Dream Interpretation Of Sweeping With A Broom

One of the purpose of sweeping is to maintain cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Our desire to maintain the cleanliness of our environment is what makes God to be happy with us. Broom is a tool used to sweep all kinds of dirties. So when the ground appears to be dirty, it is the broom that ensure the cleanliness of that place.

Let me share with you one great secret about the broom.

Despite the fact that broom is used for sweeping, it is also used as a battle axe against the devil. For example, when a person dream of sweeping the ground or the environment it means three things:

1. It means the broom is a spiritual warfare
2. It means the broom is chasing away the evil spirit in that house
3. It means the broom is purging the ground of every evil deposit.


1. It allows strangers into your room
2. It brings all kinds of losses
3. It serves as a monitoring spirit
4. It arrests your expected blessings
5. It contributes poverty to ones life
6. It imprison destinies
7. It brings bad luck etc

Isaiah 14:23 says, “I will also make it a possession for the hedgehog and swamps of water, and I will sweep it with the broom of destruction,” declares the LORD of hosts.

There are many people who came across the dream of using the broom to sweep the ground. Using the broom to sweep in the dream, it is a good dream. For example if a person liters the floor with papers, it is the broom that will be used to sweep it away. The same applies to anything drop on the ground. The more you sweep your environment, the more you want the goodness of that place. When you sweep in the village and it seems as if someone was challenging you, it shows there are hindering powers in that area who does not want something good to locate that house or village. If you are in a house and the lanlord is preventing you from sweeping the ground, it is time you plan to leave that house. It shows that the landlord is working against people’s progress in that house. When you dream that broom scattered on the ground, it shows that something bad would happen in that family. An indication that there is no peace and unity in the family. If you are reading this now and you discover that your broom was stolen in the dream, then you should get ready for various satanic attacks. Because that broom was a enemy to the enemy.

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Village dream means backwardness. But if you dream of using Broom to Sweep your family compound in the village, it means you are challenging the spirit of backwardness, failure and hardship in that house. It means that it was God that showed you the vision to go to the village and Sweep some spiritual entities militarily against the destiny of people. You did not Sweep the ground by mistake or by trial and error, but it is by God’s mercy and power. It is a thing of joy when you Sweep every corner of the room or compound of your father’s house or mother’s house.  The moment that you see yourself sweeping your formal house more than once in the dream, it means your destiny has been buried in your formal house which is portents enough to dragged you back in life. So Sweep out dirtiest in that house shows that you are withdrawing or collecting all the things that represent your glory in that formal house. 




In my part of the world, it is culturally practiced that you cannot use the broom to sweep in the night. They believe that if brooms are used to sweep the ground in the night, that some certain mysterious things would happen. It would open doors to witchcraft manipulation. Do not be surprised that someone will take that same broom from you and ask you to sweep it the next day. The battle between the broom and evil spirit is becoming a hot debate. The history of broom usage runs through every home, as a common strategy  for satanic manipulation. The devil understand the purpose of the broom, hence they use it to hinder destiny. This is not only hindrance it causes, but they will make sure they possess the life of that person completely with witchcraft spirit.

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In some homes, whether in the cities, or towns, you will notice a broom crossed at the entrance of a house. So any person that passes through the entrance of that house has his or her glory captured without them knowing.  The Bible says, they shall be swept away in Jesus name. Any house that is not surrendered to the Lord can easily be used by the devil to bring people into bondage. So many people have subjected themselves to the tradition of the broom. That’s why things are so difficult for people that place restriction on broom usage.

The ability to sweep in the dream stands for deliverance. As long as you are sweeping the ground whether in your father’s or mother’s house, it means you are getting rid of demonic presence staying in that environment. It is terrible to be attacked by witchcraft powers


Broom is powerful in the spirit realm. When you use a broom to beat a possessed person in the dream, means that you are forcing that person to confess. Whenever a person is using broom to sweep the ground, the evil spirit will run away.  Many people make the mistake of using their brooms to sweep other people’s home in the dream, it is dangerous as it is.


1. For restoration
2. For expecting divine visitation
3. To ensure the blessings of God to last in that environment
4. To disappointment the works of the enchanters and diviners
5. To fight against environmental forces
6. To create peace and unity in the home
7. To foster direction and clarity of purpose
8. To uproot whatever God has not planted
9. To terminate the footsteps of evil legs roaming around
10.To stop the operation of the wicked forces



1. When pains  and struggle are too much in the family
2. When no one to help the dreamer or the family
3. When there are too many unfortunate situations in the family
4. When delays are more pronounced
5. When no one can gather success or record what and what he or she has achieved
6. When the dreamer is tired about life’s situation
7. When prayers becomes the most difficult things to do
8. When the enemy is slowing down their destiny
9. When enemy of progress are too much
10. When there are a number of marital and financial problems in the family
11. When there are blockages at the edge of breakthroughs


1. Be born again. Give your life to Christ
2. Repent from every sin committed in the past
3. Carryout a thorough investigation about that house
4. Disintegrate the environmental powers causing problems in your life
5. Remove any barriers you noticed around your house
6. Baptize yourself with the fire of the Holy Ghost
7. Pray without ceasing
INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers from 6am -3pm. Bring out your broom and weep away every corner of your room and declare on the environment as you are aweeping the floor or ground


1. Every broom of witchcraft, controlling my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus
2. Inherited poverty in my father’s house, I reject you by fire, in Jesus name.
3. Evil legs in my environment, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every hinderance magnetizing-powers assigned against my destiny in this house, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name
5. I cover my house with the blood of Jesus.

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