There are specific hours of the day that are divinely ordained for the virtue of prayer, worship and intercession, release of finances, healing etc. Also, each of these virtues are governed by specific holy Angels. E.g. healing is governed by the head Angel Raphael (Rapha=healing – El=God. He carries the name of God that says, God our Healer. So Rapha-el carries the healing power of God to the earth.

There are Angels of God set over each time zone of the earth; Angels over each of the months, weeks, days and over each hour of the day and night.

In the Old Testament the Watches of the night were originally three in number;

  1. “BEGINNING OF THE WATCHES 6:00pm – 10:00pm” ( Lamentations 2:19 );
  2. “MIDDLE WATCH” 10:00 – 2:00am ( Judges 7:19 );
  3. “MORNING WATCH” 2:00am – 6:00am (Exodus 14:24 ; 1 Samuel 11:11 ),

The 24 hours day always starts in the night at 6pm (Sundown) according to the original Hebrew Calendar. This 24 hour day comprises of evening (6:00PM – 6:00AM) and morning (6AM – 6PM)  (Genesis 1:5). Together, they form the 12 hours full term day.
A full term Day (24 hours) is divided into two; the 12 hours of light (6am -6pm) called a common day or day light (John 11:9) and 12 hours of darkness called night, (Genesis 1:5).

However in the New Testament, the time of the watches shifted by divine orders and a fourth watch was added; now we read of four Watches.
The Darkness which is the night (6pm-6am) is also divided into four quarters called the four Watches of the Night and the daylight is also divided into four Watches of the Day.

In the book of Mark, the four watches are mentioned and named by Jesus; “Evening,” “Midnight,” “Cockcrowing,” and “Morning,” Mark 13:35.
The “FIRST WATCH” – EVENING WATCH, is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.; – Lam 2:19. Psa 119:148 ​
The “SECOND WATCH”- MIDNIGHT WATCH, is from 9:00 p.m. to midnight; – Luke 12:38, Psa 119:148 ​
The “THIRD WATCH” – COCKCROWING, is from midnight to 3:00 a.m., – Luke 12:38
The “FOURTH WATCH” – MORNING WATCH, is from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. – 1 Samuel 11:11, Mat 14:25.


Mar 13:33  Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.
Mar 13:34  For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.



(1ST) FIRST WATCH (Evening Watch) – 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Intercession, specifically for children (Lamentation 2:18-19)
Cleansing (Numbers 19:19, Lev 22:7, Lev Ch.15)
Making treaties with God & Renewal of Covenants (Gen 15:17, Num 28:4, Num 28:8, Deut 16:4, Deut 16:6)
Healing of the body – Luke 4:40, Mark 1:32
Evening Praise/Sacrifice – Psa_113:31Ch_23:30, 1Ki_18:29

(2nd) SECOND WATCH (Midnight Watch) – 9:00pm – 12:00(Midnight)
Warfare Against the Fallen Angel, the Devil Himself
This hour is critical watch for Christians but is a crucial watch for the True Apostolic.

(3RD) THIRD WATCH (Midnight) 12:00 to 3:00am
This watch quadrant is most crucial because it is the quadrant when the satanic kingdom heightens their diabolical operation. All evil is planted at these times.

 MIDNIGHT (00:00am)  –
Spiritual Warfare – Act 16:25, Judges 16:3
Queen of the South send “Terrors” and “Pestilence” at 12 midnight – Psalms 91
Destruction of the enemies. The Sword of judgement Falls on the wicked,
Movement of the Almighty God throughout the Heavens and the Earth to judge our enemies
-Exo 11:4, Exo 12:29, Job 34:20,

Warfare Praise/Hymns/Psalms – Psalms 119:62, Act 16:25
Best time to make you case in Prayer before God for favor– Matthew 11:5-13, Ruth 3:8-9

1:00 am – 2:00 am 
Meditate Upon God’s Word – Psalm 63:6 , Psa 119:148, “My eyes are wide-open throughout the
night watches to reflect on your word”.
                   2:00 am – 3:00 am
After Midnight is the time when deep sleep falls upon men. Acts 20:7-9. This is the time when Witches and the Kingdom of Darkness plant their evil powers. Matthew 13:25.
The pick time of the satanic kingdom is felt around 2am. At 3am would be their final round of operation because during the next watch (3.00 am – 6.00 am) they’ll have to cease their activities lest they are caught by the full intensity of the dayspring of Heaven and rising Sun.


Demolition of the Evil seeds.
​Hour to catch the Thief – The Devil is a thief and all thieves come in the midnight hours to steal, kill and destroy. Job_24:14, 1Ki 3:20
(Within Time of Rapture – Luke 12:38, Matthew 25:6).
3am is the opening of the gate of the Kromagnon world [Cemetery World].

(4th) FOURTH WATCH (Cockcrowing) – (Morning watch) – 3:00am – 6am

Jesus taught Peter and the Disciples using the waves and wind in the Fourth Watch of the night. Mat 14:25, Mark 6:48
Divine Favors – That night, before leaving Egypt, Israel got favors from the Egyptians. – Exo 12:36, Exo 12:37.
Breakthrough – The Israel won their breakthrough and left Egypt in the morning (Exo 12:22) while it was still night [dark]. This means it was just before sunrise – Exo 12:41, Exo 12:42.
Morning Praise – Psa_57:8, Psa_63:1, Lam 3:23
Before Sunrise (Night time), The Blessings flow: Psa_133:3, Num 11:9. Num 11:9, “And when the dew fell upon the camp in the night, the manna fell upon it.”
5:30am – 6:00am – Finances and material blessings
Fresh Anointing
Posture: Pray facing easterly (towards Jerusalem.) Eze 43:4, Eze 43:2, 2Ch 6:21, 34, 38.

(1ST) FIRST WATCH – 6:00am – 9:00am
6:00am – Intercession (Lamentation 2:18-19)
Praise and Adoration 2Ch 20:20-21
Morning Sacrifices unto God Exo 29:39, Num 28:4

(2nd) SECOND WATCH – 9:00am – 12:00pm
Warfare Against the Fallen Angel, the Devil Himself
This hour is critical watch for Christians but is a crucial watch for the True Apostolic.
12:00 pm – Midday
Warfare against Queen of the South who releases destruction on earth at midday. High time for anointing of Deliverance and Victory. Deliverance Anointing falls


(3RD) THIRD WATCH – 12pm to 3:00pm
All men received forgiveness and salvation.
Jesus was on the cross from 9:00am to 3:00pm (Mark 15:25,33,34), but the darkness came upon the earth from midday to 3:00pm – (Mat 27:45, Luke 23:44).
Queen of the South send Arrows and Destruction at 12 midday – Psalms 91

(4th) FOURTH WATCH – 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Deliverance anointing falls at 3:00 pm daily.
Jesus died on the cross at 3:00 pm and therefore this time is stamped with the power for deliverance for all men. That time is in the Angelic order of Heaven and Jesus knew this. This is why Jesus preached the whole day but when it was between 3:00 – 6:00 He began deliverance for the people; deliverance from sickness and the bondage of sin.
Luke 4:40, “Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.” Also Mark 1:37.
Meditate Upon God’s Word-
Evening Sacrifice of Praises to God – 1Ki_18:29
3:00 PM – This is the chosen Hour of Prayer – Acts 3:1, Acts 10:30.
Jesus died at 3:00pm and open the Gate of Glory.
Divine Access to the Throne and Supernatural realm. Mat 27:51, Acts 10:30, “and at the ninth hour I prayed in my house, and, behold, a man stood before me in bright clothing,”
Posture: facing westerly – SEE: ​

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