Due to countless times that I went to visit Hell, I was traumatized and I started to think this is dangerous. I told my friends that being snatched when you are not on good terms with God is dangerous. I was so traumatized that I began to fight with the angels of God whenever they came to get me.

The good thing is that the angels of the Lord could not go against my will. I remember so many times that whenever I saw an angel coming to get me, I screamed like you can not imagine. I was telling the angel of God, “I don’t want to go. Please leave me.”

There were moments God was saying to His angel, “Just leave him.”

Then the angels would return to Heaven. I was like this many times. I missed many raptures because of this terror that I was feeling for I was afraid of going to burn in Hell again. It was no different that day. I was not okay with God because I was running from God. Things were not running so well. So I went into fasting and prayer to get right with God and to seek peace in Christ.

While at home around 3 am, I was right there in the armchair. I was in prayer and I was still fragile due to the fast.

Then the Father told me, “You must fortify yourself in the communion and intimacy that are weakening. ”

When I tried to sleep, suddenly my body was feeling paralyzed. I couldn’t move anymore though I was conscious. I fought very hard but it didn’t work.

I heard the Lord’s voice saying, “You are not going to run away. We have to go. I have something to do with you. ”

So I started to follow the Lord.

I said, “Lord, please, I don’t feel well,” but the Lord would not listen to me.

I said, “Lord, please, I am afraid of going to Hell.”

My brothers, I was terrified of Hell. I did not want to hear that I was going there. The Lord knew that my fear came from the fact that I felt I was not at ease in my conscience with God. I am amazed at how many people want to be snatched. You have no idea about Hell and if it is your last day of life on Earth you may end up staying there. So with all my heart, I urge you to be at peace with God 24/7/365 and be in holiness for life.

So many people asking to be snatched to the other world have disorderly lives. Being snatched to Hell is something powerful but still dangerous.

When the Lord took me He said, “How afraid you are to go there. But we are going there and you will end up there as a punishment. I will leave you there.”

When I heard this, I screamed with terror. I said, “Lord, no. . .”

I couldn’t control and stop this snatch. I floated as if they were pulling me with speed and rigor. I arrived at the big hole. I heard screams and cries. I kept falling more and more towards dense flames in a river of boiling fire.

I said, “Father. forgive me. I will love more. I will forgive more. I will dedicate myself more. Don’t leave me here.”

When I looked up, I saw a strong and big hand that took me out as a baby and dropping me to a place that I didn’t recognize. I saw that I was already at my house. I woke up crying but I couldn’t move.

Quickly I saw in front of me someone’s face and He was scarred. There was blood and many wounds all over His body. I realized that I was seeing the Crucifixion. I was looking at Jesus on the cross suffering.

I looked once and I took my eyes off and didn’t want to look anymore. I started crying again. While at the same time, I saw myself in my living room in the armchair. I tried to get up. I couldn’t. I was shaking with a lot of God’s power in my room. I kept watching the Lord on the cross when a strong light came out of the cross and illuminated everywhere.

Then I found myself in my room again in the armchair. Then I heard a lot of noise in my room. It seemed that I was not alone there. I opened my eyes to see if someone came in because I was alone at home. When I looked I saw a Man. I tried to communicate with that resplendent person that seemed glorified in a white robe. I couldn’t get up and the power was very intense.


I believe that around 2011, I was at my house with my brother that was very sick. He was having a feverish high temperature. I decided to do a program of 7-day fasting and prayer. It was dry fast without eating or drinking anything, all dry. However, while I was doing it, my theme was that I wanted to meet the Spirit of God face to face. After 7 days I finished the program. It did not go as expected. I did not see the Holy Spirit. Moreover, my brother was still very sick at home. I had to sleep beside him to watch over him.

Thanks to my gift of spiritual vision, I could see various types of demons coming to our house to catch his soul. They wanted to kill him. Often I woke up from these visions very scared. And I prayed in order to cancel and annihilate their power in the name of Jesus. However, these evil spirits were persistent. Often when I was awake, I saw them surrounding our house and doing everything. I was with my brother on my lap interceding.

Then an angel of God arrived and he illuminated where we were. When he landed, he simply said, “Let’s go.”

I asked him, “Who are you and what do you want?”

I wanted to be sure that he was the angel of God. Then we started to rise up to the roof of my house. I realized that I was going up. And looking down I saw our house, my body was still with my brother on my lap while my spirit was floating with the angel of God.

When we arrived in the clouds, we went through the cloud. I had maximum certainty that I was experiencing something unprecedented but I could not understand anything. Then we saw a light in the background. We approached the light. Finally, I realized that we were at the gates of Heaven.

I saw a lot of beauty in that place. We got to the gate where there were 2 angels. The angel who was with me began to talk with the angels at the gate but the angel keepers of the gate did not allow me to get inside. I was there with my brother right at the door. He was always on my lap because he was sick.

At that moment, a glorified Being arrived. I do not remember looking at His face but I saw that He came near me and greeted us.

And He told me, “Give me your brother.”

In my mind I said, “What are you gonna do with my brother?”

In the end, I handed my brother to this glorified Man. He received my brother and they entered within the city gate leaving me outside. It seems to me that I went to accompany my brother who had died on Earth to the Heavenly city. I stayed outside waiting for answers and I was admiring the beauty of the celestial world from the outside. I spent some time there before the pearly gate.

Finally, they came out of the city. The glorified Man handed my brother to me. I saw that my brother came back alive because he was almost dead. I found out that his body shone with great light and was so wet. So I asked him what happened. He told me that he had bathed in the crystal river. Revelation 22:1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. I was so desperate to see the sea of glass for it glowed.

Given that my brother was wet with crystal water, I started to take the drops of that crystal water in order to drink because it was something new. I never tasted anything like it on Earth.

At that instant the Glorious Lord said to me, “Wait. Let’s talk.”

Then He took a tent or rug – I don’t know what it was. I just know that He stretched it out on the floor and asked me to sit down. And He also sat down and we spoke. He told me that I was still not allowed to enter.

Then I found out that I was with Jesus’ Father, our Father. How much simplicity. He reduced Himself to stay with me in a humble setting. The One who has made Heaven and Earth. The Owner of everything. The Source of all light. Sitting there on the ground to talk to me and making me feel at ease.

He showed me how much He loves me. We talked a lot as friends. But when I got to Earth He erased many things from my mind because maybe I shouldn’t reveal them.

So when I found out I was with the Creator, I said, “Father.”

He said, “Yes, son.”

“I fasted for 7 days to see the Holy Spirit but I did not see Him. Please show me the Holy Spirit.”

That is all my request.

He told me, “You did not see the Holy Spirit? I am the Holy Spirit.”

I soon realized that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one.

So after the wonderful moment we had here, the Father ordered the angel to take us back because I didn’t want to go back but we went back. As soon as we arrived we went through the roof of the house as if it didn’t exist. So the angel put us inside the room. I glorified God very strongly.


On that day, after my usual time of communion from 5 to 6 am, I always expect my beloved Lord to give me a message to the nations. But there are times when everything is silent. All glory be given to God. On that day I waited in prayer interceding, hoping for a touch. Then my soul began to feel the heat and burn. I already knew that the Lord was coming. Immediately I saw 2 angels landing where I was.

They told me, “Let’s go.”

I didn’t complicate them. I usually complicate them if I am not okay with God. So we started to float to the eternal palace. One was going to my left. The other to my right but I can never remember their faces after the experience, only their clothes and the brightness.

We passed the clouds in a beautiful view. Then we arrived at a place. I had never seen that in my life. Then I saw a garden never seen on Earth. There were flowers of all kinds. I was completely lost myself in that. The angels accompanied me. While I looked at that magnificent beauty, I saw that there were several colors that I hadn’t seen on Earth.

In the meantime the 2 angels said to me, “Let’s go back.”

I was embarrassed.

I said, “You can leave me here. I will not go back.”

I began to run and the angels would go after me to catch me. I was floating up to a tree that had fruit. So I stayed there at the top of the tree. The angels told me to come down because we have to go. That beauty was incredible. I never saw anything like here. I stayed there in that place that Christians will enjoy. It is simply the beauty of the eternal world prepared for us.

So we went down to my house. They said the Holy Spirit requested me to call that place, the Place of Wonders where I want to be, live and enjoy every day of my life. For when the Lord delivers us from darkness, He takes us into His wonderful light, a place of ample light.

1 Peter 2:9  But ye are a chosen race, a kingly priesthood, a holy nation, a people for a possession, that ye might set forth the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness to His wonderful light.

I was in prayer. It was not very easy because on that day the angels did not find me in a good mood nor happy. That day I was feeling weak. After my devotional moment, I saw 2 angels as always.

They said to me, “Let’s go.”

I said, “I’m not very well and I’m not ready to see God nor His glory.”

These words reflected my mood but they took me anyway. So we went up tearing up the sky. I didn’t count it as one of the most important experiences I could have. We arrived at the gate of Heaven. This time they allowed me to come in. I wasn’t going in. I then began to argue with angels. I was very serious.

I said, “I am not ready to see God.”

I am weak in some way. My mind is disturbed.

“Please take me back.”

They said to me, “Let’s go in.”

I insisted on staying at the gate looking down. I felt a certain fear and trembling in my being in the presence of God. It was a mixture. I was trembling all over the body and I was afraid of the presence of God. It was not like that time when He spread a rug on the floor to be with me. Now I wanted to run away because the glory was very powerful. I couldn’t stand it. My mind was not prepared for that as a result of a carnal disturbance.

So right there at the gate, I heard the voice of the Lord like that of many waters. A voice of great authority. An unmistakable voice. It was the voice of God with power.

The Lord said, “Son, you must enter.”

I couldn’t resist. I let myself go. The beauty was so much. It was as if those beautiful images inside a digital phone were enhanced 100 times. There was a lot of beauty but hearing that voice, I had no choice. I started to enter. I was invaded by a glory that came from the throne even in the hallway that I passed through.

I lowered my face in a mixture of fear. Shame and trembling flowed all over my body. My emotions were topsy-turvy. I was shaking a lot. And I was feeling unworthy. I don’t know why.

Something said, “You are not worthy to be here. What are you doing here?”

The Holy Spirit helped convince me that I was a son of God and that this kingdom is mine.

Brothers, there was a great war within me. I could go somewhere else in Heaven but not to the Creator’s throne from whence He gave us His beloved Son.

So I went into the throne’s corridor with my face down. I looked around a little bit. There were angels that surrounded the throne. I was very ashamed. I remembered everything I did wrong. I accused myself that I shouldn’t even be there.

But what started to call my attention is on that day, they did not sing “Holy, Holy, Holy.” They sang a song of forgiveness and mercy from God for humility. I saw it with my eyes. I was a little distant from the Father’s throne.

So right before the throne, the Father told me to look at a picture. I saw that the Lord was very angry because of something. It seemed like a sense of urgency on that day. It seems the Lord wanted to make a drastic decision about the fate of humanity. I had these understandings in my mind. There was a lot happening in the celestial world at the same time. Preparations were made for a great event.

The Lord instructed me to look at a painting. It was a literal painting like ours. One of the angels drew a money bill in the form of American currency. Inside the coin, there was a normal human face. I didn’t really know who it was but I realized that the first face was disappearing.

And another face appeared that made me realize that there are 2 antiChrists. One prepares the way for the arrival of the other. The Lord told me that the currency of the antiChrist will come into use. The face of the antiChrist will be embossed on a single world medal.

In other words, the time is short and soon there will be the Rapture that will happen in the blink of an eye. We will soon rise to meet the eternal Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Lord made me realize to be ready at all times. We will see the coming of Christ because whoever is not prepared will not go up. Many will be left behind.

The Lord told me that Satan uses an alarm or flags to perceive the moments, years and days before the Rapture. He does not want us to go up the Rapture as it is his biggest defeat. He is making many plans to make many miss the Rapture using distraction.

“I am preparing My people for the great event of Rapture.”

1 Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.