Study Two – Amos 1:1 to 2:3 The Surrounding Nations


God demonstrates His justice on the nations surrounding Israel..


  1. Read Amos 1:1 – Who was Amos? How can ordinary people still be used of God?
  2. Read Amos 1:2, 3:7-8 How was God roaring? Who was God using as His messengers?


Read the following sections of Amos and for each section answer the following four questions:
a)Which nation is being punished?

b)What are the divine reasonsthat the nation being punished?

c)How will they be punished?

d) Who among them will bear the brunt of God’s wrath?

  1. Amos 1:3-5
  2. Amos 1:6-8
  3. Amos 1:9,10
  4. Amos 1:11,12
  5. Amos 1:13-15
  6. Amos 2:1-3
  7. Does God still punish wicked nations today?