Many people are enthusiastic about spirit guides. Some would believe it’s some sort of angelic guide, some would believe it’s a family spirit who is watching over, while some will refer to spirit guides as demons who are set to be their personal guards.

In Christianity, we do not use the term “spirit guide” but we say our guardian Angel.
These are New Age terms for Demons
Higher power
Spirit guide
Human spirit
Energy or inner energy
Inner man

There are two types of spirit guide.
1st. Angels of God, which are not called spirit guides but ministering Angels.
2nd. Demons, which are called the names in the above list.

Every man is guided by one of the two categories.
The Angels of God which guides us are for our protection and God’s glory.
We do not have any “at will” ability to communication or contact these Angels.
God’s holy Angels are under God’s command and they do not possess the human body. They do only God’s bidding and they are not place in that position by the person, but God is the one who assigned them there.
You cannot control them, not can make them appear at will.

However, false spirit guides are prayed to, contacted; and there are ways developed in the devil’s kingdom, to contact a guardian spirit.
Demonic spirit guides can be contact at will and can be contacted. Because they can be conjured up by rituals and incantations, they are in direct and verbal communication with the witch. These demons speak face to face with those in the occult at their own will. They are controlled by the witch. They also possesses the body of the witch to do their bidding.