-Angels are spirits (Hebrews 1:4).  A Believer is spirit and body (James 2:26).


-Angels do not marry, have sex, or procreate.  Men and women do (Matthew 22:30).


-Angels are stronger than men, but not omnipotent–all powerful (Psalm 103:29;

2 Peter 2:11).


-Angels have greater spiritual knowledge than Believers, but they are not omniscient–all knowing (2 Samuel 14:20; Matthew 24:36).


-Angels have presence, as do Believers, butangels and men cannot be present everywhere as God can (Daniel 9:21-23; 10:10-14).


-Angels desire to look into matters pertaining to the Gospel, but cannot. Believers understand these things because they have experienced them (1 Peter 1:12).


-Angels cannot be redeemed if they sin—case in point, Satan’s angels.  Man understands the Gospel and can be redeemed from sin.


-The good angels remained sinless as they were created. Mankind did not.


-Angels do not know what it means to be lost in sin and found by a Savior.  Believers do.


-Believers are a little lower than angels, but in Christ they are positionally above angels spiritually (Hebrews 2:7).


-Both angels and Believers are to worship God.


-Both angels and Believers are servants and messengers of God.


-Angels do not go through trials and suffering. Believers do.


-Angels behold God’s face (Matthew 18:10).  Believers do not.  (Someday we will!)


-Believers have faith and hope in what we do not see.  For angels, it is already a reality.


-Angels do not die.  Men are subject to death but true Believers will be resurrected. Both are immortal.  Men are subject to the fear of death, while angels are not.


-Angels have no promise of a spiritual inheritance.  Believers have the promise of an inheritance reserved for them in Heaven (Ephesians 1:11-18).


-Angels will never know what it is like to have their tears wiped away by God.  Believers will (Revelation 21:4).


-Angels and Believers are both elect, meaning that they were chosen for eternal life with God.


-Glorified man will judge angels.  Man will be judged by God (1 Corinthians 20:36).