Breaking The Yoke And Curse Of Alcoholism In The Life Of Christian — Part 1

Breaking The Yoke And Curse Of Alcoholism In The Life Of Christian — Part 1

Not too many years ago one use to hear frequently the comment, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” Recognizing that refraining from drinking didn’t change the alcoholic personality. Today, many people suffer from the ravages of alcohol without even suspecting where it’s coming from.

The reason alcohol problems live past the usage of it is that evil spirits have come in, and they do not leave simply because one quits drinking. You or your ancestor’s involvement in the use of drugs or alcohol opens the door for the demons to come in.
Once the demons are in, they don’t really care if you drink anymore or not. The door has been opened and they’ve seized the opportunity to take up residency in their new home. Many have thought, “ I’ve been dry for years, I don’t have any alcohol problems.” That would be nice, however the problems of alcohol go much deeper than just drinking.
Hence the adage of “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” In fact, when you go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting each of the members say, “I’m a recovering alcoholic.” A required statement of the members of an “AA” group. Sadly, the statement is very true because even though the drinking may have stopped, the way they think, act, and treat their family, handle their job, or finances still give the loud testimony that they are “still alcoholics.
If you or someone you know is an Alcoholic After Sobriety, or manifest any of the symptoms mentioned in this update, deliverance from evil spirits can change a life. Lifelong bondage and torment from alcohol and drugs can be ended. (For where the spirit of Christ is, there is Liberty) With deliverance and healing you can someday say, “I’m not an alcoholic anymore.” (Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.)
Yes even after you stop drinking there are undoubtedly still alcoholic patterns lurking under the cloak of alleged sobriety. Alcoholic Patterns are the personalities of demons that cause you to think like an alcoholic, act like an alcoholic, spend money like an alcoholic, treat your spouse and kids like an alcoholic, drive your car like an alcoholic, and even work like an alcoholic.
These spirits manifest with certain patterns in your life and the lives of your descendants until dealt with in deliverance. Below witchcraft manipulation on alcoholism is culled from Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu confession titled “The Secret And Origin Of Witchcraft” where he exposed the dept secret ways majority whom are addict into alcoholism and smoking always find it difficult to stop or quit alcoholism and smoking.
The Secret And Origin Of Witchcraft By Evangelist Emmanuel Omoobajesu

Let us examine the witches and smoking. If you see any person or people smoking cigarettes or marijuana or hemp or cocaine, any kind of thing smokable — usually, it’s not their fault, it is the witches who are the cause of such evil works. If therefore you see such a person, you should be praying for them; if you have them in your family.

When the witches want to fight with any individual, and they discover that the nature of such a person is too strong for them, what they do is this: they attack indirectly and use that individual to destroy himself.

The individual will be doing those things but he will not know the forces behind what he was doing. They will take what is to be his prosperity of that individual’s life and begin to insert it into cigarette sticks or hemp rolls or pipes for such individual to continue to burn it up by himself. He will then claim to be enjoying life through smoking but, very gradually ruin his life for him and some people  after been trapped by marijuana, by cocaine, by hemp smoking and they don’t know what to do again.
They commit suicide, thereby, become useless to their family, become useless to themselves, become useless to society. John 10:10 Jesus said a thief cometh not but to steal, to kill, to destroy and that is the goal of the witches. That is the goal of the devil: to kill and destroy. They make you useless, useless to yourself, useless to the family, useless to the nation.
Now, if you observe the person is well to do before the attack came and instill in him the spirit of smoking, they will plant an incurable disease or many sicknesses in his body to the extent that he will not even know what he’s suffering from. So you’d be surprised that the-the person cannot enjoy his prosperity due to ill health. Then the person who had stamina and used to be very strong, very hard working before he started…before he started to smoke, he will not be able to work much again.
He will start to pant and to puff. These are some of the evil effects of the diseases caused by the attack of the witches on that individual through smoking. People will say he contracted those diseases through smoking. Many people who die as a result of smoking, people often say that witches have killed them.
This is very true. But the method by which the deed is done — the method by which the damage was done is not what people actually think. All they do is they help the person to kill himself. Many governments forbid the advertisement of cigarettes in their televisions or radio because they know smoking leads to death so they don’t want to propagate it.
Even in countries where they advertise the sales of cigarettes, it is the profits that the government derives from all those narcotics. From the proceeds of the sales that makes them do it. Everybody, I’m sure, everybody in their consciousness, they know smoking is evil and it causes ill health and untimely death. 


Let talk about witches and drinking. In drinking, the witches have charmed into the drinks three evil spirits, four, if you like to know.

  1. There are the spirits of peacock.
  2. The spirits of gorilla.
  3. The spirits of a lion and
  4. The spirit of a pig.

You discover that the moment a person becomes a drunkard, the things he could never accomplish in so many years, he will be saying that he will do it in the next two hours or he want to do it immediately, or that he can do it within a short time. He will start to talk proudly and to show off because the pride of the peacock has become a part of him.
As he then drinks more heavily, he will become more talkative and start to shout down on every other person in the conversation. He will become rude to almost any body and he may not know. And when he knows he might not care at all to feel sorry. He now becomes oppressed by the spirit of the gorilla.
The gorilla, in its nature, neither fears nor respects anybody. He will become talkative, boastful and rude like a lion because he believes he’s the overall thing out there. Then as he continues with the drinking, the witches will inject into him the spirit of the pig. The nature of the pig, as you know it, is to wallow in the mud.

a drunkard in gutter

No matter how you try to keep a pig clean, it will only feel satisfied when it gets inside the mud. So until you get into your cup before you feel satisfied, isn’t it? And how long will you cope with this alcoholic problem? So, it’s in the last stages during the life of a drunkard, he will drink till he starts to vomit, he starts to throw up or roll himself on the floor. This is how the witches fight with a drunkard until they have destroyed him completely.

There is something they use in their group, just like a thick cotton lid that has been soaked in thick palm oil. When the witches want to plant in a man either the spirit of smoking or the spirit of drunkenness, they will first use the heavy cotton wool to block his inner ears tightly. The reason why they do this is that when people talk to him to stop drinking or to stop smoking, he will never listen.
Every advice you give him along that line will irritate that individual. If you warn him, for example, that smoking leads to death, he could reply to you “What is your concern if I die? My life is not even yours anyway” This is why it is very difficult for an unbeliever to give up smoking or drinking by his own self will because there is a power, there is an unseen-forces that is driving this individual into doing those things that is unseemly, that is totally out of character.
He may desire to break the habit but, within a short time, he’s still coming back to it. He will go back to it because the dog will never feel satisfied until he goes back to his vomit. The determination alone is not enough; it’s not strong enough because it’s a bondage.

Smoking, drunkenness, fornication is a bondage.

So it is very necessary for the problem to be removed from the root and this is done only when the smoker or the drunkard or the addict gives his life to Christ Jesus. When the smoker or drunkard or the addict gives his life to Jesus Christ, the first thing that the Lord Jesus will do is to remove the cotton lid that was used to block his inner ears so that the person can hear the word of God because the bible says by spiritual hearing you can hear the word of God and by so doing you have faith. Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
When he allows the word of God to have a place in his heart then he can be delivered from the bondage of smoking and drunkenness and fornication — and every other kind of addiction. The bible says, and I repeat again, faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. But the person whose spiritual hearing had been blocked up, how can he hear the word of God that saves?
That’s one thing we need to consider here. So, if you are in the situation and you think you’re living a life of luxury when you put those pipes and you fill the whole room with that dirty smoke, and your room will be stinking. When you smoke those pipes, those cigars, those cigarettes, those hemp’s, those marijuana, those cocaine — when you smoke them and you think you’re living a life of luxury, I bet you, you are only been deceived.
Satan is deceiving you and for how long will you remain in that deceit? The purpose of the witches is to destroy you by causing to smoke and to drink and to commit fornication ruining your blood every minute of the day. And sometimes, you can contract AIDS. Don’t forget, that enemy is out there.
How happily you will live, how happily you’d be if you could only be free from the chains of the forces of witchcraft that has bind you for so long. How happily would you be if you be delivered from the spirit of smoking, and of drunkenness and of fornication and lying spirit that is destroying your homes, that is destroying your heart – and even you lie to yourself?!

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I know that the happiness could return back to you, even this very hour. I know that the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ is the power to help you and to deliver you from all these evil bondage’s of the enemy. You can be delivered from bondage of the witches and wizards and Satan and warlocks. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts shall help you to do it, amen!
I just want you to know “God really loves you” The devil can use his power to keep you in bondage through ignorance. You’d be claiming that no one can teach you anything —  that’s the worse enemy we have in this dispensation. We don’t like to be taught of what to do. We don’t like to be shown what to do. You’d be claiming you know better whereas you know nothing.
But when you learn the truth, you are taking the first bold step to walking in total victory over the enemy. And I want you to know this: one who thinks he knows everything, he still has a lot to learn. You don’t have to fail in any area of your life. I know it is the failure of your life — life’s frustration that has drawn many of you into drunkenness, into smoking, into all those drug addiction, frustration of life.
You want to become something. You don’t have to fail. God did not create you for failure, He designed you for accomplishment. But because you don’t know this truth, the devil is lying to you. You don’t have to be defeated in your life. You don’t have to be defeated physically. You don’t have to be defeated spiritually. You don’t have to be defeated mentally. You don’t have to be defeated financially.
You can overcome the devil. You can! Yes, I mean you can make it because the power of the devil is a stolen power. He stole that power and God Almighty is here to subdue the devil in your life if you would be willing to give that life of yours to Jesus Christ.
So, right now you hear this and you realize you’re in the bondage of smoking, of drunkenness, fornication, adultery and lying. I challenge you in the name of the Lord to give your life to Jesus Christ who will rebuke the evil spirit in your life and you will be totally free. Amen.!
Give your life to Jesus today. Do not doubt Him anymore. And I don’t want you to regret ever coming into this world at all. You know something? God has deliberately spared your life today to listen to this message.
And I know, deliberately sparing your life is with a purpose. God don’t do things without a purpose. And the purpose of God sparing your life today is that there is something in your life that is wrong — God wants you to put it right. But if you fail to put it right!.
  1. Genesis 9:20-26 – Noah became drunk; the result was immorality and family trouble.
  2. Genesis 19:30-38 – Lot was so drunk he did not know what he was doing; this led to immorality
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  28. Proverbs 31:6-7 – Strong drink could be given to those about to perish or those in pain. Better anesthetics are available today.
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To Be Continue In Second Part

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