CHURCHES DUE TO BE CLOSED By Sister Toun Praise Olujuwon

“I know thy works, and thy labour….I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love” – Rev. 2:2-4

            I was visited by the Lord Jesus Christ who was accompanied by some angels, in the early hours of Saturday, 8th August 2009.  The Lord informed me that they had come because of the happenings in the land and He gave me a strong mandate to pass this message to the leaders of the church.

I quote Him:

       “Because of the rate of wickedness in the land, the Church was chosen as Zion to step down wickedness.  Unfortunately however, she has joined to lift up the banner of wickedness in the land.

“The Church was set up to purify and reduce the rate of abominable acts in the land, but she has metamorphosed to a place of covering for the wicked, spreading her tent as a hide-out for murderers and adulterers.  Soon the appointed time for her and the world would come but in the time being, I will not fold my hands and watch the death toll of sinners escalate.  Do you not know that the Lord does not want the death of a sinner?

      “Of recent, eternity has not recorded a fair number of people departing this earth for heaven because a greater number of them went to hell!  For example, between February and August 2009, eternity was able to receive only one soul into heaven out of the multitude that departed this world.  See, if the Church has done justice to her primary assignment, it won’t be so!

I asked the Lord what could be done and He responded with Ezekiel (33:7-11):

So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.  When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.  Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.  Therefore, O thou son of man, speak unto the house of Israel.  Thus ye speak, saying, if our transgressions and our sins be upon us, and we pine away in them, how should we then live?  Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why ye die, O house of Israel?

The Lord went on to say; “these words have I spoken in those days and so have I today.  For I the Lord changeth not, even in my ways!  I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner. But I am telling you that the Church of this generation encourages the death of sinners.”

 “Many have gone to hell and are still going because they are not warned of the dangers of hell from the church.  For this reason have I come to shut down some churches for if the Church continues this way, no soul would be won into My Kingdom!” The churches of this generation are not working to support the purpose of My kingdom.


Churches to be close down

In the vision, the Lord asked me to follow Him to see some of the churches to shut down.  The first was established by a pastor who is an armed robber but is pasturing the church in order to cover up his age long vice of greed and robbery.

The pastor of the second church we entered always shies away from the truth and encourages all sorts of sexual immoralities in his church.  I discovered that this pastor established the church with the aid of Jezebel spirit that is operating in his wife and he uses this power to convince unsuspecting people of the potency of his ministry.

At this point, the Lord stretched out His hands to touch my ear.  This enabled me to hear the pathetic cry of a lady who recently died and went to hell for prostitution. She shouted at the top or her voice that THE LORD SHOULD SHUT DOWN THE CHURCH BECAUSE HER PASTOR FAILED TO TELL THEM THE IMPLICATIONS OF SIN AND HELL, despite her being a worker in the church.

The next church we visited was owned by a group of occultists who believe in living free lifestyles.  The Lord Jesus called it the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The pulpit of this church was coated with the blood of aborted babies.

Yet another church we entered was that of a particular Pastor who had been delivered from an incurable disease that came upon him as a result of his masquerade background. However, this pastor failed to warn his congregation of danger of engaging in idolatry as well as his fear of losing his members to other churches.  Indeed, there are many more cases of such churches but space will not permit me to share them.

The Lord then said, “I am the Lord, I have not changed in my way.  If I dealt with the children of Israel, my chosen nation, will I not deal with those who fail to keep my testimony in this generation?  I the Lord removed My name from Shiloh, my first chosen place of worship, when Israel polluted it with idols (see Jeremiah 7:12).  I the Lord cast off the temple built by Solomon when men made it a den of robbers.  If I cast off Shiloh and the temple of Israel, will I not cast off the churches that have become a haven for harlots and a garden of abominable works?”

“The church is my representative among those you calls the heathen.  She is My light in the midst of the darkness of this world.  She is not to blend with the world’s standard of worship, thinking that the world would accept her”.

“The people of the world would hate the true church because of My name and because they hate righteousness and love darkness.  I have set the church up as Zion where people will be delivered from their sins.  She is a place of REFUGE for the righteous.  I did not raise her up to harbor sinners and prepare them for hell.

 The LORD said to me again, listen to a cry from hell:”

Again, I heard the tormenting scream of a lady shouting at the top of her voice from hell, THAT GOD SHOULD SHUT DOWN CHURCHES AS THEY DO NOT MEET SINNERS’ SPIRITUAL NEEDS.  She said her pastor knew the kind of life she was living but did not warn her because of the money the church was getting from her. I heard yet another agonizing cry of a couple who claimed they were not told to receive Jesus Christ into their lives by their pastor who lied to them that their success in life was an evidence that they would make heaven since it was God who blessed them.  The couple claimed that they were the main financiers of their church.

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Again, I heard another group of young people cry from the torment of hell that their bishop encouraged them to live the way they liked but to ensure that they attended church regularly as their sins would be purged by their regular attendance and as a workers in the vineyard.  They said their bishop knew the truth but would not tell them as he feared to lose their membership. This is against the standard of the bible, for the bible establishes the blood of the lamb as the only thing that can wash sins away and not regular.

Another woman said she ran to the church to look for solution to her problems but got immorality instead.  She lamented that her life would have been better if she had not gone to church.

The Lord turned to me at this point and with a heavy heart and said THE CHURCH IS NOT HELPING TO REAP SOULS INTO HEAVEN BUT IS SUPPORTING HELL TO WIDEN ITS COAST.  He then cried with a loud voice and said:  “Wake up Church, out of your slumber!  The day of your redemption is at hand.  Let those who are set apart wake up and tell the ones by your side that the coming of the Lord is just TWO MINUTES, not two years.  I the Lord your God, I am going round telling those that are waiting for Me to be prepared.  I am at your door!

The long waited coming of MINE is now at your door.  Tell your neighbours to sit up.  Tell your family to prepare.  Tell those you love, ’stand up’ and your enemies, ‘no more time to wait’ I am now at your door!  Call forth and prepare your loved ones like Noah prepared his own.  See, I have prepared my VEHICLE.  I am coming and I will take only those that are prepared.  There is no more time to waste!


Come Lord Jesus!

Sis. Toun Praise Olujuwon

The Ten Virgin Ministries

            THUS SAYS THE LORD!

I am weary of the church that is at ease and is rotting on a spot.  I am weary at the church that refuses to pitch her tent when I demand, and would not respond to or bother herself at the sound of My whistle. My church should always be on the move throughout all ages.

The church has stayed on a spot and refused to heed warnings and signals, yea MY PLEA for her to return to her post but is occupied with all that surround her and is carried away by vain and worldly doctrines.  She is presently dancing to the tune that is contrary to her purpose and duty.

The church has changed her course and refused to be steered away from vanity.  See she has decorated herself with the garment I have not put on her and has clad herself with vain doctrines and unscriptural merchandised prayers.  She has even been given titles which she wears like epaulets on her shoulders by her lovers who subscribe to her vain worship.


Her lover deck and name her after worldly pleasures.   She feels elated whenever lovers and merchants embrace her worldly delicacies. She relishes on her merchants embrace so much to abandon her duty post and has refused to heed my warnings.  She has turned My house of prayers to a market place where she plays host to all manner of ventures in the Household of faith for the entertainment of her lovers. She has abandoned her duty to perishing souls for perishable mundane edifices, not realizing that her merchants are the archenemy of her divine purpose which is EVANGELISM, which she has now abandoned for worldly ventures.

The Church’s prayer ventures and services are to please and win the embrace of her unrepentant lovers.  She loves them so much that she has turned away from Me who is her Saviour.  Is there no Balm in Gilead that she is giving attention to the urgency of her pleasers?  Have I not said great and mighty is the Lord in the midst of thee.  Oh Zion? Where is the power of Zion when she is feeding on the delicacy of worldliness?

The Church’s prayers on worldly ventures would neither avail anything nor subdue the enemy but would rather coat her staff of authority with death.   She is to observe MY HOLINESS and return to  back to SOUL-WINNING.  Then will I show my greatness and mightiness as the Lord God among the heathen.

       I promised, I will build my CHURCH and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Yet will I fold my hands and allow MY CHURCH to hand her gates over to the enemy.  I will visit her to stop her felicitations with the heathen, pour out MY FURY on her and her leaders and purge her so she can move on to RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS.

Souls are waiting to be won but she will not bulge.  Bear me witness to the nations that are waiting and I will prove my mightiness, heal their afflictions and settle my own after their own estates.  Now will I release my indignation against the Church unless she returns to her responsibility and pitch her tent to move along with her master and Husband”

 Says the Lord!

 The Ten Virgin Ministries

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