How To Preach The Gospel Of Jesus Christ For Novice

How To Preach The Gospel Of Jesus Christ For Novice


Preaching the gospel of Christ everyday should be our responsibility. Telling people about salvation, repentance, glory In heaven, danger’s of hell in eternity and benefit and joy in making heaven. Preaching the gospel everyday gives God joy, because is the most heart beat of God”. But it required his grace and mercy in order to accomplished the mission in spreading the god news of his salvation, because by strength shall no man prevail.

Hence, some believers find it so difficult to preach the gospel, in public bus , vehicle , in crowed market square and even early morning cry, due to shyness, fear and lack of boldness and confidence in the lord. If you want to move forward in the ministry, preaching and evangelizing the gospel of Christ, you have to empty your heart, allow God to take prominent control and your daily prayer point, should go thus.

“My Lord Jesus Christ, I want to do your work, by spreading the good news of your gospel to all creation. Am available for your service, Come and used me for the accomplishment of the work which you started while on earth. I surrender my life unto you ooh Lord Jesus. Come and use me as your vessel in ministration and evangelizing.

In bringing good news, awareness of heavenly consciousness and revival among the believers, and to recover back the backsliders and sinners. I want you to revive an equipped me with necessary grace and empowerment also with the spirit and power of Boldness, confidence, and Authority as a child of God in preaching the gospel of salvation in an open public. In buses, streets,  market square, in my neighborhood , in early morning, in season and out of season in Jesus name , Amen.

Pray that prayer for 2 to 3 days and at same time begin to read devotional salvation message’s, Tapes and records, within those days proceed and swamp in to action, enter any bus, street , market square or congregation and you will see wonderful power of God in preaching.


A sinner can’t convert a sinner. Only a righteous man has the grace and boldness of preaching what he has believe and trusted upon, that is hope in Christ, because he possess the mind of Christ. Therefore an am evil , wicked, sinful , polluted, decayed, rotten and a mind with uncleanliness and unpurified or unsanctify man, that doesn’t  have the concern or feeling in maintaining holiness and righteousness can’t operate under those step above.
1 John 3:8″ A sinner is not a christian, neither a christian a sinner  You can’t be a sinner, and expect to win soul for Christ. You have to recovered yourself back to God first, before any exploit. The scripture also emphasis in  John 14:6That Jesus Christ is the way, truth and the light, and no one shall come to the father except through him For this reason, you have to surrender all totally to him, in all wiliness in repentance, confession , broken heart, body and with a contrite spirit for forgiveness.
John 1:12 said “for as many that received him he giveth the power to become the son of man, even those that believeth on his name When you accept Christ Jesus as your only Lord and savior. The strength, power, authority and spirit of son ship will be granted unto you. Likewise the grace and power to preach the gospel of truth and life. Therefore after you had been fortified with almighty power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, from above to go into the world and spread the gospel to every living creation. Been your first time, try to avoid eye contact with your audience.
Don’t argue or answer any question during your course of ministration or preaching to avoid losing concentration and focus. It might be the device of demons to discourage and make you feel ashamed or forgetful of your mission or target. Just maintain your peace, face forward, open your lip and let the holy spirit take over and  do the rest.
At that very moment , speak whatever you had learn and studied previously that proceeded from your mind. Never be afraid to mention different device’s of sins by there names and condemn all immediately. Try to lay more emphasis on the danger of missing rapture, Heaven and Hell. Express your deep concern and feeling to your audience, that you sincerely love them. Likewise, due to your generosity , meek heart and love, that you are not selfish and envy of salvation.
That was your main reason for standing before them that very moment, in sharing the important of salvation, Heaven and Jesus Christ. Explain to them, that you were once a terrible sinner. You had done so many unspeakable things during your ignorant and foolish days in the world. Immediately start mentioning your previous sins you deed while in the world.

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Because, you need to convinced them of the truth, before they can be converted. And also explain how the Lord uses his blood which he shed at the cross of Calvary in washing away of your sins and the important of his death about 2000 years ago.

Lay more emphasis on all deadly sins and there consequence or implication in their physical and spiritual life, such as malice, wickedness, wrong marriage, lie, prostitution, Girl/boy friendship, homosexual, immoralities, fornication, adultery, wrong marriage, envy, idolatry , back-biting, visiting herbalist,  indecent dressing by women/ men, painting and makes-up, Arm robbing, kidnapping , stealing etc.

If possible, mention some scripture references in backing them up. But if you can’t remember any, just move ahead. Moreover quoting multiples scriptures should be your secondary aim. But the most important thing is how, you present your message to your listeners.

Never allow fear, of not memorizing the scripture chapter’s and verse weaken your spirit or discourage you. Its a gradual process, But always endeavor to preach everyday. The more you preach or evangelize, the more the holy ghost will be available for you. If you stop preaching, you will lose the zeal and eagerness preaching.

Therefore you need to practice and work your preaching style and zeal out. However, you must make the word of God “BIBLE” your daily food. Try as much to read it everyday for more understanding and knowledge and also to guide you with the grace of spiritual understanding and interpretation of the scripture.

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Moreover, during the course of your ministration, if God laid some certain message or topic, but seem to had forgotten where it was written in the bible. But you knew what he scripture said concerning that fact , needed to back it up,  you can easily reference and said,


Everyone of us are call to evangelize and preach the gospel to the dying sinners and backsliders. Mark 16″15 “GO YEE INTO THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO ALL CREATION” If you are not preaching the gospel of Christ. Please start today and follow my analysis above. Romans 10:15 How beautiful are the feet of those that brings the good tidy of gospel of peace and truthPreaching the gospel is a thing of joy and fulfillment of the our Lord command.

You must partake-in, If you have the desire of making Heaven. It will be terrible, after you might had obey and honor all the commandment, and finally overcoming the world and its temptation and persecution. And later found yourself standing at the golden gate of Heaven expecting your crown glory and garment of righteousness in order to proceed into the marvelous Heavenly kingdom.

Unfortunate out of no-where, the demons appear with a Bible, quoting the scripture to the angels concerning your disobedient to the word of the Almighty Creator. For not fulfilling all the course and commandment about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The angels wouldn’t have any right to defend you. because the scripture had already been written, and we all shall be judge by the it. They will immediately hand you over for an eternal damnation in hell, due to not evangelizing and preaching the gospel of Christ to people. God forbid, But its will be very terrible and painful.

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