Now, in this treatise, I intend to explain the major channels through which any human could be attacked by the vicious entities in the psychic spheres — the realms beyond. I mean the channels through which the earthman can be manipulated, enslaved or ruined by the forces of darkness. The core essence of this treatise, this admonition, is to strongly emphasize and impress the same in your recognition that: ‘no power of darkness in the Universe can dominate your life, which you did not cause, directly or indirectly, to be in psychic-motion against yourself via the abnormal faculty of your mind-consciousness.’ To this end, let it be emphasized that no vicious psychic entity (spirit) on Earth, or in our Solar, Stellar and Galactic Systems, can dominate, possess or harm you, which you didn’t attract to yourself by Universal Laws, whilst the process of this attraction will hereinafter be exposed as we progress in the subsequent parts of this message.
Now, remember it is written of the earthmen “I have said, ye are gods” (Ps. 82:6; KJV). The wise men of old did say that ‘man is a god clothed in rags; a master of the Earth going about begging for a crust of bread; a king prostrated before his own servants; a prisoner walled-in by his own ignorance. None holds him but himself’. Remember the Words of God: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos 4:6; KJV). I have often stated that sound spiritual knowledge of the multifarious, multitudinous and multidimensional aspects of God, the core essence and true nature of man, the inexorable Laws of the Universe (and the Universes of God), the Extraterrestrial Intelligences (Angels, Archangels, Watchers, Cherubims, etc., ) forces of darkness, amongst others, is necessary for our spiritual recognition as citizens, not slaves, in Creation. This is also necessary for our subjugation of the network of darkness in the world of man.
Remember the Holy Scriptures clarify that man is a temple of God. “But He spake of the temple of His body” (John 2:21); “Know ye no not that ye are the temple of God….” (1 Corint. 3:16). Now, a temple is expected to have doors and possibly, windows. Consequently, the human body has seven doors through which the vicious Astral entities (forces of darkness) can pass into the earthman to manipulate, possess, dominate, or ruin his life. In the occidental metaphysical parlance, these doors are called ‘in-flow psychic gates’. These gates or doors includes the sex organ, the anus, navel, heart, throat and forehead centers of the body, as well as the center between the eyes. Furthermore, there are ten specific doors (out-flow psychic gates) in the human body through which a vicious occult entity (spirit) within the earthman can come out. These includes each of the two eyes, each of the two nostrils, each of the two ears, the mouth, the navel the sex organ and the anus.
Honestly, am eager to complete this treatise, because of it’s importance to humans; though it will take a while. Nevertheless, at the end, you will be glad about the inherent lessons. Now, I have earlier spoken of the specific doors (in-flow and out-flow psychic gates) within the temple of God — earthman!! These doors, in certain terms, that is, within the framework of the subtle aspects of the atoms, molecules, and cells therein, generate and absorb certain kinds of consciousness. These are both attractive and repulsive, whilst operating via the Universal Super-conscious Waves (on which the Higher Version of the ‘Spirit of The LORD’ rides in all Planetary Systems ) unknown hitherto by mundane sciences and far beyond the electromagnetic energy-units (waves) generally known to mundane science. Now, by Universal Laws, all thinking entities, including man, reside, or ride, (live, move and have their being) within the reality of Universal Waves. And by this, the Spirit of God, even the Almighty God HIMSELF, is Omnipresent. In such terms, HIS Omnipresence (existing everywhere at all times) includes you now, includes even the ant that moves. And by this, it is an established spiritual fact, by Universal Laws, that no vicious astral entity can ride into man except via any of the seven doors or gates of power embedded upon you, when opened through manipulation, as will be explained in the course of this treatise.
Now, the Supreme Power of the Almighty God that made man,sealed all the doors of the human body against all forms of intrusion by the dark/vicious forces. Listen: for as long as these doors remain sealed, as made by the Almighty Creator, no power in the Universe can harm you!! However, this sealing reality, the primordial Divine hedge upon the earthman, is programmed in such a system that only man himself can open the doors, can break the hedge. It is written: “… and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him” (Ecc. 10:8; KJV). Does this Scripture not show that there is “an hedge” on human? Is this not the ‘Protective Seal of the Almighty God?’ What about the serpent that bites when the hedge is broken? Is that not a power of darkness — vicious astral entity? Remember that even Christ Himself referred to the forces of darkness as “serpents and scorpions” (See Luke 10:19). Now, we shall, in the course of this treatise, discuss the propensities that open the door for the vicious astral entities to dominate one’s life, or the process of breaking the hedge for the serpent to appear; for the serpent to bite. Nevertheless, we will in this connection understand first more of the nature of man. But please understand for now that the propensities which open the doors, which break the hedge, for the vicious astral spirits to attack the earthman, are strictly manifested and accomplished via the exercise of man’s volition. Do you understand?
Now, as expressed in the Holy Scriptures, man is a tripartite being with “Body, Soul and Spirit” (see 1 Thess. 5:23). Thus, the highest aspect of man is that in which he is a spirit. Christ also made it known that “God is a Spirit” (Jn. 4:24). Yes, God is the One Eternal Supreme Absolute Universal Spirit. Man, emanating directly from God, via the primordial breath of the Almighty, is also a spirit. When the Spirit of God, the Breath of God, becomes concentrated, (that is, individualized), that individualized unit of the Universal Spirit (GOD) is called ‘Soul’. Just like fetching a bucket of water from the ocean, freeze it into a block and it becomes ice-block. Thus, man first is a Spirit concentrated into a unit that is called Soul. For God “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen.2:7). To this end, man truly is an eternal Soul Personality living in the temporal world of Matter, Energy, Space and Time. In certain higher spiritual terms, it is understood that it is only to enable the Soul Personality experience life on the physical realm of Earth, learn the art of worship of the Almighty therein; learn the lessons of life in the world of man; that the Soul wears different subtle bodies, including the physical body, which corresponds with the various paraphernalia of the Universe.
Now, the highest tool of the Soul, in Its existence as Soul whilst descending into the world of man, is the foremost subtle body essence we call ‘mind’. Thus, mind is the last body, the last covering of the Soul. Consequently, it is through the mind that the Soul, the Spirit as a concentrated unit, transmits each and every degree of the awareness of existence (consciousness) to the subsequent coverings or bodies below the mind, such as the mental, memory, emotional and the gross material body (the physical body generally known). When the awareness of being arising from the Soul is stepped down to the physical body, it operates via the fifteen propensities of sense data. These include (1): the five senses used for acquiring knowledge — ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin; (2): the five working senses — voice, legs, hands, anus and genital; (3): the five objects of the senses — smell, taste, form, touch and sound. Are you listening? Remember, this exposition is made to arrive at the point of how the vicious psychic entities (forces of darkness) could practically intrude into the earthman and manipulate/dominate his life, the evidence which is there in our world. I merely want to be thorough here. Be patient, we will get there.
Now, ultimately, the Soul is what you are, period!! You are a Soul, and will always remain a Soul, even when the physical body is no more. Thus, it follows that the entire awareness of being (consciousness) through which we constantly recognize our daily existence in the world of man, in all aspects of thoughts, words and deeds, are transmitted to the physical body by the primordial energy emanating from the core identity — the Soul via the mind. Even the awareness by which you may function in a subjective state (dream world, trance, vision and revelation states), emanates from the Soul, from where you are linked with God. From the ultimate point of the Soul, which you are, the mind can do nothing of itself. The mind has no initiative of itself; it has no independent energy of itself outside the Soul that propels it into action by any iota of volition. The human mind therefore, to this end, is strictly the foremost tool of the human Spirit (Soul Personality) in Creation. The human mind is surely bereft of any power and freedom independent of the potency of the Soul. What does this mean? It means that the mind must not lead, does not lead and cannot lead. Furthermore, it means that the mind must be led by the potency of the Soul, for you to be sane in the journey of life. And when the Soul Itself is directly encapsulated by the Multidimensional Supreme Potencies of the Almighty, The Holy Spirit, then the total man (Soul, Mind, Mental, Memory, Emotional and Physical aspects) can perfectly walk on the foundation of Light laid for the earthman by The Lord Jesus Christ. At this point the total man lives above the entire network and attack of the forces of darkness in our Solar System. Each and every attempt to control man, to manipulate him, occurs at the mind level. The Holy Spirit from the Soul unit controls the mind via established faculties for the earthman to rise in God’s Light. Certain high powers of darkness come to the mind level also, form abnormal faculty there for the purpose of control but in vicious terms. Remember, he who controls the mind, controls the man.
Now, from the foregoing treatise, it is evident that the mind only reacts solely and when it is impressed by the awareness, the consciousness, emanating from the Soul. The mind then, having been propelled by the potency of the Soul — the concentrated unit of the Universal Spirit — serves as the medium through which the Soul Personality passes each and every degree of impression, awareness, intuition, message and perception to the Mental, Memory, Emotional and Material (physical body) of man. Towards the consummation of the functions of the mind, as the bonafide tool for the operation of the Soul in the physical system of reality, it is obvious that the mind has four fundamental facilities made in the beginning by God. Through these facilities of the mind (which would be later explained, as well as how the vicious Astral forces form the fifth abnormal faculty for the subjugation of humans), awareness of existence from the Soul, as a valid unit in the Gestalt of God’s Universal Eternal Spirit, is sent forth to all the subtle layers of man including his physical body.
I did say in part 9 of this treatise that the mind has four normal fundamental facilities via which the Soul operates. Now, the consciousness by which the earthman could become aware or notice the existence of the form of a thing or things, is transmitted by the Soul via the first faculty of the mind. Also transmitted via this first faculty is the consciousness by which one could recognize the beauty of a thing or a creature, including the color of a thing or a creature, as well as the recognition by which one comprehends rhythm, amongst others. All these are transmitted by the Soul to diverse subtle layers including the physical body through the first faculty of the mind. Evidently, however, this first faculty of the mind is of immediate and automatic reaction in all realities and issues wherein it is involved. It accepts whatever form, beauty, color, rhythm, etc., it approves and rejects any of these it considers repulsive. It is either for a thing or against it. Now, most of the impressions of the Soul consciousness passed, in Its descending process, to the human body through the first faculty of the mind, are received via the eyes, which serve as the instruments of perception. Having selected what it approves, the total approved recognition of the first faculty of the mind is then passed, bypassing the second faculty, to the third faculty of the mind — the faculty of thought. Are you with me? Note that the foregoing description could be both instantaneous and spontaneous.
Now, the consciousness by which the earthman attains the feeling awareness, is transmitted by the Soul Personality to the physical body via the second faculty of the mind. It is also through this second faculty of the mind that the Soul transmits to the physical aspect the consciousness via which man (human) do recognize the taste of something — such as food, drink, etc., as well as the knowledge by which man may establish justice, true harmony and perspective. Like the first faculty of the mind, this second faculty is also of immediate and automatic reaction in all matters concerning its operation. To this end, the mind’s second faculty can only enjoy what it has been trained to enjoy. It is either for a thing or against it. And whatever it accepts, in the final analysis of itself, is also passed to the mind’s faculty of thought (the third faculty of the mind) for proper judgment. The third faculty of the mind (known as ‘intellect’ in general terms), is the faculty of thought. The functions of this faculty include, among other things, to receive all impressions passed to it simultaneously from both the first and the second facilities. Having received such impressions, this third faculty takes what is known as ‘thought discrimination’, to decide which it must accept or reject. And whatever it finally accepts, is passed to the fourth faculty of the mind for final execution. The fourth faculty of the mind, or the faculty of human volition — the faculty of Will-power, constitutes the ‘Executive System’ of the mind. Its major function is to receive and execute the final decision of the third faculty of the mind. Its volition, however, strictly lies in the decision of the third faculty. Remember, we are talking about man in the totality of himself.
Now, the realization of the eternal core identity of man whilst in the physical aspect of reality, must include the awareness by which the earthman recognize himself as a bonafide citizen of the Universe, not a slave in Creation, as is the case hitherto among many. This realization should impel man to seek his Source, the base of his manifestation, The First Cause which we call God. This entails the worship of the Almighty in the deepest system of concentration — “in spirit and in truth”. This consummates, subject to the condition that all the four fundamental facilities of the mind function in their right spheres of action and under normal operation, as initially ordained by God. When this happens, the earthman can manifest greater degree of spirituality in the full consciousness of three basic elements, namely: (1) Righteousness, (2) Peace and (3) Joy, as taught by Christ. It is only within this framework that the entire ‘doors’ or ‘hedge’ on man will remain completely closed and immuned against each and every attack of the vicious Astral entities. In other words, the inflow and outflow gates of your body are totally closed against all forms of psychic attack via the potency radiated specifically within the reality of righteousness, peace and joy, but of course, embedded and embellished in Divine Love. When you perfectly (note the word ‘perfectly’) uphold total faith in Christ, that is righteousness, you will immediately possess peace and inner joy is the expression of Peace. It is written: “For the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost” (Rom. 14:17; KJV). Now, let it be emphasized that whoever has Christ in the center of his life, in reality not in mere words, living daily in righteousness, peace and joy, whose Soul is thus encapsulated by the Holy Spirit, cannot be subjugated by any vicious spirit in the Universe. However, I am confident that no earthman can perfectly possess and manifest righteousness, peace and joy daily in the world of man if he is not properly situated in Christ, * Saviour of the World * and has a portion in the Blood that He shed. What does this mean? It means that apart from those who truly have the One Eternal legitimate Spirit of Christ radiating from the center of their Souls, the gates on the body of all the earthmen are constantly opened and ready for all forms of Astral attack in one form or the other. “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness” (1Jon. 5:19).
Now, you are already informed what man becomes when the four fundamental facilities of the mind uphold their normal modus-operandi. In addition, man is above ‘the devil’ when he receives Christ, when the Spirit of Christ radiates from his Soul consciousness. Nevertheless, when man permits a dichotomy to exist, by his volition, among the four fundamental facilities of the mind, (as is the case hitherto with the majority of the earthmen), unknown to him, he sends forth invitation by Law to the denizens of the most vicious Astral realms. When they come, they act according to their nature — the nature of the mephistophelian systems; they come to manipulate, dominate and ruin. — “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (-Christ; John 10:10; KJV) — When they honor your invitation, sent forth from man’s mundane nature of lack of Divine Knowledge, as they always do, they arrive via the Universal Law of Homogeneity and begin to hover at first within your ethereal environment (microcosm). At last, they enter from there into intense manipulation, with your cooperation, to form the fifth perverted abnormal faculty of the mind. This fifth abnormal faculty is what we call ‘corrupt mind’ in our Christian parlance. It is recognized as ‘mind in the mode of darkness’, while in Noetic Science, it is called ‘mind’s media of destruction’. As righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit uphold the essence of the four normal facilities of the mind, the fifth abnormal faculty also has its own propensities through which the vicious Astral entities enslave the earthman. Now, the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind, formed by the powers of darkness in cooperation with man, by means of high manipulations, has five major propensities, which specifically are the five channels of vicious Astral attack!!! These include: (1) Lust, (2) Anger, (3) Greed, (4) Vanity and (5) Attachment to mundane (material) things. Whenever any of these plays out in the mind of man, one, or two, or more, possibly all, of the inflow/outflow gates on man will open up for the vicious psychic/astral intruders. This, however, is based on the intensity of one’s involvement. For instance, in their use by the forces of darkness as the ‘psychic right’ to attack and subjugate humans, within the metaphysical classification of the range of Astral intensities, the channel holding forth the element of lust has 50%. In this connection, the channel of anger has 20%, while each of the channels of greed, vanity and undue mundane attachment has 10%.
From the foregoing treatise, it is evident that the core channels of vicious psychic attack on humans are lust, anger, greed, vanity and attachment to mundane things. The moment one’s gates of power are opened through any of these, he will immediately enter into the lowest strata of existence we know as ‘zero-point’. It is in this repugnant state of zero-point that the forces of darkness have access into the human systems. It is in this state that all forms of psychic attack, occultic attack, astral attack, occur. The elements of witchcraft thrive here. Whatever comes against man to manipulate, enslave, dominate or ruin his life from the realms beyond, operates within this framework. All you hear or know associated with ‘the devils’ work along this line. All you read in the Holy Scriptures regarding sin, iniquity and abomination, are offshoots of the five channels of vicious Astral attack, namely, lust, anger, greed, vanity and attachment to the material things of the temporal world. Now, in the light of the foregoing, let no earthman consider it unjust from the Almighty when the predicaments, attacks or manipulations of the Prince of Darkness overwhelms his earth-life. But recognize that each and every attack that has subjugated you from the network of darkness, is the manifestation of the abnormal faculty of your own mind. Don’t forget this!!
Now, in general terms, man is yet to comprehend the essence of the Light of Christ — our source of victory in the battles of life. Believers! Remember that we are not given the Spirit of fear, “but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2Tim. 1:7; KJV). Once again, let it be known that the vicious Astral forces (powers of darkness) operate against man only through the misuse of the normal facilities of the mind by which the abnormal faculty is formed. Therefore, you must rise above the propensities of the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind in order for you to live above all that seek to defeat you in the journey of life. Many under the yoke of the aforementioned propensities, speculate to the conclusion that the devil power is overwhelming, not knowing that they are the ones who attract and empower the so-called devil against themselves. And to overcome the wrath of this devil, many have groped for spiritual assistance through the so-called religious ‘sacred rituals’. This is a further display of ignorance. Seek Christ; stand upon Him, and you will be free indeed!! Take refuge in His Blood, and He will surely salvage you from yourself; He will surely salvage you from all channels of vicious Astral attack; He will surely salvage you from the propensities of the fifth abnormal faculty of your mind. A word is enough for the wise.
[Copied from Prof Iyke Nathan Uzorma’s Facebook]