Glory to God. My name is Maria Elias. To serve Christ Jesus and the people of God I want to share a powerful testimony of Heaven and Hell God has allowed me and in the name of the Lord listen to this testimony. Amen.

At midnight I was seeking the Lord with everything in my heart and His presence manifested in a supernatural way in my life. I began to speak new languages in the spirit and through a vision, I saw a white dove that was flying over me. I could see how the dove approached little by little until it rested on me completely. Instantly I felt that my body was weakening until it was left without strength. I no longer heard the voice of the people of God. I only saw a bright light like the sun heading towards me and in the midst of the heat, praise was heard that said, “Holy, holy, holy.”

The voice sang with a very soft echo and I felt something very special and then I saw that a hand came out of that light and approached me and lifted me up. I saw my body lying on the ground. That is why the word of God says that from the dust we were taken and to the dust we will return (Genesis 3:19) and the spirit returns to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7), says the word of God. Let us remember beloved brothers that we have a soul that has to render an account to God (Romans 14:12).

I immediately contemplated that I was standing next to a white character coming out of this heat and the clothes I was already wearing was not the same because it was a white garment, as the Bible mentions it. I felt a peace and great joy in my soul that I had never experienced.

Then I heard an audible voice that told me, “My daughter, I have seen the friction, the fight and all the circumstances that you have gone through. I have heard your cry. I have heard when you called Me, ‘Lord, Lord, do not let go of me. You are everything to me.’ That is why I have come here.”

Beloved brothers, the Lord continued saying, “Come, come with Me. I will show you My glory and the place that I already have prepared for My chosen ones who daily seek Me and those who do My will.”

We began to walk on a very bright path on a beautiful and bright road but the brightness increased more and more as we went forward and the Lord took me by the hands and told me, “I am going to show you great things that you have never seen and imagine and it is necessary that you see these things.”

Then I saw a very beautiful door and there were two angels standing and a sign that said, “Welcome.”

God said to me, “Go ahead.”

I asked the Lord, “Where are we?”

God answered me, “This is a place that I want you to know. Look, this is paradise but nobody can enter this door if they do not live in holiness and are not in My will.”

Then we entered and the joy of our Lord flooded me. Suddenly I saw a garden full of flowers and in the midst of those flowers, I looked at the streets that were made of gold. That’s why brothers the Bible says that in Heaven there are streets of gold and a sea of glass and I could see immediately flowers of different styles that I have never seen on Earth.

Then brothers I saw a woman who was in the middle of this garden. She had a white garment and her face was rejuvenated and she came. She asked me, “Are you here?” Beloved brothers, I was greatly amazed for I recognized that the woman was that sister who suffered a lot when she was in the land. She was in the work of God and she did not lose heart when she was ill-treated by others but she remained focused on God. That is why brothers we fight every day to work in the work of God and He will bring us to His glory. I was impressed.

I asked the sister, “What brought you here?”

She answered me, “The Earth had a lot of contempt, a lot of pain, critical struggles, illnesses. Despite all that, I just fixed my gaze on the Lord and I clung to Him and today I am here in this place where there is no more disease or pain.”

She said. “In this place there is no more contempt, there is only peace and praises to the Lord. In the land I have my family but they do not seek God. They live with problems. They live in an unbridled life. I told them to seek the Lord with passion so that one day they too can be in this place.”

Later I looked and the sister smiled and walked into the garden. I could appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the streets of gold even more. Suddenly I heard the voice of God that told me, “These flowers are like My people that are in front of Me. This is how your pain and your cry come before Me as frequent and pleasant pain.”

The Lord told me, “Come on, let’s walk.”

Suddenly, I looked at a water fountain in the middle of some rocks, but the most surprising thing is that they glowed greatly and the shine they had were more than the brilliance of gold. When the water fell from that fountain a very impressive melody was heard.

I could see a man in that crystalline river submerged repeatedly.

I said to the Lord, “Lord, who is that man?”

God told me, “He is My servant and he has fought hard for the Kingdom. He has humbled himself and has been sincere in front of Me and he allowed himself to be guided by Me and the enemy has put many things into him like contempt, but he has set his sights on Me only and that is why I give him a drink every time. He asks Me every time he needs it when he feels powerless and tired I give him and I let him immerse himself here so that he is rejuvenated.”

God continued to speak to me but I heard His words spoken sadly. He told me, “Many do not want what I offer them to rejuvenate them. They do not receive it because they have set their sights on material things and then later blame Me that I do not listen to them. They do not understand why I am not attentive to them. There are few who receive Jesus. There are few who give themselves to Me within My will.”

I was standing next to the Lord Jesus Christ and standing there at that door, He told me, “Okay, come in.” I entered and started walking. I could see a large and long table. The table was covered with a tablecloth that had gold embroidery and shone very beautifully. Then I saw some very precious ornate gold pieces ready to be used at a party. On the table, there were also covered plates. Everything was in order. It all shone because it was gold. I have never seen such gold on Earth.

In the middle of that table there were grapes and they were more than I have ever seen on Earth. I told the Lord, “It is all incomparably beautiful.”

The Lord contemplated all this and told me, “This place is already prepared for the wedding of the Lamb. My children who live in the presence of God, those who seek Me and those who seek perfection, those who do My will and cling to Me – they are the ones who are going to enjoy this place. Observe the two rows of angels that are formed in order in that room. They are the angels who are ready to serve each one when they are here enjoying.”

Then He took me by the hand and said, “Come and see because you lack much to know.”

While we were walking, I saw one city where they had houses very different from those of the Earth. All the houses had the same style.

I was listening to some praises. A group sang with one voice and they sang in this way, “Glory to the One that lives for centuries and centuries.”

The praises were directed towards a light that shone more than the sun and this light did not hurt my eyes. I could see in that light there was a large and very beautiful chair and its beauty did not have any comparison.

Brothers and sisters the light that came out of the beautiful place completely shone on everything. The light that came out of the beautiful place was incomparable. There was no night as it was only light.

I saw that the light that was high up and I looked that everyone was prostrate before that radiance singing and I did not understand but I said in my mind, “This light is my Father’s throne and is where the great and powerful God is sitting.”

The Bible says that God knows our thoughts. Jesus already knew what I was thinking and I heard His voice telling me, “My daughter, it is My Father’s throne.”

I experienced immense peace. I fell to my knees and began to cry and sing glory to the One who lives forever and ever. I no longer wanted to get up because I did not want to remove myself from the presence of my Father but the Lord Jesus Christ took me by the hand and we walked.

Suddenly I saw a group of people with white robes and who sang and worshiped the Lord God Almighty. They did it with freedom. They were giving glory to God. They used their hands and cried and I told the Lord, “How beautiful, how they adore You.”

And He said, “Yes, My daughter these are the Pentecostals who mature with freedom and crisis only in Me. They adore Me with their souls with the hands with the lips with the mind and surrender completely to Me.”

But then I looked at another group of people who were singing and who had their white clothes but did not use their hands to worship God and were so much softer and sadder.

I asked the Lord saying, “Lord, why do they do not sing like the other group?”

The Lord told me, “They are the ones from the Gospel Hall church who seek Me and adore Me and believe in Me but they do not give My daughters the opportunity to sing to Me. They need to surrender completely and adore Me with freedom and power. If they do not surrender completely they do not adore Me as I want. They already have their reward.”

Brothers and sisters, I also saw another group of people who sang and on their lips, their hands and their clothes were white but they had spots in some parts.

I told the Lord, “Lord, this group sing to You. They adore You like the first group.”

And the Lord answered me, “The first group only believe in Me and this third group still believe and worship the Virgin Mary and they are not completely clean. They only need to accept Me as their only great and powerful God. Only one step is needed to clean their clothes and have a part here with Me. They are the so-called Charismatics.”

[Many Catholic Charismatics have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. But many of them still pray to Mary which stain their garments as it is idolatry.]

Suddenly we were in a place where there were many organs. I could see that there were hearts, lungs, kidneys, brains, throats, stomachs. There were also intestines, wombs and much more.

I asked the Lord, “All these organs what are they for?”

He answered me, “These organs are new and they are for My children who need a new organ. When they come with all their hearts that I change them and I will give them a new organ. I take from here. I make the changes with My own hands doing a surgery.”

Beloved brothers and sisters, I could also see that the organs were placed inside a display case and there was a table that contained some organs.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, why are these organs on the table?”

The Lord answered, “These organs already have owners. The prayers of My children have arrived in My presence. I have heard them when they cried out for a new stomach. This is why it is ready. I have a son of Mine who has asked Me for a new heart and here it is, look.”

The Lord said to me and I could contemplate everything that was there. My heart felt happy and I was amazed when the Lord told me, “Come, My daughter, I want you to see this. You are going to see something here but I want you to pay close attention.”

We arrived at a place where I saw that there were many crowns of different styles. There were gold crowns adorned with many gold pearls. These crowns were incomparable and their owners have suffered much such as never been seen. There were also three gold crowns with few pearls and they were not the same as the previous ones. There were also many crowns that did not shine and did not have any pearls. They were not adorned and they were very sad-looking.

So I told the Lord, “These three crowns look sad and seeing them caused me sadness. Why do they not have pearls like these other crowns?”

The Lord answered, “These crowns are of those who only seek Me to fulfill their duties in front of the men. They preach My word just for money to have more than others. Today preaching is also a platform to gain fame and they do it for the approval of men. They preach, they sing, they talk about Me but they do in their own opinion. They do it to be admired and applauded by men. They have forgotten that I am the One who does all things and is not due to the man or the woman that all that happens because without Me nothing can be done.”

The Lord continued saying, “There are others that only preach of love and peace of prosperity but they do not preach that soon it will be the end of the Earth and that there will be no stone left upon stone. They do not explain to the people there is a new Heaven that is already prepared for the faithful and there is also Hell that is for sinners. They do not do My will. I want them to win souls for Me. For some I have given them ministry and they do not work on it. Yes I have given them privileges in the church and they do not perform their tasks well. They do not perform their duties fully. They always make excuses. They never manage to decorate their crowns.”

When the Lord said everything I heard that in His words there was sadness.

I kept asking the Lord saying, “Lord, and the crowns that have some pearls, whose are they?”

He replied, “These crowns are from My children who have been entrusted to a ministry, a job and My work and no matter the work they have been told about, they will do their best to perform it. They have no pride or envy or arrogance. They live in increasing love for Me and everything they do is out of love for Me. They do it with sincerity. They preach and talk about Me without personal interest because they go out to win souls for Me and every time they win a soul they adorn their crowns with pearls. Although they certainly come to have great struggles and trials they still remain in Me.”

I said to the Lord, “I could see that each crown had a name and each name was written with precious and incomparable pearls.”

However, the Lord told me, “They still need more dedication to finish decorating their crowns and to make them shine even more.”

I was looking at crowns that only needed one or two pearls to complete and I asked about these crowns.

The Lord answered me, “These crowns belong to My children who have given themselves to Me completely and who have won souls for Me. They recognize that I am God and everything they do is done out of love and according to My will and never according to their convenience. They do not use My word as a business. The enemy has wanted to tear them down and destroy them in one way or another but they have endured everything that has come in their lives. They have trusted only in Me. They have recognized that I am God and there is no one like Me. Because of My word, pastors, families, churches, and much more have risen up against them but they have resisted because they only serve Me and glorify Me and follow Me faithfully. Because of that, they have gained these crowns.”

Beloved brothers while we continued our way, the Lord showed me a place. We stopped there and a big screen appeared in front of us where we could observe the Earth.

The Lord told me with an audible voice, “Come My daughter, I will show you how many souls are lost at every moment and I will show you how I am going to raise My chosen ones. Those who are dead in them will resurrect.”

First I saw that there on the Earth there were many tombs. It looked as if it were a cemetery.

The Lord said, “Get up, you who sleep.”

Then I saw that in the midst of those graves there were souls. These souls were faithful to the Lord until the last moment of their lives and when God gave them the order to get up, I could contemplate that these souls came out as a form of very precious lights from those tombs and went to Heaven.

I began to cry at seeing such an event. That is why my beloved brothers the Bible says that the dead in Christ will rise first and the Lord gave me the privilege of seeing all this event.

1 Thessalonians 4:16 For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

After this the Lord took me by the hand that we began to fly. I could feel the air in my face as we flew. In reality, what I felt is something inexplicable because I realized that I did not have wings to fly. It was the power of God that enabled me to fly next to Him.

Translated from Maria Elias video