Danger Of Undone Restitution And Disobedient Of Christians

Danger Of Undone Restitution And Disobedient Of Christians


Restitution is a paramount and it very important in life of every Christian. It helps in silencing every forms of negative entice from the devil against Christian prayers. An undone restitution or confession always ignite guiltiness of heart and often empowered the enemies to have an upper edge against Christian faith and prayer force. The danger amounting from an undone restitution horrible.


Sometimes ago, I was in night prayer vigil and suddenly the pastor pause the ongoing personal praying session. He summons the whole congregation for sudden interceding prayer for a beloved brother whose health was critically jeopardized. In the course of the prayer, the pastor beckons unto us to direct and approach God through the bases of his mercy. Lamentations 3:22 “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not”
Though I was surprised for such interruption because we are already vibrating in spiritual aggressiveness, Holy Ghost firing and thundering the devil,. I was perturbed and kept wandering the reason for such prayer diversion in seeking for God’s mercy on behalf of our beloved brother who is critically laid in the hospital.
However, I wept and sobbed when the pastor said “My brethren, our brother illness have defiled medications and pastor’s prayers. Therefore, let us held hand together and plead for God’s mercy. Peradventure our brother might have committed a grievous secret sin, concealed and hide behind his cupboard.
Therefore giving the devil privilege to accuse his deliverance due to the undone restitution, Due to this fact, Satan might have held him ransomed with a very strong argument [same argument he has over Moses body] which has been withholding against his deliverance and healing”
a may laid on hospital bed
When i heard this, my heart sank-in, pumping with an uncontrolled wandering thoughts of self-examination, Initially, I never proposed to write this post but due to what i felt that night and similar stories of consequence of an undone restitution, it prompted me to share this emergency call and final warning to brethren parading with an undone restitution.
In-respective of your leadership position or degree in Christendom can you left up your hand and bold enough to say “Satan i challenge you, come and point out what is yours among my belonging. In my business, school life, secret life and thoughts, Point out what belongeth to you”
Brethren, can you tell the devil and ask him those question? Are you very sure you want to go Heaven and nothing which belong to the devil is in your possession? You may cover your sin, pretend and hid it from men but you can’t hide it from him that sited in darkest-dark. He that sited upon mount Jasper clotheth with all glory, honor and powers.
If you refuse to confess your secret sin or unveiled your undone restitution today; very soon that your secret hypocrite lifestyles will surely find you out. However, i solemnly pray that you shall not move before your hidden sin to hell but rather, your sin should move before you to hell. Moreover, through this warning post your sin is already sojourned to hell as a severe warning but failure to restitute and re-amend your evil secret lifestyles; you will blame yourself when you finally accelerate to Hell.
You board a taxi and after preaching you start begging for money from the passengers, abusing and trodden the gospel of the son of man, you are a disgrace to Christ. Perhaps, the taxi driver forgot to collect his transportation fees and instead of calling his attention you conceal the money, thanking God for not calling remembrance of the taxi driver. This is a pathetic and a devilish act of wickedness that amount for sorrowful repentance and confession.
You came out for church pledge and till date you haven’t redeemed or pay-up your vow and still professing of going to heaven, you are not worthy of God’s blessing because you are covenant breaker.  Perhaps, you took money without the conceit of your wife from her bag, just because she is your wife and also your property. My beloved, that is a horrible act and must be confessed.
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Just few days ago, you refused to return the whole balance that remains of the money you husband gave you for shopping or purchasing of family food stuffs, that is an act of wickedness. Just last month, you kept aside few matches sticks from the matches’ box your neighbor lendeth you; this sinful act and has sent many to Hell.

A woman At The Hall Of Holiness

a woman sent to hell for stealing matches
A woman came to that hall; and she was told, “You cannot pass-by.” And she said, “I lived a holy Christian life. What did I do?” The Angel said, “Fold you hands.” She folded her hands, and the Angel said, “Open them.” When she opened her hands, twelve sticks of matches were in her hands. And the Angel said, “Where did you get these twelve sticks of matches?” 
Then she said, “My neighbor gave me a box of matches to light my stove because I did not have any. I lit one and it did not light, but the second one was used to light the stove.” And then, she took out twelve extra sticks and put into her own match box without telling her neighbor.
But the Angel asked her, “Did you tell that you removed twelve sticks of matches. And she said, “I did not.” The Angel now said, Look up and read. And she read, “No unclean thing will ever go in.” And the Angel said, “How many unclean things did it say?” She said, “Only one.” The Angel now said, How many matches do you have?” She said, “Twelve.” And then the voice said, “DEPART!” Curled from; Divine Revelation By Pastor Abraham Yakubu— Do Not Glory Yet
While washing your children clothes, you behold a few cents of money in their school uniform and kept it aside but refuse to inform the child just because you are the parent. What an ignorant believer indulging in an ignorant sinfulness that has sent millions to Hell…!
You must inform that child that you took a specific amount of money from his/her pocket while washing his/her clothes irrespective of your relationship to the child or else the angel of God will tag you as a thief and will surely hindered you from entering Heaven.

A woman at The Hall of Restitution

what is restitution
A woman came into the room of restitution. This woman lived a life that pleased God; and she was so humble. But the husband was a wicked man. When the Angel said, “You cannot go …You cannot continue any longer.” She shouted, “Please, have mercy on me … I used all my life to please God.” The Angel said, “Truly, all your life you have lived a life that pleased God, but look at what happened.” (Because Jesus Christ said that anything done in the secret will be revealed openly; so we were watching it on the screen).
In the morning of that particular day, she came to her husband for money for food and he gave her a little amount. But she told her husband, “Truly, this is small.” She now faithfully gathered her husband’s clothes to wash and discovered that there was ₦27,500 in a pocket of one of his trousers; and took ₦7,000 from it. Before God and man, she did not buy anything for herself (not even a brassiere), but used the money to prepare food for the children, herself and her husband.
 So she said, “Please, I did not do anything evil with the money.” And Heaven said, It is true that you did not buy anything personal with the money but used it to cook food for your family, but did you tell your husband that you took ₦7,000 from his pocket? And don’t forget that we are in The Hall of Restitution … A thief will not enter Heaven.” And with that, the voice said, “DEPART!” Curled from; Divine Revelation By Pastor Abraham Yakubu— Do Not Glory Yet.
What can i say about the unreturned, borrowed and stolen Cd, money, clothes, books, phones, shoes, bible, newspaper, phone charger etc. Romans 13:8 “Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law”
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Sin revisited at The Hall of Restitution

The Hall of Restitution
So when he (Angel) said, “PROCEED!”, I was looking at myself and thinking that the Angel might change his mind; but the next person was already being attended to. When I got to the wall, a door opened and I went outside. And immediately I stepped outside the door, that same narrow road I was following before from the junction of separation was where I found myself and I kept following the narrow path again. Right ahead of me, I saw a very big mansion with an inscription “Welcome to The Palace of Restitution. Your sins shall be revisited before you proceed further.
Listen to me; because there is restitution in the Bible, therefore there is room for restoring what you have stolen or someone else’s property that was left in your care. Please, return them back to the owner NOW! Think of anything that doesn’t belong to you which is with you: wristwatch, sun glasses, clothing, Bible, handset, money, cassette, CD, DVD etc.
Please return everything that does not belong to you before you get to The Palace of Restitution; and it can only be done NOW before you die. Even if you spent government, Church or somebody’s money in a wrong way, you must return them. If there is anything in your custody that does not belong to you, even as a minister of God (I know this is ridiculous), you must return it.
If you are in a  secret cult or/and you engage in fetish practice, I beg you, renounce them and destroy those things with fire before death comes, because, if death comes and meet with this dirty character, then you are indebted.
And certainly you will be “weighed in the balances and (will be) found wanting.” (Daniel 5:27). If you have not paid the dowry on your wife, go and pay it now because you are in debt. Please tell any wife that if she is collecting the family up-keep money from her husband and she decides (by her natural wisdom) to do contribution with said money, tell her that that is stealing and she must return them all to her husband with apologies and ask for forgiveness.
Likewise a husband that is stocking away money somewhere without the knowledge of his wife must go now and reveal the secret by letting her know. This is because “they are no more twain (tow), but one flesh.” (Matthew 19:6). A husband that borrowed money from the wife without paying it, should go and restitute now before it’s  too late.
“Again, when I say unto the wicked, Thou shall surely die; if he return from his sin (repent), and do that which is lawful and right (live righteously); if the wicked restore the pledge, give again (restitute everything) that he had robbed, walk in the statutes of life, without committing iniquity (not presently living in sin); he shall surely live (go to Heaven), he shall not die (not go to hell).”(Ezekiel 33:14 – 17)
So from Ezekiel 33: 14 – 17 (which is one of the whole counsels of God), restitution then is one of the conditions of getting into Heaven. Curled from; Divine Revelation By Pastor Abraham Yakubu— Do Not Glory Yet.
What can i say about church leaders heading church leadership post, such as house care leader, women leader pastor, deacons, usher’s, and deaconess using church money and tithe for personal investment. The Lord is watching you and if you refuse to embrace this warning and exposed that undone restitution today, you will have yourself to be blamed in eternity.

A General Oversea at The Hall of Restitution

A General Oversea was hindered from entering heaven due to restitution
A man, a minister of God who lived a holy life and preached the sound word of God was called. When he heard that he would not be able to proceed further, he asked, “Please, what did I do? I lived all my life to please God.” When his daughter wanted to get married, he took money from the Church’s purse and added it to his own money for the wedding.
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As the G.O. nobody asked him what the money was meant for. At the end of the year, the Church’s account was read and there was no specification that that particular money was used for the G.O.’s daughter’s wedding; and so it was put as miscellaneous expenses. And the G.O. said, “But, I did not hide it, the elders were there when the account was read.” And he was told, “Did you specify it?” And with that, the voice said “DEPART!” Curled from; Divine Revelation By Pastor Abraham Yakubu— Do Not Glory Yet.
The high rate of disobedient and sexual immoral thoughts and lusting among Christian youth today is horribly and quite alarming. You call yourself a privilege youth but still indulges into Boy and Girl relationship which always result into sexual immoralities and lustfulness, you shameful to kingdom service.
Your facebook and whatsapp chat inbox and phone text messages is rotten with disgusting immoral discussion, you are a disgrace to heaven. As a youth you receive a financial favor, a cash gift or allowance but you refuse to pay your tithe, and still justifying yourself as none working class, you are a disgrace to Christendom and not a privileged..
Perhaps, you are full of yourself, engulf with egoistic outlook, pride and while in school you don’t proclaim Christ, you are a disgrace to Christianity. They knew you as Son and daughter of frequency of worldly highness in School but at home you become Saint Peter and Mary; you are deceiving yourself.
Physically, people see you as HOLIER THAN THOU in modest attires, no earring, no women trouser or pant, no makes-up, no jewelries or attachment but inwardly your mindset is corrupt with various forms of immoralities. Perhaps, you still entertain the desire or pleasure to admire such abominable apparel whenever you behold them, you are indeed worthy of death if you refuse to eschew those negative thought because God isn’t mocked. Romans 1:32 “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them”
Sometimes ago, I was invited to an international youth conference program and seminar in Lagos state Nigeria. At end of the program, I heard the pastor sounding a forewarned message to entire youth that came from outside state, to stay behind and not to sojourned back home that evening due to security purpose.
However, due to lack of fear of God in hearkening to godly instruction and disobedient heart, one of the youth decided to over-rule the pastor injunction. She left the church and boarded a bus that will convey her to her destination.
Unfortunately, she find herself in midst of ritual kidnappers but miraculously she was thrown off from the vehicle and accidentally smashed her head at the road side barricade. When rushed to hospital, she was only uttering “I shall not die”!!!
a sister in laying on road side stained with blood
Nevertheless, after some few hours she dies and her ministry ended due to disobedient in hearken to godly instruction. Hence, as you tend to overruled this warning message today, remember this story because next hour might be too late. I don’t know what you are hiding and secretly concealing from men all this while; but remember it is written and the scripture cannot be broke, Ecclesiastes 10:8 “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.
Whosoever that breaketh an hedge, the serpent shall bite him and when it does you can’t blame God but rather blamed yourself in eternity because next 5 minutes might be too late to confessed and unveiled your undone restitution.

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