My name is Lillian Blessing, from Nairobi Kenya. I am here to share a testimony, of my encounter with the Lord Jesus about Heaven and Hell. According to the Bible, testimony helps us to overcome. It is written in the book of Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives to the death.
As I am going to share this testimony, it’s not for any reason but to help us all to overcome Satan as the body of Christ.
I am a born again believer since 2008 since the post-election violence in my country, Kenya. The situation forced me to seek Christ without anyone preaching to me. All along I thought I was going to Heaven because I was born again and redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thought that these were all I need to go to Heaven. I believed in the doctrine “Once saved, forever saved.”
I was working as a hair-dresser, make-up artist, and physio-therapist in hospitals and in hotels sometimes.
During that time that I was going to Church, there was something that I wasn’t doing which I will explain as we continue. Then in the year 2016, I started passing through difficult situations. I started praying to God asking what was wrong with my life. Nothing was going on well, financially I was down. I was going through sickness but had no money for treatment. I started thinking about what has gone wrong?
In my Church, I used to be close to the pastor. We had a good relationship with one another in the Church. Somewhere along the line something happened and brought misunderstanding.
This happened between me and my pastor so we reached a point that we weren’t talking to each other. There is something he did that I wasn’t happy about so what I did was I started talking about the issue and spreading it. That was the sin of slander.
I told the other brethren what the pastor had done to me so when news reached the pastor he seized the opportunity to come and talk to me. He asked me to forgive him for what he did. I told him I have forgiven him and do not have anything against him but deep down in my heart, I was still holding on to the offense. I had not forgiven him. After this, I still didn’t want to talk to him or greet him but kept on telling people why I wasn’t attending his Church anymore.
For a whole year, I stayed at home without attending Church. I finally joined another Church. The pastor of this new Church asked me why I left my former Church and I told him everything my former pastor did. This new pastor told me to forgive him and forget about the matter and I shouldn’t talk about it to others because he is a man of God.
Although this new pastor advised me I didn’t act as he instructed me to. Simply saying, I didn’t obey the pastor.
Hebrews 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit to them: for they watch in behalf of your souls, as they that shall give account; that they may do this with joy, and not with grief: for this were unprofitable for you.
After all this, I still kept on talking about my pastor. Later on, I learned that I was supposed to cover the man. This was the reason why I was struggling although I was a Christian. I was running from one problem to the other. I was losing money without understanding. Thieves even broke into my house and made away with everything I owed, except the clothes I was wearing.
All the money I had kept in my bank was stolen. I started crying to God in prayer for forgiveness. I thought maybe the company I was working for was the cause so I left that company and went to work in a hospital as a physiotherapist. Meanwhile, I was still doing my hairdressing and my make-ups jobs.
I prayed to God over and over again but it looks as if I was praying in vain for nothing was changing.
One day I returned from work and felt a heavy presence of God. I felt I should pray so I started praying and groaning in prayer. I was bitter about my life. I had a debt of my daughter’s school fees I had to pay. I was working and receiving salary though.
I told God, “I have been praying and asking You to forgive me but You have refused to forgive me so I ask of Your judgment that You judge me righteously.”
I continued, “If it is your will to kill me, kill me but don’t take me to Hell.”
I cried and groan in prayer for about 3 hours and I went to sleep.
Three days later I returned from work and went to sleep. All of a sudden, I felt a strange coldness on my body as if I have been dipped in ice. After that, I started feeling the heat all over my body as I have been dipped into the fire. My body became very hot that I couldn’t cover myself with any bed-sheet. Now I realized I was sick. I was having pains all over my body.
I started praying. I started praying to God to forgive me. I didn’t remember that I had requested for judgment. I prayed to God to be merciful to me and heal me. I could still feel the heat all over my body. I wanted to get up to use the bathroom but I couldn’t.
I laid down praying within me. The situation went on till 7am in the morning then my neighbor came in. She went to buy me some pain killers and antibiotics. When I took them I felt a little bit better.
My neighbor had to go for work so she left. At about 1pm my pain increased in my heart as well as the fever increased. I took a phone to send my pastor a message that I was sick but I couldn’t even read what I was writing.
My neighbor returned from work to check on me and it was all blood around me because I had been coughing blood! My neighbor managed to send me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with many sicknesses, pneumonia, low sugar, malaria, etc. So I was admitted to the hospital.
After my admission to the hospital, I started hearing voices, “Why did you slander the man of God?” “Why did you talk about him?”
I was seeing this pastor as if he was there with me. The voice was coming and I felt guilty of what I did. I started thinking of all the good things this pastor did for me. He taught me how to pray, read and understand the Bible. In fact, he was a good teacher.
I remembered a sister who knew this issue and came to tell me, “Lilian, please forgive your pastor and don’t talk about him. Remember he is still the man of God.” She said.
In response, I told that sister, “I cannot. He is the one who did that mistake, so he is the one to forgive me.”
I remember how this sister counseled me to go back and apologize to the man of God.
I was just hearing the voice, “Why, why, why?” I sat up, turned around to see who was talking to me but there was no one.
The next voice I heard gave me Psalm was talking to me but there was no one. The next voice I heard gave me Psalm 105:15 “Touch not My anointed, and do My prophets no harm.”
I had no Bible with me so I took my phone and read from it. After reading the verse, I realized that I had touched the Lord’s anointed one. I remembered every word I spoke against him. I started repenting. I told God to forgive me for touching His anointed.
I tell you brethren, a man of God, whatsoever he is, whether he is on the wrong or on the right, God still values the anointing on him. Don’t slander against him or talk against him. Apart from that, slander itself is a sin, no slanderer will inherit the kingdom of God. If someone is a thief and you go telling other people he is a thief but you cannot face him and tell him in his face you are slandering that person
The next morning I was feeling good. I was responding to medication. The doctors even discussed of discharging me the following day. I sent my pastor the message that I was sick in the hospital so he should pray me. The pastor responded and prayed with me on the phone.
I slept and dreamt. In the dream, I saw an Indian lady who was my boss in the hospital. She was coming towards me with many other women. They were carrying some statues and playing drums. It’s like they were worshipping those statures.
As they came towards me, I felt they wanted to sacrifice me. I felt tired in the dream so I remember saying, “I have been redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot be sacrificed on any evil altar.”
When I said that they tried to grab me. I made the same pronouncement again. Then I saw my pastor appeared there. He grabbed the women their statues, poured oil on them, and set them on fire. I saw them burning and turning to ashes. Then the pastor left.
I woke up feeling good, so I thank God for healing me. The doctor looking after me thought I was better so he was planning to discharge me. Getting to the evening I felt fresh pains coming over me more painful than the previous ones. I couldn’t even lift my arm or any part of my body. My body was in pain. Sometimes I felt hot at times I felt very cold. Then I realized I was dying.
There was another lady who was there with me, also on admission, who was a friend of mine.
She spoke to me saying, “Lilian, do you think we will die?”
I replied, “No, I don’t think so.”
“Let’s continue to pray”, she said, “Maybe, God might forgive us.”
If we have sinned may God forgive us so that we can get out of this hospital. Both of us were in a bad condition. I was feeling a lot of pain. Then I began seeing lots of ushers in their uniform in the spirit with offering baskets. They all surrounded my bed, where I was.
The second person I saw was the pastor I slandered. I saw him around by my side.
The third group I saw were all the ladies I used to plait their hairs and paint their faces with make-ups. These ladies were forcing me to plait their hair the same way I did before I got sick. Some wanted me to apply make-up on their faces, some wanted me to apply cutex nail polish on their fingernails. I was feeling pain but was being forced to do their hairs too. The ushers were there, the pastor was there and these ladies too. I couldn’t talk to anybody.
I was praying to God saying, “God, I am dying but please don’t allow my body to go close to Hell.”
Around 6pm in the evening, this woman who was with me died and she was taken away from the ward. Now, I was alone, fear came upon me. This woman and I admitted we won’t die and now she is dead. I knew that I was dying but I told the Lord not to leave me or allow my soul to perish.
Brethren, any sin that you haven’t repented from, you will see that sin before you die. The nurse on night duty came to check on me. She tried to speak to me but I couldn’t talk. She realized my condition was so bad. As I lay on the bed I couldn’t lift my arm or do anything.
I started thinking about my family, my mum, and my daughter.
I said, “I am dying but who will take care of my daughter?”
As I was worried and thinking, a voice responded to me; “Stop crying for your daughter and start crying for your soul.”
I regained strength and faith and said, “This is the voice of Jesus telling me to think of my soul so I am sure Jesus is taking me to Heaven.”
I started crying for my soul for God to have mercy upon me and save my soul.
As I was still crying I saw 3 horrible looking beings. They looked like giant demons. They had very long fingernails. They came to me and took hold of my heart. They started pulling my heart rigorously. It was very painful. My heart was being plugged out painfully without mercy. I was feeling so much pain. The more I cried and called upon the name of Jesus, the more they did it. I realized there was no breakthrough. I was dying but I kept on calling upon Jesus to forgive me and take me to Heaven. Finally, they painfully plugged out my heart.
Brethren, the death of a sinner is very painful. There is no rest or peace for the sinner. RIP doesn’t exist for the sinner. When the spirit is getting out of the body it is very painful. When the soul is leaving the body and you are in sin that is the most painful thing ever. They didn’t speak to me all along.
Now I saw my spirit coming out of my body, ascending up in total darkness. When I looked down I could see my body lying on the bed. These three men were still with me. I wanted to go up higher than them but they held onto me tightly that I couldn’t escape from them.
At this point, I was still calling upon Jesus saying, “Jesus, do not forsake me, do not leave me.”
As we went on, I saw a little light appeared so I decided to follow that light. I managed to go up and following that little light. The three men now remained in the darkness as I went further upwards.
I appeared in a certain place that looked so glorious. It was brighter more beautiful than daylight. So when I got there, I saw no one. It was a strange land.
I asked myself, ‘Where am I? How did I get here?”
At this point, I wasn’t in any pain, my body was relaxed. I looked around if I could see anybody. I looked in front of me and saw a huge building with a door with two angels on each side. When I saw them I went straight to them.
One of the angels brought me a chair to sit on and put another chair beside me on my right-hand side. The chair beside me was brighter made of gold so I wondered who was coming to sit there.
Immediately, I saw my pastor Rev Gedaye sitting on the chair. Next to my pastor was another Man but was not sitting like us. He was suspended in the air above. When I tried to look at Him, I couldn’t see Him clearly. I realized he was a big Man. He was covered in bright light like bright sunshine. Even if I tried to look at Him, I couldn’t see Him so I just bowed my head.
He spoke to my pastor, “Lillian is here, she is sick and surrounded by idols and devourers, where is her tithe?”
Then I saw my pastor taking some money from an offering basket. Then my mind went back, in a flashback of how I saw many ushers surrounding my bed with offering baskets in the hospital.
He gave the money to the Man beside him. I saw the glorious Man counting the money and opening a book to check. The glorious Man above said, “This is not all the money. It’s only 3/4, where is the 1/4?”
I heard my pastor responding that 1/4 didn’t get to him and my pastor left. I was left alone.
This Man who spoke to my pastor gave me a small book written Malachi 3:10-12 Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house, and prove me now herewith, said the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. 11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, said the LORD of hosts. 12 And all nations shall call you blessed: for you shall be a delightsome land, said the LORD of hosts.
Now, brethren, this message says we should bring all the tithe to the Lord’s house not a part of it. This first part was all written in red and in capital letters!
I started thinking of where the rest of my tithe went to. I remembered a certain Church I visited and gave 500 shillings there as a tithe. When I thought of that Church I saw the pastor of that Church came to sit beside me where my pastor sat. She was a woman. I saw her giving the money to the glorious Man, and then she also left.
The Man upwards took the money, checked the record in the book in his hand and again gave me Malachi 3:10-12.
After reading the same scripture the second time, I began to think again. Now, I remembered I went to another Church and gave 700 shillings as my tithe.
Immediately, when I remembered that Church, I saw the pastor of that Church in a hotel. He took the money from the offering basket. He bought chicken and chips and ate with some friends there. After that, he came for the remaining money, bought credit, and put on his phone.
After seeing that I was taken back again to Malachi 3:10-12.
After reading this scripture the man above me gave me an envelope which belongs to Christian Foundation Church. It was a tithe envelope. In our Church the tithe envelope is different from the other offerings The tithe envelopes were for tithes only and we don’t write our names or phone numbers on the envelopes so there is no way you can say your pastor knows how much you give for tithe.
What I realized is that once we give this money, it is recorded above for the day of judgment.
So the Man gave me the envelope and asked me, “On 6 Nov 2016 this envelope had 2,000 shillings but right now it has only 1,000 shillings.”
He asked me, “Where are the 1,000 shillings?”
Then I remembered that I received my salary of 20,000 shillings and put aside 2,000 for tithe. When I went to Church the chairman made an announcement that those who pledged to contribute should bring their monies as that day was the deadline. So I decided to divide the tithe into two, half for the project and half for the tithe.
The envelope the Man above showed me was the same as we had in our Church with my 1,000 shillings inside. Then I learned that I was not supposed to divide this money. Although the project money was going to do the same work of God, the tithe is the tithe. You cannot divide tithe and give it as another offering. This is what I was learning at that time.
There are records so every tithe you have ever given is recorded in Heaven.
After that, He did not give me the book again. Rather, He spoke to me saying, “Bring all the tithes to My storehouse.”
After He talked to me the light disappeared. I looked to see the One who had been talking to me. He was not there. I looked at where the angels were. They were not there. I checked on the pastor’s seat, no one was there. Now I was in total darkness sitting on a chair alone.
I was there thinking what must I do now? I was thinking that after all these encounters, Heaven would be opened for me to enter. I was confused at this point. Pain has come upon me again all over my body. I stood on my feet with the pain I was feeling.
Then I saw a whirlwind coming towards where I stood. I lifted one foot wanting to run, then the second step I was somewhere else. I found myself in a very weird place. It was like a wilderness, nothing moving, no creature no house, or any trees. All was silent. It was just a plain wilderness. I was in so much pain that I preferred my time in the hospital. I was feeling double the pain I felt in the hospital.
I remembered I need to call upon the Lord Jesus. I started calling out to Him but there was no response.
Suddenly, I started hearing some voices coming from the underground. I could hear people crying, fighting, and running. They were running like the Kenyan army in their boots but I couldn’t see anyone. I decided to look down to see where the noises were coming from.
When I looked, I saw a huge dark house. It had two double doors that both opened widely to the sides. When they were opened, I saw a fire inside! Like a lift, this house moved slowly from beneath upwards and stood face to face with me. I looked at it clearly and all I could see was a fire inside.
Then I realized I was in Hell. That is when my pain increased. I started calling upon Jesus to come and take me out of Hell. Then I remembered before I came here I called upon Jesus to save me. Why didn’t He save me?
Then I remembered it was because I didn’t bring all my tithe. Now, I started repenting and called on Him to forgive me. I kept on calling on Him. I tried to see what was happening inside Hell. I tell you there are too many, too many people in Hell. There were too many women there, women of all colors, black and white. I thought that was the side of women so the men were in another area. They were in fire crying for mercy, no hope; they were licking their tears as they cried.
As I stood thinking where are the men, I saw a small group of young boys of about 12 to 20 years. Before then I saw lots of animals coming from Hell towards me. They were reptiles of all sorts the unclean animals like lizards, frogs, snakes rats, etc. I couldn’t see any domestic animals like cats, sheep, or cows either!
These creatures were all over my body except my head. The other wild animals surrounded me and laughed at me. They greeted each other with “a high five” It was a painful experience to see them make a mockery of me.
In real life, I used to put on trousers and applied make-ups. I used to plait my hair of all sorts of styles because as I told you before I was a beautician. I used to apply cutex nail polish on my nails, so some of the animals inserted their sharp nails inside my nails and were pulling them forcefully. It was so painful and I cried. The more I cried, the more they mocked at me.
In fact, the monkeys were laughing at me. Mostly the monkeys came and started removing my eyebrows because I used to apply eye pencil. They removed the eye pencils with their sharp nails. It was very painful. Others tried to wipe away the make-ups. Others tries to remove the lipsticks on my lips. I loved applying the purple color.
I asked myself, “Why are these animals doing this to me?” Immediately, a scripture came into my mind, Jeremiah 4:30 And when you are spoiled, what will you do? Though you clothe yourself with crimson, though you deck you with ornaments of gold, though you rend your face with painting, in vain shall you make yourself fair; your lovers will despise you, they will seek your life.
I realized that when I came out of my body and was descending, I had a cream garment on with spots in it but when I reached the gates of Hell my dressing was different. This time I was wearing jeans trouser and a sleeveless top. I had makeup on my face and lipstick. That was my lifestyle and how I used to decorate myself.
Although I was crying with all these animals I also wanted to see what was happening inside Hell. As I looked I saw teen-agers dancing with very dirty demons!
Then I asked myself, “Why are these teens dancing with these dirty demons?”
There were lights like disco lights but I realized they were dancing in a Church. It was a dancing team in a Church! That is how I understood it.
From there I saw another group of ladies in a circle also. These ladies were also dancing with stinking demons! They were forcing these women to dance and I saw the women wearing high heels!
I asked myself why are these women dancing here? I immediately, I had a verse in my mind, Isaiah 3:16 -18, “Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: 17 Therefore the LORD will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts. In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon.”
When a lady puts on high heels, actually she will walk with her neck upright and she feels like she is on top of the world. When you walk, you tinkle with your feet and shake your body. You desire to attract many eyes to yourself. So they were dancing with these high-heels and I realized it is wrong to wear them.

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