Please stand up for a moment and help me with prayer, Amen. Hallelujah, my soul worships You, Father. You are Great, and You are Good. I submit myself to Your will Lord. I ask You to pour out Your power Your Holy Spirit that You use my life for the Glory of Your name. Because it is for the Glory of Your name. This is a great celebration. All that we have heard has been wonderful. I don’t feel worthy of being here, Lord. And to participate at this moment yet help me Lord, pour out the power of Your Holy Spirit. Use my life for Your Glory. Put the word in my mouth. Let Your will be done now, in the name of Jesus Amen, Amen.

Most of us came from the world. We were lost. I was lost and rotten. I was lost, brother. At this moment I would be in Hell. But God had mercy on me, on my house, on my family, on my soul.

I became a satanist, a spiritualist. I had a pact with the devil in the United States. How did I get to that point? Why did I get to that? I was born in a religious home. I am the 6th in a family of 11 children. My mom had 5 daughters with my dad. They wanted to have a boy. And that boy had not come. My mom asked God for a miracle. For my mom, God was an image. An image of a Christ that comes out in the procession in Lima (Peru). The Christ of Pachacamilla. A huge, gigantic procession. Everyone dresses up in purple and everyone asks for something. They call him the lord of the miracles. They take out this Christ in the month of October. That is the purple month.

My mom asked God for a son. She told Him, “If You give me a son, I am going to dedicate him to You.”

She asked the image, “Give me a son, and I am going to give it to You. I am going to name him like You.”

My mom had 11 kids, and she delivered all of them at home. Every one of them was born at home. The purple month came, the month of the procession. The 18th and the 19th of October is the day that the procession comes out. It was exactly on October the 19th that my mom gave birth.

Right before she gave birth at home during labor, she had a dream. A dream of giving birth. When the midwife told her to push, push! she was in pain. My father was crying outside, the family was outside. At that moment with the pain, she fell asleep. and had a dream. She dreamt that the image was there, the image of Christ and that a boy was born.

She told him, “I am going to give You my baby. He is going to be named after You.”

It was at that moment during the dream, that she said, “It is a miracle, a miracle. It is a miracle, a miracle.”

She woke up when the midwife was telling her, “What is wrong? Push! push! push! You are going to lose the baby.”

At that moment my mom pushed. and the baby came out. The baby cried and everyone said, “The baby is born.”

And the midwife said, “It is a boy.”

My mom said, “It is a miracle, it is a boy. His name is going to be Jesus. Because it is the miracle that He has given me.”

My father’s name is Eugenio. My grandfather is Eugenio. My great grandfather is also Eugenio. My great, great, great, great – grandfather is also Eugenio. Everybody was named Eugenio, Eugenio, Eugenio.

My father said, “His name is going to be Eugenio.”

My mom told him, “His name has to be Jesus because he is a miracle.”

They named me Eugenio Jesus. Since I was born, brothers, my mom used to tell me, “You are a miracle of God.”

But a miracle of “her” god. The god of the image. The image of Christ. The painted Christ.

At home, there were always arguments. My dad always cheated on my mom, she was always crying. But the month of October, she would always be with the religious tunic, always in the procession, always. That is what we used to live for so many years. We were religious. I studied at the “San Francisco” school. I prayed the rosary every Friday. I wore my purple tie. I used to go to the procession. At all times, since the image of Christ came out until they put him in, my mom used to walk barefoot at the procession.

But my family suffered. My sister got killed by a truck at the corner of my home. A truck crushed the chest of my little sister. She was 6 years old. I used to say, “If God exists, why did my sister die that way?”

My father abandoned us. He left my mom with 11 kids. In the end, I grew up in different neighborhoods. I was known as “Atila.” I was a fighter. I was from the neighborhood. I was never afraid of anybody. I used to wake up to train. I used to go to the street to run at 4 am.

My faith was to be in the procession. I was always in the procession. Always in a religious way.

All of a sudden, one day, I came out with my religious tunic for the procession. A man that had a store and a large warehouse outside my house told me, “Hey! Where are you going with that?!”

I told him, “To the procession.”

“Ha, ha, ha! You are a devil and you are wearing a religious tunic.”

“It is the promise of my mom.”

“The promise of your mom. God does not exist.”

“He does exist.”

He said, “God does not exist. Do you want me to show you that God does not exist? Look, look, come over here, I am going to show you that God does not exist.”

He stopped in the middle of the road. He lifted up his head. It was around 3pm, he lifted his face up.

He said, “God, do You exist? If You exist…” and he said a bad word to God. He even talked about His (God) mother. I saw how he talked to God, and he told God, “Kill me if You exist!” He told God, “Kill me! kill me! Come on kill me.”

Then he told me, “See!! Nothing happened. That is because He does not exist! He does not exist!”

I had with my religious tunic on and I told him, “Get out of here heretic!”

I went out to the procession. Several months went by. It was my mom’s birthday. When it was my mom’s birthday, I used to sing; I played my guitar and other instruments. I used to sing a serenade to my mom. We got there with boxes of beer and everything.

My mom said, “Atila, just in case, your uncle the priest is coming. Your uncle is a scholar. Your uncle has photos with Pope Paul VI. Your uncle has written 6 theology books. Your uncle is the priest of a church. He is your uncle, and he is coming soon, behave!”


I said, “OK mom, OK!”

My mom’s birthday came. We were at a worldly party, dancing, and drinking. Brothers, the friends were there drinking, when all of a sudden my uncle arrived. My uncle the priest.

Why do I bring this up? Because this is important. My uncle the priest arrived with the face of a priest. Since I saw him for the first time, I said he has to be my uncle. He had the face of a priest, my brother.

My uncle arrived, and my mom said, “Manuelito!” She greeted him.

My uncle said, “Hello cousin!”

He was there with everybody at home. All of a sudden the people of the neighborhood left. Only the family stayed. We were in the middle of the living room. We were all seated in the middle of the living room. We were drinking beer with my uncle the priest.

My mom, my aunt, other cousins, my sisters said, “Cheers Manuelito!”

My mom told my uncle the priest, “Cheers Manuel!”

My uncle grabs the cup and drinks the cup of beer. He said, “Cheers cousin Hilda, cheers!”

My mom asked my uncle, ” Manuelito, you, that are closer to Heaven than we are, do Heaven and Hell exist?”

My brother, notice what my mom asked my uncle the priest in a drunkards’ gathering, Do Heaven and Hell exist? My uncle the priest grabbed the cup. And he was staring up at us.

He said, “I can’t lie to you. You are my family.”

Do you know what my uncle told us?

“Heaven and Hell are here on earth. Here everyone has his own heaven and everyone has his own Hell. If you misbehave, things will go bad. If you behave, things will go good.”

Then when he said that, I said, “Uncle so you are saying that God does not exist? Heaven does not exist?”

I was bored with going to the procession every time it was my turn.

I said, “No, Heaven does not exist. but you are the priest and you are saying that Heaven does not exist. No, and Hell? No, Uncle? Then why do I go to the procession? Why do we go to the religious mass? What for?”

Then I said, “Nothing exists? If it is this way, why are they not telling us the truth?”

My uncle said, “If teaching them about Heaven and Hell, notice the way they live lost, drinking and all at once they learned there is nothing, it would be worse.”

Then I said, “Uncle, excuse me. So you don’t believe that there is a Heaven and Hell. Somebody dies and it ends up here?”


“Then you are an atheist because atheists think that way.”

My mom told me, “Atila, don’t be disrespectful to your uncle.”

“I am not being disrespectful to him, I am just talking to him.”

My uncle told me, “No, no be quiet!”

And a drunk said, “Stop talking about that. That’s why we don’t talk about religion and politics. Cheers, cheers!”

Praise Him, because He lives.

Something got stuck in my mind. What my uncle said, it got stuck in my mind. What the atheist had told about God and I thought, “Does God exist or not? If He does not exist, what am I doing with so many religious images if He does not exist?”

Then all of a sudden, I came down the stairs, because we lived on a second floor. People were crowded in the store. The man who cursed God had died. He had a heart attack and had died. When I saw the people crowded, I asked, “What happened?”

“The gringo has died. He had a heart attack.”

“Did the gringo die?”

“Yes, he died.”

Then, everybody was talking about that but everybody knew that he was an atheist, that he had a bad language and cursed even God.

Then I thought and said, “How would an atheist funeral be?”

Because when my grandmother passed away, they talked about God, prayed but when an atheist dies, what do they talk about? What are they going to talk about? I was curious and I went to the funeral and when I was at the funeral, there were people from the neighborhood and some women and a priest came to the funeral and everybody stood up. He opened a little book and said, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Lord, You said, Come to Me whoever is tired and I will give you rest. Here is your servant Jose Rojas that You have in Your house. You took him to Your eternal home.”

At that moment, he took out the blessed water and poured out some on the coffin and I said, “What? Is the priest saying that he went to Heaven? If this man cursed God, how can he say that? He is crazy.”

Then I said, “My uncle is right. Heaven and Hell are here. Somebody dies and life ends here.”

Brother to shorten the story – that tore me apart from the traditional faith and later from the religious images. Soon after my uncle the priest died and there were 40 priests at the funeral, I did not believe in anything.

Then with my wife, Maria Rosa my love of my youth, we were married for 5 years. We had 2 kids. I began to have issues with her because I was demon-possessed. I fought my brother. I went out to the street to hunt dogs. I drank the cat’s blood. I was demon-possessed. You have no idea how I was.

I am so peaceful here at the work. Praise God.

I used to run in the street. All I wanted was to add years to my life and so many issues I had with my wife that I said I am not staying with this woman. If there is only one life, I am not going to stay for the rest of my life with this woman. I am not a fool.

You know what my brother?

I did a few things and I traveled to leave my wife forever. I made a trip. On the way, I decided to do some worse things and I came back to get a passport with a single status to marry another woman and never come back to my wife but when I came back with that purpose, I was demon-possessed.

I lifted up weights. I had blue eyes. I had a ponytail. I liked to be without a shirt so that people could see the body I had. Now all went away.

Do you know what happened, brother?

When I came back from traveling abroad and I met my wife. Being respectful with my wife, I told her, “Forgive me, my love.”

I did not want to see her. I used to hate my wife. I used to say, “How did I end up with this woman?”

But like the man I used to be, and the man that I am like a worldly macho. What happened that night? Even though I did not want to be with her and I did not want to live with her, however, I wanted to be with her as a woman even though I did not want to get committed to her. But she was my wife, and I was Atila. I was the “macho.” Right? The night comes I grabbed Maria Rosa, and I said, “My love. Come here, Maria Rosa.” And I hugged her.


And she pushed me. She said, “What is wrong with you?”

I said, “What is wrong with you?”

She said, “What is the matter with you, do you think I am a package?”

I said, “No. I am your husband, no matter what you say.”

Then, do you know what she told me?

“I am going to tell you something. I have met somebody.”

That made me feel something, that I have never felt before.

And I… I said, “What? That you have met with who?”

I thought, “She is cheating on me.”

I said, “Who did you meet? Talk to me, who did you meet?”

She tells me, “I met Jesus.”

I said, “You met Jesus?”

Since my name is Jesus, Eugenio Jesus, I said, “Jesus? What Jesus? What neighborhood is he from? What has he made you feel?”

My wife looked at me and said, “How dirty you are. Your mind is so dirty. What were you thinking? That I am capable of doing the dirty things that you do. Because every thief thinks that everyone is a thief. I am talking to you about Jesus Christ.”

At that moment I said, “Jesus Christ, ha, ha, ha, ha”

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. I lay down on the rug, smoking a cigar, thinking about the life I was going to have in Colombia and in other countries. I said, “She is crazy.”

In the end, I left my wife with two kids. And on my trip, I got worse. I met homosexual priests, priests that were sex offenders. Pastors that were sex offenders. Traffickers, pornography merchants, Jehovah witnesses, from all kinds of churches. Rotten people, bad people. On my way, I even went to jail. I was in jail too.

My brother Eduardo Masias, that is right there. When I was leaving, he gave me a Bible. I said, “You are going to ruin it all” with this Bible but he gave it to me, and said, “Take it, you need God,” but in my head, God was not there. I only thought about living. I wanted to live, enjoy life, travel, go far away, have money, that is what I wanted.

When I came out of jail in Colombia, I went to the United States and I worked at the immigration office. I met people from India, Sri Lanka, Greece. I met people with oriental and occidental philosophies. I met people that worshipped the cow, the serpent, and I said, “How come you worship the cow?”

In the end, I said there are many religions. My uncle is right, Nothing exists and if God exists, why did my sister die crushed by a truck? If God exists, why did my father abandon my mom? If God exists, why do incurable diseases exist? Why do people die of cancer? If God exists why do people have to die with those strong pains? Why are there poor people? Where is God? Why do some people suffer a lot? Why the homosexuals? Why the poverty? Why doesn’t God do something? Why doesn’t He show up? Where is God? If God exists, nothing of this would have happened. My uncle was right, Heaven and Hell are here

Check this out, my brother. I like a lot the “ceviche” with ricotta lime. I don’t know how you call it here, with spicy pepper. In the United States I used to go to a restaurant and one day, I went to a Peruvian restaurant. When I was ready to pay the bill, they told me, “You know what? 3 Peruvians have died in an accident on the freeway. We are collecting money to pay for the funeral.”

I said, “Why they don’t send them to Peru?”

“It costs 17,500 dollars to send each one and, how they are going to bury them? That’s why we are collecting 10,000 dollars at least each one.”


And I gave them some money and this got stuck in my mind. If Atila passes away in the United States, who is going to bury him? Who is going to bury me?

I asked somebody, “Do you have money? If you pass away, who will bury you?”

“I have life insurance.”



“Hey, I also want life insurance. Do you think they can sell me life insurance?”

“Yes. I know somebody who can sell you insurance.”

So, he connected me with somebody. They sold me life insurance. My insurance was good for 100,000 dollars and I signed the paper. When I signed it, he said, “You are now insured.”

“Am I insured?”

I kissed the paper and I said, “If I died I am worth 100,000 dollars at least so they can send money to my mom, and the crazy of my wife.”

Because when I came out of jail, I called Peru and they told me, “Atila, where have you been?”

“It does not matter. Why?”

“Because Maria Rosa is out of her mind. She is out of her mind. Oh, your children! Take them with you.”

Then I said, “The foolish of my wife and my mom. Ok, I will leave some money to the foolish.”

That’s how I used to call her.

What happened? When this person saw that I kissed the insurance paper…

I was going to say Praise him that He is alive! Glory to God! The devil is already judged, may the Lord rebuke him.

When I kissed the insurance paper, the salesperson told me, “Are you so really excited about insurance?”

I said, “Of course, a Peruvian just passed away.”

He said, “Hey, you can sell insurance policies.”

“Yes, if you want me, I sell them, because this is a need.”

He got me to work into an insurance company and I began working there. In that company, we sold life insurances, home refinancing, etc… I began selling insurances, and earn money selling insurances and fixing stuff. I fixed cars and did all kinds of stuff.

All of a sudden, a friend told me, “Atila, I know a place for you.”

He was a friend from the Army and he took me to a party that lasted for 3 days. The people at the party had a lot of money, awesome cars, paid off cars, not on debt cars, houses, golden chains, etc. You could tell they had money.

When I came in and I saw the people, I said, “These people have money and I want money. I am going to sell insurance to this and that person…”

When I was talking to them, they told me, “Atila, we want to help you. We invite you on Tuesday to this address.”

They gave me an address and I went as long as I could sell life insurance to each one of them. I went to that address in Mountain City, 2 hrs from Los Angeles. When I arrived at that house I saw blood clots at the doorstep. There were balls with hair on the main entrance tree and I said, “What is that?”


Whatever, I was careless. I pushed the door because it was not closed. When I pushed the door, I saw that there was nobody at home and I said, “Hey, is somebody at home?”

I heard at the back of the house, “Atila, come in.”

I came in and went to the back of the house. I pushed the door and I found a group of people at the back of the house in a scenario like a small temple They were sitting in a semi-circle. There was an altar. There were people with a hat, and some others and they said, “He is already here. OK, then let’s start. Sit down here.”

Brother, they turned off the lights and lighted up some candles.

At that moment I said, “What kind of religion is this? Who are they?”

At that moment I was careless. I was only obsessed with money, money. Only that when I was in that reunion…

There is something else I wanted to tell you. Since I was a kid, I had something strange. I liked to go to cemeteries. I saw apparitions, ghosts. I was the one seeing that. When I was an adult already, I used to take my girlfriend Maria Rosa for a walk to the cemetery. I held her hand. She told me, “Why do you want to be here?” I said, “Don’t you like it?” “No,” and I took her to a small town, far away. I wanted to open the tombs and see inside. I don’t know why I liked that.

Now, when I came to that place and they turned off the lights and lighted some candles. All of a sudden, my brothers, all of a sudden they start to…

My brothers, I am going to be clear. The Pastor has talked today that we need to say the truth and don’t be afraid of anything and I have to tell the truth.

During the black mass in that house, we prayed the rosary for demons to come. Saying the rosary, “shango” (demon’s name) showed up. Saying the rosary, “siete rayos” (demon’s name, seven thunders) showed up.

That night, a satanic prince showed up. When I saw that the place was filled with a strange environment like a cold wind, I got goosebumps. All of a sudden a character showed up at the front and everybody bent down and knelt down before him and I said, “What is that? When did it arrive? What is that? That does not exist, it is a lie. Somebody has given me drugs. What is this?”

My brother, one by one got close to him and talked to this character and told me, “Atila, get close to him.”

I got close and they told me, “Kneel down before him.”

I knelt down and they told me to tell him this and that and I repeated everything that they told me to say and that character told me, “You have your wife in Peru.”

Nobody knew me there but this character told me, “You have your wife in Peru, you have 2 kids and you have been in jail in Colombia.”

He said a lot of stuff that I was amazed at, because nobody knew my life and said, “How did he know?”

Then he said, “Why do you think you like the cemeteries? Why do you think you always have enjoyed that? Because you have a developed faculty in you. You will be one of the greatest spiritualists here in the United States. You will have a lot of money.”

When he told me that I said, “Yes, I want money.”

“Yes, you will have tons of money.” (3x)

Brothers, I finished and I was amazed at what he told me and for what he said I was going to have.

When the black mass ended, I asked, “Who has come? Who is that, what is that?”

And they said, “Take it easy. His name is 7 rayos (7 thunders, demon name).”

The Lord rebukes him.

And they said, “You have to keep coming.”

I kept coming and I went deeper and deeper. I developed that occultist side and I was day and night at the cemeteries. Now I was at the cemeteries, doing sacrifices, doing mass, talking to the spirits, talking to demons. I was doing business and I went deeper and deeper. I began to make money, buying stuff, and good cars. I had a huge house with a pool, jacuzzi, soccer field, gym. I had everything that I’ve never had. I had a closet with 300 shirts, 96 watches. I had 4 Rolex watches. I had a BMW and other cars. I wanted the money. I went to an island on a yacht. Nobody knew where I was getting the money from. I wore 8 golden chains, a bracelet of 21 carats here. I lifted weights more than ever before. My family did not know, nobody knew, not even my friends,

I went by myself.. to the cemeteries. I was in the spirit, but the satanic spirit. Wherever I went, I talked to the demons first to do business.

At the Los Angeles court, I threw dead powder. The judge asked me to leave during two trials because we did trials and stuff.

My brother I don’t want to say what the devil does but the devil that the Lord rebukes him, is the deceiver.

During that time a pastor was caught who was preaching in a church. Police got inside and he had 3 kgs (6lbs 9oz) of cocaine in the altar. I did not believe any Pastor. For me the Pastors were pleasure seekers, scoundrels that took advantage of the people, to make money from them.

I said, “They are all the same, they are like rats.”

I was careless since I only wanted to live it up. I sent money to Lima, clothes, money to my foolish wife. I sent her money and clothes to my kids. I asked her to sign the divorce.

One day, I found out the number of singers, soap operas’ famous artists, well-known people, marshals, federals, drug traffickers, everybody with a covenant with the devil. You have no idea of the satanic work out there. You see somebody and you have no idea, that he could be a satanist.

The Lord rebuke him, my brother. Amen!

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