The testimony of death and resurrection of Sister Mimi

Hello brothers and sisters welcome to my testimony. My father was polygamous. He had many women and many children.

My mother was very young when she gave birth to me. Three months after my birth my mother took me to the village.

As soon as we arrived my grandfather who was in the custom and tradition suggested that I undergo rituals because I was my mother’s first child.

My mom accepted this recommendation by ignorance. It was a fundamental mistake that would affect all my life. By the way, I underwent four rituals and traditional ceremonies.

In the first ritual I was taken to the river of the village precisely where there was a whirlpool. There was a water mermaid in this whirlpool.

Then my grandfather took me to a place where I was bitten by bees. This was necessary so that I would be a strong and imposing woman.

Thirdly he breathed cigarette smoke in my eyes. Finally, the villager surrounded me and they were dancing around me.

Thanks to these rituals, my life was going to take another turn. It was when I was washed in the whirlpool of the river in the village a spirit of seduction entered my life and settled in my body.

Once I reached the age of puberty the spirit of seduction began to manipulate me into a life of fornication and libertine. This mermaid dominated my life ever since I was washed in the whirlpool of water.

When I grew up I manifested the beauty of the lady of the sea. People were amazed by my beauty and the power of seduction that characterizes me and during my adolescence, I manifested the nature and attributes of ladies of the sea that lived in me.

I was impossible and I was rebellious. I frequently manifested extreme and intense anger. It was difficult for my parents to control me. I dominated and imposed myself among my friends and even at home and in the neighborhood. I was prompt to anger and arguments manifesting abusive and insolent behavior. I had trouble recognizing superior and authority.

This mermaid influenced me in a life of debauchery and fornication.

Over time I began to hear people telling me I am going to die. Everybody saw in dream and vision that I was dead. The angel of death was after my life. I was in terror when my younger brother saw my death. I ran to the church to escape the angel of death. Nevertheless, I was taken by death.

When I died the angel of the Lord held my hand and we began to rise to the sky. Finally, we arrived before the crossroad that led in two directions. On the left, they were demon keepers of the gate of hell.

On the right I saw angels of God. They were dressed in pure and shining white. They were keeping the way to paradise. It was written, “The Place of Rest.” People that were allowed to the place of rest were in resplendent white garments. I wanted to go there but a force was stopping me.

When I tried to walk towards the paradise I saw a group of children holding knives and they told me, “You thought you will not come here and you killed us because you thought you will live on the earth forever.”

I asked my companion, “Who are these children?”

He told me, “Don’t you know these children? These are babies that you aborted.”

I said, “I agree that I aborted but not too many like this.”

He said, “It is good when man and woman refuse to abort but when they decided to do so even the person who advised or helped them has contributed to the crime.”

My dears let us amend our hearts and return to the right path and regret. Let us call people to repentance.

I saw how the dead in Christ were received by celestial angels. These saints have cleaned their garments. Even today I always pray to the Lord, “Please let me lose all but I must not lose Heaven.”

I saw a dead in Christ. He was God-fearing. His garment was white and shining with great light. I heard heavenly melody resounding when he was received by radiant angels who were singing hosanna.

Then I saw a man heading towards the place of torment. He was crying after being snubbed by angels. He cried bitterly and said, “This is not my place.” I was shown that the man had left behind a beautiful house, money in the bank, and many properties. He was honored in his funeral but the man was heading to the place of torment while he cried incessantly.

When we entered the place of torment there were cries.

I saw the first group of people. They were women who were tormented by fake nails that extended and penetrated their hands and arms. They wanted to correct God who gave them natural beauty by wearing artificial nails.

The second group was women that had wigs that were burning on their heads. My companion said, “Whenever they wanted to go out they did their hair to impress and seduce and attract attention. They were not satisfied with the hair the Lord gave them. This is their reward.” There were also women that were tormented by eyelashes.

My companion said, “If you give birth to a child that comes out with hair extension, artificial nails and eyelashes will you accept him? Are you a diva or lady of the sea that has long nails, long eyelashes, and fake hair? These are items of Jezebel.”

Only those who had white garments were received at the place of rest. Those who had cleaned the garments and made them white.

Many whose garments stained because of a crime of blood such as human sacrifice and poisoning. They were preached but they refused to convert.

I saw God’s servants in this place. They were suspended upside down. My companion said, “They preached people sound doctrine. The people repented but they themselves failed to live what they were preaching. This is their reward.”

I was shown people that had long mouths because of gossip. They separated people that are in peace because of their mouths. They bring false testimonies to cause conflict between people.

Suddenly I saw my mouth becoming like that of these people that are gossippers. I cried and said to my companion, “Brother, do something. Don’t leave me like this.” He touched my mouth and it returned to its normal shape. I was reclaimed by gossip and pride.

When we had left the place of torment I said to the angel of the Lord, “I have heard a lot about God. Where is He? I would like to see this God who created the whole world.”

I said to myself that really I want to see God but my companion told me, “There are people who are opposed to this demand. They have accusations and complaints against you. They say you are their wives.”

Immediately I saw three men who landed in front of us.

The first man had writing on his forehead that said, “Prostitution.” This man told me, “Mimi, how can you say that you want to see God? You lived in fornication for so many years. You are my wife. You heard people talking about fornication in the world. I want to inform you that I am the personification of the fornication. I am the spirit of fornication. I am the one that influenced you to live a life of fornication. I am the one who influences and manipulates the whole world in sexual immorality. How can you ask to see God when all your life was in fornication? You are not worthy to see God. I agree that I am a demon and will burn in the lake of fire and sulfur on the day of judgment but you too had lived in sexual immorality like me and you gonna follow me in the lake of fire and brimstone. How dare you say that you want to go to heaven and see God? I was with you in the bars and the nightclubs. I led you to sleep with men everywhere. We were together. You will follow me into the lake of fire in the last days.”

After these accusations and complaints of the demon of sexual immorality, another man showed up in front of us. On his forehead, it was written, “Pride.” When he came he started to claim my soul and he protested against the idea that I should see God. He tells me, “I am the demon of pride. I am the one that made you proud. Your pride is well known to everyone in the neighborhood. That’s how you consider yourself above everyone else. I’m the one that leads humanity into pride and vanity. I will burn in the lake of fire and sulfur on the day of judgment. I will burn eternally in the fire. You should know that we are going to burn together in the lake of fire and sulfur because you are proud. We have the same fate.”

After these accusations and complaints of this demon a third man came before us. On his forehead it was written, “Love of Money.” I said to the angel of the Lord, “I don’t know this man.” But the man in question tells me, “I am the love of money. Do you remember when you advised your friends by saying, “You must never love a man who does not have money?” It was me that pushed you to run behind men because of money. You won’t go to heaven.”

Overnight when this global pandemic began I kept hearing about this sickness. I kept hearing that there was an outbreak of a pandemic. Quickly I began to hear that people were dying. Then laws were passed to confine the people and stop gatherings of churches in foreign countries. Not long after that, this law was also implemented in our country by the president. We could no longer go to church. All gatherings in churches were barred and public places were forbidden.

As a result I agreed with my husband who is a pastor to pray at home. We were praying at home in a family when the Lord gave me a vision in which I saw a mosquito net coming down from heaven. When this home prayer ended I shared this vision with my brothers and sisters.

Since the Lord gave me the gift of discernment I began to figure out the meaning of this vision. I went to sleep. I still felt that I was in a state of prayer. I was sleeping and I saw a radiant angel of the Lord that came into my room.

He told me, “Mimi, why do you Christians still not understand what is happening?”

I said, “What is it that we don’t understand?”

He told me, “Really you still don’t understand. Note that a session was held in the satanic world and they resolved to strike the world with this sickness. Everything was planned strategically in the unseen world. The aim of the enemy is firstly to get human blood and the sacrifice of souls and secondly he aims to shut down the churches. God’s children failed to understand that the purpose of confinement is mainly to prevent the gathering of God’s children. The aim of the adversary is to stop Christians from gathering for when God’s children gather they worship and praise the Lord who come down and dwell in the praise of His people.”

“The second strategic aim of the adversary is to bring down the faith of the saints for when God’s people gather they hear God’s word and faith comes from what we hear which is the word of God.”

“The third strategic aim of the adversary was to deter and stop military offensive and aggression of God’s people for when churches gathered they launch attacks in the spirit world in the name of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of Hell suffer damage from the prayers of God’s people when they are gathered. The body of Christ is failing to understand the purpose of this confinement. I have come from the Lord to tell you to warn the Church to not be in distraction.”

“These are the four remedies to the pandemic I am giving you. Tell God’s children to go through sincere repentance. Those who have deviated must return to the path of the Lord. The Lord is demanding regret from the world, His servants, and His children. Secondly, you will gather in homes to spend time in worship. Thirdly you must read the Bible at home. Fourth you must turn your homes to intercession rooms of prayer. Many people that are not going to church will lose their faith and come out of My presence.”

“I have shown you a mosquito net in this vision. You know very well that people use mosquito nets when insects and mosquitoes are biting people. It is a preventive device people use when they sleep to prevent mosquitoes and insects from biting them. Tell My people their mosquito net is My blood. Apply My blood and you will see this wind passing and you will not be affected.”