Many people pray. But the majority of those who get results do so because they use the Word of God. There are those who use the Word of God and get results. Even false prophets can use the Word and see results. Not everyone who gets results by way of the Word has the Holy Spirit. They get results because the Word of God has been given the power to work so that the Almighty is glorified.


When it comes to prayer that goes up from Earth, it is only about 2000 persons that are heard in Heaven out of all the multitudes who cry to God. This prayer is heard in the department of prayer in Heaven.


To understand how this works, let us consider this. Every human was made with a mouth. You can not lend your mouth to someone else; your mouth is yours alone. In Heaven, everyone is seen to stand alone and takes responsibility for their own life. That is why salvation is personal; people can never believe en masse. Each individual makes his or her own decision and each one is judged alone. Just as your mouth is your own and no one can share it with another, in the same way, your heart is yours alone. You can never lend your heart to another. That is why there is no bargaining or pleading in Heaven just as it is in human courts. You are responsible for your own life and you stand or fall alone.


For example, even if someone found you going to do work for God and he persuaded you to go and do something else and you agree. If you agree to go and you failed to fulfill your commitment, then it is charged against you. It is charged against you for having failed to go and do what you had set out to do at first. But again it is charged against you for not having fulfilled your agreement to go to where you had accepted to go. However, the person who seduced you is responsible for their own portion of action and words, i.e. for having cooperated with the devil and allowed to be used.


The reason why you are charged with such as offense is because in Heaven they expect you to defeat the devil and overcome his snares. You are expected to win. We are told to fight the good fight. In Heaven, they cheer you on despite the opposition of the devil so that you win. They are happy with us as we fight on and win but they are disappointed whenever we fail. So when we fail, we disappoint all of Heaven. That is why the charge is against us because we are expected to win the enemy.


Here on Earth, everyone has his ‘tube’ or something like a ‘pipe’. It is not only believers who have it but it the same for everyone whether saved or not. Every person has his own ‘tube’ which goes up to Heaven; and note that what I am saying here [what the Lord sent me to say] applies to every human being. God is the one who created every one whether you believe in Him or not. You will be responsible to God and you will answer on that day whether you take these things seriously or not. Whether you have decided to practice witchcraft or not, you will meet God and will have to answer.



That is why the Word of God in Revelation 14:13 And I heard a voice from Heaven saying to me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from now on: Yes, said the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.


For some people, their deeds go shouting “Justice, justice,” following them as they leave Earth after death.


Everyone has a tube that connects to Heaven. It is like the example of the mouth; each one has his own mouth. But just as some people do not use their mouths, in the same way, some people do not use their ‘tubes.’ It is the devil who makes things to be misused or unused. Everyone who is a human being has a ‘tube’ or ‘pipe’. Every word or thought goes through your personal pipe and it connects in Heaven to your personal phone. These pipes are connected by a system and they connect you to your personal phone. Everything that goes through these pipes and phones goes to the concerned department in Heaven. Every individual on Earth has their phone in Heaven.


These ‘tubes’ resemble the medium plastic pipes which they use here on Earth in houses or in making toilets to carry water. The phones are on a pole in Heaven; this pole is like the poles that people make here on Earth when constructing storied buildings. There is a huge pole in Heaven on which the phones of everyone on Earth are found. The pole has four sides and it is sparkling white. Every individual on Earth has a phone on that pole. Each individual’s phone place also has your number; it has the day that you were placed in your mother’s womb; it has your birth date. It also has your history and lineage from your ancestors up to you.







Now imagine that you are here in the studio and you think like this, ‘I am busy now but after, I will go home at 11:00pm and at 11:25pm I will pray.’ As you think that thought in your heart here on Earth, in Heaven they hear every bit of it loudly the way you would hear loud sound from very big speakers here on Earth.


In Heaven, there is no difference between words, thoughts, secrets, etc. They are heard as loudly as a loudspeaker all over Heaven. Immediately the angels that are concerned start getting ready to receive your prayer. They get ready and wait for your prayer at that exact time. I saw that because of this, angels are made to move up and down in vain a lot by human beings. This is because people think a lot and they speak or talk a lot but they rarely put those thoughts or words into actions. If you thought of praying at a given time and in a given place, the angels will get ready and wait there for you. The angels do not miss the time; they do not add or subtract on the time you decided or thought about in your heart.



Angels are made to move up and down a lot because people think and talk a lot but they act very rarely; they do very little. Every thought or word is an order to the angels in Heaven. The moment you think of it, they get ready to receive the prayer. For example, someone tells you that there is a pastor who prays on radio at such a time. If you decide in your heart that you will pray with that pastor at that time on the radio; let’s say at 11:40 o’clock.


The moment you think that in your heart, angels get to work on that issue; immediately a file is opened on the issue. If on that day angels come and find you not where you have decided to pray from, for example at home, they will wait there and it will be charged against you.


In case you have been diverted by an emergence, it is still expected of you to carry out what you had decided in your thoughts at the exact time you set in your heart. If you fail, it is charged against you. SO IF YOU DO NOT MEAN TO CARRY OUT SOMETHING, DO NOT THINK ABOUT DOING IT NOR TALK ABOUT OR SAY IT OUT.


Even if you get an emergency call that diverts you, you are expected to fulfill what you set your heart to do. You must first fulfill it because angels are expecting you there where you decided in your heart to be at that exact time. If you do not go there to carry out the action, then you may go for what you call an emergency but you have left your angels behind. [You then expose your self to unknown danger]. Many times we leave our angels behind and we go on our own. When people go where they are not supposed to be they leave their angels behind.


Even when it comes to worldly programs, angels are there on the dot of the time. If for example, you are the president and you promise to meet people but you change the program and not come, it means that you have not only disappointed people on Earth but also the angels in Heaven. The only program that angels do not get involved in is that of going to the devil’s shrine. When you decide in your heart that you will go to a witch’s shrine, there are no angels set in Heaven to go there with you.


As I said last time, every human has a personal ‘pipe’ and phone and angels that are in charge of that person’s prayer – each human has four angels. Each one’s angels are in charge of receiving that person’s prayers. If you do not pray, your angels are left redundant without work to do. When one prays, the prayer goes through the personal ‘pipe’ as I explained last time. Then it goes to your phone in Heaven and the angels responsible receive it and they process and present it before the Throne. Then after the answers are handed over to those angels in charge of bringing answers and they bring them to you.








But in the middle heavens before the answer reaches there are principalities of darkness and rulers etc of the devil’s domain. These principalities and demons fight hard with the angels to try to stop the answers from reaching you. However, if you are strong in prayer and you remain praying and believing strongly, you strengthen your angels to win and bring you the answer. But if you are weak, they may lose the battle and you do not receive the answer. If you started strong but become weak in believing and prayer, then most likely you do not receive it.


Let me mention a common habit of prayer. Someone may go to a pastor and ask that the pastor prays for him. But if I pray for you, my angels are still the ones in charge of processing the prayer because it is from me and they are the ones assigned to receive and process my prayer. My angels process the request I ask on your behalf before it is passed on to your angels.


However, even if I have prayed for and you do not pray yourself, your angels may fail to bring back the answers to you. THE RESPONSIBILITY IS ON US TO STRENGTHEN OUR ANGELS IN


THE BATTLE WITH THE DEVIL THROUGH OUR UNCEASING PRAYER AND FAITH. You are the one to strengthen your angels in the battles. You must use your mouth to speak because you have been given the authority to speak and the angels obey. They can not do the speaking for you. No one can speak for you if you are to strengthen your angels. You must speak so that the heavens above are released for you to receive your answer.


WHEN YOU SPEAK THE DARKNESS THAT STANDS IN THE WAY TO RESIST YOUR ANGELS GIVES WAY AND YOUR ANSWERS ARE BROUGHT BY THE ANGELS. Receiving your answers is a personal responsibility whether it is a prayer from yourself or prayer made on your behalf. Even if we pray a prayer of agreement on your behalf, you must agree and you must continue in faith and prayer so that you can strengthen your angels to bring the answers.


The reason why a person’s angels may fail to bring the answer to your request is because you have lost strength in faith and prayer. If that happens, the angels too lose the strengthening power which comes from your prayer. If you lose strength, your angels may be stopped by the principalities in the heavens.


Excerpt from Aidah Nakasujja Namayanja’s 2006 Visit To Heaven. Download this pdf to read the transcripts of Aidah’s interviews on radio programs.


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