Pastor Nelson Soo demonstrated the following types of anointing in a church service of this 800+ member church. This is a verbatim report.


After the pastor has given his teaching, he told an elder sitting in the front pew to stand up.

He said, “This brother here has been sitting in front here throughout the service. Unknown to him, he was absorbing the anointing that is present in me. This is called the spilled over anointing. This anointing won’t last long.”

He then called a man who had persistent coughing to come up and touch the elder. Straightaway, the man with the persistent cough was slain. When he got up, he found that his throat has returned to normal and has no more irritations.

“That is why some people attend some Christian conferences and were imparted some anointing by the anointed minister of God. They come back to their churches and they operate in the anointing for about six months or so. After that, their anointing wane and they are back to their former selves. Actually, what happened is that these ministers did not know how to maintain their anointing by faithfulness in their communion with the Holy Spirit and in their prayer life.”

“In the end times, there will be an accelerated mountain of anointing on chosen vessels. God will take the anointing on these chosen vessels and transmit it to their co-workers during the service. They will then multiply the work all over the place during the service.”

“To be able to absorb such an anointing upon a chosen vessel, make sure that the power is first on them. It is not only a matter of faith, but you have to make sure that there is a source of power in that vessel. Never try to build your faith in the Word by your mind, but let the Holy Spirit reveal the truth to you. Do not overemphasize the act of stepping out in faith when you know that there is no anointing on that particular minister. If there is no anointing on a particular minister, there is no point in stepping out in faith to absorb any anointing from him or her. You will get nothing.”

“How do we touch the source of power? You must observe the ways of God.”


Pastor now touched the mike to transmit the anointing onto it. He selected five persons in the congregation who have coughing problems and told them to prepare themselves spiritually by asking for forgiveness and for grace. Each of them goes to the mike and holds it. They reacted as if they were experiencing some electric shock and were slain in the Spirit. When they got up, they found their coughs gone. Later, many others who wanted healing for their coughs too lined up, touched the mike, and were healed too.

Pastor commented, “The point is this: the healing is done by the anointing and not by the human vessel. The anointing can be on the human vessel and it can be on any material thing. If you want to receive such an anointing from God, you must prepare yourself. God is faithful and He will bless you accordingly. Some ways of transmitting this kind of anointing have been declared in the Word. For example, the woman with the issue of blood had the wisdom to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. She touched the source of power. However, some ways are not declared in the Word. I will show you.”

Pastor then stood on a red mat for a while and then walked away. He then asked two men to stand on the mat, one by one, and as they stood, they manifested violently and the demons left them. Pastor then stood again on the red mat and increased the anointing on the mat.

He said. “This anointing on this mat will make you paralyzed like a statue.”

He then called two men and one woman to stand on the mat. As each one of them stood on the mat, they suddenly froze and became like statues. The elders lifted one by one like they were carrying statues and laid them on the floor. When the pastor clapped his hands, they came out of their frozen state and became normal. After that, they were trembling and crying because of the fear that they may not come out of the frozen state.

“In the end times, the Lord will release a special anointing for protection over His chosen vessels. People may come in numbers to attack these chosen vessels, but when they get near to them, they would be frozen on the spot. Their friends and relatives would have to carry them away like they were carrying statues. It would be a matter of weeks or days before they die. The only person who could release them from their frozen state would be the chosen vessel that they tried to attack. If he comes and prays over them, they would be healed. If he chooses not to come, these people would perish.”

“These types of anointing that the Holy Spirit is revealing to you will become the norm for the chosen vessels that the Lord is preparing and raising up in secret. What can hinder you from flowing in such anointing will be the man-inspired teachings and doctrines of your past. The devil will use the wrong teachings implanted in your mind as certification to block these types of anointing from flowing in your life and ministry. The Holy Spirit takes time to undo the wrong teachings in your mind and heart. If you do not give time to the Holy Spirit to teach you now, your mind and heart will be a major block to these new types of anointing that the Holy Spirit has prepared for the end times.”

“The second blockage to the anointing is sin in your life. The third is when you are not prepared properly and spiritually. The fourth blockage will be an external one and will come from your loved ones, like your spouses. The fifth blockage is the wrong attitudes in your spirit and it is not easy for the Holy Spirit to undo if you are not willing to change. The devil will bombard you by reminding you of this scripture and that scripture and this teaching and that teaching in order to prevent these new types of anointing to flow in your life. If you do not have the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the truth about these scriptures and teachings, the twisted interpretation and deception given by the devil and his agents will hinder you.”


“We must also observe the flow of the anointing. Sometimes the anointing does not flow and nothing will happen, even though the anointing is present on a vessel or on an object.”

Pastor touched the pulpit and says, “I have transmitted the anointing onto this pulpit but the anointing is not flowing. It is stationary.”

He called a woman to come forward to touch the pulpit. Nothing happened.

Now he touches the pulpit again and says, “The anointing is now flowing. This anointing has the spirit of joy.”

The same woman comes up and touches the pulpit. She started laughing hysterically in the Spirit.

“You not only have to be sensitive to the anointing but you also have to be sensitive whether the anointing is flowing or not. If the anointing is not flowing, you cannot do anything. You have to wait until the anointing begins to move, and then you act accordingly as the Holy Spirit directs you. There is such a thing as a stationary anointing and a flowing anointing in the same service.”

“Now the Holy Spirit wants to move the anointing of the Spirit of joy over the congregation. Those on the right side of the aisle raise your hands.”

The people on the right side of the aisle raised their hands, and as soon as Pastor waved his right hand over them, they burst out laughing.

“Those with pain in your hands also raise your hands.”

When they raised their hands, they went into coughing. Later, many came to the mike to testify of healing of various pain in their hands, like bone aches, arthritis, joint pain, muscle pull, etc.


“This anointing is very powerful. It will be like receiving a cannonball in the stomach and you will be flung behind for several feet.”

Pastor then called out Andrew and told him to prepare himself, ask for forgiveness and grace. Andrew then stood in the middle of the aisle about twenty feet away from Pastor. The Pastor pointed his finger at Andrew and Andrew let out a scream and was flung several feet down the aisle before collapsing on the floor.

“This power shot anointing is for blasting away very deep-rooted strongholds or strong demonic presence in an instant. What would have taken several praying over sessions before a person experiences complete deliverance can be done in an instant with this power shot anointing.”


“Demons screamed when they saw the Lord Jesus Christ because the anointing was flowing from Him.”

Pastor then called out a woman to the front. Then he asked her to quickly look into his eyes. She screamed and fell to the floor.

When she got up, she went to the mike, and told the congregation, “When I looked into the pastor’s eyes, I saw they were like balls of fire. Some bright laser light shot out from his eyes and entered my body and I saw some black shadow leaving me.”

Pastor then told the congregation, “When I say, ‘Look at me,’ look at my eyes immediately.”

After pausing for a few seconds, he looked up and said, “Look at me.”

Everyone in the congregation quickly looked at his eyes and started to cough violently and many demons were expelled from them.


Pastor then asked for a white piece of cloth and wrapped himself with it. He took it out and asked for anyone in the congregation who wants deliverance to come forward. Those who came forward and wrapped the white cloth around themselves manifested violently and experienced deliverance.


“God breathed the Spirit into Adam. The breath of God blew over the valley of dry bones, and it became a mighty army. Jesus also breathed the Spirit into His disciples. There is a breathing anointing too. I will breathe the Spirit of joy into this pot of flowers.”

He called out some people to come forward and breathe in from the pot of flowers. When they breathed in, they burst out laughing.

Pastor said, “The more you breathe in, the more Spirit of joy you will get.”

They breathed in even more and burst out laughing hysterically. Everyone in the congregation also laughed.

“God can breathe into you, or into material things.”


“This anointing is a very high-level anointing. You can pray for people thousands of miles away and God can touch them.”

Pastor then tells the woman monitoring the P. A. system in the room at the back of the hall to get ready.

He said, “I am going to touch this pulpit here in front, and the anointing is going to bounce onto the lady in the P.A. system room at the back.”

He touched the pulpit, and the woman in the P.A system room screamed and fell on the floor. The congregation caught the whole action recorded by cameras and shown on the TV sets placed at various points of the church hall.