I was taken to the emergency ward in the hospital by my mother. But I got into a coma and began to see things. What I saw was a very arid place, worse than any desert that man knows. There was no sign of life. There wasn’t even a single tree or grass or sign of any living thing in our sight. Truly, it was a depressive place.

We stopped in front of a gate and the Man in white who was with me said, “Victory, now we will go through the portal. The things that you will see will scare you. You must be calm and be sure that you will be protected in all places I’ll take you to. Just open your eyes well and observe things that I will show you.”

I was terrified and started to cry. Immediately, I asked Him to take me back home. I said I didn’t want to go to that place because I could see through the door what happens there.

He looked at me and said, “Peace be with you. I am with you. We have to go there because time goes by too fast.”

Then we entered the gate. I could not even describe the horror of that place. I am fully convinced that there is no place worse than that place in the whole universe. That place was huge, and I had the feeling that it was expanding continuously. It was a place of profound darkness and unimaginable heat. It was hotter than the fire itself. I could not see the origin of flames of fire, but the heat was too high.

The place was infested with flies of every size. They were gray, green, and black, all kinds of imaginable. There were also worms, small and black. They were crawling all over that place. Worms started to rise over people and the flies also covered their bodies.

The place smelled so bad and the heat was so intense that there are no words that can describe it. It was a smell 100 times worse than the most rotten meat I’ve ever seen in all my life. That place was filled with the sounds of groans and gnashing of teeth.

Besides the torment of damned souls, there was demonic laughter. But the worst thing is that the place was full of people. They were so many people that these people were countless. These people were not in their original forms. They were living skeletons. I can assure you that these skeletons were people because I could recognize some close relatives and people from my village among them.

Their bones were dark gray as if they were extremely burned. There were demons in this place. One of them his teeth were long and sharp like that of a wild animal. His mouth was huge and wide with tongues filled. The hands and feet of these demons were red and long. They had long fingers. Some of them had tails and horns.

There were demons among people. Their appearance was like that of crocodiles walking on four legs. They looked intimidating and were mistreating and harassing humans. The demons were making noises as if they were celebrating. They looked happy and carefree. Furthermore, they danced.

On the other hand, humans have a miserable and depressive appearance, a state of complete abandonment and hopelessness. The noise that humans made was caused by pain. And they cried and screamed and gnashed teeth in a desperate situation of pain and unimaginable agony.

The number of people in that place was innumerable. But I could see clearly that the vast majority were women. People were divided into several groups. Although divided into groups, it was not possible to estimate the number of people in each group, because the groups were huge.

The Being of light took me to one of those groups in the eastern part. He looked at me and said, “Victory, this is the group of people who refused to forgive other people who offended them. I told them several times and in different ways that they should forgive, but they rejected Me. They resisted Me hardening their hearts, yet I forgave them all their sins, but they refused to forgive other people. Their time has passed, and they died failing to forgive. Now they find themselves here, and they will stay here throughout eternity. Now they reap the rewards that they planted, and it will be like this for everyone that keeps refusing to forgive those who offended them. It is painful to be in this place. That is terrible to be in this situation forever because I love them.”

Then He took me to another group. In this group, they were people who had debts of all kinds. They were three different categories within this group.

The Lord explained, “Firstly, they were people who actually were able to pay their debts, but they preferred to keep postponing payment, again and again, all their life. These are people who said they would pay their debts tomorrow, next week, next year until time passed. They passed away, and now they are in this place of torment. This is where they will spend eternity. Now they reap the rewards that were planted in their life.”

The second category was people who had debts. They had conditions and willingness to pay but they were afraid of the consequences if they spoke the truth of private property they had taken unlawfully. They were afraid of rejection, maybe going to jail or maybe their actions would be known by all and so they were afraid to suffer some kind of humiliation and embarrassment for confessing.

The Lord told me, “None of them came to Me asking for a direction. If they had asked Me, I would have shown them and but they preferred to use their own wisdom and reason. When their time was totally passed, they fell in this place where they will spend eternity. They are reaping the rewards that they have planted.”

He continued to tell me, “The third category is debtors who were unable to pay their debts. But none of them came to Me to confess. If they had come to Me, I would have even paid their debts. But they also preferred to use reason and wisdom, and it was no use. Now they are in this place, and they will stay here forever. They are reaping the rewards that they planted. My heart hurts for these people because I love them deeply.”

In the first group, I saw two close relatives and also a relative who was 12 years old. I know she was 12 when she passed away. In the second group, I also saw some relatives besides a pastor who I knew very well. I also saw my boyfriend who committed suicide when I handed over my life to Jesus Christ. He was in the second group. I could also see some old neighbors in both groups. I was able to recognize the people I knew.

I saw that my relatives were very angry when they saw me and they started screaming obscenities against me. They used the foulest language possible to utter curses against me. One of them told me that I was not worthy to be walking with the Lord who was beside me. They used the same language that I used before giving up my life to Christ.

My relatives were not lying about the things which they accused me of as they were true. Jack said that I had belonged to the devil. So I should also be in Hell since I committed the same sin he committed. The pastor at first seemed pleased to see me and said that I had done the right choice at home. But his attitude completely changed when he saw the Person who accompanied me and started screaming obscenities and blaspheming the Lord. He told me to ignore them because they didn’t know what they were doing. I was extremely petrified and sad. My body was shaking and had no strength to stand. I cried wildly. The Lord turned to me and hugged me.

He said, “Peace be with you, Victory.”

Immediately, I recovered my strength and I felt very safe in His embrace. He looked at me and said, “Victory, I already showed you what you were supposed to know. Now you have to choose which group you want to go to. The choice is in your hands. You must tell people everything you saw and witnessed without adding nor omitting anything.”

I remember participating in that place of horrors. Then we parted.

When opening my eyes, I realized that I had returned to my body and was lying on a bed in the hospital, where I was taking serum in my vein. Then I could see my mother and other neighbors in another corner of the room looking at me scared. I realized that my mother’s face seems like she had cried a lot.

The nurse had feared to get too close to me, so I asked her to call the doctor who had attended me. Upon arriving at the room, the doctor said that he didn’t know what was wrong with me. He thought I had contracted malaria, but the results were negative. He explained that my pulse temperature and blood pressure were dangerously low, but he couldn’t see what was the cause. He said there was nothing that he could do for me. He couldn’t keep me hospitalized because I was not sick. The serum was not even working and only started working when I opened my eyes.

He recommended the nurse to apply another dose so that I had the strength to go home. When the first dose was over, I was terrified of the things I saw in that place. In a way I couldn’t stop crying.

The fetid odor of that place continued as real. Like when I was there, the scenes of that place appeared in my mind all the time. I was unable to sleep. I felt like my limbs had been uprooted and replaced. I felt like I had diarrhea and a headache.

I was convinced that I should not tell anyone about that experience. Who would believe me and what would people think? I kept telling myself that I could never report my experience. Then I realized that I already told one of my leaders the whole story.

When I came back, I felt I was stupid that I’ve done that. I started to cry because I was convinced that this had been the biggest mistake of my life. Now that the story was already told there was no way to hide it. I now realize that when God wants something to be said it will be said – He is God above all things.

On August 19, I was feeling weak and shaky while waves of electricity filled my whole body at night. At that moment I saw a bright light entering the room. In the middle of the light was that same Man from the previous experience. This time He sat on a throne next to my bed. I had no idea where the throne came from. But this throne appeared as soon as He was about to sit down. It was a beautiful and massive throne made of gold. It looked like a conventional throne with back support. In each leg, there was a silver star inlaid with gold. There was also a star in the middle of the backrest and also on each leg and wheels.

After greeting me, the Man looked at me and said, “I knew that you had a lot of doubts about My identity. So I came to reveal Myself to you and explain some of the things that you saw. I am Jesus Christ your Savior. If you have any doubt, look at My hands. That place we went to is Hell.”

When I looked at His hands, I saw where He was pierced by nails.

Dear friend, I want to tell you that Hell is not a product of the imagination of someone, but a real place. It wasn’t done for people, but for Satan and his demons. Our place is in Heaven around the side of Jesus Christ. But for that, we need to choose Jesus before it is too late.

Today, if you hear His voice, don’t harden your heart. Accept Jesus as your Savior, and live for Him. Hell is a terrible place, a place of fear and sadness and a place of torment of eternal crying and gnashing of teeth. Satan wants to take as many people as possible there. Do not cooperate with him.

In this experience, I didn’t understand why the Lord told me to choose one of the two groups that He showed me in Hell. Given that I was already a born again Christian, yet He still told me to decide if I wanted to go to Hell or not.

So I started to pray and ask God to give me the revelation of what He meant.

The Lord revealed to me that I still had resentment and didn’t release forgiveness to one of my sisters and one of my cousins. Immediately, I asked Him to forgive me for my unforgiveness. Then I asked my sister for forgiveness for having resentment and bitterness towards her. Furthermore, He instructed me to ask forgiveness to my cousin.

The Lord reminded me that I got my job as a teacher using a fake diploma. He considers this a form of theft and debt. I was determined to do what is right. I asked the Lord to help me to solve this problem.

He showed me what I should do because it was a serious crime that could put me behind bars. He instructed me to go to the Department of Education in order to confess what I had done. I was ready to go to any length to resolve this. But I had the opportunity to experience the mercy of the Lord that was tremendous.

In the Office of the Department of Education, I was told I should choose the options to pay back all the salaries I received from the government. They promised not to take the case to the press because they were amazed by my confession. Our God is God.

If you are in a similar situation, I want to encourage you to do what is right no matter what the consequences. You can even be sent to an earthly jail, but remember that it is temporal. There is no pain comparable to an eternity away from God. Hell is not a good place to be. Sort out your debt right now before it’s too late. Be blessed.

Psalm 37:21 The wicked borrow and do not repay.

Romans 13:8 Owe no man anything.