Sexual abominations are not new, but is rooted in ancient history, and was deeply associated with magical rituals, and is tied to demons associated with water.

“Sammu-ramat, who is best known today by the Greek form of her name: Semiramis. She was an Assyrian queen, born of a water demon, a Syrian goddess Derceto (a version of the Phoenician goddess Astarte and the Babylonian Ishtar, who is a goddess of fertility) and a human.
Semiramis was a Witch and seductress, and also a seductive dancer who invented a special dance that is called “Belly Dance”, which is a demonic dance. Belly dancing originated as a magical fertility ritual and incantation.
In the Cult of Artemis [a goddess of the moon and of fertility], the temple girls would worship and danced for Artemis using Belly dance and sex magic as a ritual.
This then was adopted and practiced throughout history, without knowing the true origin of its satanic purpose. The belly is known to be the bosom

Those who engage in this dance are invoking the spirit of this demoness, as belly has sensual representation.
Jewish women used belly dance because the Israelites lived in many “belly dancing” cultures of the Middle Eastern and Islamic world. They danced in a manner similar to women of these cultures which was in violation of Deut 18:9, “When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations”.
​Belly represents the seat of appetite and of the carnal affections (Rom_16:18; 1Co_6:13; Php_3:19; Rev_10:9, Rev_10:10); the innermost recesses of the soul (Pro_18:8; Pro_20:27; Pro_22:18).


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