On the evening of February 22, [year unknown] an angel came to meet me and took me to Heaven. He told me to stay calm. First, we went to look at the situation in Hell. There I saw evil spirits making preparations for a massive party. Then we went to the judgment seat of the LORD where I saw Satan speaking to GOD THE FATHER.

Satan said, “Enough is enough. I want the tribulation to start immediately. YOU have for years only given childbearing pain to the Earth, and that’s still nothing.”

I whispered to the angel and asked what the devil meant childbearing. He told me that the LORD had accepted Satan’s request to bring various kinds of disasters in the world, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, serial killers, shootings, and so on. All of these are “childless pain” of the end to come.

Nothing happens without God’s permission. This is the reason why Satan must stand before GOD THE FATHER and beg to allow him to bring all calamities to the Earth. The angels told me that God Himself did not cause these disasters, Satan did.

Satan continued, “During their adversity, people wept and cried out to You to save them, but when it ended they immediately turned to my followers to help them out of trouble, to protect them, and fix everything. They never wait for YOU to show Your strength.”

“Behold, to whom they have turned after the calamity, Behold!!! See!!! In this final tribulation, who do they finally turn to? What is certain is not YOU. And YOU still want to wait some more? Would YOU be against Your own Word? ”

“YOU say that if all this happens people will repent. They cry out to You with only their minds, not their hearts. I will prove it to YOU, let me pour out all misery and watch people run to me and my followers instead of YOU.”


Note : when people cry out to the LORD with all their hearts as well as their thoughts, they will repent of their sins and change their way of life.

The LORD didn’t say anything.

Then the devil said, “I have the right. I stood before you years ago and told YOU what was coming. Humans will hope from other humans to save and help them, not in YOU. Now I want the people in my kingdom to be with me. I want to rule my kingdom. Don’t YOU see, every time YOU pour out YOUR SPIRIT, humans use it to gain popularity and personal gain. And your people call this a movement…. ha.. ha… ha… ha.. (devil laughs) ”

Again, the LORD remained silent and did not answer the devil.

Satan tried one more time. He said, “The tribulation is written in Your Book. Now is the time to fulfill Your Word and allow me to do it now! ”

This time the LORD raised His hand without saying anything, and the devil disappeared. I don’t know whether GOD allowed Satan or not because God didn’t say anything.

I turned to the angel and said, “But most Christians do not believe that they will still be on Earth and experience part of the tribulation period.”

The angel said, “The Great Tribulation has two parts. The first is Satan’s battle against God’s people. He will bring great destruction on Earth. The second part is from the LORD, where the LORD pours out His wrath on sinners and rebels for following Satan. The Lord’s people will be on the Earth for the first part, not for the Lord’s wrath. Satan believes that his tribulation will be a victory over God.”

1 Thessalonians 1:10 And to wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.

I asked the angel once again, “Doesn’t the Bible show that there will be a final great movement and an outpouring of the SPIRIT OF GOD upon all mankind?”


The angel said, “Yes, but it will not be like any other awakening that has ever happened. No human can put his name on it or manipulate it. If he tries, the Lord will strike him. People will turn to God for all their needs, not just some of their needs. Man will hope in God in everything, for house, food, necessities of life, and life itself. Revival will be on the streets, in homes, at work. When the LORD pours out HIS SPIRIT there will be no question what it is.”

“At that time the devil will be angrier than before and will try to intervene in the movement. Whoever is not sincere will fall into Satan’s trap. Those who kneel and are sincere will be called children of the Lord. At that time many will be deceived by false awakening and false anointing, but those who seek the LORD with all their hearts will find HIM. Those who seek only fame and gain will find Satan and serve him. Yes, at that time there will be many people who stand before the LORD and argue with Him saying that they really serve the LORD, when in fact they only serve themselves.”

The angel turned to me and said, “Be careful. This awakening is what Satan hates the most because it involves young people all over the world. God once poured out His Spirit on young people, and it was called the JESUS Movement in the 60s and 70s. In the churches (denominations) people rejected it and looked down on it. But GOD never started something without finishing it. GOD will give young people a chance. Warn the church not to despise the revival of the youth that the Lord will raise. Embrace them with love and understanding.”

Satan has his following along with all the television and music programs that steal the youth. This is the fault of the church. Very few churches give young people much to do, and churches don’t teach them right and wrong. They let their youths be taught by Satan’s servants, not by God’s servants. Is your church getting ready for this revival? Now is the time to prepare because it is the last day.”


Joel 2: 28-29 “Then it shall come to pass, that I will pour out my Spirit on all men and your sons and daughters will prophesy; Your old people will have dreams, and your old people will have visions. Also on your male and female servants, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.”

[Source: Harvest Warriors Ministries: Rev. Daniel Yoder & Rebecca Brown, MD

Rev. Daniel Yoder, an American national servant of God, is the husband of Rebecca Brown (a servant of God who started her ministry in the ministry of deliverance in the ’80s). Apart from being the authors of several best-selling spiritual books, they are also speakers at conferences, seminars, and worship events in various cities and countries.]

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