The spiritual world in the afterlife. The Lord sent me to liberate the prisoners in open prisons. Whenever a man is living in sin, he is a prisoner in bondage. However, when a man accepts the message of repentance he comes out of prison.

The message of repentance I have received from the Lord is a visa for Heaven. This message will prepare you for everlasting life but there is a spirit in a man the breath of the Almighty that gives him understanding.

Beloved our body is just an envelope. It’s our soul that matters. When our soul leaves the body it’s finished for this body and its demands. It’s good to go to church to pray and to read the Bible but the most important thing is the fear of the Lord.

Actually I was dead and I was damned. It is because of the grace and compassion of the Lord that I came back to life. I mean I was literally dead and gone.

I was in a life of prostitution and alcoholism. My life was all about having fun going to nightclubs and bars. I was going out with friends to drink beers and prostituting. I was following the trend of musical celebrities, dressing much like them copying their haircut style.

I remember when the Lord took me to the city we landed before a bar where I saw a man dressed in white. This man was accompanied by a skeleton demon, a humanoid demon, and many wicked spirits. While music was playing in this bar they entered the bar.

This man in white told these evil spirits that were with him, “I want you all to go to the toilets of all the bars and nightclubs in the city. I want the first group to deploy the spirit of celibacy in the toilet of every bar and nightclub. I want the second group to deploy the spirit of barrenness. I want the third group to deploy the spirit of divorce in these toilets. I want the fourth group to deploy the spirit of sickness in toilets of these bars and nightclubs.”

For whenever people drink in the bars and nightclubs they tend to go to the toilets. That’s where they get unclean spirits of celibacy, sickness, barrenness. Many had brought sickness and trouble in their homes because of their feet that went to bars and nightclubs.

I saw the skeleton demons entering these bars and he was dancing with the people that could not see him. While he was dancing I saw his bones falling from his skeletal body on the floor one by one. In the end, I saw like everybody was drunk in the bar. Many people caused trouble to their families because of such places.

When we left this bar my companion led me around a place in the city where I saw two plantations of vegs growing on the soil. The first plantation was vegs that have become ripe and ready for harvest and the second plantation was vegs that were still growing for they have not yet become ripe. Yet I saw my companion passing His hand over these vegs that were not ripe ignoring the plantation of vegs that were ready for harvest.

I said to Him, “Brother, this plantation here is ripening and ready for harvest. Let’s get some of them for we may feel hungry. We can cook them for they are ripening and ready for harvest.”

My Companion told me, “I can see that you like that plantation that is ready for harvest.”

I said, “This is ready for harvest and they have become ripe.”

My Companion said, “You must understand that God is not pleased with these vegs that have become ripe. In fact, this first plantation of vegs that is ready for consumption has grown more quickly than the second. This is because of chemical fertilizers. The Lord is happy for the second plantation of vegs that are growing naturally even if it is taking time for this second plantation is growing not because of chemical fertilizers but thanks to the sun sent by God, thanks to the wind from God and the rain from God. The difference between the vegs that had grown thanks to chemical fertilizers and the vegs that grew naturally thanks to the sun, the rain, and the wind is in their taste. When you eat them they taste differently. These vegs that grow thanks to chemical fertilizers are less tasty than the ones that grow naturally.”

“These ripe vegs are like men that just discovered they can preach and they proclaimed themselves pastors without God’s calling. These vegs are like men that have won some souls. As a result, they declared themselves evangelists. They are like men that have studied some verses and they went to declare themselves doctors. They are like men who helped open churches. As a result, they declare themselves apostles without God’s calling. They are like men who prophesied and they declared themselves prophets without God’s calling. These men have acquired titles that Jesus did not give them.”

“But this plantation of vegs that are growing slowly and naturally thanks to the sun the wind and the rain are men that God Himself have called since the wombs of their mothers. The rain that makes this plantation grow is the word of God. The wind that makes this plantation grow is the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the sun that makes this plantation grow is the power of God. That is why there is a difference between men called by God and those who have proclaimed themselves ministers without God’s calling. The natural vegs and the ones of chemicals fertilizer do not have the same taste. You will tell these men who grab titles that God did not give them, these titles will accuse them in the Day of Judgment.”

I was traveling in the spiritual world with this Man who was the Lord but I did not know Him. Later Jesus turned to a great eagle and He asked me to climb on His back and to hold the wings of the great eagle and we started to fly in the invisible world.

Jesus is God and Jesus is Lord. When Jesus returned to His human form, He told me, “Many pastors have received funds from the Antichrist for the construction of massive buildings. Many pastors have delivered the souls of their members to Lucifer.”

Then Jesus made a sign with His hand. As a result, a screen appeared. On this screen, I saw a skeleton that was holding a trident but he was in a cage that was sealed and closed.

I asked Jesus, “Who is this skeleton?”

He told me, “He is the lord of death.”

I asked Him, “What does that mean, “lord of death”? You mean literally death?”

Jesus answered me, “Absolutely, it’s death.”

Then I saw Jesus making a sign with His hand. As a result, the cage of the lord of death was opened. Then Jesus ordered this angel of death to travel to the earth and take a woman’s life. I saw the lord of death traveling to the earth. He entered the house of a woman who was a Christian and he struck her with his trident. Following this, the woman died. Then the lord of death took the woman to Jesus Christ and Jesus carried this woman to the place of rest which is Paradise.

Jesus told me, “The woman is a born-again Christian. If I let her continue to live on earth she will backslide and lose faith. That’s why I commanded death to take her life so that she will be in the resting place.”

I asked Jesus Christ, “Brother, really You send the lord of death to kill people?”

Jesus told me, “Mimi, take your time and observe.”

Then I saw Jesus sending the lord of death again to take the life of a man on Earth. I saw the lord of death hit this man with his trident. As a result, the man died. He transported this man to the abode of the dead. I was watching this scene with Jesus on the screen.

Then I saw a scene on the screen in which I was sitting in our enclosure. Suddenly the scene had become reality. I saw that I was sitting in our enclosure as I saw on the screen but this time it was reality. I was sitting there in our enclosure. Then suddenly I saw the lord of death coming into our place and he came and stood right behind me. The lord of death raised his trident in order to hit me and kill me.

At this very moment Jesus Christ told the lord of death, “Stop!”

Immediately the angel of death was immobilized by the word of Jesus Christ.

Then Jesus says, “Mimi, here is the stage of your life. The lord of death was about to kill you. He had already raised his trident against your life. Now let’s assume that you die today, where will your soul be? Do you remember that everyone dreamed of your death? It’s because I ordered the lord of death to take your life and he had already raised his trident against your life. I don’t do anything on earth without warning My servants. That’s why everyone dreamed of your death.”

Then Jesus asked me, “Mimi, do you know that you are already dead?”

I said, “Jesus, no I am not dead. I am right here with You and I am speaking to You.”

I didn’t know I was dead and I left my body on the earth in the house of prayer. Indeed while I was here beyond the grave the intercessors were trying to wake me up but they couldn’t wake me up. In consequence, there was panic in the church. Later the news had finally reached my family that rushed to the church to see what has happened. I was with Jesus Christ.

He said, “Bring Me the book of the dead.”

The ancient book was brought to Him. My dear, many people have their names written in the book of the dead because their days are numbered and exhausted. Even if they are walking the earth they are destined to die. The evil one comes to steal and kill.

Brother, when I saw the book of the dead, I trembled and the Lord opened the book of the dead and showed me my name.

He said, “Mimi, you are dead and your name is in the book of the dead.”

I was shaking in terror. I saw the Lord Jesus erasing my name from the book of the dead. Then the Lord disappeared.

I was joined by His angel who asked me, “Mimi, do you think Hell exists?”

I answered him, “No, I do not believe that Hell exists. Have you ever seen it? I don’t think it exists.”

The angel asks me, “Mimi, are you sure that Hell does not exist?”

As we were like in a big building he held me by the hand. We went down two floors. Then we walked around and we went up two more floors. Then we entered this compartment. I saw numerous bright angels of light. Suddenly the angel of the Lord disappeared.

Immediately I saw Jesus Christ coming towards me. He was holding a key. When He came to me I heard the angels saying, “Glory to You, Lord of lords.” Everybody praised this Man but I didn’t know that this Man was Jesus Himself.

He asked me, “Mimi, are you sure that Hell does not exist?”

I said, “No, I don’t believe it.”

As we moved I kept saying in my heart, “I don’t believe that Hell exists although people on earth talk about it. Surely there is no such place.”

It was then I saw in this place a construction that looked like a tank or system that went very deep under the basement. This tank was enormous the size of a football stadium. Quickly I noticed a massive padlock above that tank. I saw this Man that was Jesus Christ removing the massive padlock of this tank with His finger. As a consequence, I saw flames of fire breaking out of the opening of this tank and there were explosions.

When fire sprang from this place there were unbearable bangs and explosions. Indeed this place was one of the portals of the lake of fire and sulfur. I could hear the fire roaring with explosions and detonations.

At that moment Jesus called His angels and ordered them to throw me in the lake of fire and sulfur just for a second. This is how the angels threw me inside the lake of fire and brimstone for a second. I screamed because of unbearable pain. Then the angels took me out.

My dears, now imagine an ocean of lava that explodes like bombs even more than the volcano. The fire was boiling.

While I was crying, Jesus asked me, “Did you see anything inside the lake of fire? Have you seen wood or the smoke over there?”

I said, “No, there was nothing and nobody inside.”

Jesus told me, “Those who live in sin will be like wood in this fire. Mimi, if you don’t change your lifestyle you will end up here. It would have been better for you not to be born in the first place.”

While Jesus spoke to me the mouth of the lake of fire was still open and I was uncomfortable with detonations and explosions which came from the opening of this tank which was actually an entrance to the lake of fire. I wanted Jesus to order His angels to shut down this tank sooner.

Jesus told me, “There is no one inside the lake of fire and brimstone. Those who live in sin will be like wood in the lake of fire. Those who are in the place of torment will be cast in the lake of fire and sulfur.”

Dear Christians, if sin is attached to you, if you can’t give up sinful life, seek deliverance. You cannot imagine the gravity of the lake of fire and sulfur that is boiling more than lava in a volcano.

Jesus asked me, “Mimi, did you like that?

I answered, “No.”

Then Jesus Christ disappeared and the angel of the Lord, my companion, reappeared.