This is a testimony about getting involved unknowingly with a social network female demon and deliverance from the siren of the Internet.


Hello, beloved, welcome to the story of my life. I was in the streets. The Lord Jesus picked me up from the streets. He saved me. Then He sent me back to the streets to preach His gospel.


I was a player at all times in the concert enjoying life, deep into drugs and the pleasure of this world. My life was entirely devoted to beer and sex. I really enjoyed life and I was deeply immersed in alcohol and a life of fornication in many nightclubs and bars.


Besides, I was active in the music industry because I’m a drummer. I played drums in different musical groups in the city. I was a desperate man who would do anything for money. In fact, there was a desire in me to become rich and I was ready to do whatever it takes.


By the grace of God, I traveled abroad to Canada. Before my trip abroad, I started to attend a local church. However, I was not born again nor converted. I was only a churchgoer. To tell the truth, I was a carnal believer living a mundane life. Although I went to church I did not convert and I lived a corrupt, perverse and sinful life.


I was also in masturbation. There are men and women who buy items that they introduce in their private parts to satisfy themselves. This attracts water spirits that will possess and live in them. Actually, these fantasy objects are attached to demons. And whenever men and women use these objects, they are in physical contact and have sexual intercourse with the demons that are attached to these objects. I often went to the bathroom to satisfy myself and I watched a lot of pornographic films.


Moreover, I was a social network man. I was so addicted to the Internet and to social media that it was all my life. That’s where my life was centered. I always surfed and navigated dating and meeting sites to meet women online. Most of the time, I was looking for ladies in dating sites.


First, I was looking for women online for fornication and sexual pleasure. Secondly, since I was in poverty, I was hoping to find a woman who had a good social standard to take advantage of her money. I was going especially after Western women.


Thus when I arrived in the country of Canada, after asking for asylum, immediately I registered on a dating site. When I joined the dating site, quickly, I met a beautiful Caucasian lady on this dating site. I was delighted by her beauty and I told her about my feelings and interest. I told her that I loved her. The beautiful lady told me that she loved me too.


While we continue to talk on that day, this charming lady asked me to show her my nakedness and my male genitalia. I was not surprised because I was a promiscuous person. On the other hand, I told myself that it was normal in the West and that there was nothing wrong.


When the lady made this request I undressed immediately in front of the computer, and I showed her my male organ. While I was naked in front of the computer, the lady also undressed, and she started to show me her body.


While we were both naked in front of the computer, something terrible happened. I watched with my own eyes, the beautiful white lady turning into a naked black male. When I saw this charming lady turn into a black man, I was terrified and in panic. Immediately, I tried to shut down the computer in this atmosphere of panic, fright, and terror.


But this lady who turned to a black man wrote to me and said, “My dear, you have no choice, we will continue this relationship. You must understand that I am a female demon operating in social network platforms. You will do what I tell you, or you will suffer consequences. In case you oppose me, I will destroy your life.”


When I read the message of this lady I was filled with terror. I feared the worst and I was terrorized.


Beloved, showing your nudity in the social network is a great open door by which a Satanist can destroy you. This was the means by which this social network siren got me, thanks to the nudity. So there are physical demons and sirens operating in different social network platforms.


These sirens are the basis of prostitution in the social network. They push women and men to undress in the social network. They cause women to put seductive pictures that will push men to desire them.


Later on that very day after this incident on the Internet with this satanic woman, when I went to sleep, I had a dream. I saw in that dream that I was swallowed by a huge snake.


That’s how my relationship started with this social media siren. I mean, I wanted at all costs to dissociate myself from this lady of the dark world. Nevertheless, I realized that things were no longer in my hand. The lady made it clear that this relationship will continue whether I want it or not.


Actually, there are many men and women in social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp and other dating sites who are actually demons from the water kingdom. There are female devils and water sirens in many social networking platforms and dating sites. Make no mistake, not all social network members are human beings. There are people in dating sites and Facebook that are physical demons from the water world.


Since the first day of my meeting with this social network siren, I could not sleep anymore at night.


Already that day, I dreamt that I was swallowed up by a snake.


Considering the gravity of the incident of physical transformation that I witnessed from this water lady, I was convinced to initiate 10 days of fasting and prayer. And during these periods of fasting and prayer, the fight against this social network siren was triggered.


I knew that this female demon was not going to give up. She really wanted to collect my soul. In fact, since my conversation with this female devil who was a siren, I could not sleep peacefully at night. Basically, I had to wait for more than four years to have normal sleep. I slept during the day and I kept watch during the night.


Indeed, the social network siren came every night to rape me and have sex with me. She was insatiable. She was violent, abusive and aggressive. She came every day and night to have sex with me by force. Every time I close my eyes to sleep at night, this woman of Hell who was a social network siren came to me to rape me. And every time that lady came in my dreams, I was trying to wake up to avoid her sexual assaults.


In one night, I would wake up seven or eight times to avoid being raped by her and in one night, she could appear more than seven times and this was happening every time I went to bed to sleep. This torment was done to me as soon as I closed my eyes to sleep. Due to this aggression, I decided to keep watch at night.


And while all the world slept, I had to watch with eyes wide open. And in the day when all the world is awakened to go to their occupation, I slept and rest. I had to watch while all the world slept.


As the appearance of the siren of social network continued, I was no longer myself. I could not sleep at night while the whole world was resting and I had to make up for it because the siren was violating me and I was seeing snakes and infernal beasts in dreams.


Given that I could not sleep at night, I lost a lot of weight. I tried to sleep during the day and to watch at night, and everyone was amazed and worried for me because I had lost a lot of weight. Some said I had AIDS because I had lost a lot of weight. I was in distress and depression was profound.


Since I refused and rejected this lady of the dark world, she resolved to oppress me and persecute me. I could never imagine a lady of such beauty would be a devil of Hell harvesting souls of men in social networks. I knew that I was facing a dangerous and fatal situation.



In the end, I remembered God. Even though I often attended church, I was living a carnal Christian life and I was in rebellion. However, given the situation I was in, I decided to run to Jesus Christ for help. Without the support and help of Jesus Christ, I could not have survived the mortal attack of this devil and siren of the Internet who was obstinate to destroy me. Without Jesus Christ, I would be dead.


In fact, this siren of Hell came against my life in many ways to devour me. The most wonderful thing is that Jesus Christ never turns His back on anyone who comes after Him, so I resolved to find refuge in Jesus Christ.



However, this siren of the social network was determined to never let me escape. She had warned me beforehand very clearly that she was going to torture, torment and persecute me.


Soon after her threatening message, she had begun to torment my life. Although I had found protection in Jesus Christ, the social media siren initiated systematic and repeated attacks to destroy me. Jesus was at my side to save me from all these attacks.


One day, I was on a bus that was driving through the city. I was sitting in the bus filled with a lot of passengers when suddenly, I saw a tiger entering the bus. The tiger that showed up was in the middle of this bus in the aisle. He was heading towards me to devour me. I could see that nobody saw this tiger except me.


I prayed in my heart and invoked the name of the Lord while the tiger was heading towards me. And while I was praying, suddenly I saw a cage coming down from the sky and was restraining this tiger that was coming to devour me. This infernal animal that was the siren was restrained and imprisoned in this cage. Then the scene ended.


The Bible says, Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)


Beloved, this was the beginning of the fight that would last for five years during my stay in Canada. It was a long battle. While this conflict continued, I continued with my prayer in search of deliverance.


At the beginning. Every time this siren appeared, I was in a panic. I was screaming in panic.


But as the attack and manifestation continued, I was no longer frantic and shocked. I got used to seeing this supernatural occurrence. During the years the appearance of this female devil became normal for me. She was coming to persecute me in the form of the different infernal beasts like snakes, and reptiles.


Over time, these paranormal manifestations became an integral part of my life, and although she came under different forms, seeing such paranormal phenomena became part of my everyday life. I saw what the natural man could not stand. So I was in a new reality where paranormal things had become common. I started to accept these manifestations as normal.


This social devil came to me in many forms. She came in the form of reptiles, spirits of water and dragons. One day it manifested itself in my house in the shape of a dragon with several heads. This terrible reptile of several heads was flying around my house. When I observed this formidable demonic creature of Hell, I was in fear. I cried to God.


Immediately I saw a sword that came down from Heaven. I seized this sword in my hand. Suddenly, the Lord raised my spirit around the ceiling where the dragon that had many heads was flying over my house. I was raised in spirit by the Holy Spirit to fight this monster of Hell with this sword. It was a terrifying battle.



On that day, I battled the siren that came in the shape of a dragon with the sword that came down from the sky, and suddenly the dragon disappeared. I had to fight with this monster in order to dispel him, thanks to the heavenly sword that came down.


The Bible says our fight is not against the flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the darkness of the world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms, and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Ephesians 6:12,17)


And so this lady tortured my life for five years in Canada, I could not stand it anymore. I asked God to kill me. In fact, I took a knife to end my life. That day I was confused. My social life was affected by this lady. I could not sleep at night, I slept in the day.


As a consequence, I was going to work late. Because of this instability, my performance at work was reduced. My performance was mediocre.


On the other hand, I continued to pray and seek the Lord’s face for deliverance. I was day and night in prayer. I went into retreat, and I did not go out because of the prayer of deliverance. I was in several days of fasting and prayer to break the link with this devilish woman. I struggled to end this unnatural relationship.


One day, I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was already under the siren attack. Actually, I noticed that a huge snake had rolled my body from head to toe. I knew it was this woman of the social network.


As I saw that, I invoked the name of Jesus Christ to free me from the snake that was rolling on me.


As soon as I quoted the name of Jesus Christ, the snake that was the siren disappeared.


In this conflict against the satanic world, the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus are our offensive and defensive weapons. The name of Jesus Christ is the greatest power in the invisible world and the visible world.


Beloved, there are devils and sirens operating on social network platforms. They cause destruction, damage, and separation of couples and families.


They shoot darts at men who covet photos of women in Instagram, in Facebook and other platforms. And therefore, one must be alert to the women and the men in the networks because there are sirens and devils in them causing destruction.


During this period of conflict, I remember one day when I woke up in the morning, I felt as if someone was sodomizing me at night. Actually, in the past, I was in homosexuality because of poverty and destitution.


Poverty is bad in the life of a man. When someone is in poverty and destitution, he will develop advanced negative thinking, and he will receive suggestions of demons. That’s how men get into crime and women get into prostitution.


It was when I began to seek liberation from the oppression of the siren that the demon of sodomy came to attack me. I felt as if someone was raping me. When I checked to see what happened, I saw a male genital organ which began to penetrate me and raped me. This male organ was nine meters.


As I struggled to resist this violation, I felt as if I was fainting. While I was running out of breath, I called the name of Jesus Christ. In consequence, the aggression ceased and the genital organ disappeared.


In view of the violence of this aggression, I thought I had to commit suicide and end my life. This satanic social networking lady had kept her promise to torment and persecute my life. The devil was attacking me systemically and driving up the pressure against me. Life became unbearable.


People realized that I had lost a lot of weight. They thought I was sick, but I kept my troubles to myself. And I did not tell anyone yet I was suffering.


I want to warn you, you who go to dating sites to look for men and women in a social network, you have to be careful. Just as the Lord is deploying His servants in the media, the devil has also deployed his demon men and women of water online to reap the souls of the innocent and to destroy men and women. If you fall into the hands of these social network demons, you will be destroyed.



One day, I was reading my Bible and I was seeking deliverance through fasting and prayer. Then something happened. I saw on the roof of my house one of our popular musicians. I recognized him because he is a famous musician.


However, I noticed that his lower part was a horse. He was actually a Centaur, who is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse. The musician was a four-legged creature.


I must specify that all the profane musicians in the country work with the devil. There is no neutral and demilitarized zone on Earth. Either you belong to Jesus Christ or to the enemy.


And when I saw this musician in this hybrid form of Centaur, I was terrified. I said, “In the name of Jesus Christ.” When I used the name of Jesus Christ, the musician fled. I saw him running like a horse.


I wondered about this apparition and I prayed.


I said, “Lord, I never met this man and I never worked and dealt with him. Why did he come to attack?”


The Lord said, “This is a demon called Akram. He has the face of your country musician, because this musician has signed an alliance with him. The level of this covenant is such that the demon may assume his face.”


Beloved, all I know is that this musician is called the name of this demon. These profane musicians adopt the name of demons when they sign a pact and these demons incarnate in these musicians for the duration of their contract, just as the Holy Spirit dwells in the believer and that makes him powerful. The devil lives in the profane musician.


On the other hand, the demon is a very powerful king in the underwater world. He is the sovereign who governs a territory in the underwater world. Many Congolese musicians travel to his kingdom for their albums and they are marrying sirens. The devil is the owner of the secular music industry, and he is revered in the secular music industry.


During those five years of oppression on the part of this demonic woman, one day, I was sitting in a bus that was driving in the city in Canada. Then I felt like someone was at my feet sucking my genitals while sitting on the bus. There was no one but I could feel that someone was the sexually assaulting me.


I began to pray in my heart to try to stop this. In the name of Jesus Christ this abomination and sexual assault ceased. The fundamental mistake of showing my nakedness to the evil lady of the social network had opened the door of the dark world in my life.


I say that because one of these days I was in prayer when I smelled a bad smell. I wondered where the smell came from when suddenly I saw another musician from our country appearing around my house. He had dreadlocks. I was terrified and I use the name of Jesus Christ against him.


The Holy Spirit tells me that this musician is called “Sheitan”, which means Satan in Arabic. Note that all the musicians of our country are in alliance with the kingdom of the sea. They have two houses each because they are married to water sirens.


The demons of social networks and the Internet are surely marine spirits. That’s why a musician appeared in my house because this social networking woman was a lady of the water. The secular music is a shortcut and door allowing Satan to have power over men. The aggression of this female devil had opened my eyes to the spirit world.


One day, I was walking in the street. As my spiritual eyes were opened by the Lord, I could see demons circulating on the Earth, but men did not see them. There were demons everywhere in space flying. It was like a horror film. There were demons in the streets, in the air, and everywhere.


The Lord told me, “In the last days, those who do not keep My word will see horror everywhere, like pure horror movies shown on TV today.”


One day, I was working and doing cleaning at my work when suddenly I saw a huge demon sitting on top of a huge building facing the building where I was cleaning. He was really huge.


He looked at me and spoke to me. He pointed his finger to the ground and told me, “This is ours.” He insisted, laughed and boasted while saying, “This land belongs to us and the Earth is ours.”


This demon was full of pride, arrogance, and boastfulness. I was stunned to see the scene when suddenly he disappeared.


Beloved, we are surely strangers and pilgrims on this Earth. And Jesus said that My kingdom is not of this world. We know that we are of God, and that the whole world is under the power of the evil one.


As this oppression continued, one day I was walking in the street. I mean, I was in the boulevard and there was a lot of traffic and a lot of cars on that boulevard coming and going when suddenly I saw a huge demon walking on the roofs of cars that were moving on the boulevard. I was looking at this incredible scene while my spiritual eyes were open. We must be careful because we are really living together with infernal creatures, demons of Hell and spirits of all kinds.


The truth is that our carnal eyes cannot see them because God does not want us to see these forces of evil that are operational on the Earth.


I could see the spiritual beings as the contact with the siren of the social network had opened my spiritual eyes. I went on the Internet looking for a middle-class lady for money. But I failed to realize that the devil and his demons were the masters of this media environment. In the music industry, I had already opened many doors of my life to demons.


And when I wanted to get out of this way of life, the whole demons of homosexuality, masturbation and social networking rolled against me fiercely to lay claim on my soul. This is why the snake, the Centaur, and the tiger came against my life to destroy me.


But Jesus was by my side, although I was not yet delivered. And despite the protection of the Lord, I was oppressed by this siren of social network. I was disgusted by life and I wanted to kill myself, but the Lord intervened. That’s why I’m here to tell the whole world that Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE


If you are in lesbianism, homosexuality, and masturbation, come to Jesus Christ. He will deliver you and you will not be addicted to these bondages anymore.


I had to move away from social interaction because of masturbation and pornography. As this evil is always done in secret, a lot of sexual practice that becomes prevalent today are occultic, such as sodomy that led to the destruction of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.


One day while I was walking in the street, I felt a spiritual presence. When I stopped, I raised my eyes above me, and I saw the female devil who was persecuting me above me. She was naked and she wanted to urinate over my head.


I once again used the name of Jesus Christ. As a result, I saw a flame of fire hit her and she disappeared. This lady had decided to make my life impossible.



As this battle against this demon continued, every time I walked in the street around a tree, I was seeing hands coming out of the tree as if they were about to catch me. I often saw hands coming out of trees like branches to capture me.


As a result, I had developed the habit of walking away from the trees. I walked in the middle of the road to avoid the trees. This paranormal phenomenon that came from the persecution of this female demon lady continued in my life.


Another day at my house I was resting. I saw a hand holding a microphone. The hands played guitar in an unbearable volume. All this was the turmoil of the siren. I started to hear music at home, but I could not see who was playing it. I searched for the origin of this music, but I could not know where it came from. It was the torture of this Internet lady.



As these attacks persisted, finally I joined the church and I began to participate in the worship. At the end, I expose my problem to the pastor who after listening to my story, organized the deliverance. On the day of deliverance, he asked me to kneel.


When I knelt, he prayed for me. I fell to the ground and I became two. My spirit came out of my body. I got up around my body and I looked at him. I was disgusted because I perceived my body as very dirty. Then suddenly my soul returned to my body and I regained consciousness.


The Lord showed me my body because He wanted me to understand that this body was sand, and that it was worth nothing. You can satisfy your body as you want. But the satisfaction of the desire of the flesh leads to death and judgment.


When a man dies, he will see everything that happens to him, but no one can talk to him because he is in another dimension. He will attend his funeral and he will cry, but he will not be able to return to his body.


On the day of his burial, the angel will bring him to the abode of the dead according to the way he led his life either to Paradise or to the Place of Torment.


Beloved, what’s your place before God? What do you love more than God? What you enjoy on the Earth’s surface will follow you beyond the grave.


On that day during the deliverance, this female demon of the Internet that was tormenting me was manifested. There was a fight between her and the pastor, but in the name of Jesus Christ, she spoke through my mouth. She confessed that she entered my life through the Internet. Then she left my body.


Very recently, I testified in a church in the city. A few days after testifying, a lady called me to tell me that after hearing the testimony, she went home. But at night when she was sleeping, she saw the very siren who had oppressed me for years in Canada.


The next day she came to see me and said, “Man of God, in the night I saw the vision of a female devil who appeared to me and said to me, ‘I am the devil of social network. I am the one who battled the prophet who testified in your church.’”


The lady said to me, “When I wanted to drive out that evil spirit, I realized that I had lost my voice. As my voice was lost, I noticed that I was chasing this evil spirit with your voice.”


But then this lady tells me, “I was also courting people in the social networks like you, especially Westerners. I was always looking for love in social networks.”


When this lady told me about her experience, I began to understand that there is a principality governing the social network. It is this principality that pushes women to expose their nudity in the social network. It is the principality who persecuted me and this lady considering we were both seeking love in dating sites and social networks.


A few days later, I was praying in my room when suddenly the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in my room. He was sitting on His throne and there were two angels by His side.


The Lord placed His finger on the ground. In consequence, the ground became like glass, like an aquarium where I could see people from all over the world. They were in difficulties and they were oppressed by the worries of life.


The Lord told me, “I chose you and I set you apart as a prophet. You will go to the people of this suffering world. They have problems and you must preach My word because they do not believe that I exist. Go and liberate these people.”


Actually, before the appearance of the Lord, I saw in a dream that my drum was destroyed. When I woke up, I said, “Lord, I’m a drummer. Why is my drum destroyed?”


When Jesus appeared in my room, He told me, “The time of drumming is over. The time has come for you to preach the Word. Go proclaim My Word.”


I said, “Lord, I have nothing.”


The Lord said, “Go to Africa.”


After this encounter without delay, I bought my ticket. I came back to Africa. That’s how I started to preach in the street in the public capital market. I started screaming and proclaiming the name of Jesus in the street. I was surrounded by people. Most of the people who came to Christ through this evangelical outreach had hearts of stone at first, but they gave their lives to Christ.


Sometime after my deliverance, while I was praying, the Holy Spirit took my spirit out of my body and carried me into the court of God’s throne. Actually, I saw two thrones. The Father was sitting on His throne. I noticed that the other throne was empty. On the empty throne, it was written, “Throne of the Son of God.” God asked me to sit down.


As soon as I sat down, I saw that Earth before God’s throne. The terrestrial globe was small.


God said to me, “Son, the same way you sit on your seat to watch TV for information, I am sitting on My throne to look at the globe to watch the events and all that happens on Earth.”


The Earth was small in front of God’s throne. While I was sitting on this chair contemplating the globe, I could see the Earth filled with darkness, it was dark. The Bible said that the night is moving forward and the day is approaching. Very soon it will be day and the work of each will be exposed. I could see abomination, sin, rebellion, and iniquity that were being committed on the Earth that went up to God’s throne.


Then in a split second, I found myself in a dimension where demons of Hell were watching and monitoring what happens in nightclubs and bars through mirrors that are placed in these bars and nightclubs.


The demons destroyed and affected the lives of people who danced in nightclubs through these mirrors.


One day, while I was in prayer, the Lord took me to a dimension where I saw the demons tormenting people. I could see a demon throwing fire of cigarettes on a man who was addicted to cigarettes all his life.


The Lord told me, “People have idols that stand before Me and them. They have things that they enjoy, things that they are attached to, which have become idols.”


In Hell, the demons tormented people, according to the things that they enjoyed in their lives on Earth, things that have become their god. There are men who have sex as their idol. They will be tormented in their private parts in Hell.


In this dimension, which was Hell, I saw the demons introducing bottles of beer in the ears of people who had spent their life in alcoholism.


In Hell, I saw the demons who raped the homosexual. These lost souls were tired, but these demons continue to rape them. If you were like me before when I was in homosexuality, you must repent because the judgment of God is coming. If you die in this state of sin, you will suffer the continuity of your way of life. As you love to sleep with men you will be sodomized by the demons.


I warn you because the suffering in Hell is terrible. It is preferable not to be born than to fall in this place. God had delivered me from homosexuality and showed me how the homosexuals were raped in Hell by demons. Repent and get out of masturbation, pornography and every sexual immorality.


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