Study Six – Amos Chapter 5 –Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters


Amos shows the connection between a broken justice system and the judgment of the Lord.

  1. Amos 5:1-3 The prophet Amos “takes up a lamentation” over Israel, a prophetic dirge over the soon coming fate of the nation that believed it was completely secure. How can we lament the sinful state of society in a godly way?
  2. Amos 5:4-6 “Seek me and live!”. God is telling them to seek God, not the religious shrines at Bethel or Gilgal. What is the difference between seeking God and seeking religious places, events and experiences?
  3. Amos 5:7-9 Wormwood as bitter and poisonous. What had happened to the justice system in Israel? What was the Lord’s reaction to this perversion of justice?
  4. Amos 5:10-12 What was happening in the gate (the court system) and in the taxation system? What was going to happen to all the wealth they gained from this injustice?
  5. Amos 5:13-17 What should Christians do during an evil time? What would happen to them if they decided to hate evil, love good and establish justice at the gate?
  6. Amos 5:18-20 What was the day of the Lord going to be like? What illustrations does Amos use to indicate that there would be no escape from the pursuing wrath of God?
  7. Amos 5:21-23 Amos returns to his them that religion without justice is futile to man and insulting to God. How does God feel about such ceremonies? Does this apply to enthusiastic “Sunday Christians” who also live crooked and dishonest lives?
  8. Amos 5:24 These words were made famous by Dr. Martin Luther King; what do they mean? How is social order important to God, not just individual faith?
  9. Amos 5:25-27 and Acts 7:42,43 How had idol worship by the masses been part of the fabric of the people of Israel right from the start?
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