Material wealth is another factor, a leading factor for that matter, that attracts the minds of others to a person.

An adage has it that “he who carries the palm leaves is followed by goats.”

The lust for wealth is the core energy coordinating the propensities of the material world.

Most acts of betrayal of friendship are based on what the perpetrator will benefit in material terms.

That was what led Iyamu to do what he did. That was what motivated Judas to betray Christ. That is the main motivation for people who go into robbery, kidnapping and other crimes.

When you possess wealth, other minds will be attracted to you. Material wealth rules diverse aspects of the mundane existence of man.

Apart from those who have truly risen in the higher consciousness of Light, transcending the illusion of the attachment to mundane things, the earthmen are ruled by the quest for money, houses, cars, clothes, amongst others.

Even in the field of religion, the consciousness of the mundane man is ruled by money.

To this end, some church leaders of our time give more attention to the rich while the poor are left to sort themselves out.

Recently, a woman that was rescued from taking her life due to earthly frustration disclosed something important in this connection.

When she had money, she was well received and given attention by the church leadership of the highest hierarchy. When her money got finished and she was overwhelmed by predicaments, she sought an audience with the General Overseer to no avail.

After a long while, she was allowed to meet the deputy General Overseer, but nothing was done to help her.

Then she got more frustrated and was about to take her own life in Lagos, Nigeria, before she was rescued.

Now, listen, consider a situation where that woman had gone with about fifty million Naira (USD 130,329) to sow as a seed in that church and the General Overseer got to know about it, what do you think he would do?

I tell you, he may even come down from the “mountain” and take the woman to the “highest altar” to pray for her.

On another occasion, a group of six senior pastors visited a certain wealthy man to minister to him, for him to give his life to Christ.

The man, one of the richest men in Nigeria, came out to meet his guests; he came out with a bag containing one million dollars. He didn’t allow the so-called senior pastors to say anything.

He simply told them: “Men of God you are welcome. Please I don’t have time to listen to whatever you have to say, but take this one million dollar and do something for your church with it.”

The pastors went on their knees and began to chant the glories of the man. They told him that he is one of the best Christians of our time and that the gate of Heaven is opened for him by the Lord.

Wealth is good, but let us not allow it to rule the current of our thoughts. Poverty is not a crime, for tomorrow is greater than today.

Whether you are rich or poor, show love, for that is the real essence of life.

However, when people are attracted to you because of your money, you must be watchful, because you are placed in a position to attract the sheep and the goat.

When you are carried away by the euphoria of the praises of men, because of your wealth, you are blinded to what you are supposed to see and the true character of those praising you.

Your friends (for with wealth you make many friends) who are enemies in the disguise will come in this manner to harm you in one way or the other.

It is true that with your wealth, when you call one person five or more will answer. But don’t be carried away and forget to be watchful in life, because not all that answers your call is answering you for your good.

Remember, the female hunters of men will be foremost in answering your call. They will answer you even when you did not call. They have no other work than trade on the hearts of men. And with your wealth, you are, to them, the ultimate customer that should be carefully cultivated in manipulations.

As for sweet words, you may hear from them what you may never have heard from your wife. And when your ego is massaged by them, if you are not watchful you will give to them what belongs to your wife.

I know a wealthy man whose wife requested five million Naira (USD 13,032) to support her business, but he bluntly refused to help her. A few days later he gave another woman thirteen million Naira (USD 33,885) to support her business.

If you know what these female hunters of men do to capture wealthy men, you will know that the wealthy men themselves who are not on the path of Light, are in serious trouble.

A wealthy man came to me in tears. I mean he was really crying. He told me the whole truth and sought a solution.

He was a captive of a high female hunter of men who was a widow. The four children of the woman were sponsored by him to universities in Europe.

He bought houses for her in London, Lagos, and Abuja. He empowered her financially and she became wealthy as well.

The day that the man discovered that this woman was in a five-star hotel in Abuja having sex with another man, an army General and son of a Prime Minister of a certain nation, the wealthy man fainted. He was rushed to the hospital.

When he recovered, he found again that the woman was in a relationship with another man. The woman even used some money she got from him to set up a business for this other man, who she now was about to get married to.

It was at this point that the wealthy man came to me in tears in Lagos. He wanted me to pray for God to scatter the woman’s proposed marriage with the man. I told him categorically that I am not called by the Lord to engage in that kind of prayer.

Then I admonished him to forget about the woman and rise above the spirit of lust. Along this line I prayed for him, he finally surrendered to Christ, regained himself and left.


Earthman, the wealthy one, you can’t buy love with money. When, with your wealth, you attempt to change what can’t be changed, and you strive to buy what money can’t buy, then be prepared to reap the wind.

He who “loves” with his head, not with his heart, while dealing with the “hunters”, will save his own heart in the day that what can’t be trusted will come to light.

Now to you, oh wealthy one, always remember your Creator. Use your wealth, in the Spirit of Light, in the consciousness of Christ, to practice pure religion. Saint James admonished the earthmen on what pure religion is all about.

He wrote: “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world” (James 1:27; KJV).

The wise King Solomon added: “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD, and that which he hath given will He pay him again” (Pro. 19:17; KJV).

Blessed is the one who will abide by this Divine admonition, for he will surely receive the help of the Almighty in the hour of need.

Think not, oh wealthy one, that the hour of need shall not come upon you in the journey of life.

I tell you, the greatest hour of need for the earthman is when the earth-life is finished and one is about to go. This is a moment which must surely come. And when it comes, to you who has practiced pure religion, you will surely receive the help of the Great Ones who guides the way in the name of God.

Then the rudiments of your ascent into the great realms of benevolent Light will be as sure as daylight. Then the final meaning of the fact that when you help the poor with the true heart of love you are lending to the Almighty, will become evident.

Do you know what it means to lend to God? The One who is Faithful and True? The Eternal Lord Himself who is more than enough for paying back?

Earthman, use your wealth as divinely approved and you will be more blessed.

Stop using your wealth to show off to your friends and bring ultimate calamity to your journey of life. You do this to yourself when you have a friend that is always envious of your wealth, who schemes at all times to bring you down.

You must know this, that such a friend will only be “satisfied” when he “becomes you”, that is when you give to him everything you have, I mean everything.

Even then he may still won’t be satisfied, because if he comes to your position and you step down to his position, you will then clearly see in him what you least expected.


Earthman, apart from the factors of beauty, fame and wealth, another general factor that attracts the minds of others to a person is power.

When I speak of power, I am speaking of the true Power of the Holy Spirit, the vicious power of the occult as well as the political power of the children of men. When you possess any of these, people will flock together around you.

Nevertheless, not all along this line will come to you with the true intentions of standing with you in the journey of life, especially when you are being used mightily by the Holy Spirit or when you are politically elevated.

As for occult powers, with it, people will come to you, but that is for you all to join darkness to darkness and frolic around in the illusion of falsehood. True friendship in genuine love can’t be found there.

Now, as already stated, when you possess high political power people will be attracted to you. However, Mahatma Gandhi admonished the earthmen not to trust politicians.

I don’t think this should be generalized. A politician with integrity and the “fear of the Lord” may be trusted in certain terms.

Though it is observed that, on some occasions, when some earthmen become President, Prime Minister, Governor, Senator, Minister, etc., they change into something else.

Now, if you are a politician whose inner consciousness is based on falsehood; your word is not your bond, what kind of people do you think will be attracted to you?

I tell you, you will have more than enough of sycophants, charlatans, rogues, and praise singers in the realm of friendship. From these, true friends don’t arise, but this you may or may not know.

As one in high political power, people will sing your praise as the one they will always follow. Look back and see, earthman, did they not sing the same praise to the one before you?

Don’t be carried away by their praises. I tell you, if you leave that high position today, you will see their true colors and they will continue their chant of praises to the one after you.

Therefore, do away with sycophancy and be firmly engaged in serving the people for good, that good may follow you when your work is done.

Remember, it was the same people who chanted that Jesus is the Christ that also chanted at last “crucify Him, crucify Him.” That is the vicious nature of some earthmen. Don’t forget this.

Also, when you are a great channel of the Holy Spirit in the world of man, people will be attracted to you. Then you stand in a better position to guide others on the path of Light. But then be watchful because both the sheep and the goat will come to you.

Judas Iscariot was attracted to Christ, but he came on the platform of betrayal. Those that have that spirit of betrayal, that have the core element of vicious mind, can practice any form of wickedness even if they belong to the highest hierarchy of a religious organization.

To this end, religion does not change the earthman from manifesting wickedness. Rather, it can be used by the vicious ones as a platform for the cover-up of wickedness; wearing the outward robe of religion and “sacred life” yet secretly full of high dimension of wickedness not even found in some earthmen outside the framework of religion.


Not long ago here in Nigeria, something happened along this line. A Bishop and founder of a church, with church branches in different places has a wife full of wickedness but covered the same with the physical appearance of “holiness.”

She is an ordained Reverend and next to the Bishop (her husband) in the church hierarchy.

They have a daughter about to get married to the Pastor in-charge of a branch of their church in Ghana. While the Bishop gave his blessings to that, his wife opposed the same, but the man stood his ground.

When the woman realized that her opposition won’t hold, she recoiled to her inner mind wherein is embedded her core wicked aspects.

On the physical aspect, however, she finally pretended to be in support of her daughter’s wedding with the Pastor, while using her wicked mind to plan a different thing.

Wicked minds don’t find it difficult to link up with other wicked minds. Thus, this so-called “woman of God” conspired with some church elders to eliminate the Pastor.

Consequently, she sent a message of “benevolence” to the Pastor, inviting him under strict instruction not to let the Bishop know. The Pastor obeyed his proclaimed “spiritual mother”, who is his real enemy in disguise; he returned secretly from Ghana to Nigeria to see her.

The Pastor, upon his return, was trapped by the vicious church elders, under the instruction of the vicious woman, who covered her core nature as the agent of death in the guise of religion.

They murdered the Pastor and buried him in a forest. When the time came to search for him, as he was no longer seen in Ghana or elsewhere, with his proposed wife in deep sorrow, the “woman of God” (woman of the vicious gods of death) “lamented” and led the search for the missing Pastor, by providing fund for logistics in this regard.

However, the Spirit of the Lord troubled one of the church elders who murdered the Pastor. He was troubled to the extent that Christ appeared to him and directed him to make an open confession of their nefarious act.

Then he confessed at last. That was how the police came in, got all of them arrested, and had them dealt with in accordance with the laws of men. They paid the ultimate price.

This so-called “woman of God” represents one of the true examples of why we must be watchful in the journey of life.

You must stand upon the platform of goodness, of a good heart, to manifest the proper act of watchfulness.

When you stand upon the platform of wickedness, then you are not the one to be watchful, rather you are the one to be watched. And the best act of watchfulness is to be spiritually attentive, awake, alert, at all times. Those who have truly risen in Christ, on the path of Light, won’t find this difficult.

However, if you subjugate yourself and become a religious moron, how can you be truly watchful?

The platform of religion, in certain terms, is a platform of manipulations. There is a vast difference between the platform of religion and that of spiritual life.

Spiritual life, the ultimate thereof, is embedded in Christ, the kind of mind that Christ exhibited. But greater aspects of religion are the works of men, inheriting the cunningness, the craftiness, the wickedness inherent in the vicious minds of the children of men.

There is no falsehood in a spiritual life found in Christ and it is completely bereft of the secrecy found in the sons of men.

When something in anyone is found in the wrong place, watch that person, no matter who, from that point.

For instance, whereas I do not cast any blame on the murdered Pastor, when his religious mother invited him and directed that the invitation should be kept outside the knowledge of her husband, that becomes a point from which watchfulness should be exhibited.

In the first place, that shows that something was wrong. What is it that the wife of a Bishop should hide? And does that act of hiding a thing not show that a wife to such a man of God is truly not on the same page with her husband?

Is that not evidence that she is not a true follower of the legitimate Spirit of Christ? When questions like these come into the mind, in a matter like this, some acts of caution and watchfulness will come up.

This does not mean that the late Pastor was not watchful in his terms, but generally speaking, certain things were taken for granted, as he never expected such a vicious act from her.

However, the earthman will be more watchful in life when he truly realizes that people are often not what they appear to be.


The foregoing factors that attract the minds of others to flock together around a person are in general terms. On diverse minute aspects, there are several other things that attract mind to mind.

The voice of a person, generosity, how one is dressed, how one dances or sings, the level of one’s intelligence, character, humility, service, good cook, amongst others, can serve as the framework of attraction.

Regardless of what brings about the basis of the relationship between you and another person, you must have a limit on the way you hand yourself over to another, knowing that in the course of existence friends have been maimed, ruined, or destroyed by friends.

Your duty, my duty, is to be good to people at all times by exhibiting love.

By so doing, higher Forces of Light, in the Name of God, will guide you, so that those who want to turn your good to evil will be disarmed.

When you do good and you are paid back with evil, regard it not, for good follows good and evil follows evil. Friendship is good but beware of friends who are enemies in disguise.

Being watchful is a lot of work that requires wisdom. Your life can be messed up by false friends.

Watchfulness, however, does not mean living in fear; it means living in true love.

Some people think that if they are much watchful, they won’t enjoy their lives. To these people and to all I say: the best act of watchfulness in life is to completely leave everything about you in the Hands of your Creator.

Earthman, I tell you if one bites you once and later comes to apologize and you take him back, if the spirit that led him into that is not taken away, he will bite you again.


Earthman, beware of false humility. Beware of those who offer you stones instead of bread. Beware of the hypocrites and those that speak evil about others to you.

Beware of those who are great in the art of pretense. Beware of those who come to you because of what they will get and not what they will offer. Beware of those who want to know everything about you but that you should know nothing about them. Beware of the children of men who lead the way to the path of darkness.

A word is enough for the wise.

God bless the reader.



Now, earthman, in whatever field you are in the journey of life, be mindful of how you relate with other humans. Apart from The One Eternal Spirit (God), coded in the mission of your Soul-destiny, what serves as the prime channel of your success or failure in the world of man is your relationship — your relationship with others.

Without relationship, in the first place, even with your parents amongst others at the initial stage, you can’t survive or exist to make out anything in the world of man. Think about this!!

Now, if you are a President, Prime Minister, Governor, or Senator, you came to that position in life by virtue of your relationship with other people. Furthermore, if you are appointed to occupy a high position of authority, probably by recommendation, that still operates in the light of relationship.


Even the operation of a system that brings forth your promotion and guarantees the promotion of others, holds the same principle, for the management of such a system involves humans.

Consequently, the administration of such a system by fellow humans serves as the basis of the relationship between you and such earthmen. Therefore in all your relationships, ensure that you are nice to people. Be friendly. This life is so simple and short to be spent on the platform of hate. Love and be lovable.


If you are a Pastor, an Overseer of a worldwide church, for instance, your success still hangs on your relationship with other humans. If you are a leading politician, the same applies to you. This is also the case in whatever is your field of endeavor.

Earthman, for you to lead, there must be people to be led. For you to be a master, there must be followers. There can’t be a master without followers. The followers make the master and the master makes the followers, in the order of relationship. The foregoing should be noted because as the saying goes “a tree does not make a forest.”


That is why I hold most sincerely that it is better to have humans than to have money and material things of life. Humans bring forth money but money does not bring forth humans.

Right now, in whatever field you are in life, how you relate with other humans and how they relate with you is very important. If you are a businessman, don’t pass over this lightly. Even if you are now in the prison, a relationship must have played a part in it.

In the course of your life on Earth, you will meet people who will relate with you in the order of love and true friendship. You will also meet people who will present themselves to you in the order of friendship, but who in reality are enemies in disguise.

This surely calls for watchfulness. Therefore, be wise as serpents, as admonished by the Master of masters — Jesus Christ!!

Earthman, I do not speak to you, claiming to be an island of knowledge. Never. I know that no one is an island of knowledge, whilst the value of knowledge is the ability to communicate it to others.

We are made to grow in life, unto perfect victory, through the path of Light and Wisdom. We are made not to be static, but to grow and expand — not to remain a child.

It is good to be a child, but it is not good to remain a child. It is good to be born as a child, but it is not good to die as a child.


Earthman, do not close any good road that relationship has opened up for you in life, because he who forgets the OLD may not see the NEW. Again, be watchful not to let your life be ruined in any form of relationship. If you let this happen, then you must say to yourself that you ruined yourself.

Earthman, do not wait or delay to cut off any relationship that will frustrate the mission of your Soul-destiny. Remember, the monkey that always desires to see the hunter’s face shall someday receive bullet on his head.

Finally, learn how not to talk too much in the midst of the earthmen, unless you are proclaiming the message of Light — the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

Plutarch, a great thinker of ancient Greece, admonished the earthman thus: “Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.”

*** A word is enough for the wise. God bless my friends on this platform; God bless the reader! Amen!!

[Copied from Prof Iyke Nathan Uzorma’s Facebook post]

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