Hello, everyone, Dr. Kevin Zadai with you with Warrior Notes, and I have a story I want to tell you that is a very exciting one. It’s actually changed my life more than all the other encounters I’ve had with angels. This one has changed my life forever because this angel showed me how to wait on God. He told me that I can learn in the room of Revelation by waiting on God, that I can find out things about the future. And so I want to tell you about that. This happened one night when I was asleep and my wife was with me in our house. And all of a sudden when I woke up, I saw a man standing at the foot of my bed. But this man was different because he didn’t have any wings, but he had this beautiful garment on.

And I saw him with his hand outstretched. And he grabbed me. He said, “Come on, let’s go.”

And he took me. He said, “I’ve been told that I can show you the room of revelation, the room of waiting on the Lord.”

And so he took me and we went at lightning speed. And you can imagine, you know, I am sleeping and I’m thinking, did I just leave my body in my bed or did my body come with me? I didn’t know. I just knew that we were going at a very high rate of speed. And he said to me, “The Lord has favored you and He wants you to understand this.”

And so he took me to this place. It was a big room and we walked in. It looked like it was a large elevator. And as I’m standing there in the elevator, but it was this large room, he said to me, “We’re going to wait on God.”

And I looked and Jesus walks in and Jesus is standing there with me and the angel. And He said, “Let’s wait on the Father.”

So He bowed His head. So the angel bowed his head. So I bowed my head and all of a sudden I felt the floor going up and I could feel us going at a high rate of speed, you know, just like an elevator. And I peeked to see if Jesus still had His head bowed and He still did. And so I looked at the angel and he still had his head bowed. So I just kept my head down, and we started going up, up, up. And I’m thinking, you can’t make this up. I mean, I was thinking are people gonna even believe this story?

And all of a sudden I got Jesus’ attention because it had been a while, and I said, “Hey, when do we stop?”

He goes, “Well, that’s up to you. How high do you want to go? How far into revelation do you want to go?”

And He bowed His head again. So I waited. And all of a sudden I felt, OK, it’s time. So I put my head up and I said, “It’s time.”

And so the angel looked at me and we stopped. So you can feel now that we have stabilized at a certain level and the door opened up in front of us and I looked out and I can see the earth below and I could see the lights of the different cities and the countries.

And the Lord said, “See, when you wait on God, your perspective of life gets a lot better.”

And He said, “Now things of this earth down there are so small in comparison. This is what you need to do every day. You need to wait on God, and you need to be lifted up so that you can see things from God’s perspective.”

And I didn’t have a care. I couldn’t think of anything. I was not worried about anything that had to do with my life.

All I cared about is I was with Jesus, and the Father was saturating this room, and it was a huge elevator. So this is what happened.

As He started to talk to me about waiting on the Father, and He started to tell me, “You need to tell the people that they’re not waiting on God long enough. That they’re leaving this room too soon, and their perspective is not high enough. So when God sits on His throne, He’s so high, He is the Most High God.”

And I saw that, you know, we need to have that perspective in this life. I saw that everything that had to do with my life in a flash was the size of a speck of dust on a pin. That my life on this earth was just a speck of dust in comparison to eternity.

And the Lord said, “You see how your perspective changes. You see how now you can’t think of anything that you were worried about.”

And He said, “This is what My people need to do. They need to wait on Me.”

And then I started to receive revelation. And as I continue to just stand there with Jesus and this angel, He started to show me the future, like future things that God had on His heart for me. And He showed me how, if He could get me convinced about certain things that were His will, that I would start to affect others and that this waiting on God, this time alone with Him in this room of revelation would cause many. I saw where in the future that many people would be changed and rerouted their lives because I took time to wait on God.

So what is it that’s bothering you right now? You think about some of the things that you’re facing right now, the problems. There are people in your life that might not be behaving correctly and you’re very irritated with that. You haven’t been promoted at your job. You’re fighting things in your body.

And you want to be healed. You want to receive your healing. You want to receive understanding about your relationships. These things can be resolved in the room of revelation, but you’ve got to learn how to wait on God.

So this angel started to tell me the things that he had planned for me, that God had already given him permission for him to do in my life, but that I needed to cooperate. And this is what he showed me.

Now, listen to me very carefully, because this part of it is the most life-changing thing for me, because I was anxious because I was busy, I would preemptively hinder the angel from working in my life because the angel was sent to expedite and to implement the things that God had for me. But because I was anxious and I wasn’t in a restful mode, he was not able to do some of the things that he had for me, that it would be delayed.

Can you imagine God’s will being delayed? But see, I saw that so many people just because you want God’s will doesn’t always mean that it’s going to happen. You could desire it. But there has to be a manifestation in your life where you take it and you take it within yourself and then you watch the manifestation happen.

And even now, as I’m talking to you, you can sense the power of God because the power of God is flowing from this, because this happened to me and I’m still living it out even now. This changed my life. The Holy Spirit reminds me of what that angel told me, that I am too anxious at times and I try to get involved and mess with things on my own. And that is not God’s plan. We are to rest in faith. You know this because in Hebrews 11, verse six, it says that you cannot please God without faith, but you have to believe that God exists and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

So what does it mean to diligently seek God? It’s going into that room and waiting on God and resting in Him and thinking about His goodness and let that revelation just flow.

Because, see, the spirit of God is the spirit of revelation and the spirit of God knows things that you don’t know. So when you go into this room, you don’t want to talk and tell Him what you know. You don’t want to tell Him everything that you’re going through right now. What you want is you want Him to tell you answers. You want Him to speak. So you have to wait.

So I’m encouraging you right now by the spirit of God, whatever you’re going through, just go to that room, go to that room and wait and let that revelation of the spirit of God ignites you inside.

See Paul said that the spirit, he said this in Ephesians chapter one, verse seventeen through twenty-three. He said he prayed for the Ephesians that they would have a spirit of revelation. That they would be flooded with light. That they would know the hope to which they’ve been called. That they would know the glorious inheritance that we have in the Saints and that they would encounter and know the power of the resurrection that raised Jesus from the dead that’s dwelling in us.

And so I just pray for that right now for you. I believe that you’re going to sense and encounter that revelation right now. So, Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for the spirit of revelation going right out to all the people right now everywhere.

(As you’re watching [reading this] this stretch your hand out and receive this.)

Father that you’re telling them that they have everything going for them if they’ll just wait, if they’ll just receive from the Father God, He’s going to give you that spirit of revelation. So right now, Father, just flood their hearts with light and understanding and put them at peace. That all is well in Heaven.

And that the Lord says, “I have this. I have your back. I have your forward parts. I have your path. I’ve chosen every step for you. Just trust in Me and I’m going to turn it, turn it out just fine for you. Everything’s going to work out. All things are working right now for your good because you love God, and you’re called according to His purpose. You’re chosen. God is with you in a mighty way. Never doubt that.”

And the Lord says, “Don’t fear, because your salvation, your deliverance is near.”

God bless you. And remember, there is a room where you wait, and you will be flooded with revelation. God bless you.

From Supernatural Stories