The rising influence of marine spirits among some backslidden pastors and churches in Nigeria had caused a lot of faithful to lose faith in God especially when they discovered the lies and deceits about these pastors. Since the series of exposes on false prophets which include ‘Nigerian Churches and the Rising Influence of Marine Spirits‘; ‘My Hero Pastor is a False Prophet‘; ‘New Style Prophets and their Visions of Phone Numbers, Bank Details and Ladies Underwear‘; ‘Backslidden Pastors and The Patronage of a Port Harcourt Based Occult Woman’ among others, my mailbox has been filled with readers’ responses in the hundreds. There have been hundreds of phone conversations and lots of meetings on the subject matter especially with concerned clergymen spanning all denominations. While some commended the write-ups for exposing things they suspected, others sought more clarifications while the majority had tales of ordeals in the hands of false prophets and marine pastors. Some ordeals included rape, extortion, initiation into cults, confusion in the families, while some pastors lamented their ordeals when they invited these false prophets to their churches, including immorality with choristers, ushers, hypnotic surrender of life savings and introduction to occult and marine operations.
I decided to bring out just two most decent and least traumatizing responses from readers and the reaction of one of them Ade, who said he has been on his knees asking God to shut the altar of false prophets. Every Christian should join Ade in the prayer and ask God to shut down the evil altars in their respective churches and expose the prophets of Baal. The pastors should educate their members accordingly and help any victim traumatized by their deception.
Dear Obinna,
I duly appreciate your effort and that of Rev. Yinka Yusuf in exposing all these herbalists called prophets. I am in support of this ongoing cleansing in the body of Christ as it will help separate the wheat from the chaff.
There is one confirmed fake chief priest that calls himself prophet who has virtually slept with all the women (married and single) including his ‘pastors’ wives here in Lekki, Oribanwa precisely. His name is Joseph *** of ***Deliverance Ministry. The shrine called church is situated at Oribanwa, the road beside ** filling station opposite *** (before Lakowe Busstop). There are many people that are ready to testify against him anywhere and anytime including myself. This man has broken many homes, destroyed many families, taken people’s property all in the name of false prophecy and I write, he has a steady sex-partner called Mrs. Jemi***.S***
This man needs to be exposed as he has been perpetrating this evil for a long time… It is shocking and saddening, to say the least. It baffles me that majority of these chief priests called prophets are from Nigeria which should be the spiritual headquarters of the gospel. It will be a great victory to the body of Christ if this herbalist I told you about is stopped immediately before he misleads innocent souls, break peaceful homes and sleep with our mothers, sisters, and wives all in the name of deliverance.
Yes, I have been on my knees for God to disgrace him and close his shop this year and I will appreciate if this case is taken seriously, sir. May God continue to give us much grace to bring these dogs to their knees.
…Ade from Lagos
Hello Mr Obinna
I am grateful to God that gives you the courage to bring this story to light, Please I want you to use your God-given talent and courage to help many Nigerians especially women who are trooping, seeking signs and wonders from occult pastors. These pastors are many In Onitsha This is exactly what is happening in a church at 3.3 Onitsha called Chapels of ***, the pastor’s name is Rev. Nwa***he has been molesting all the ladies in his church by taking them to Hotels one by one. I am shocked when I read your write up from online today. He knew how to hack people’s phone numbers which ordinarily I believe he was a demonic pastor whose master is the devil himself. But due to poverty these followers have forgotten God himself and believe in the ordinary man of their own like. These pastors have made themselves the visible God and thwart, deceive and con them for their hard earning money, in the name of the tithe, sowing of seed, and many others, doing signs and wonders that have come from the devil to brainwash the followers. I have a family friend whose sister was a victim of this man. I would like to have updates as you sent your investigative panels, your investigators should target when they have vigils and canceling & delivery days
Space will not permit more letters but it is obvious that Nigerian Christendom has a problem and every believer in Christ has a duty to join in dislodging the strange-hold of marine pastors, randy pastors, and priests who take carnal advantage of women and young girls and salvage the church from defilers. Elijah challenged and destroyed the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18 vs 16-40), Simon Peter rebuked Simon the Sorcerer, the first false prophet in the Apostolic age ( Acts 8 vs 9-24), while Jesus Christ rebuked the Pharisees and the Sadducees and warned the apostles to beware of their teachings (Matthew 16 vs 1-12). Therefore, every Christian has a task of contributing towards eliminating the activities of false prophets. You can do so by contributing 30 minutes of prayers daily for the next one year, asking God to shut down their powers, expose their antics and deliver the elect from their manipulations. This will sanitize the church system, reintroduce the era of Apostolic Grace and Power and salvage a lot of souls from the broadway of hell and save the church from marine pastors, randy priests, and false prophets.
Obinna Akukwe