This is Prophet Adam’s testimony of the 361 chambers of Hell. The Lord visited me and showed me the reality of the afterlife. The Lord said, “I am showing you this because I want you to go to the world and tell the world the reality of the afterlife and Hell that you will see here so that they will know that there is life after death.”


The Lord said, “The attraction, entertainment, and pleasure of this world is blinding the world population about the reality of the afterlife. But humanity must understand that if the rapture is being delayed, death will come like a thief in their lives.”


Beloved, I was taken to Hell in a period of 361 days in order to visit the 361 chambers of Hell. In John 3:16, the Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


Brother, when the Lord took me to this high mountain, the Lord asked me, “What are you seeing?”


When I looked I saw 12 craters over the globe. They seem like funnels. These craters or funnels were like moving. They were all over the earth.


The Lord said, “These are the 12 entries of Hell.”


I was watching when I saw that these 12 craters becoming one. Quickly I heard a powerful voice that said, “Delivery.”


When I heard this voice saying “delivery,” I saw thousands of human souls being sucked by these 12 craters that were like in a funnel. These numerous souls seem like sand falling beneath the earth through these funnels. When we followed these souls that were falling in these craters, I saw creatures that were bound on the side of Hell. They were scary.


When we entered Hell, brother, there was an unbearable stench. It was like the whole world is dead and you are exposed to the stench of the corpses of the world. I was hearing cries of hopelessness and despair. There was a darkness that was not on the earth.


I said, “Lord, I cannot bear this.”


He told me, “My son, you better see what I am about to show you.”


I said, “Lord, I will tell the world that this place exists.”


The Lord said, “You have to see this. It is necessary.”



When we began to fall in Hell, I saw that we were like descending in a volcano. It was red. Demons were trying to catch us but they could not. When we reached Hell I saw a limitless landscape, the sand on the ground was red.


Then I saw a huge and silent queue of people. They were numerous in thousands. While these souls were in the queue, I saw that the sand upon which they were standing was hurting them. I saw that in the air, there were demons flying over.


They were saying to these lost souls, “Rejoice, for this is your kingdom for eternity. You who chose evil, rejoice for you will be here for eternity to eternity.”


I was watching the queue. Then I saw a demon that was holding a chain that was heated in high temperature. It was really red. This demon was hitting the souls that were off the line because of the red sand that was hurting them. And whenever he beat people with this chain, they were huge cuts on their bodies. But I noticed that instead of blood, huge worms were falling out from their cuts and their bodies.


The Lord said, “These people are waiting to be called and be cast into the fire of Hell.”


The Lord then took me to the beginning of this queue. When we reached the gates of Hell, where the queue started, I saw a man sitting on a throne. He was dressed in a gray garment that was dirty. And before him was a table that was endless. I can afford to say that this table was as long as our borough.


Besides this man was a huge plasma TV, where he was projecting on this screen the lives of many people. This demon was Nickel or Apollyon. He was many meters tall. He was guarding the gate and directing souls to the 361 chambers of Hell



Then the Lord said we have to visit the 361 chambers of Hell. There are 12 gateways that lead to Hell. These entries of Hell lead to the 12 tunnels, which lead to 361 chambers of Hell.


I would like to clarify that each chamber of Hell has the size of a continent like Africa or Asia.




In Hell, we visited a place called the chambers of music where I heard the sounds of all kinds of music. I mean secular music and Christian music by soul guitarists, drummers and those playing all kinds of instruments. I thought there was something good in this place. But it was not the case.


When the Lord asked me to enter, brother, when we entered in this chamber of music, I saw popular musicians of our country, I saw notorious American celebrities and I heard some other rappers like Puff Daddy in this chamber. Their songs were playing here. They were leading fans of world music to Hell.


I saw these musicians who were on top of a mountain where it was written, “Mountain of Torment.” At this mountain of torment, I saw the souls of musical artists and fans of secular music. These fans of secular music had chains on their necks, which was similar to the one people put on dogs. The chain went beneath the ground. These fans of worldly music will lead to this mountain of torment by demons of music.


When a man listen to secular music and any music that is not inspired, there is condemnation on him. I saw musical celebrities on a platform in this mountain of torment. They were forced to play music. This was their condemnation. These were singers, drummers, guitarists and as they were playing souls of their fans that were attached to secular music were around the platform and listening and being tortured. In fact, while the music was playing in this place, there was a rain of fire falling on them. Musical celebrities and fans were all burnt. I saw the fans of secular music who had their lower part buried beneath the ground and their upper part that was visible were covered with worms and demons were tearing apart members of their bodies that allow them to listen to secular music.


I saw the demons of Hell who captured the souls of people who listened to secular music, transporting them to this chambers of music. Hearing secular music is condemnation. I saw musicians and those who listen to their music, they were all in this place.


The Lord showed me a popular pastor of our city. Before his conversion, he was attached to secular music. When he came to Christ, he began to serve God. However he failed to separate from secular music. He continued to listen to secular music coming from his phone through the headphone, for fear of being caught. When he died, he fell in this place for failing to separate from the world.


In Hell, I saw demons tearing apart his ears in order to pull out their mundane songs that he used to hear. This pastor was crying for his torment was unbearable, and there was rain of fire falling on him. The Lord told me that this rain of fire was the word of good testimony that people on the earth were saying about him. Whenever people are testifying about his good character, their words are coming to him in the shape of rain of fire falling on him.


In Hell, I saw a lady who like to listen to the songs of Franco Luambo. But when she came to the Lord, she could not sing these songs anymore, but the lady was singing Franco songs in her heart. When she died, she went to Hell and demons were tearing apart her heart to pull out secular songs that she was singing in her heart. The fire of Hell is not like the one we have on the earth and the torment of Hell must be avoided.


There was also a gospel musician in this chamber. What I saw in Hell were chaos and carnage. These demons of Hell are butchers, they were tearing apart people. I saw demons tearing apart people’s mouths in order to pull out their songs, for they used to sing secular songs with their mouths as because this is their property. Secular music is the property of the devil. Demons torn apart the hearts of people who sing world music in their hearts in order to get their songs out for these people saying profane music in their hearts in their lives.

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I asked the Lord Jesus Christ, “Is secular and worldly music bad?”


The Lord told me, “My son, look up.”


When I looked up, I saw on the top of the mountain of torment, a Congolese musician that died many years ago. We used to call him a great master. I saw demons had bend this artist for he was in a bent position on top of a huge rock that was red because it was heated in high temperature. On his back, there was also a rock so he was bent forever. I saw that he was holding a guitar that was not burning, though he himself was burning. I saw that he was forced to sing profane music, including Christian music.


I said to the Lord, “He is singing even Christian songs.”


The Lord said, “The devil knows that My children would not listen to secular music. Therefore he is composing Christian songs that will be given to My servants, especially those who are opening doors and living in sin.”


The Lord said, “Many of the Christian songs you hear in the world are not My songs for they’re not inspired by the Holy Spirit.”


As the musician Franco Luambo was singing these songs, I saw the demons of music coming to take these songs, which they took inside the lava of Hell, in order to clothe them with strange fire, and then they traveled to the world to inspire singers and servants of God that were living in sin.


I saw that when these songs were put in circulation on the earth, the winged demons of music were dropping lava of Hell people so that they would burn with a desire of hearing these songs. These fire or desire in people’s hearts to listen to secular music and demonic Christian music was from Hell.


If you like hearing these music in your phone, when you die in the afterlife, the phone will be the service and evidence in your condemnation. I saw that when Christian and gospel singers released their songs and albums that were inspired by demons, I saw these winged demons of music above churches. They were shouting to the congregations of God’s people and saying, “God’s people, you must get the new album released by brothers such and such. You must play their songs in your churches and your houses.”


These demons were inside God’s children to buy Christians songs that were demonic. I saw that when churches and God’s people were hearing these demonic religious songs that were inspired by demons, these unclean spirits were attracted in their houses and in their churches. thanks to satanic gospel songs.


As demons are always attracted wherever secular music and uninspired songs were played, when God’s churches was singing and praising with these demonic Christian songs that were inspired by demons, I saw that these winged demons of music were attracted, they were suspended above these churches and they were moving their wings as God’s people were singing.


These winged demons of music were releasing strange fire of Hell in the congregations of God’s people. And I saw people speaking in tongues as if the Holy Spirit fell on them. Some people were falling and they were reacting as if the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon them.


These winged demons were dropping fire and lava of Hell. It was confused with the power of the Holy Spirit. I saw these demons of music shaking and hitting their wings.


The Lord said, “What caused my children to be attached to songs that are inspired by demons is the fire of Hell. For whenever these songs are being played, my children feel like they enter the presence of God because of the strange fire of Hell. Demons are imitating the Holy Spirit fire that work in the believer. If you are attached to secular music, it will take you to Hell. And if you listen to Christian music of artists that are in covenant with the devil, you are giving glory to the devil, and your soul is in danger.”



The Lord said, “What we like and what we hear can lead to judgment. God’s children must separate from secular music. Many of the Christian songs on the earth are composed by demons.”


In this chamber, I heard many Christian songs that were popular in the country. Some of them were still to be released for many Christian songs are from Hell, like the musician who sang about the key of God, the song like triumphal or telephone, these popular Congolese songs came from demons.


They were many Christian songs that were being played in Hell. The issue is that when a gospel singer is not in intimacy with the Lord, when he is living in distraction, when he opened doors for the kingdom of darkness, he will be inspired by demons of music to compose a Christian song of Hell.


Even though the song will be evangelical it is nevertheless from the kingdom of Hell. It is not the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God’s people that would listen to this song will be in condemnation for they are giving glory to the devil.


In Hell, I heard a Congolese gospel song called “Throne.” This song was playing in Hell long before it was put in circulation. Since God’s servants are no longer close to the Spirit of God, since they are in distraction, demons went on to inspire a God’s servant to compose this song.


Songs like “Thankful” of Mary Mary was playing in Hell long before it was released to the evangelical world. When this song came out, I reminded people that I talked to them about this. The big issue is that demons are giving inspiration to Christian singers because these servants are not walking in intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I was instructed not to expose their names but I will hint the title of their song that I heard in the chambers of music in Hell.


The Lord said, “Any song that is not inspired by the Holy Spirit is of the devil and cannot be sung. People that are hearing these songs have judgment of God upon them.”


There was a song that I heard in Hell that was supposed to come out in the future, and some are right now such as Crown and Throne. I heard these songs in Hell even before they were out. Many


people who heard this testimony in 2014 and 15 know about what I am talking about, for I gave them the title of the song that I heard in Hell, which was supposed to be put in circulation.


I asked the Lord, “How can Your children escape evangelical songs that are not inspired? And how come gospel singers who are your servants inspired by demons?”


The Lord said, “Whenever Christian singers are not walking in holiness, they will not be inspired by the Holy Spirit because demons will start inspiring them.”


The Lord said, “These songs of demons are clothed with the strange fire of Hell. And when My people hear them they feel fire and they think that it is the fire of the Holy Spirit. Yet it is the fire of Hell. People think that they come to My presence when they hear these Christian music, but in truth, they come into the presence of demons. For many of these songs are inspired by demons.”

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