The revelatory work of Almighty God; past, present and future is written in the heavens in mysteries, and is revealed by many cosmic sign, (Luke 21:25, Isaiah 13:10, Joel 2:10, Matt 16:2-3). The four Blood Moons are also significant signs connected to the spiritual time movements and shifts within the nation of Israel.
Psalms said, “night unto night they bring forth knowledge and day unto day they utter speech”. What kind of speech and knowledge?
The rotation of the earth around the sun changes seasons on earth, called the “Equinoxes” and “Solstices”. Every certain amount of years of rotation, the earth, moon and sun are in a direct alignment, or the sun crosses the path. A celestial shift takes place in the times and seasons on earth and also change things in the spiritual realm. It is like the spiritual work of God for humans is revealed through His creation.
The mysteries hidden in creation are spectacular yet require revealed knowledge from God to decode them. The mystery of LunaticsHuman beings controlled by the “Lunar” or Moon is among the many mysteries that cannot be fully understood by many people.

All things in the Universe were created by God and are connected through one principle thing; Energy Force. There are mysteries embedded in the Universe that God have ordained for the knowledge of His majesty. The Devil and Satan know about these mysteries and they are using it in their kingdom by; witchcraft, astrology, alchemy, sacred geometry etc in order to keep people away from God.

The path of the Sun and Moon in the sky and the position of the Stars within their constellation holds knowledge which was reserved only for God and His Angels, and whom God would reveal it to. The Constellations i.e “Orion” and “Pleiades” are symbols of the knowledge and mysteries of God set within the Universe.
Job 38:31, Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?
Job 38:32, Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? This scripture has opened a door to a new light of hidden knowledge. 

Adam and Eve also had this knowledge being pure and sinless, but they lost it when they sinned.
It was the Fallen Angels who leaked out this knowledge to humans in rebellion against God and this knowledge is now sought after by Astrologers and those of the Occult.
Though Astrology is wrong, and the Occult is an abomination, most of the theories and knowledge used are true and real. They were NOT reserved for fallen man except those whom the Lord chooses, i.e Job, Enoch, Moses etc. They were not Astrologers yet he had great knowledge and knew the mysteries of the constellations, (Job 9:9, Book of Enoch).
Pure astrology is attaining forbidden spiritual knowledge from the stars. This knowledge is branded as witchcraft by modern day Christianity. Though the knowledge in itself is not witchcraft, the practice of astrology is unclean and abominable. 
The knowledge and mysteries held within the stars and other cosmic bodies is not witchcraft or evil in itself, but is the true knowledge of God that the Fallen Angels leaked out to human. 

One can know future events, spiritual events and current shifts within the seasonal calendar of God for man and earth because they are written in the heavens. 
The Magi knew of a coming savior and were looking out for a star that would mark the event of his birth. How did they know that a star would appear in the east at that time?  
Genesis tells us that the Sun and Moon and Stars are given for times and season, days and months and years. Nevertheless, this knowledge SHOULD NOT be accessed through Astrologers or those in the Occult, for their source is abominable. This knowledge should come ONLY from the Holy Spirit.
Astrology is wrong, nevertheless, the discoveries and theory that Astrologers possess is real and true. 
This knowledge was reserved only for the angels, especially those who are created to be keepers of the creation of God.
When the Watchers fell into sexual sin, they gave such knowledge to men, and taught them the art of warfare, weaponry, the mysteries of the stars etc, witchcraft and other teachings. This is called “Forbidden Knowledge”.
This knowledge, though came from heaven, yet it was not made for man to possess without the consent of God.

All celestial bodies in the heavenlies contains energy. This energy is the same word as glory. The moon does not have its own light, which is the product of energy, nevertheless, it has its own energy within itself.
The sun and the stars on the other hand are made up of energy and that is their glory, [brightness, glow, shine]. The earth and all humans, plants and animals are also made up of energy and has their own glory.
What most people do not know is this; all of God’s creation are connected with one energy link, because all were created by God. The energy of the universe is connected to the energy of human beings. This is scriptural and is scientifically proven.
To understand this concept, one has to understand what is a “Lunatic”. The word “Lunar” means Moon.  Why would they call a person who is mad a lunatic?

This is because, a mad person’s mental condition is controlled by the lunar; the moon governs the person. But how can this be? The moon is so far away from the earth, how can a mad person be controlled by it?

It has to do with  the brainwave. The energy of the moon controls the tide and plants on the earth. Plants grow according to the phase of the moon and the tide changes to the phases of the moon. This is not a mistake, God have designed it to be so. Therefore, the moon has effect on the brainwave of the mad person and therefore they react to the moon’s phases.

Looking at the fact that plants grow according to the moon’s phase and mad people reacts to the moon’s phases confirms that the moon hold a level of energy and we are all connected as one. This energy is identified as God by some religion, some call these energies spirits, angels etc, But they are neither. The energy of the creation of God is just the glory that God has set within the universe to control and balance all things.

The moon has effect on all humans, but those who are suffering from insanity, the effect will result negatively.