Hi. I’m Kevin Zadai. Welcome to the secret place where all your prayers are going to be answered. We are going to be talking today about the secret place and some of the benefits that come from the secret place.

If you would turn with me the Psalms 36:6. I’m going to read this from the Passion translation. It says, “Your righteousness is unmovable just like the mighty mountains.” Also if you would as well take note of Psalms 89:14 where it says that righteousness is the foundation of Your throne. I’m also if you would just write this down – so we can get into the message Psalms 37:5-6 it says that if you commit your way to the Lord and trust also in Him, He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light and your justice as the noonday. Praise God.

Thank you for joining us today. You know we’re talking about the secret place here. I wanted to talk to you today about the righteousness of God. A lot of people want to understand righteousness. It’s interesting to me that without the experience of the Word of God, you are missing a lot of who God is and what He’s trying to tell you.

A lot of times we read the Bible, we don’t have understanding. Jesus often talked to the people. He said, “You got to have ears that hear and eyes that see.” If you don’t perceive, if you don’t understand then you don’t really get everything that God’s saying.

So Jesus would tell the disciples, “Listen, I’ve given you the deep secrets of the Kingdom.” Like in Matthew 13 when He talks about the parable of the sower. He explained this to me in a visitation. He said, “Kevin, it’s not what you hear – it’s what you understand.’

So think about this you’ve heard a lot. You know to tell you the truth there’s more than enough word of God being brought forth these days but is there understanding that comes with that? See in the secret place there’s an environment of Heaven. That’s what this is all about.

I want to bring to you some of the things that Jesus Himself showed to me. I want to start with a story that happened to me in Tampa, Florida. One night when I was with the airline, I checked into the hotel. I was walking down the hallway.

The Lord spoke to me. He said, “Kevin, do you know that this building is crooked? It’s not right.”

I said, “Well it looks straight right to me.”

He said, “It’s crooked. It’s not right. When you get to your room in your hotel, I want you to take a can of water that you have in there. I want you to put it sideways on your dresser. It’s gonna roll toward the water.”

I was right there in the bay of Tampa. I did that. Sure enough, the whole can rolled right off my dresser in my room onto the floor.

He said, “See the whole building is leaning towards the water. It’s not even right. But you didn’t know it until I spoke to you. That’s what righteousness is. There’s a plumb line that can be rolling off of the furniture in the direction it was leaning. The plumb line is showing you that there’s something wrong.”

I was amazed so you know what I did? I ran outside, went down to the water. I looked back at the building. Sure enough, the whole building is leaning slightly towards the water.

The Lord started to speak to me about righteousness. He said, “Kevin, in Heaven, there’s the absolute truth. My throne is built on everything that’s right. That’s why it’s called righteousness. So there’s a foundation in God’s throne that is righteousness.”

When Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, John said, “You need to baptize me, Jesus.”

Jesus said, “No, to fulfill all righteousness you must do this.”

In other words it was already established that Jesus would have to encounter everything that a human being would encounter. That was also to be baptized. So water baptism is very important as well as what happened after that – about the Holy Spirit coming upon Him baptizing Him as well but God wants to establish His righteousness because His kingdom is established on righteousness.

So He wants your life to be established on righteousness. So what does that mean to you? Well, this is what it means to you when God comes into the secret place. He’s going to reveal to you part of His character which is in this case going to be righteousness.

In other words, He said, “Kevin if you really want to understand what righteousness is, it’s like this. You’re a man. I’m God. I’m always right. Sometimes you’re not. I’m always right, Kevin but you’re not always right. You don’t always know what’s right but I do. That’s why I’m God.”

Isn’t that good? Now what He did for me is He showed me some things.

He said, “Kevin, everything is fine with people until I speak to them. I tell them the truth. I tell them the established truth that’s in Heaven. Righteousness is established.”

Think about some of the times that God has really come through for you, visited you. I have had visitations. You have had visitations where you didn’t think the right things, you didn’t see the right things. Now all a sudden when God reveals the truth to you, you realized that it was wrong the way you were looking at things.


I’ve had words come to me. I thought, “I didn’t know but now I do.”

Just like that hotel in Tampa, that hotel was crooked the whole time. Do you know how long? I had been staying there on and off. I had been visiting that hotel sometimes monthly for three years. I never knew that it was crooked until God spoke to me. So what if you think something’s right and it isn’t what it is? It’s deception.

You see deception is when your perception is wrong. Jesus told me that deception in its purest form is when a person doesn’t know that he’s deceived. He or she’s deceived. So think about when God is speaking from His throne.

According to Psalms 89 one of the foundations of His throne is righteousness. This means that when He speaks He’s speaking what is correct, what is right, what is absolute.

So one of the things that you got to get clear in your mind in this session is that God is always right. He’s always gonna be right.

You know it was funny. People all the time asked what is it like to stand in front of Jesus? What is it like to see the Son of God?

I said, “What it’s like is everything He says is true. Everything He says has a command about Him. He doesn’t doubt. He doesn’t ever question. He has no questions. He just has answers.”

I’ll tell you what it’s like to stand in front of Jesus. He is right. I’m not always right. What if we think we’re right and yet we’re wrong. Part of the correction that comes in the secret place is when you realize that God is righteous. He establishes you in righteousness. Then everything you do is righteous. It’s right.

How can you just know a thing is right? Sometimes you just know by intuition, by a sudden revelation. I just know this is right. Well, what is that? That’s because there’s established truth from Heaven that coming into your heart and your spirit now. I can pray in contrary circumstances. I can pray out the mysteries of God through the Spirit of God. God can give me the truth. It might be contrary to the circumstances that I’m encountering just like what you’re going through right now.

A lot of what you encounter in your life is not absolutely the truth. It might be a fact but it’s not the truth. The truth is born of the Spirit of God because the Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. So that’s what He does. That’s who He is.

So when you pray in the spirit it establishes you in righteousness. Isn’t that amazing? So when you go into the secret place, you soak in the presence of Heaven. You’re soaking in a presence of absolute truth. You’re soaking in the presence of the Spirit of God who is the truth. He knows the truth. He is the truth. He promotes the truth.

So the Spirit of God is speaking to many of you right now. You’re seeing that you know that your perception might be wrong. The things that you believe might be wrong but God wants to solve that for you. How He does that is this. He only asks you to be humble. He only asks you to let Him dwell with you.

There’s a couple of scriptures that come to my mind. One of them is in John 14. Jesus said, “Listen, if you love Me, you obey Me and My Father and I are going to come to live with you. We’re gonna abide with you.”

That’s an amazing Scripture. When you think about the power of that – that the Lord Jesus Christ and the Father are going to come live with you. That’s going to change you. How would you like it if the Father and Jesus showed up at your house and moved in? But that’s what happens in the secret place.

What will happen is that there is going to start to shift towards what is right versus what is wrong. So all of a sudden just like that hotel, revelations gonna come.

I feel the power of God talking about this. A lot of us just need a dose of reality. What we need is a dose of the Holy Spirit. We need Him to come in in a strong way, correct our perception. How He does that is that He unveils Jesus to us.

Now Jesus is the written Word of God. He is also the Living Word that has been manifested through the Holy Spirit. So God manifests Himself through the Spirit of God and through the Word of God, both. There is no difference. There is no discrepancy between the two. You got to have both.

What you need to do in the secret place is to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you in the power, reveal Jesus to you. Now there is a prayer that Jesus told me. Would you like to know what the prayer that Jesus told me?

He said, “It will be answered every time. If you’ll humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, I will lift you up in due season.”


That sounds pretty simple. You see God dwells with the humble and contrite in heart. So we just need to humble ourselves. Accept the fact that we might not always know what is right. We might be in deception. I realized that. I was in deception when I met Jesus. I realized that. I did not rely on the Holy Spirit as I should now.

There’s a couple other scriptures I want to share with you. One of them is in John 15:5. Jesus also said, “If you want a prayer to be answered immediately, pray this prayer in John 15:5, Without Me you can do nothing so Lord, I want You in my life because with You, I can do all things.”

You see the truth is that we have to depend on God to unveil Himself to us by the Spirit. So think about Isaiah. In Isaiah chapter 6 starting with verse 1, it says, It was in the year that King Uzziah died that I saw the Lord. He was sitting on a lofty throne. The train of His robe filled the temple. Verse 2 says, Attending Him were mighty Seraphim each having six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet and with two they flew. They were calling out to each other, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Heaven’s armies. The whole earth is filled with His glory. Their voices shook the temple to its foundation. The entire building was filled with smoke. Then I said, “It’s all over. I am doomed for. I am a sinful man. I have filthy lips. I live among a people with filthy lips yet I have seen the king the Lord of Heaven’s armies. Verse 6 says then one of the Seraphim flew to me with a burning coal he had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs. He touched my lips with it, said, “See this coal has touched your lips. Now your guilt is removed, your sins are forgiven.

So we have to allow God in the secret place to come in with His righteousness with His absolute truth. Know that He knows things you don’t know. We need to humble ourselves and allow Him to speak.

I pray right now the Spirit of the Lord is moving in a great way. There’s a lot of correction happening right now. Some people feel like they really need an overhaul. The Lord wants to do that for you but here’s the thing Jesus said, “Pray these prayers that are gonna be answered immediately.” One of them is, “Lord, I want to be humble. I want to humble myself before You. I want You to come and dwell with me.”

It says here that if your passion exceeds to the place that you will actually obey My commands, if you love Me so much that it causes you to obey My commands, Me and My Father will be so pleased that We’re gonna come and live with you.

So we’ve just pray right now Lord that all the people listening would receive that passion to obey Your commands to receive You, humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God that You may exalt us in due season. I ask Lord God that we would submit to You right now. Let’s just pray a prayer of consecration. Just repeat this after me:

Father in the name of Jesus, we submit to Your authority – Your righteousness. You are always right. Father, we just submit to that right now. You are ruling and reigning in our lives. We give You full authority.

I felt a power in that prayer. You see God will answer that prayer immediately. Just say:

Lord, I humble myself before You right now.

You see the Word of God is working in your life you just need to yield. Submit to it. It’s working right now.

The Lord is showing me some things. The process of this is that you have been given words.

The Lord said, “Some have been given prophetic words but they have not happened yet. What has happened is that you need to take what was said. You need to yield to those seeds.”

See those words that were spoken over you are seeds. They need to grow in the soil of your heart. Right now you need to yield. What He’s saying is that you need to humble yourself. You don’t have to work this out.

The Lord says, “These words will come to pass.”

I mean Paul told Timothy, “Listen, you have been given the fire of God. Just fan it into flame the words that have been spoken over you. You need to use those as warfare.”

So I want to ask you something. Are you actively using the prophetic words that were spoken over you? Are you using those as warfare? I’m speaking to some people right now.

You see the righteousness of God causes the truth of God to prevail. The truth of God is that He spoke things over your life that must come to pass but if they haven’t come to pass maybe it’s because you just need to make an adjustment in your heart right now.

Stop trying to work it out. Just submit to the word of the Lord. Just submit to God. Humble yourself. If you will submit yourself under the mighty hand of God that He will exalt you in due season so He’s going to exalt you. He’s going to in the due season.


So think about this. Isaiah had a change because something from the other realm touched his lips. Can you imagine we in the New Testament have the Holy Spirit now? The Holy Spirit knows holiness like no one. The Holy Spirit is the master of holiness. So the Holy Spirit has been given to you if you’re born again or you’re a new creature but think about this. The Spirit of God is inside of you. The Holy Spirit is causing righteousness and holiness to prevail in you.

So all you have to do is yield to that. So see you have everything according to 2nd Peter chapter 1 verses 3, 4 it talks about that these precious promises that we’ve been given that through these we can be partakers of the divine nature so we just need to yield to what’s inside of us.

Think of this, if the righteousness of God is inside of you because the Holy Spirit is part of the enforcer of that righteousness then think about this. You have a foundation inside of you that is right. So that’s why you can say you know there’s something not right about this or you could say this is right. It’s a witness that you have. That’s because the kingdom of God has been established inside of you through the Holy Spirit. That same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is actively quickening you right now.

You can tell. See you have discernment God has given you the Spirit who is the master of discernment. So you can discern if something’s right or wrong.

As we close a session, I just want you to understand that righteousness is God is right. Everything He does is right. Everything He says is right. Everything He has planned for your life is right.

So consider these things when you go into the secret place. Understand that righteousness is ruling and reigning in your life. You just need to yield to it. It’s actually very easy if you haven’t committed your life to Jesus Christ. You need to do so at this time. Just give Him your heart right now. Trust in Him. The righteousness of God will be established inside of you. There’s nothing that will stand in your way because God’s righteousness is a very powerful characteristic of God. It’s a powerful force in your life when you become a Christian. You need to trust in Him.

Now in closing, I should address this. There are some of you that feel that you haven’t done what is right for your children. The Lord is speaking to me right now. Do you see that if you spend some time in the secret place, you are established in righteousness? You get the revelation of what is right. Do you understand that is going to trickle down into your family every way because if you’re establishing righteousness then your children are going to be established in righteousness.

I want you to make a conscious decision from now on that you’re gonna portray to your children the righteousness, the right things. You can teach your kids the right things to do because that’s what God does. That’s how it is in Heaven. You know when I was in Heaven, everything’s right. Nothing’s wrong. Nobody says anything wrong. Nobody does anything wrong. Everything is established on righteousness. Everything works perfectly.

This world is a fallen world. That’s why we have discrepancies.

I believe that you’ve been encouraged today but just remember this that God has established His throne in righteousness. He rules and reigns from Heaven but He also dwells with the meek and humble in heart. That righteousness is inside of you.

Thank you for joining me today.

The Secret Place Episode 5! The Benefits of being in the Secret Place – Kevin Zadai

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