990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Evangelist Olufunmilayo-Series 5

990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Evangelist Olufunmilayo-Series 5

990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Evangelist Olufunmilayo-Series 5
This is the continuation of series 4 confessions of 990 years in kingdom of darkness and the last series 5 of my confession, about how I spent 990 years in the kingdom of darkness as an agent of darkness and how I finally got my deliverance from God.
This Confession is recorded in an Audio Tape which comprise from series 1-5. However, The Audio Tape for 5th Series is Available For download. As you read below eye opening confession; Please ensure you adhere to is teaching and apply them because tomorrow is never promised but eternity is too near.
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If you can recalled vividly in my previous series 4 confessions of 990 years in kingdom of darkness where I narrates my ordeal encounter with Jesus Christ and also my vision about the great tribulation of the last day. I portrayed how the whole world was thrown into chaos and also how the kingdom of darkness was shocked terribly in great panic. Below is a review of my vision of great tribulation day of the Lord.

In my dream, I behold a mighty terror invading the whole world both the young and strong ones. Everyone was in great shock, terrorized and was panicking in fear. The Lion and wild animals left their den, bushes and ran into the town while some people left their houses and ran out. The animal will run into their houses and also ran out.
animal running in fear due to tribulation
I behold a gigantic aquatic animal from the deep sea running into the town, they were as tall as up-story building as portray in the movie titled King-Kong. There are some animals who are x3 bigger than king-Kong, terrible and mighty animal marching fort from sea toward the Earth whose height are as taller than 10-story building.
Though, you might be surprise but don’t you know that before Genesis and creation of the Earth, there are some strange personalities residing down deep inside the water and have been dwelling there for a very long time?
King Kong in fear
My dear, what I behold in the sea coast was so terrible because it was filled with much blood. Even the fallen angels (demos) that rebels against God who also dwells down deep sea even before the creation of the world, though they can’t die but they were terrorized and also needs to run out from their hidden places.
The whole sea was filled with blood which makes it uncomfortable for both the fallen angels (demons) and aquatic animal to abide thereof. The whole earth was terribly filled with terror, commotion and panicking.
the whole ocean in blood
I was grievously annoyed when I behold THE QUEEN OF THE COAST running out from her kingdom and walking on Earth surface. Though, she can’t move majestically on Earth surface because half of her body is fish with scales while other half is human being. The queen of the coast was so beautiful, yet in her beauty statue she was running speedily for her dear life with terror, fear and panicking.
When in behold her I exclaim; so something can happened that will cause you to ran in this fearful manner? I was greatly, shocked, annoyed and surprised. These cause me to discern that something mighty is really on course and bigger than the whole world and also greater than THE QUEEN OF THE COAST.
the queen of the coast is dead
I also behold THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN fell from her throne in her kingdom. Hence, THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN moves with winds and I also behold her fleeing halter and skater. I was utterly amazed but ponder; so this spirit being can be shaken and terrorized by a mighty and greater power? No, I need to seek for more powers.
the queen of heaven in terror
I was so furious even though I was trembling and so afraid and kept pondering, what is happening? What is going on? The whole world was in great turmoil. During my 3rd encounter in my dream, I also behold the nursing mothers running for their lives, they will threw off the baby and mutter; am sorry, I can’t protect you on this day, I have to run for my dear life and unfortunately, incoming vehicle will just crushed the baby to death.
I also behold the pregnant women running for their lives and unfortunately they were trodden by people and incoming vehicle will also ran over them. Their unborn babies will gush out and they will also die. Terrible things were on course and even some locations no vehicle was moving due to human traffic jammed.
Earth quake were also witness in divers places, swallowing great multitudes of people and houses. Satellite networking signals were freeze and jammed, no news or network signal to broadcast the horror and chaos terrorizing the whole world, the world was totally in dark.


The disastrous earthquake
When I awoke from my dream after beholding these entire dreadful incidents I was greatly in fear. When I finally regain my conscience I mutter, this is terrible, so these people are not the most superior being in the world? It troubled and pierced my heart, I was so confused. Afterward when I attended our meeting in the kingdom of darkness I challenged and questioned them.
Nevertheless, in this last series 5 confession of 990 years in kingdom of darkness; I will unveil;
  1. How I finally renounced and cut off from kingdom darkness activities after spending 900 years as an international satanic agent. 
  2. The abused, disperse and rejection I encounter and witness in the hand of ministers of God while seeking for deliverance.  
  3. How I finally received my deliverance; my total deliverance from demonic manipulations. 
  4. What I behold while seeking for a genuine salvation and my various experiences with different men of God. 
  5. How I got my salvation and how Jesus Christ trained me and the lecture he gave to me. 
  6. My bible college experience with the Lord. 
  7. How I become a pastor and a general overseer of a ministry and what happened next? 
  8. How the kingdom of darkness dealt and afflicted me and what they did to me. 
  9. I will emphasis about bank cashless policy and what you need to know about it. 
  10. I will also unveiled and elaborate many more others things
However, when I awake after my vision of the great tribulation day of the Lord, I went to our meeting in the kingdom of darkness and confronted them; i retorted, what transpire? You told me that you were mightier and stronger than the Son of the owner but I behold you were all terrifying in despaired.
evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo
Evangelist Funmilayo
After sharing the vision of the great tribulation to them, they were just twisting my honest proves without any vital defensive justification which makes me to affirmed, indeed this demons are full of deceptions and have been deceiving me all this while. These prompt me to makes a personal decision and later indulge in a quest of seeking for deliverance and also where to get rooted with divine word of God.
Unfortunately, while seeking for divine mountain place of worship, I desire and expected to hear more of rapture, the great tribulation day of the Lord, God’s judgment, righteousness, inward and outward Holiness and modest purity. It pierced my heart because what I beheld Pastor and ministers of God preaching during that period of my innermost desire in search of sound salvation word of God is so pathetic.
I often beheld the pastors laying more emphasis on breakthrough, financial blessing and worldly possession. They refused to preach and counseled me on how to make rapture, how to amend my wicked ways and wrong doing and how to undergo restitution and settled with Jesus. If you are a pastor, minister or preacher of the gospel, Please don’t think that everyone you see in your church is burden with financial needs or seeking for miracles.
Some of the members in your church are not seeking for financial breakthrough or any sort of miracle but rather salvation. Some purposely came for salvation because they have tasted and enjoyed wealth, power and perverse things of this world but couldn’t find any satisfaction or peace in them.
Hence, endeavor not to pin-point your sermon or preaching mostly on breakthrough, financial blessing, miracle and progress because someone has already acquired them but seriously need peacefulness of mind which is rooted in raw salvation word of God. Psalm 119: 130 “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple”
Nevertheless, there was a particular church which many professed to preach about salvation message but when I got there, the same scenario was in-play. They were preaching about healing, miracle, marital breakthrough and financial prosperity. This prompted me to cut off from seeking for genuine place of worship because they are resemblance in preaching about earthly possession doctrine.
Afterward, I decide to enjoin my quest in search of raw salvation messages by boarding public transportation bus called Molue in western region of Nigeria, because I obviously knew that I will certainly behold a “Deeper Christian Life Ministry Church’ member evangelizing inside public bus.

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the molue public bus
During that era, whenever you board any public transport bus you will definitely behold Deeper Christian Life member evangelizing the salvation word of God. Hence, if you are a Deeper Christian Life member reading this message, it may interest you to know that the kingdom of darkness fears you greatly in those days unlike today.
Before, you used to come-out in locust and spread fort as whirlwind in evangelizing the gospel unlike today. Before your righteous and undiluted salvation messages wrought and shock the foundation of the world and the kingdom of darkness used to tremble in fear due to your persistence passion and eagerness in evangelizing the raw salvation word of God unlike today.
preaching the gospel of christ
Please don’t allow the devil to triumph and dominate your evangelical zeal by keeping you in silent, return back to your ancient landmark, recovered your lost glory, your strength and confidence and ensure you seek for immediate revival of your evangelical life.
There is nothing like deeper life if the word of God isn’t deep. Deeper Life simply means digging deeper in the word of God. This literally portrayed that “DEEPER CHRISTIAN LIFE MINISTRY CHURCH” was laid on godly foundation and if you are a deeper Christian life church member and you are not preaching or evangelizing the gospel–you are a bastard.
digging deeper in the word of God
Though am not abusing or insulting you but that is exactly whom you, am realistic. Any day you awake and refuse to evangelize the word of God you are a bastard. Its better you leave that church and join other none zealous Pentecostal church. If you are deeper Christian Life church member and you’re not evangelizing, you are bastard because you are not acting in accordance with the standard pillar laid by your (Pastor William F. Kumuyi) General Overseer.
The primarily duty of every Deeper Christian Life member is to awake everyday and ensure he/she preaches the word of God that is reason why you are called Deeper. Most of other dogma Pentecostals churches are deeper in miracles, financial blessing, breakthrough and inspiration word but you are incomparable.
You are mostly deeper in the sound salvation word of God. You ought to unleash the spiritual gift bestowed upon you so that you wouldn’t miss Heaven. Moreover, any Deeper Christian Life member that isn’t a soul winner is categorically doomed for Hell. Am unveiling what I knew about you; you are warned…!
In those days, you are the only people I relied upon because I believe that whenever I went out I will behold deeper Christian Life church member in public transportation buses evangelizing the gospel. Truly indeed, whenever I went out I always behold them ministering the word of God in public bus.


Pastor William F. Kumuyi-General Overseer
Any gospel tract they shared, I will quickly grab and held it firmly as a treasure and read it wholeheartedly. There are many people repenting and seriously seeking for salvation word of God today. They are aiming to behold someone like you preaching inside the public bus. Unfortunately today, Please pardon me, I can attest that your spiritual passion for evangelizing and tasty of soul winning is tremendously waxing cold.
Today, I have behold many people evangelizing inside the bus, most of them always preach about healing, prosperity and breakthrough inside public transportation buses. You don’t preach about miracle inside public bus but rather preach about salvation and later conclude with miracle prayers, miracle might be enacted if God want to prove his power but salvation messages should comes first.


Preaching about miracle inside public bus is unacceptable and likewise also asking for offering or pleading for money after evangelizing inside public bus. The public transportation bus isn’t your church or ministries were you seek or ask for offering or money. Though, after evangelizing if the passenger willfully decides to bless you by offering some money, that is acceptable but not demanding money from them.
My dear, if you are into such pathetic act, you are ignorantly insulting Jesus Christ, disgracing his dead and resurrection. I pray that the anger of God will not devour upon you. Please my beloved, stop begging inside public bus after preaching. It’s an insult to the body of Christ. The God that sustained me during my day will also strengthen and empower you to endure.
That is reason why, whenever someone what to evangelized inside public bus, the passenger will think that they are beggar and their mind will be disrupt from hearken unto the sermon. Yester-years, most preachers don’t demand money from passengers after preaching, it is the passengers that will cheerfully offer to them or instruct the driver not to collect transportation fees from the preacher unlike today.
preaching the gospel inside public bus
However, this was how I kept boarding public buses in search of salvation word of God. In single day, I can purposely board about 6 buses in order to hearken to the truth while digging deep in word of God. Nevertheless, during that period of my quest for true word of God, my demonic power was still in my possession because I haven’t surrendered totally to the word of God.
I didn’t give it up because Jesus Christ was yet to bless me with his divine powers so I can’t afford to lose mine. I always go to church but my regular meeting in attendant with kingdom of darkness was limited due to the deception entices in behold in them.
A year later, after my 3rd encounter of the Great tribulation of the last day, then I later behold the 4th encounter. This 4th encounter is so powerful and horrible. In fact, the bible categorically stated that the heaven and Earth shall pass away, yes, indeed I concur that it will surely pass away. Matthew 24:2 “And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down”
Malachi 4:1 “behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch”
In my last encounter, I behold the whole Earth melting off; it was extremely horror to behold. The whole Earth suddenly becomes immovable from one edge to another without any sight of movement. It was totally freeze-up, nothing was on motion even both human being and animal was at standstill, no audibly sound or breeze was on course
The burning of house in the last day
Suddenly, I saw a whirlwind of fire descending from Heaven and also erupting from Earth surface. The Earth will suddenly open in dreadful sound while erupting greatly with fire, consuming and melting off earthly elements. I behold the whirlwind of fire accelerating speedily as it consumed and melt off every element on Earth.
While melting, it doesn’t melt into liquid or ashes but rather to naught. While this on course, everybody was motionless but I was given the grace to move. I was running speedily for my dear life because the whole Earth was melting off and fast approaching with whirlwind of fire ahead. I was terrified horribly while running, suddenly I behold a house afar-off and my only aim was to quickly get into the house because it seems specifically reserved as a place of safety and comfort for people.


Just a few steps to the house I beheld a glorious sound emitting from the building and also saw Pastor Jeji Olowolafe, the pastor that preached to me about rapture in my 4th series confession leading them in the song ministration. They were happily rejoicing, jubilating and thanking God for delivering them through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Nevertheless, as I was running toward the house, I screamed aloud at the pastor name, calling him to help me but he bluntly refuse and replied “No i can’t help you because you love the word” But I retorted, “No I don’t love the world, please help me –help me, am ready to work for God. Then he asked me, “Are you sure”, I replied, “Yes I am sure”
The melting away and destruction of the earth
I was running seriously to enter the building because the fire was so closed to me, but graciously as I hit the door, it miraculously opened and that was how I escaped through. When I looked behind, I behold the whirlwind fire withdrawing backward and suddenly varnished. But whole Earth was completely empty and void without single element in view, therefore giving birth to new Earth.
2 Peter 3:10 “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up”
The new Earth was perfectly new, all previous structural building, vehicles, tress, sea and elements were utterly melted-off. Revelation 21:1 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea”
Honestly, I don’t know how to portray this horrible encounter. It’s so fearful and dreadful to behold. It’s so disastrous and sorrowful for someone to lose his/her soul in Hell. My dear, if you experience any sorrow in this Earth and failed to witness the new Earth, you are great loser.
Perhaps, if it will caused you your beauty, marriage, education, career, womb, enjoyment and other pleasurable things of this world or even your life for the redemption of new world of eternity with the Lord, I advice you sacrificed it NOW and seek for repentance. Matthew 16:25 “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it”
My dear, if the people of the world make mockery of you and called you names or tag you as old granny due to your desire of upholding outward purity and portraying in modesty apparel or persecute or abused you for upholding truthfulness, please don’t be embarrassed. Moreover, it’s a blessing to be differentiated from the world; you will be an outstanding figure in public sphere and shall be regarded as an uncompromised believer because if you refused to be different today, you can’t be different after rapture.



This era is a moment of identifying yourself and portraying whom you sincerely want to follow to eternity, either—Righteousness with Jesus Christ in his kingdom in new earth or immoralities with Satan in his kingdom in lake of fire? Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it”
Its better you followed the narrow path to eternity because the broad way comprises miss multitude and worldly system of life. Hence, if your character and godly steps is different according to the scriptures, you are still on the narrow way.
After this 4th encounter of melting and passing away of the old Earth I devotedly makes up my mind to surrendered my life totally to God. Thereafter, I commenced going to several churches seeking for personal deliverance. Whenever I narrate my ordeal to any deliverance minister or pastor, they will breathe deeply and exclaimed; “hmmmmmm, heheeeh, aaaaahh, o.k, come back tomorrow or next week”
Sadly, at the appointed day, the pastor will refused to gives an attention but I will behold his wife who will inform me that the pastor have traveled. Then it will be dawn to me that he didn’t want to hearken to my plea for deliverance then I will proceed over to another church.
However, after sharing my story to another set of pastors, they will practically replied, “eeeeeeh, aaaaaaaaah, hmmmmmm, Sorry, we don’t think we can help you”. This incident continues without none to aid for my deliverance. More that 20-50 deliverance ministers and pastors ran away after hearing my ordeals. Graciously, I meet a sincere man of God called Baba iyanu of ”Christ Apostolic Church” in Abule-Egba, Lagos State, Nigeria.
After sharing my ordeal with him he vibrantly replied, “My daughter, I can’t deceived you, there is no pastor that can stand firm to conduct deliverance on you because you atrocities is numerous. It’s only God can forgives you but if truly you have an encounter with Christ, it’s only that Christ can aid for your deliverance. Therefore, the only advice I will give you is this; go to a Prayer Mountain and stay there until God remember you”



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But I told him I don’t know any prayer mountain but he kindly refereed me to a near prayer mountain called Kpakoto praying Mountain along Ifo road, Ogun state, Nigeria. Thereafter, I quickly make necessary preparation for my journey to the prayer mountain. When I got to the mountain I segregated myself from other prayer-pilgrim due to previous disappointments I encounter from pastors. Moreover, I secretly kept my ordeal and refuse to share it with anybody because I didn’t want them to chase me out from the mountain.
Kpakoto praying Mountain in nigeria
Kpakoto Praying Mountain
While seeking-out for my deliverance, I visually lost everything. The kingdom of darkness posse severe attacked on me because they have detected my intention of surrendering to Jesus and wiliness of getting delivered from the kingdom of darkness. I was totally wrecked down financially, hanging around in hopelessness.
Howbeit, when I arrived at kpakoto praying mountain with about #15 [U.S.A—36 cents] and my baby [yes; I have a baby girl at that period]. I commenced my fasting and prayer with white fasting. The white fasting simple means; I wouldn’t eat anything that contains pepper, salt and oil for couples of days.
Nevertheless, I patiently waited upon the Lord for about 6 months while embarking on white fasting; yet I didn’t received any vision, revelation or dream that indicates that he is with me or assigned to used me. But instead of beholding divine ministration i always encounter several demonic attacked, weakness and pressing down in dream and also afflicted with demonic limitations.
Sometimes, I will behold myself in dream standing on High Mountain and the enemy will suddenly appeared and push me down. Sometimes I will also behold myself been run off by might flood of river. Sometimes, I will behold in my dream a mighty cat in human height, taller than me, wrestling and contending with me and when I awoke, I always perceived strange mark on my body, yet I concealed it and refused to share with anyone.
Sometimes I will also behold myself naked in the dream been beaten mercilessly and also packing red pepper. While in kpakoto praying mountain I was stricken with abject poverty without any to aid. I wore same cloth for about 3 1/2 years and none to render any clothes or assistance, I was utterly deserted.
While doing my laundries I will wear my blouse [Top shirt] while washing my wrapper [lower covering] and also ought to bend down throughout until it dry. Likewise also while washing the blouse I ought to wear the wrapper and hid in rear corner until it dry without any to aid. Yes; I knew that God understand and beholdeth my predicament.


I was permitted to undergoes those trials because if assistance was in view, there is tendency of been polluted by demonic agents. I think God purposely ignite my shamefulness from seeking help from other people in order to be strengthen in prayers and become serious with him.
My beloved, probably, you are a called by God and suddenly everyone deserted and forbid to associate with you, my dear you are literally in bible training school. God is not dead, nor blind or deaf; he hears and sees what you are passing through.
Yet, if God refused to supply all my needs at that era, honestly there is no amount of prayer you rehearse that can changed the decision of God and if you think you can out-smart God in intelligent, you would missed your divine blessing and I pray it wouldn’t be your portion in Jesus name.
Hence, for complete 6 months Heaven was silent on my prayers, no vision or divine intervention or ministration but I concluded, even though he refused to hearken to my plead, I did rather die and reunites with him in Heaven. While I was in the praying mountain everything about me was void and empty without none to aid for my well-being.
Within some interval, some ministers of God with me in that mountain later become aware of my ordeal and previous enterprises in kingdom. They abusive and insulted me, yet above all God granted me the divine grace to endure and persevere all those persecution. After about 6 months later, Jesus Christ appears to me again with divine consolation and also revealing mysteries things to me.
He showed me some diabolic powers in my body which were hidden from me and also instructed me about the kind of prayer point to pray against them. He instructed me to commence my prayer at a specific week and pray against some powers deposited in my brain, tongue, eyes, armpit and divers places in my body which am ignorant thereof. He revealed every secret thing about me, including my blood system and gradually deliverance start taking place.
Nobody laid hand upon me or ever conducted deliverance on me except God through self deliverance, am ever grateful to God. In process of time, Jesus told me that he wanted to use me for his missionary work, but out of curiosity I was wondering “But am not educated. I drop out in primary 4 while schooling in mathori primary school which is located in Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria. How can I exhibit the glorious work of God in such an illiterate figure statue?
However I decided to embark in Bible College training but I was rebuked by the Lord. He instructed me not to attend any Bible College in order not to be defiled. He also reminded me about how I used to pollute and established many bible college during my exploit in kingdom of darkness.
Moreover, during their ceremonial or graduation day, most of the anointing oil used to ordain the graduated ministers have been polluted and merely used for initiation which I understand the secret and also evident to me. Therefore, which of them do you wish to enroll into?
He also unveiled some series of demonic Bible College and instructed me to desist from them. Even the bible college I eventual enroll was also owned by one of the agent of darkness. Though, I thought it was owned by God but he told me it was established by demonic agent. This enacted fear in me and I become afraid of enrolling into any Bible College.
Although, there are series of godly or genuine Bible College but what can you attests of their lecturer? Truly, some Bible Colleges are genuine but they ignorantly employed an agent of darkness as a lecturer and the same demonic pollution is also beheld within their circle. I pray that God will suffocate every agent of darkness in any genuine Bible College and flushed them out so that genuine child of God wouldn’t be defiled in Jesus name.
The Lord hindered me from attending any Bible College but rather instructed me to remain calm and in due process he will send a lecturer that will taught me and I later continue my fasting. I embarked in fasting and praying for more than 3 years, i was fasting and praying every day.
Even if i deliberately decide not to fast, there was no money to feed myself which also automatically turns me into a beggar. It used to stand at the bus stop to begging for arm before I could purchase a megaphone and battery for evangelism and printing of gospel tracts because I used to go out for evangelism. Above all, I was not ashamed.
My beloved, if you are ashamed when persecuted or afflicted with trials, you can’t forsake satanic world and nether embracement of Christ because whatever counterfeit blessing you amassed while in the world and later embrace salvation. God can’t allow you to use such counterfeited blessing to his own glory or while serving him. He will ensure you lavished everything and revitalized from grass to his grace.
Hence, at this moment, God has restored everything and blessed me mightily. I am presently serving God in peacefulness of heart. Today, God has blessed me wondrously, with my own house, car and nothing I desire that God wouldn’t give me without duping or robbing anyone. People trusted me and I don’t lie to people even if you have Billions am less concern. I don’t enforce tithe on them or ever advice or compel people to vacate their church and enroll with me in my ministry because they are millionaire.
God mercifully bestowed upon me his divine grace. He was the one that touched my heart and converted me in order not to lies and dupe people of their money. I am ever grateful unto God, but am not saying am perfect or most righteous than others but always ensure you imitate godliness.


After some days, the Lord called and instructed me to go and purchase plastic chair because he want to send a teacher to me which I oblige. One certain day, while embarking on a program in that same praying mountain, a man approached the sacred mountain in a white Mercedes Benz car, when he came out from the car. I behold that he was wearing a glorious sparking white cloth and his hair was utterly white.
He approached me and said, “I AM YOUR TEACHER, BRING OUT YOUR WRITING NOTE; THIS IS YOUR BIBLE COLLEGE”. [I was already told to purchase a note book] That was how he began lecturing me while sitting down under a bamboo tree around vicinity edge of the mountain. But to my uttermost awe, I don’t know that people didn’t behold or ever notice him physically.
I thought everyone used to behold him whenever he came to lecture me but I later discovered that whenever he came, nobody used to greet him except me. Then it later occurs to me that he wasn’t an ordinary man. He gives me many series of lectures.  Some of the lectures are titled; 
  1. God is not looking for unavailable captain or soldier. 
  2. God is seriously seeking for laborers because harvest are few.
When I heard this 2nd tiled I said, “But teacher that wasn’t in accordance with the bible because the bible said; for the harvest are many and ripened but the laborers are few” Luke 10:2 “Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest”
Then replied, yes you are right because in those days people are ready to know the truth but few people are preaching the truth, but this day many are workers in the church but they are not preaching the truth. Therefore, only few are preaching the truth, no harvest but lot of workers and souls are not making Heaven; many souls are not harvesting to Heaven but rather trouping down to Hell. Today, churches are many, yet only few souls are harvested to Heaven because of scarcity of truth.
I sent you fort as a sheep and ensure you don’t imitate others or joined them, preach the truth and seek for the harvest of souls and not for earthly treasures or reward. He gave me many lectures and by the special grace of God I have a theological school and these lectures are what we are currently imparting in our Bible College, named “Reaped Bible College Institute”.
Hence, many of our graduated students are general overseer today and i ascribed all glory and thanksgiving unto God for his great and mighty work which he has wrought through our Bible College. Moreover, most of the lectures the angel of God [yes, I can called him an angel of God due to mysterious things I behold and encounter with him] impacted on me during his teaching while I was at the praying mountain is what we taught in our Bible College teachings.
We also have theological lecturers in our Bible College Institute because some of our graduated students are often criticized by people that they were not trained by qualifies lecturers and also not deep-rooted with standard bible assessment or survey.
My beloved, though theology is good but there are some branch of theology they will invoked God’s wrath if you pursue it because the fear of God will ceased from you. Please be serious with you bible rather than craving for those lectures. That is reason why after indulging through theological College, you will behold them returning back to their vomit; going back to the devil, fornicating and committing various kind sexual immoralities and atrocities because of ungodly doctrine, bible historical stories and unprofitable dogmas taught in some subdivision of theological institute.
Its better you disconnect from them and aim for the gift of the holy ghost, indulge in praying and fasting and strive for the fear of God because God’s isn’t an idol. I pray that Lord God almighty with help you and also unleashed his spirit upon the knowledge of those that has undergone theological school in Jesus name.
Subsequently, God has revealed mysteries things to me and also divine revelations. I have also gone to many places revealing the dept secrets of kingdom of darkness, sharing my confession and testifying the goodness of God’s power.
The cashless policy has been in existence for decade. Though, I have been emphasizing about MasterCard and cashless policy since 1997 but most people refuse to concur and insisted it wouldn’t happen. Yet, after several years of it endorsements many people have been calling me that they have now agreed. Some will call me and said I was in the church gathering many years ago when you profess about cashless policy. I even make mockery of you while you were testifying about it but now I believed.
Revelation 13:16-18 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six
The inscription mark of the beast 666 isn’t what they will just write on someone forehead or arm before it become obvious that you have received the mark of the beast. Hence, at this moment the mark of the beast has been enacted all over the world and also be given to people which is knows as microchip implantation.
The mark of the beast 666 of anti-Christ
An account where the world leader held a conference meeting in order to provide an alternative means of resolving various human disaster such as kidnapping and bomb blast. The whole world is seriously seeking for security and this has ignorantly pave-way for Microchip implantation.


The kingdom of darkness has specifically ordained some caliber set of people, known as EVIL GENIUS. They have reprogrammed their brain scientifically and bequeath mystery of knowledge and wisdom of creativity upon them. Sometime, people will invent or manufacture a
particular product after incurring series of investment and research but unfortunately the law enforcement agencies will just demolished the product but when demonic genius manufacture their own, it will be widely acceptable.
MasterCard and bank ATM machine was endorsed due to security purpose. Nevertheless, according to Revelation 13:17 “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”
Do you think they will just make an announcement that no one should buy and sell without accepting the mark of the beast 666 or anti-Christ? No. When I was in kingdom of darkness we held a meeting that we should not wait until rapture occurs before mapping out strategies and making necessary preparation of taking over the world.
Therefore, let commenced right now so that many will be covenanted before the emergence of rapture even though they are sinner or saint, let the mark of the anti-Christ be upon them, which will reject them automatically from making rapture. Though many have argue with me that it’s a lie; the mark of the beast 666 or anti-Christ will takes place after rapture—Nobody can accept the mark of anti-Christ until after rapture…!
My beloved, is not when the mark of the beast 666 appears on your forehead or arm you will discerned that it is the mark of the anti-Christ. However, if you accept the mark now, after rapture it will resurfaced and manifest fully by the power of mammon.
In the issue of cashless policy, it will comes past when people will detect and deciphered the secret codes behind MasterCard and you will behold your money vanishing from your bank account. Hence, when this problem becomes severe and began to erupt massively, with series of complained all over the world. They will hold a meeting and abolished the issuing of MasterCard and endorsement of another security programmed called, MICROCHIP IMPLANTATION.
The mark of Anti-Christ and microchip implant
Now in scientific world, they have research and come up with Microchip implant. This Micro Chip device is a tiny chip which can’t be implanted in any part of the body system except only on arm and forehead. If a tiny device can’t be inserted in other part of the body except only the arm or forehead, this categorically indicates that it resemblance of anti-Christ mark. Those that often criticizes and dispersed my confession as lies, I advice you record this unveiling secret now because it shall come to pass when the world banking system will abolished your present ATM card or MasterCard.
They will introduce and began to advertise that the best quality way of securing your money is implantation of Micro chip. When you view your present ATM CARD, you will behold a tiny micro or metal device attached. They will tell you the risk or danger involved in owning such an ATM CARD because of theft and the loophole in detecting and breaking of ATM CARD password security system.
The ATM micro chip
They will later advice that, they don’t want you to be holding unto it as a CARD, therefore, its better you implant it in your body so that it would massively remains secured and maximum security guaranteed of your money in the bank. They will also change all present banking system protocol and this will give you a comfort free access to withdraw money, transfer and make deposit.
Whenever you laid your hand on the machine, it will display access and you can easily make your transaction without any hassles straight from your arm or palm due to security purpose. This diabolic innovation will only emerge through camouflage and nobody will inform you it is the mark of the Anti-Christ.
The Microchip Implant In the body
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In time of life, do you know that you wouldn’t use Gsm or mobile phone again? You will use your palm to operate many things. Even all the laptop or computer system and android device system will also be abolished. You wouldn’t use it them again, you will just behold an ordinary glass and when you touched it anything you desire will suddenly appear on the glass.
Although, you might be wondering, but I want you to understand this; you are presently voyaging into Anti-Christ kingdom age of technology advancement gradually. Whenever you go shopping, perhaps clothes, you will at same time behold your personality in a mirror and wearing the same cloth you selected and if the cloth seems oversize you can easily detect.
These new advancement will be loved and enjoyed by many but it’s another kingdom entirely. The moment they implant the Microchip in your arm or forehead, your body will be functioning like computer. You can easily communicate with anybody through the movement of your hand without mobile phone or anything in your front. Everyone will love it and called it’s another new phase of scientific innovation but is counterfeit.
In short of time, MasterCard will be cancelled due to cashless policy. At that time, ATM machine will also be abolished and the only way to make deposit, sent, received money or makes any transaction is to have microchip implanted in your arm or forehead. Hence, don’t think anyone will be chasing or enforcing you to accept the Mark of the Anti-Christ but it shall be fully enforced after rapture.
Though some will tangle and said, but I collected driving licenses, National I.D card, yet no accrue signs of diabolic incident.  My dear, when same devilish misconception occur you wouldn’t know because it will took everyone by surprised. Therefore, let the church awake from slumber and pray for the emergency of the rapture before the world advancement because cashless policy and abolishment of ATM CARD or MasterCard will surely lead us into an Anti-Christ Kingdom age.

Though the Beast will not emerge now but everything has already been strategized and prepared for his coming either you believe me or not. Likewise also, very soon there wouldn’t be registration of card or documenting of patient record in the hospital inasmuch you have microchip implant in your body.


The ATM machine
You just place your hand on the machine and the sickness in your body will automatically be diagnosed and you wouldn’t have to undergo x-ray or medical checkup. It seem resemblance with automobile company where computer system can easily analysis and detect the fault of a vehicle, this same scenario will be witness whenever microchip is implanted in your body.
Likewise also, during that period you wouldn’t crave for visa approval only if you have the money. Even in the airport, no security personnel will search you inasmuch you have the microchip implant in your body. You can enter any country without visa because you will be accepted generally as citizen of the world. You will be tag as worldly citizen because you have no business with Heaven or God but rather a citizenship of the world.
However, before you falls victim for such worldly citizenship—-beware!; you are warned and if you love money dearly you will easily be lured into this trap. At this moment, perhaps you are striving for presidency post in your country. You can’t attain such honored position without Microchip implant in your body because your country will like to protect and ensure your safety.
Moreover, most of today world president has already implanted this Microchip. In World Bank, there is no signing of signature for account identification. Today, the same microchip implant is also used in detecting, approval and allocation of account in World Bank. If you are aiming of securing your money in World Bank; beware of this fact because that is mindset of many pastors.


The moment you decide to bank your money in the World Bank, you just have to forget everything about rapture. Howbeit, if you love this world, you will definitely missed Heaven. Though, you might call this confession bluff, but have I ever persuaded you to join my church since emerge of this confession from series 1-5? Did I instruct you to bring your tithe to me? Did I tell you to bring money so that I can pray and heal you? Did I profess that am a miracle performer?
My dear, if I could spend my money in studio in waxing this confessional record, yet you regard it as bluff and called me liar, I suggest you go for deliverance because something is wrong with you. Though, I have encountered many pastors who regard my confession as bluff and lies, No problem because they like to justifies themselves.
Please, don’t partake with them ignorantly but rather pray unto God and ask him to reveal the truth behind this confession unto you, as you have attempted and followed me to the last series of my confession of how I spend 990 years in kingdom of darkness.
1 Timothy 6:6-12 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. 9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.
12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses”

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Please watch and pray ceaselessly every day, examined your Christian secret and activities. Always be in earnest expectation of rapture and ensure you don’t love the world or lover of money but rather be contend with your godly blessing and strive for Heavenly glory. I pray that the Lord God almighty will strengthen and preserved your soul from the wicked of the last day and to empower you to make Heaven in Jesus name-amen.

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