Study Nine – Amos Chapter 8 – A Basket of Summer Fruit


A Hebrew word play or pun. Summer Fruit is “kayits” and “The End” is “kets” it is the end of a nation that is now perfectly ripe for judgment.  God is not going to pass by the field any more, it is time to put in the sickle.

  1. Amos 8:1,2 What does this vision tell us about the spiritual state of Israel?  Why does God speak to us in dreams, visions, parables, word plays?
  2. God will not “pass by” any more. How does this remind us of the two End Time harvests? (Revelation 14:14-20, Matthew 13:36-43, 47-50)
  3. Amos 8:3 The idol temples were normally full of pagan musical instruments and revelry. What does God do to them?   What does false worship eventually lead to?
  4. Amos 8:4-6What aspects of their economic injustice enrage the Lord? (Nehemiah 13:15-21, Matthew 6;19-24)
  5. Amos 8:7,8 Does the Lord forget the sins of wicked, oppressive and unrepentant people? What are they like? (Isaiah 57:20,21)
  6. Amos 4:9,10 How is this also a prophesy of the Cross? Matthew 27:47, Mark 15:33
  7. Amos 8:11,12 What kind of famine was going to come upon Israel? What is a spiritual famine like? What do you think causes it?
  8. Amos 8:13,14 What was going to happen to the worshippers of idols, even though they were young, innocent and sincere? Why is spiritual deception so dangerous? Do all “sincere worshippers” of any and every religion enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
  9. Sometimes God is portrayed as a remote Creator who just watches His Creation without ever interfering in it. How does this chapter of Amos refute this false idea of a God who never acts in human history?

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