3 Days Midnight Prayers to Silence Strange Dreams

Daniel 4:5 says,
“I saw a dream which made me afraid, and the thoughts upon my bed and the visions of my head troubled me.” 

Matthew 12:43 says,

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.” 

Silencing strange dreams 
is one of the toughest things to do.

The major challenge is that dream is used by the wicked to penetrate into the life of people. There are wicked spirit in our dream. They are very wicked to the core. They use different horrible dreams to put people in bondage.

For example, when demons attack someone in the dream, its manifestation comes in full speed except if the person refuses to pray it out immediately.

Silencing strange dreams requires constant prayers and fasting. To some people, devil has already silence their divine dreams, no direction and no progress. What remains in their memory is the bad ones they program there.

No matter how much you pray, if the keyword of your prayers are not sensitive enough, that is, you did not concentrate your prayers on the particular enemy that troubles you, you cannot silence the flow of nightmares around you and deliverance will be far away from you.

God speaks to man in dreams, vision and revelation (Job 33:14-16).

Dream is a power tool in which we can know the mind of God and the devil’s plans towards us. Many people’s battles started in the dream. With that kind of bad dream, what the angels are bringing to you will be obstructed. It is an insult as a believer when the devil is harassing your dream life.

As a believer, it is a problem when the devil is sowing tares in your dream. As a pastor, when the devil is playing with your spiritual life in the dream, you need to cry out to God for fresh power.

When the devil keeps on tying your destiny down in your father’s house, means there is fire on the mountain. If you constantly eat or encounter snakes in the dream, whether it bite you or not, so long they flash across your dream, you are the next target by the devil (Eph 6;12)

I am sure that if there is anything the devil wants to steal in your dream, it is the blessing of God. As Daniel persisted in prayers, heaven had to send warrior angel Micheal. By the time angelic assistance was secured, Daniel received his full benefits.

In Daniel 2:1-14, Nebuchadnezzar had a serious attack in his dream. It was Daniel that God used to reveal the mystery behind Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. In this 3 days midnight  prayers we are focusing on dreams.

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How is your dream life?

Do you need God to reveal some certain powers attacking you in the dream? Do you want to silence that strange dream in your life? Is your dream about village, sex, snake, marriage, flying, picking snails, buying things in the market, crying, spending money in the dream etc? Is your dream also about the good aspect?

Look no further, this 3 days program is just for you.

NB: This 3 days midnight prayers is not compulsory but mandatory for those who wants to defeat strange dreams in their life. It start from tonight 17th, March, 2017 to 19th March 2017.


1. Sin
2. Faulty foundation
3. Witchcraft practice in the family
4. Hanging out with unproductive friends (2 Cor 6:14)
5. Idols in the family
6. Curses from parents, friends or ancestors
7. Visiting strange prophets/evil priest for abradabra miracles
8. Dedication to marine spirits
9. Soul tie covenant with your ex lovers
10. Chasing your own wife out of your house
11. Hiding things from people
12. Indecent dressing (Remove that notion of God sees the heart)
13. Strange hands touch your head
14. Helping people you suppose not to have helped
15. Discussing your success, good news to just everybody
16. Eating in a strange location
17. Bad names/incomplete confession
18. Trading in a bad business
19. Unforgiveness and hatred for people
20. Dry spiritual life


You need to follow these steps accordingly:

1. Give your life to Christ. Acknowledge that you are a sinner and ask God to have mercy on you. If you have given your life to Christ long time ago, it is necessary to rededicate your body, soul and spirit to God. Total surrendering yourself to God is the instrument of overcoming strange dreams.

2. Total confession and repentance of your sin.(I John 1:9, Prof 18:21). If you are confessing your sins to God, for instance, do not hide anythings from Him thinking that God knows your heart or what you are experiencing.

3. Prayerfully, deal with the most commonest dream. If it is eating in the dream, deal with it seriously. Praying it over and over again is advisable.

4. Cancel all bad dreams by the blood of Jesus immediately is also the key to deliverance.

5. Resist anyone using strange dreams to pollute your life and destiny.

6. Go for deliverance to any bible believing Church. This is the step you need to open all your physical and spiritual eyes to know the genuine man of God.


7. Barricade your life with fire of the Holy Ghost.

CONFESSION: Daniel 2:22 says, “He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.” 

INSTRUCTION: Stand up for prayers at 12am Midnight. Use anointing oil to pray.


1. Every witchcraft spirit assigned to trouble by sleep with nightmares, fall down and die, in Jesus name.

2. Every satanic power polluting my dream state, be destroyed by the thunder of God, in Jesus name.

3. Let the fire of God consume and destroy any man or man projecting spirit spouse to sleep with me in the dream, in Jesus name.

4. My Father, with the sword of Your fire, cute off the head of every satanic animal attacking me in the dream, in the name of Jesus.

5. Holy Spirit unmask every human or demonic agent hiding behind any mask to trouble my sleep, in Jesus name.

6. Every evil mark in my spirit, soul, and body attracting dream robber……. (mention others), be erased by the blood of Jesus.

7. My Father, let my sleep and dream state become too hot for any spirit to touch, in Jesus name.

8. I nullify with the blood of Jesus, I cancel with the name of Jesus, every evil effect of satanic dreams on any areas of my life (mention them) in Jesus name.

9. My Father, let any man or woman projecting evil powers to feed me with food in the dream, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

10. My Father, let every power plucking my fruit of destiny before me in the dream, release it and die, in Jesus name.

11. In the thickness of the night, let the ground open up and swallow any evil altar where my name or family name is being mentioned for evil, in Jesus name.

12. Any object or effigy representing me for evil on any altar physically or spiritually, disintegrate in Jesus name.

13. I receive the anointing to remember all of my dreams, in Jesus name

14. Every power working on my case in the dream, be afflicted with the spirit of insanity, in Jesus name.

15. Every satanic animal assigned to trouble me in my dream, go back to and destroy your senders in Jesus name.

16. Whenever I encounter any dream robber in my dream, by the blood of Jesus, I shall not be defeated in Jesus name.

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17. My Father, all my properties already captured/stolen by dream robbers, be released to me in Jesus name.

18. Every power using village dream to capture the wheels of my progress, scatter by fire in Jesus name.

19. Every tares of the devil against my divine dreams, be cleared away by the blood of Jesus.

20. Those who invoke serpent or dog in the dream world to hinder my marriage, scatter by fire in Jesus name.

21. Dark power that surrounds me in the dream in order to place me in bondage, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name

22. Wicked arrows fired against me in the dream, backfire in multiple times in Jesus name

23. Any power waiting for me in the dream in order to scatter my blessings, you shall wait in vain, be destroyed by thunder in Jesus name.

24. Strange powers in my fathers house that has made a vow that good dreams is not my portion, you are a liar,  backfire, in Jesus name.

25. From today, i shall not eat any evil  food in the dream, by the blood of Jesus.

26. Every trick of the enemy to silence my destiny in the dream be defeated by fire in Jesus name.

27. My Father, turn all my bad dreams to good dreams by the power in the blood of Jesus.

28. My days of battle in my dream is over, I shall prosper in Jesus name.

29. Every power in my father’s house using the dream of my formal house, school to cause breakdown of my destiny, die in Jesus name.

30. Roots of witchcraft in my family line affecting the scope of my dream, wither by fire in Jesus name.

31. Every covenant of bad dreams assigned against me from the marine or witchcraft powers, break by fire in Jesus name

32. My prosperity scattered in the dream gather yourself and locate me in the name of Jesus.

33. My blessings, swallowed by serpent of my fathers house, vomit it by fire in Jesus name.

34. Every power using the spirit of masquerade to cage my foundation, die in Jesus name.

35. Blood of Jesus wash away every particle of bad dreams in my memory, body and destiny in Jesus name.


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