Souls are falling to the place of torment because of disobedience. We know that King Saul was rejected by God because of disobedience. Today people are ignoring the Lord’s warnings that we have been delivering. They take God’s warnings lightly. We must obey the Lord’s instructions and warnings in order to see Him among us.


We have been warning the world about women’s adornment. These beauty and makeup products are instruments of the enemy and there is destruction in these apparels of the enemy. Nonetheless, many women don’t take our warning about worldly adornment seriously thinking we are just talking for the sake of it.

The Lord has revealed that the destinies and stars of many women are stolen when they go to salons to do their hair. And when you visit manicure or pedicure shops to paint your nail and do artificial nail the people you give your head, feet, and hand are stealing your blessing and stars.

Many beauticians and aestheticians and salons have entered in covenants with the devil and these salon workers and the aesthetic workers are stealing people’s stars and destinies.

We heard the confessions of a former beautician who was an agent of Satan. God’s servants must be prudent and avoid patronizing salons to get these nails and artificial hairs for these wigs are covenants with the marine world. Many industries that deal with manicure or pedicure of woman’s beauty are the enemy. Women give their feet, hands, and heads to be touched by people that are agent servants of Satan. Satan agents have invaded hair salons.

There are satanic hair salons of agents of darkness where they capture women’s stars. When they touch women’s eyes to place eyelashes, when they paint women’s nails with nail polish and when they do work on the heads of women, they steal good things that the Lord has placed in their lives. Ladies must be careful with people who do their hair. These agents take the hair of women to hand over to occultists for their witchcraft.


I remember a sister that went to the salon to get her hair done. However, the hairdresser was an agent of the enemy. The sister failed to understand that we cannot give our hair just to anyone.

Not long after attending the salon, she began to suffer migraine that was intense for this agent of Satan stole her star and everything the Lord placed in her head. Over time she lost her life. She heard the warning about wigs and artificial hair but she thought we were joking.

Another sister came to confess to me after ignoring and scolding my warning about wigs, makeup, and worldly adornment.

She said, “I thought it was just a naive talk. It was not that serious. I did not take you seriously.”

But there are things happening in the spirit world. The Lord is sending His servants to warn His people to repent. And the devil is also sending his servants to precipitate the multitude of souls to the place of torment to torture them.

When I began to warn women about makeup and adornment, my wife thought that I was just prattling like a fool. She ignored the Lord’s warning and continued to wear wigs and artificial hair until she saw in a dream that she was in a cemetery where a dead woman in a coffin grabbed her wig. The deceased lady was pulling her artificial hair.

The deceased lady grabbed her hair and told her, “How can you walk the street with my hair? You’re going to return my property that you are wearing on your head.”

My wife just bought this wig not knowing that it belonged to a deceased woman who came in her dream to claim her property. Thus, many women have the hair of deceased people on their heads. The world of the dead has the power over them.

When my wife woke up, she felt like her hair and the wig were burned by acid. Since we prayed that morning, she never wore wigs anymore.

You take your daughter to the salon to do the hair but you don’t know the spiritual condition of these hairdressers. These wigs attract evil spirits. And these hairdressers are agents of Satan. Many of them collect your hair for occultic purposes.

The Lord warned, “You have failed to regret your sin in order to follow Me. You continue in the habits that are bad for you. You are inclined to do evil and your heart is wicked. I beseech you to return to Me your God.”


The Lord showed me the Earth and said, “I hold this planet in My hand. I see and know every detail of your action and deeds.”

Brothers, many are trapped in pornography all their lives. They will not see God for their hearts are on carnal and impure things.

Matthew 6:21-23 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Also the eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness

1 Corinthians 6:18 Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore understand that you are not free to do what you want.

As you watch pornography, you are cursed. It is forbidden to see someone’s nakedness. Many have lost the presence and glory of God because of sin.

Gen 9:22, 25  And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father … Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan.”

So through television, watching naked pictures of people is forbidden and is a curse. These images are doorways through which demons enter in people’s lives in order to kill, steal and destroy. The devil is always planning destruction against God’s children.

Brother, amend your spiritual condition. Times are evil. You don’t know the time the Lord will come and Death can surprise you today.


The Lord also revealed that many pastors and servants are attached to football and sports. But the Lord told me things like sports and football are inventions of Satan. They are things that the devil has made available to maintain humanity in distraction and sleep. Sports is part of the structure of control and manipulation. Fans of football are not entering the kingdom of Heaven. You cannot be attached and committed to sports and make it to Heaven for these sports belong to the devil. Football, wrestling, and other sports serve to deviate people’s focus away from the presence of the Lord, and the devil is winning.

The Lord showed me that every part and members of the body have specific sin. There is the sin of the feet, the sin of the hand, the sin of the eyes, the sin of the ears, the sin of the mouth, and so on.


The Lord said, “Go tell My people to return to Me. Many of them have gone out of My presence. They were praying and serving Me but they went back to the world. Time is grave for humanity. Iniquity has increased. People are not aging, they are dying younger instead of getting old. Even children and youngsters are dying prematurely. This is because sin and wickedness have reached unprecedented levels. Evil is rising. The sins of the people are shortening their lives. In the days of Noah sin had increased on the Earth and people went away from the Lord’s presence for the children of God brought wickedness, worldly adornment and murder. As a result, the world of Noah was destroyed in the flood.”

The Lord said, “The wickedness brought by fallen angels is exactly what you see today in the world. It is increasing. The abomination of the days of Noah is here as the Prophet Daniel predicted, “When you see this abomination of desolation in the holy place (Matthew 14:15, cf Daniel 11:31, 12:11), we must be careful. The Lord is about to come. When you preachers and singers that stand in the holy place keep dwelling in defilement, My wrath is about to fall. These leaders that stand in the holy place have resorted to Satanism because of the love of money and fame. The spirit of fame has invaded the church and My people are seeking popularity, yet they are unwilling to pay the price of fasting, sacrifice, and prayer. I want them to live in My fear, to walk in holiness purifying themselves. I want them to separate from the world and its contamination. These are the principles I want. They must commit to keeping My words.”

“If My people walk every day sanctifying themselves, increasing their purity and holiness, whatever they say will happen. Whatever they ask will be given to them and their prayer will be answered. They will see My goodness, they will seek Me and find Me. They will invoke Me and I will come down. When you live holy, every day you’re gradually rising in levels in the spirit world. The more you walk in holiness, the more you become great in the unseen world.”

“False prophets and many servants want to become famous stars and be known. Many of My people have lost connection and contact with Me. They lost the oil of the anointing like King Saul that was ruling without oil. Many are speaking in My name and they are making a lot of noises but they have lost the oil of My Spirit.”

The Lord said, “Those who please Me and do My will are few. Countless leaders are in black magic.”


The Lord then transported me to a city showing me many churches in the Capitol where leaders have signed pacts with demons. Because of the things of this world, they have joined the enemy.

Then I saw a pastor in a meeting with many other leaders, especially young pastors. He was exhorting them to join him in black magic to get more money and many members. I saw many that agreed to join him and they received power. I saw a lot of young servants joining him and I cried a lot seeing this.

The Lord said, “Many are not serving Me. My true servants exist but they are few. People don’t know them for they are not in the media. Many of them have not built churches. They are still winning souls. They are missionaries. They are not interested in popularity and fame. They walk in My fear and in simplicity.”

I saw that these true servants were dressed in white garments. They were holding swords in their hands.

The Lord said, “These swords are My word for they are preaching sound doctrines. I have crowns reserved for those who will preach sound doctrine. They will go through persecution because of the Biblical gospel. The crown is for those who have a passion for lost souls. These are My true servants. They preach the truth that hurt and they talk about sin that is among the people to lead them to regret and repentance.”

I remember a brother that called me on the phone and said to me, “This doctrine of holiness of the body which is against the makeup, adornment and wigs is something new to us. People won’t listen to you because they have been taught another kind of teaching.”

I said, “Women who love God will be willing to renounce all including themselves. They will definitely be willing to abandon worldly adornment.”

If you really love the Lord, you will renounce and deny yourself. You will take up your cross and follow the Lord. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first. You must seek to enter Heaven. You cannot have your eyes on the things of the Earth and lose your soul in the place of torment, where I saw many pastors.

One of them used to have a TV channel in the city center. I saw him in the flame of Hell. He was in torment. I remember before his death, the Lord sent me to warn him to repent, for his time was short. I went to see him with a CD of my testimony, but he refused to receive me. He told me he is not interested. One week after that refusal, he died.

He said, “Go tell people to stop worshipping me. I took the glory of God.”

Then I saw another pastor who also used satanic power for miracles. The Lord showed me when he was born again. On that day I saw bright angels celebrating his coming to the Lord with music and trumpets. Over time this pastor adopted the material gospel of prosperity. As the love of money grew in his heart, he was initiated in strange powers of darkness.

The pastor told me, “The Lord called me to serve Him. I deviated from Him and got myself initiated in the dark powers to become famous and wealthy. But this is my fate in this place of torment, in the fire and volcano lava.”

Lost souls were helpless and they were screaming in terror. The pastor was in the flame. Many people know him. It is time now to seek the Lord for He is available and willing to erase all our sin. You just need to repent.

The Lord said, “Many pastors must repent. They deviated people, removing them from My presence. They have preached what My Spirit did not indicate to them. They only show the people the pleasure and good things of this terrestrial world. Your mission is to preach the Kingdom of Heaven to the inhabitants of the Earth. Get people close to the things of Heaven. I want My people to look at eternal things that are incorruptible.”

My dear, can you count the number of people that are already dead, especially from this sickness that is striking the world?

The Lord said, “Tell My servant this year 2021 is about evangelism.”

I remember when I saw the missionary TL Osborn in Heaven, there were many radiant angels with him.

The Lord said, “Do you want to know why Tommy Osborn made it to Heaven? He was attached to the truth and he was a soul winner. All his life, he went to save souls.”

[Tommy Lee “T.L.” Osborn (December 23, 1923 – February 14, 2013) was an American Pentecostal televangelist, singer, author and teacher whose Christian ministry was based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In six decades as a preacher, Osborn hosted the religious television program Good News Today. By the early 1950s, his emphasis began to shift more and more toward international missions. He held large crusades in Latin America, Asia, and Africa and crowds grew rapidly, at times exceeding 100,000. Over the course of the next five decades, Osborn and his team traveled to more than 70 countries. Wikipedia]

The Lord likes evangelism when God’s people invade the territories to grab souls from the enemy and lead them to Him and the Lord will respond to your needs. Make the Lord your priority. Win souls to Him.