Amos 3:7-8 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. 8 The lion has roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD has spoken, who can but prophesy?

When this vision was given to me on Feb. 6th, 2004, I had many Christians say it was false! Since then we now have more terrorism, gay marriage is now the law of the land.

[In the United States, the availability of legally-recognized same-sex marriage expanded from one state in 2004 to all fifty states in 2015 through various state and federal court rulings, state legislation, and direct popular votes. Wikipedia]

What is about to happen, the church does not want to hear.

Yet I must tell what is about to happen.

As you read this, think of everything that has come to pass.

God speaks to His prophets many times and in different ways. Often He shows them what is to come through visions.

These visions bring news of good times and bad times. Times of blessing and times of chastisement.

God not only tells His people what He is going to do, but He also tells them what Satan is going to try to do.

February 6, 2004

I, Daniel was lying on my bed unable to sleep. All evening I had become increasingly aware of a terrible battle going on in the spirit realm. This made me so restless that I could not sleep.

Suddenly, an angel appeared beside me. He took my hand and said, “Come, you must look and hear, and then tell others.”

Immediately I was taken away by the angel, I do not know where. But I do know it was in the spirit realm.

As we approached the place, I saw countless thousands of demons, all in fighting gear, standing at attention, row upon row as far as my eye could see. They were standing at attention, obviously awaiting some instructions.

Then, we entered a huge room. It was vast. It was like being in a dark cavern lit with a glowing red and black phosphorus like substance oozing down the walls and all over everything. There were strange and horrible creatures crawling all over the walls and ceiling.

As we hovered over the room, the angel gestured to a figure sitting on a throne in the front.

“That is Satan, the Ruler of this World,” (John 12:31) he said, “and these are his kings of the Earth, his ruling demons.”

The room itself was filled with row upon row of countless thousands of demons.

Everything was in dark shadows. It was like color did not exist except in the red light. I could not number them.

They extended out as far as my eye could see, that’s how big the room was. Satan sat on a high throne in the center of the front of the room. On each side of him but lower, sat two great demons each on a throne.

The angel told me that one was the Prince over America and that the other was the Prince over England.

In the center below Satan on another throne sat another Prince whom the angel said was the King over the United Nations.

Shortly after we arrived, a single huge majestic dark demon was called out of the crowd and he came to stand in front of Satan.

Satan addressed him as “the Ambassador to the White House.”

He told him he had to control the White House to pass laws to legalize gay marriage, to wipe Christianity out of America, to stop any attempt to restrain abortions in any way, to make sex with children legal.

As Satan was addressing the Ambassador, two more huge spirits stood up and came forward to stand behind him.

The angel told me that one was the ruling spirit over the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the other was the ruling spirit over NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association).


[ACLU opposes the death penalty; supports same-sex marriage and the right of LGBT people to adopt; supports reproductive rights such as birth control and abortion rights; eliminating discrimination against women, minorities, and LGBT people. NAMBLA is trying to pass laws making sex with young children legal here in America.]

Satan told the Ambassador to the White House that these two ruling demons over the ACLU and NAMBLA were commissioned to support him along with all their warriors.

He said that through the White House, the spirit of incest, immorality, lies, deceit had been rooted deep. These ruling spirits are set in place to control the next president to be placed in office.

They were to work through the White House to destroy all moral laws of America, all the families of America, and the Spirit of Christianity in America.

Satan said that they have already been successful in corrupting Congress with spirits of lusts and sexual immorality, greed, and lies and deceit.

He seemed to feel that Congress was getting close to being completely under their control.

Those demons closer to Satan were obviously of higher rank.

They were huge and ugly and powerful.

Their outer garments appeared to be a sort of shell that was actually a part of them – something like an armadillo.

The angel told me that they were the “principalities and rulers in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

As I looked, I saw that each one of them had something crawling all over it.

I looked closer and saw that each one was covered with a myriad of tiny demons crawling all over them like lice.

The angel told me that these tiny spirits were couriers.

They are sent out in an instant to take messages to convey the will of the ruling demon to his underlings.

They constantly come and go from the ruling demons.

After Satan finished addressing those three demons, he turned to the rest of the crowd.

They were each one a principality over a state here in America with warlords under them, over counties, cities and smaller areas.

There were also ruling demons over every area of the Federal Government as well.

And one over each one of the Federal Courtrooms – especially the Supreme Court.

Fury was in their eyes and I have never seen such evil as was in that place! The power of it defies description.

As Satan spoke to them, I saw bolts of black lightning come out of his mouth and strike each one of his leaders, energizing and strengthening them.

He gave them a number of orders:

1. He told each one to go to the Capitol building of their state and into every courtroom of their state and over the Capitol of Washington D.C., and every Federal Court Room. He told them that they must use every influence they could over the men and women in those positions to corrupt them – money, sex, lies, threats, lust for power, and even death if they did not cooperate.

They are to see to it that laws and rulings are passed making every abomination to God legal in this nation.

Everything immoral must now be legal and accepted by the population of the U.S.

“Truly the people now want immorality,” he said, “just look at them.”

“Homosexuality must be exalted and every form of sexual perversion acceptable as freedom of expression.”

Every mention or symbol of Christianity must be removed – especially from all public places and schools.

We must take the Word of God out of America.

Make it illegal for the mention of God to be anywhere.

You must now work quickly to outlaw Christianity as a hate religion.

ALL people in any government position must be corrupted. All family values and the sanctity of marriage must be removed.

The media must be given a free hand to do anything to keep corruption continually before the eyes of the people.


The children must now be given the legal rights to be involved in any form of sex and any form of corruption.

All parental rights over children must be removed.

We shall set up nudist camps for youth.

2. The church. Satan said, “Finally, all of my false prophets are in place within the Christian church.”

They will teach a message of greed and lies, leading God’s people into such pursuit of wealth and health and happiness that they will reject completely any fight to prevent our actions through the government.

Now is the time for the final splitting of the church over politics.

The Left against the Right in bitter competition. You shall set family against family over politics and religious rights.

Now is the time to reap the seeds we have so carefully planted in the churches years ago.

These seeds have now grown into powerful roots – the lust for wealth, power, sex, bitterness.

Marriage is no longer revered in the church. Each time a Christian gets involved in sexual sin, pornography, lust, abortion, and compromising with us, it opens a door so that we can send more spirits into their churches.

Through these things, God’s ability to use His power through them is greatly diminished.

You must use gossip and slander and backbiting with even more power.

Make sure that the church people will listen to anything negative against anyone trying to minister truth for their God. You must NOT permit anyone to expose or come against our kingdom! You must bring more pregnancies out of wedlock, and then more abortions.

You must see that this becomes an acceptable practice for everyone in the church. We are close to accomplishing this already, make it final now! You will see to it that the divorce rate in the church is doubled in 2004.

Do this by sending out your demons to attack Christian married couples with lust for others, discord, anger, and discontent with the marriage.

It is time to release all of our demonic prostitutes into the church – both male and female, especially into the Christian colleges, and into the pastors’ offices and also the leaders of the church.

You must destroy all the Word of God and replace it with the word of man, my false prophets. You must see that the false signs and wonders will double within the church this year so that the people will follow my false prophets.

Give the false prophets greater and more persuasive tongues to speak this year. Put the spirit of flesh in the church so that they will want anything of the flesh and abhor any sacrifices for God. Christians are more interested in their entertainment than their church. I want more sports on Sundays.

The Super Bowl and the World Series have done an excellent job of keeping people out of the church. They want entertainment – let’s give it to them! We have been successful in replacing true revival with forms of entertainment. Send demons into the life of each individual Christian to hinder their prayers.

We are right now winning the war in the heavenlies because of their lack of prayer and commitment.

All their prayers are now selfish, not trying to build up their God’s kingdom but rather trying to build up their own which is actually my kingdom. They are just too blind to realize it. Each church today has become a kingdom ruled by a man and a board. Keep it that way!

I saw Satan specially empower and commission huge numbers of the following spirits and sent them into the churches: the tempter, the oppressor, the murderer, the father of lies, the liar, the accuser, the deceiver, and the thief, and many more. Each one functioning according to his name.

3. Expand terrorism! Empower the terrorist cells – send demons to teach them how to be most effective. Terrorism is a great weapon against Christians.

When we bring more terrorism to America and to the churches, Christians will turn against their God and lose their faith when they suffer. Also, I want more violence in schools. More violence among the youth. If we get the youth, there will be no church.


The church’s power will be totally destroyed. Go after the children, the parents will give up God to justify their children and their children’s sins.

4. America must be destroyed from within. Let the so-called Christians help us destroy it with their weak tolerance of anything we bring in. You must use every force available to you to see that it is done.

This is the year to make our move. The Christians are weak, they are more interested in their entertainment and wealth than prayer, keep it that way. You shall use every lie and deceit to destroy this current president so that I can bring my choice for president into office.

With the church being asleep and the Christians being weak, we have the power! We can use America’s own laws to destroy them. We can use the court system to overthrow any laws we don’t like. The world is against America right now, which gives us greater power. We are to use that power of hatred against America as strength.

We must bring in a flood of demons into America from the countries that are serving me, and through the religions that are serving me. They can legally ride into America on the hatred of others, and through other religions.

5. Prepare the army of darkness to go out and to destroy everything that God claims is His. Make war in the homes, the churches, the schools, on the streets, in the workplace. Destroy peace everywhere. It is time to set man against man and woman against woman.

The destruction of America is now in our hands! Once America is destroyed, I will be god and rule the world. The time for my kingdom is finally at hand.

As I left the room, I was very sad and felt so defeated and helpless, that is until my eyes were opened to see not only the rows and row of warrior demons standing at attention, but all around the edge, I saw countless numbers of God’s angels. They were waiting also.

I saw the Arch Angels, each at the head of their legions of heavenly warriors. The angel guiding me told me, “All those angels are ready to fight for the Christians and morality in America. But their fight will be limited if the Christians don’t raise their voices in prayer and petitions to God.”

He sounded very sad. “The angel’s strength is very limited because of the lack of prayer and commitment of God’s people.”

The angel showed me more but forbade me to talk about it until God said the time was right to do so.

[Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCIR3UE52rc]

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