him about it.


He offered to introduce me to the Red Magic of the Red Dragon. He informed me about the several mysteries of magic and confided to me that his term in the city was coming to an end. Thus, he had to prepare somebody who would take over from him. He told me that a priest before the expiration of his term in a city where he works must prepare someone who will replace him and represent his magic branch. After this interview, he invited me to meet the following Wednesday at the parish so that we could get down to business. On Wednesday at 10 pm, before arriving at the priest’s place, he asked me to change and put on a cassock he had prepared for the ceremony. It was a hooded cassock. This white gown was for novices in the practice of Red Dragon Magic. After the priest’s incantations, we sat on a red carpet in front of the statue of Jesus. Then the priest asked me to close my eyes and concentrate. During this time he recited magic formulas. And while he was reciting these magical prayers, I felt like we were flying in space. Then he asked me to stand up and open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that we were no longer in the parish but in a magical world full of beauty. It was a very well built city with gigantic buildings, of ineffable beauty.


Upon our arrival, a woman named Donna Leticia of Italian nationality came to meet us. After staring into my eyes, she began to accuse me of being a traitor, saying that I should not be introduced to the audience and that the priest should replace me with another disciple. But despite her insistence, the priest told her that I was going to change. After this debate, they all decided to shut me up in a room with no window in which there were a light bulb and cameras that were filming me. After sometimes, I was taken out of this room and a man was instructed to take me to the hall where there was a large meeting room. When I arrived in the conference room, I noticed that it was filled with people. There were people who were still alive and people who had already died several years ago. There were great traders of the city of Pointe Noire, there were military and civil authorities of our country, and religious people too. I saw people that we studied in History who had died several years ago.


When the meeting began, this Italian woman continued to insist that I should not be introduced to the audience, because later I will betray the invisible world. It was thanks to a vote that the assembly decided to introduce me to the audience. So the one who coordinated the meeting ordered me to go to the front and stand in the bar, as in a court. A new name was given me to signify that I had become Satan’s full-time servant. The chairman of the meeting was a well- known bishop in the Republic of Congo. The latter enumerated ten laws which I had to observe, the least disobedience to these laws would result in severe punishment. As in all the enthronement meetings, all the audience was invited to the banquet hall in the same building, where the guests were supposed to taste the meat and human blood, and dance to the rhythm of the Congolese rumba sung by the musician Franco who was still alive at that time. Finally, the bishop approached me and gave me a book containing several magical prayers intended to invoke demonic spirits and other powerful demons


like queen Farida. He advised me to keep secret what I saw and heard in the invisible world, for fear of going mad or dying. That’s how my career started in red magic.


I remember that after some time, on the eve of the new school year, my father took me to the market to do some shopping in order to prepare for my school year. While we were a few meters from the market, I heard a voice within me reminding me that I had to refrain from going to a market, as prescribed in the ten laws that governed my mystical life, for fear of being punished; it was one of the ten laws that I had to observe. My dad did not understand why I avoided the market. I lied to him that Mom had already bought me all my school needs, which was not the case. So Dad gave me the money to buy the school outfit. I took this money and spent it on other things, knowing that I will consult queen Farida to give me what I needed. When she appeared, she asked me what I needed, and after clapping her hands, her servants brought me all my school needs and even the school uniform. This satanic lady had become like my mother. She found solutions to all my problems and claimed that she loved me.




A few months later, I started having problems with my father, which irritated me so much that I had problems with the invisible world; for the ten laws stipulated that I should not be angry. In my childhood I hated sorcerers. It happened one day that the president of our parish Our-Lady Fatima wanted to kill a boy who served in the children’s choir. I was informed by demons, and the very night this man was supposed to execute the boy who was his own son, I stopped him. He could not do anything against me because his power was less than mine. In fact, he was just a wizard, and I was a satanist. This man who was the president of our parish and the head of sorcerers began to hate me. His hatred was so obvious, but people did not know the cause. They could not understand that there was a night conflict between him and me. During my magical life, none of my parents suspected that I belonged to the red magic branch, because I was gentle and docile.


Later, I started having problems with my father who was a well-known wizard in the community. He had a totem of crocodiles. At home, we had a toy that was a bamboo plane, but in the night this toy was transformed into a mystical plane that my father used. In fact, there was a mystical airport behind our house. Our conflict began when my father could no longer leave his body to travel to the spiritual world. My demon prevented him from boarding his mystical plane, so I was no longer tolerated at home. One day after school, I went home and found that my father had burned my clothes because my presence made him sick. So, I had to leave his house. After this misunderstanding between my father and me, I became angry and this anger greatly disturbed the invisible world. Then queen Farida summoned me by mystical phone, and when I went to meet her, she reminded me of my transgression and let me know she was not happy with me. And to appease her anger, she asked me to sacrifice the baby that my stepmother had with my father. This sacrifice was to calm the anger of this demonic queen.


Then the queen asked me to visit my master, the priest of the Catholic church, in order to pay for my transgression. When I arrived at the priest’s house in the town of Dolisie, the latter received me with open arms, but only he was disappointed because I had broken one of the ten laws. The priest told me that to plead for the grace of the great master, Satan, I had to do a novena, that means nine days of fasting without eating or drinking in the parish. After that, I still had to sacrifice nine children to the devil. As soon as the nine days of fasting were completed, the priest invited me to his quarters to see what was to be done, I mean to help me sacrifice these children to Satan. Then the priest set up a charity organization for the distribution of food and supplies to children from two to twelve, as is the custom in Catholic churches. So every Monday we would distribute food to children: rice, sugar, soy milk. While the children were lined up, I had to put my right hand on the head of the child who will be the next victim. As a result, nine of these children died in the course


of time. I regret killing innocent children. We must understand that behind the many charitable organizations of the Catholic church, there are human sacrifices.


I advise you never to allow Catholics to hold a death service for a member of your family. In fact, during this mass, the priest sprinkles holy water on the coffin to capture the soul of the deceased. And the holy water thus sprinkled turns into a massive river in which the soul of the dead person is stuck.


Now the question is: where did the milk, rice and other food products we distributed to children come from? The answer should make us think. Before the distribution of food, we locked ourselves in a room that looked like a depot, and the priest made invocations to ask for everything we would distribute to the children on Monday. Following these magical prayers, the roof opened and tons of food and various food items came down, as if a group of invisible workers took them out of an invisible cargo plane, and piled them in the room that served us as a depot. So, these things came from the world of Satan, he who does not give to humans for free; therefore, sacrifices were needed in return. That’s why the children died, so I managed to offer nine souls to queen Farida. We still see Catholic priests donating and offering things in charitable acts, but no one knows where these things come from. Catholic charity is hypocritical and dangerous; it’s another facet of wickedness. You must flee from that if you cherish your life. By accepting these gifts and these so-called gifts and assistance that come from the world of Satan, you unknowingly sign a pact with Lucifer, to sell him your soul. You are now warned.





One day, the priest asked me to go with him to the parish so that I could accompany him to the annual meeting at the end of the year. It was December 24, 1985. Toward the middle of the night, the priest told me that we had to get down to business. It was just after Christmas Mass at 11 pm. Around midnight we went to the local cemetery of Moupé. Know that a graveyard is one of the portals to the parallel world of Satan. It was from this cemetery that we were able to travel to the basement of India to attend the annual world summit of Satanists. The satanic kingdom in India is not visible to the human eye; it is a spiritual realm; it is the headquarters of the world government of Lucifer located in the basement of India. After invocations, the priest asked me to find the grave of a male corpse. Once this was done, he made a magical prayer and the person rose from his grave and I was able to talk with him. Then, I lay down in his grave and we told him to keep my body during my trip to India.


When I laid in his coffin, my spirit came out of my body, and I landed in India to attend Satanists’ world rally. There were famous footballers, film and song stars, well-known political leaders, fallen angels, superior demons and principalities. Newcomers like me had to be presented to the audience, and it was in this kind of gathering that major events that were to happen in the world in the upcoming year were determined. Thus, the fate of political, sporting and commercial events was decided and determined in advance. This satanic gathering takes place every year from December 24th to 31st. The change of political regime and the results of the elections are decided in advance at these meetings. Sports results and results of championships are also decided and determined in advance during this meeting. Diseases that must emerge on the earth in different regions to torment the inhabitants of various countries are also programmed.


In these annual meetings, the fallen angels and principalities plan the wars and the military conflicts that they will provoke in different regions of the earth during the upcoming year. These principalities prepare and plan in advance the traffic accidents, plane crashes; they plan how to sink ships; they programme the so-called natural disasters that will hit different regions of the earth, etc.


Major and worldwide events, prejudicial to humanity and favorable to the kingdom of darkness, which will happen on the earth during the New Year, are decided and programmed in advance by the principalities and fallen angels, while the whole world remain in festivities shouting “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”, instead of being in prayer.


In these gatherings, the choice of the presidents of different countries of the world is decided. It was during this gathering that I became aware of the change of political regime that would take place in my country; because I saw the fallen angels and principalities decide the arrival of democracy in my country and the devaluation of the CFA Franc. In this gathering of Satanists and demons, we also discussed the war in Angola. We decided to send invisible soldiers to continue to help the rebel leader. His army was smaller compared to that of the official government, but he was still progressing because he was helped by demons that were fighting alongside him. I would advise Christians to pray for peace in their country. Many political and military conflicts are decided and programmed in the invisible world to stop the work of God. The kingdom of darkness reserves the right to dominate over a country that has asked for help from the World Bank; the AIDS epidemic was also discussed.


I’ll use this opportunity to ask Children of God not to argue or debate on issues related to sports in general, and football in particular. Let me advise you not to be a fan of a football team. The results of football championships and sports tournaments are decided in the invisible world, in these meetings of Satanists and demons. In these meetings, it was decided that Canada would become a country of labour and that Japan would develop scientifically and technologically.


After the meeting, newly arrived initiates like myself were taken to another meeting room where we were to receive instructions, and in this room, there was a statue of Jesus Christ on the cross. In fact, this statue had a human body and fresh red blood oozed from this man on the cross. I do not know if it was a man or a demon. This man on the cross resembled the Jesus depicted on images of Catholic devotion. We have presented this man nailed to the cross as the leader of Christians, the son of God who is worshipped by the Christians. Our host could not mention the name of Jesus Christ, because it is forbidden to mention the name of Jesus in the world of Satan. Then he incited us to scourge the false Jesus who was on the cross; we were instructed to subject this man on the cross to abuse and insults, and we were urged to flog him, spit on him, and punch him. As a result of this treatment, this man on the cross began bleeding even more.


This symbolic act of the new initiates was a blasphemous act that concretized the rejection of Jesus Christ, but the bleeding man on the cross was a superior demon who had assumed the appearance of Jesus. And I understood that the image of the man on the cross in the Catholic church was not to remind believers of the death of Christ, but rather to make fun of Him. Before returning to earth they gave each of us a flying carpet, a book containing 120 magic prayers, a cord with a cross that was a telephone, and a stick that we were supposed to use in spiritual warfare. I was tasked to sacrifice 3000 people in 20 years, and then we went back to earth. When my master the priest left the city, he entrusted me to a fallen angel known as master Bombar of Bombar.


Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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