The witch with magic ball in her hands causes a spirits in cave




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After my mission in Angola, I returned to Congo and opened an occultic church. Thanks to my magical power the church was full in record time. People came with their problems and diseases, and I healed them and I worked miracles. I noticed that people are always attracted by healing and miracles. Although my miracles and prophecies were demonic, I was very much appreciated. A few months later I had to attend the meeting of all the Churches of Bouenza in the town of Dolisie. I was informed by the fallen angel Bombar that Lucifer was in the city and that he was going to attend the gathering of all the occultic churches of Bouenza. When I arrived in the city, I went straight to the hotel where the devil resided. I was received by the fallen angel of the name of Nabam who is the associate and the secretary of Satan. Later, Lucifer received me in his room. He was a Caucasian skin man, but he can take on any appearance that he chooses. His face was exactly like that of the Jesus depicted in the devotional portraits of the Catholic church, and he was handsome. When I looked into his eyes, I fell to the ground because I could not withstand the vibrations that were coming out of his eyes. Then he put his hand on me and I got up. He asked me what I wanted.


I told him that my concern was to see Jesus Christ and to become a millionaire. When I pronounced the name of Jesus Christ the devil was weakened at once, he got angry and hit his head on the table, then he said to me, “Young man I know your condition, you must understand that even if you wash a goat with soap, its smell will never leave it. You must understand that we will all go to the lake of fire and sulfur. We have the same fate you and me.” I was confused and amazed by Lucifer’s attitude. In fact, I did not know that the devil could not withstand the name of Jesus Christ. A few minutes after this incident, the devil tried to make me forget what had just come out of his mouth, but I got his words in my head. All that interests the devil is that we will all end up in the lake of fire and sulfur. Later, the devil blessed me and gave me the power to rule over the demonic powers of Hell. He gave me 900 warrior demons and ordered me to make war against the authentic church of Jesus Christ.


On December 24, 1990, I went to the basement of India at our annual end-of-year convention to make decisions about the fate of countries. Only full-time Satanists, superior demons and principalities ruling all the countries of the world were allowed to participate in this world gathering. The devil himself presided over this meeting, and while he chaired this meeting he was constantly changing his appearance and transforming into various horrible and grotesque beasts to intimidate and frighten the participants. The main subject of this meeting was the war and the invisible battle against the Church of Jesus Christ. We also spoke of the death of the leader of the universal white brotherhood who could not obey the terms and conditions of the alliance. As a result, he was executed by the authorities of the invisible world.


After the meeting, the devil invited Satanists from around the world to another meeting to be held in Ethiopia. Later, he received me in a room and he asked me if I had a request or a concern to submit to him. I was going to talk when he interrupted me and asked me, “Why is it that every time I look at you, I always see a bright, glowing light?” I did not know what to say to him because I had never seen that light, but the devil knew it was a symbol of Jesus and that made him nervous. He knew that one day I will go to God. Then he asked me to join him at the rally that was to be held in


Ethiopia on January 14, 1991, where he was to organize a meeting of Satanists of the world. At this meeting, we discussed the disease and the efforts to be made to spread malaria throughout Africa. We also discussed the destruction of people’s lives. The devil hates humanity and our presence on earth does not give him joy. He would destroy us right now if that were possible.




In 1989, the invisible world informed me of my elevation to another magical rank. Thus, to properly prepare for my enthronement, I was forced to sacrifice about twenty people. Without wasting time, I began to cause rainless artificial lightning that killed several people. I regret these innocent deaths.


To complete the number of people who were asked for sacrifice, I employed a sorcerer in Makola, the village located a few kilometers from the city of Pointe Noire on the national road. The latter was to cause violent accidents so that I could sacrifice the number of victims that had been asked of me by the invisible world. This sorcerer did exactly what I asked him because I had forced him. This is how I could get the total number of souls that had been asked of me. The advice I give to travelers is to always recommend their journeys in the hands of the Lord because many accidents are not natural. In fact, at least 70% of the accidents in the world are the work of Satan.


During my enthronement, there were executives of all levels: ecclesiastical authorities and mystical lodge masters from all over the world. I was enthroned as a master of the first degree into the magic of red dragon. On this subject, I would like to specify that the branch of the magic of which I was a member is more deadly than other branches. If you read the book of Revelation 13, it is written that the red dragon was waiting for the woman to give birth to the child so that it could devour him.


Thus, this magic is related to human blood and human sacrifice to excess. In this branch of magic, we sacrifice much more than in other forms of magic. The devil loves to drink human blood and eat human flesh. Dear friends, if you are in magic or witchcraft, know that the devil does not love you. Even if you offer him a whole continent, in the end, he will thank you in the manner of a hunter with regard to his dog. Satan can send you on a mission and you can succeed, but know that one day you will regret the day you were born because with him there is no sincere and lasting friendship. When the devil turns against his most faithful servants, one wonders if he has the sense of living or loving. But one thing is true: Satan has neither love nor pity, nor feelings. He is really heartless, that is why he is called the 2-heart chaplain.




A few days later, I received the invitation to go to Brazil to attend training in Brazilian witchcraft. When we arrived in Brazil, we were welcomed by a delegation that took us to our place of lodging. We were 27 people from different countries that had come to learn Brazilian high sorcery called “the Macumba” or “the magic of zombies”, which consists in resurrecting the dead. When our training began, I was surprised to see that our teacher was none other than the great Brazilian professional soccer player revered worldwide, whose name I prefer to withhold. At the end of our training, we were given gifts and a magnetic mirror that serves to cause traffic accidents on roads. It was there that I received the power to transform into a panther. And when I transformed into this animal, my favorite victims were women because their bodies and blood increased my power. Any woman who slept with me would suffer from stomach pains and became barren.




I want to give readers a clarification on this subject. The country of India we are talking about here is a spiritual place in India, a place that optical eyes cannot see. And when we went there, it was not through ordinary means, but with the help of a flying magical carpet that helped us move quickly without problems, that is to say, far from the administrative hassle of airports. This meeting was an


emergency session. Satanists of high rank, powerful demons, the forces of the universe were all in attendance in this session which was presided over by the devil himself. In this meeting, we dealt with many points: religion, politics, health, sport, economy, etc.


Concerning religion, we decided the destruction of Christian Churches, especially those of Democratic Congo. Everything had to be done to prevent the German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke from leaving his country, because of his many gospel crusades which disturbed many of our magical activities. It was necessary to do everything to close the borders in order to block the Congolese Evangelists going out, lest they bring revival to other African countries. In this meeting, several Satanists asked Satan to create TV channels and multiple film programmes, to disrupt the prayer life of Christians so that they spend a lot of time behind television, instead of leading a fulfilled Christian life in prayers and the reading of the Word of God. Because it is when Christians are asleep that the devil and demons work with freedom. Thus, several television channels were granted to Satanists, especially those of Democratic Congo.


In the political realm, it was decided that one day the pope should be openly recognized as president of the UN. We all know the Secretaries General of this organization, but the president of this organization is not known to the public although he exists, and it is kept secret. He is the pope, his identity is hidden to prevent people from identifying him with the beast and the false prophet revealed in Revelation 13. But in this meeting, the devil decided that he will be publicly recognized as president of this organization. After this rally with the powers of the universe, Lucifer sent a letter to Satanists and principalities reminding them of the obligation to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ. I have the content of this Lucifer’s letter which is as follows:


To all Satanists, representatives, agents, principalities, I write to you because Christians do us more and more harm. If we are not careful, we could be dominated, crushed and defeated. I wanted to draw your attention to the resolution we made at the last meeting in November 1991 at midnight. We succeeded in keeping the content of this meeting secret from Christians. As a result, we were able to suppress and bewitch them. That’s why I take this opportunity to congratulate you all. But things have changed. We must improve and modernize our tactics and our strategic control of the universe because Christians are pressuring us with fervent prayers and their strong faith. The solution is to use the biblical principle the wrong way.


We will turn the Bible upside down. We must continue to apply the technique and tactics agreed for this decade. Do not allow them to read the Bible, let them take an interest in reading publications and books that have nothing to do with their spiritual lives such as fun stories, magazines, and novels. Therefore, when the temptation comes, they will have no support and they will fall. Do not give them time to pray; push them to feel lazy in prayers, otherwise, the Spirit of God will reveal our plans to them, and they will take counter-measures and crush us. You should never allow them to fast because they will become spiritually strong and they will conquer us. We must not let them give offerings and tithes so that they are in poverty, because God loves those who give with joy. Do not allow them to love one another with sincere love. Their love should be only in words, not in acts.


You have to push them to criticize and slander each other. You must give them freedom and wisdom in lies telling so that it becomes a bondage and a way of life, so that they do not enter the kingdom of God, but end up in Hell, the city of fire. You can let them preach on the return of Jesus Christ and the Rapture, but you have to make them think that it will happen in 10 or 20 years time because the reality is that He can come back now. You must not allow them to evangelize or testify. Make sure they are in front of the television for hours and hours to prevent them from reading the Bible and praying. Make sure they are in conflict and division. Create misunderstanding in their midst so that they are not united. I wanted to write to you on more tactics, but for the moment you have to apply


this recommendation according to my directive. If you have a problem, you can call me on this number which is a direct line and you will reach me. You must keep this letter secret. Christians must not be allowed to lay their hands on it; otherwise, we will be in pain and defeat. This is our plan for this decade. I wish you much luck for this decade from 1991 to 1999. Take care to attend our weekly meeting in our headquarter in the pandemonium.




So Lucifer entrusted me with the mission to fight the pastor of a Church in my country Congo-Brazza. When I arrived in the city of Pointe Noire where the Church was, I began by investigating the pastor. After this investigation, I finally discovered his strength. I discovered that he was a man who feared God and who was powerful in prayer. The implication of all this was disturbing. In fact, it prevented our movements and activities in the city. In his church, there was an intercession group that prayed every day and every night. Beloved, you must understand that the devil does not attack hypocritical Christians because they belong to him. Only those who walk in holiness and the fear of the Lord draw the attention of the devil.


This pastor was a member of a community of many churches, but he was the one who feared God. That’s why the devil designated him as a potential target. My strategy against this pastor was to extinguish the fire that shone and burned in him. My tactic was to get him to break the law so that I could have access to his life. I was also supposed to stop his evangelical journey to Europe. Whenever he went to the administrative offices for the visa, I deployed demons in those offices to oppose him, but the main purpose was to make sure that this pastor could break the law. I had 800 warrior demons working against this pastor. Failure in the kingdom of darkness is unacceptable. So we worked hard. But despite our determination, this pastor was constant and intense in prayer. So, I summoned the chief sorcerer of this neighborhood and his brotherhood so that he could go to this pastor and complain about the noises caused by the intercessors in their prayers. In fact, in all quarters of the world, a chief or secretary general of sorcerers has been established.


I told the chief sorcerer, “Gather all the sorcerers in this area and go to the pastor, you must pretend that the intercessors make noises with their prayers at night and people cannot sleep.” So in the morning, the sorcerers went to see the pastor to complain. They approached this pastor with abusive and shocking language to make him feel offended. It is a powerful strategy that succeeded because the pastor reacted with pride. As a result, the door of his life was opened and the sorcerers managed to send a demon into the life of this pastor through the door of pride. He was spiritually weak and his attempt to travel to Europe failed. You must understand that the devil will seek an open door to access your life. Anger and offense are the two great main doors used by sorcerers against Children of God. The Bible says: Be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger. Ephesians 4:26. I managed to extinguish the fire of this man of God.




A few weeks later I received the invitation to go to Hong Kong, where an extraordinary meeting was organized to bring together high-ranking Satanists. I took my flying carpet as usual and went to Hong Kong. There were many businessmen and representatives of great fashion houses and perfume makers; representatives of the lotion industry and the beauty industry were also present. At this meeting, we focused on drugs. The devil recommended the creation of many drug outlets and drug stores around the world. He recommended more distributors, dealers, and agents in all sectors of the world. “We need agents in the police, in the local authorities, in the customs of the different ports and borders of many countries of the world. We also need agents in international structures to enforce our decisions in the customs, the police, and the government.”


After dealing with the distribution of drugs, the devil instructed manufacturers of beauty products, all brands, to accelerate with the creation and design of beauty products, including soaps, lotions, perfumes, and others, so that human beings destroy their natural beauty. The devil charged the powers of darkness to attach demons to these beauty products, soaps, and lotions so that humanity can be possessed simply by using them. Later, the devil incited scientists to design fake drugs for diseases such as malaria, so that people do not recover after taking these drugs. After this meeting, the devil took us to Spain where he had a disciple in charge of hotel and restaurant businesses. After he took us to the United States where we visited the guardian of the bulls of the United States, also called the “bulls of Chicago”. This animal is a demon and this demon is the principality that governs the United States. The devil made me understand that every country on this earth is ruled by a principality that is a superior demon. This principality is represented in the image of a beast or a totem, and that of the United States is represented by a bull.




A few days later, the devil sent me to Namibia to destroy a man of God who was troubling us. After a few days, I went to the capital of Namibia. When I arrived, I transformed into a beautiful woman. I had reached a level where I could take the form I wanted. Then, the intelligence service of the kingdom of Lucifer that works 24 hours a day informed me of the location of the targeted pastor. I was informed that he had gone to visit a church member, but was on his way back. I approached the road where he had to go, in the shape of a woman hitchhiking. He was driving on the same road and when he saw me in the form of a beautiful woman, he stopped his car. He was already captivated by my beauty and he wanted me. When I got into his car, I seized the opportunity. As he desired me, I threw 30 demons in his mouth. They are demons of sexual immorality, fornication, and covetousness. They immediately took hold of him and began to influence him.


After a while, he stopped his car around his house. He was supposed to take money so we could go to a hotel. When he entered his house, I noticed an old lady sitting by the door, she was his mother. When the pastor took money from his room, I approached his mother and gave her the face of a girl. And when the pastor came out of the house, he saw the beautiful young woman sitting exactly where his mother was sitting. I manipulated the pastor’s vision to show him the things I wanted. The pastor did not realize that the beautiful girl was his own mother, and since he could no longer control his sexual behavior because of the demons of fornication inside him, he ended up sleeping with the pretty lady who was his own mother, because his vision was manipulated and they were both bewitched. The pastor, according to him, thought that he took the money, took me, and went to a hotel where we had sex; but I had manipulated his vision, it never happened. He just slept with his own mother. I was there in the car; I simply implanted a false vision in his mind.


While the pastor was sleeping with his mother, I took the form of a rich young man, I went to sleep with his wife and daughters, and I managed to put the spirit of fornication in the house of this pastor. When he committed incest with his mother, he received even more demons of fornication who began to influence him. Later, he went to visit one of the elders of his church. When he saw that he was not present, he coveted his wife who was alone. He seduced his wife and they had sex. And while they were in action, the elder came back and caught them in the act. He got angry and told the Church what had happened. This situation was unbearable for people in the Church. As a result, this church was divided and ended up dislocating. This mission in Namibia was a success. I was rewarded in the devil’s kingdom with gifts and promotions. In the kingdom of the enemy, if you cause the fall of a man of God there are many rewards for you. Men of God must understand that not all women who come near them are necessarily ordinary women. Some are mermaids and demons; others are Satanists in female form.


Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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