My Encounter With Lucifer And Victory In Jesus By Augusto Maquengo — Series 2

My Encounter With Lucifer And Victory In Jesus By Augusto Maquengo — Series 2


This confession is the 2nd part in of the five volumes, from the excerpt testimony of brother Augusto Quiala Maquengo, a former servant and dedicated son of the Lucifer. To fully benefit from it, you need to read the remaining other 5th parts in numerical order.

brother Augusto Quiala Maquengo,
I grew up in the traditions but I was attending a reformed church at the same time. My family skillfully mixed practices of church and family demonic rituals. I was taught to believe, accept and practice both as being from God. My father would specially teach me how to protect myself using both the bible and the rituals.
He would for example design a cross in the sand, put a circle around it, put the bible in front of the circle and tell me to jump over it three times and it would protect me. This is how much I was taught deception, brethren. In this reformed church, I was the choir Master, and in the choir we had more sisters than brothers.
I started having sex with these innocent sisters one by one in a small room I had hired. On the door, I had written in English “there is entrance but no exit” to mean that if a woman entered in there, I would have sex with her either with her own consent or if she refused, I would use force and rape her.
That was where I was taking the sisters in the choir after deceiving them that I had something for them. They would get so interested and act carelessly, follow me without even thinking of taking a friend with them. I would tell them not to take a friend or else I would not give them what I bad bought.
So the devil and the serpent were working in me in full force now. I was so evil that I neither had a heart of compassion nor even thought of showing any one respect. But ironically, in the church, the parents of the sisters revered me so much, respected me so much, I was carrying the bible like a priest but I was a dragon in a sheep’s clothing.
These parents in the church trusted me so much that they entrusted their daughters to me to mentor them; I had free access into their homes under the cover of spiritual counselor, only to deviate their daughters the more to evil and sexual impurity. Brethren I became senseless. I would like to throw in a word of caution here, that Christian parents who have the Holy Spirit and don’t have a revelation for each day concerning their homes, are continually deceived by Satan who uses people close to them.

I urge Christians to have the Holy Spirit as their best friend and depend on Him seriously for their children‟s growth.

When I was about to turn 20 years of age, I was an English teacher in a private school where I taught six different classes; and in each class I had one girlfriend. This means that I had 12 girlfriends excluding those I had from outside the school. Because of sexual perversion and impurity I became an inhabitance of several demonic spirits and hateful birds.
I remember that after I gave myself to Christ and started seeking deliverance the Lord showed me a vision. In the vision, I saw a bed where I was laying with a girlfriend and around the bed several demons dancing around and when I finished the activity, they redoubled themselves into two by two.
They seemed to have been 20 and became a pair of 40 demons. 20 of those entered my life and 20 others into the girl who was with me. Then I saw Revelations 18: 2-3 which says: With a mighty voice he shouted: “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird. For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.”
As you can see, I established several soul ties with girls that I contaminated many with dragons and serpents and detestable birds. Brethren, when you sleep with a woman, you become a cage of evil and impurity by drinking the wine of sexual impurity. Girls or boys who go around messing up in impurity are seriously doing the devil’s evangelism.
In this school, there was a Christian friend who invited me to a camping organized by the scripture Union in Luanda. When I was invited in December, 1993, I thought to myself; well, I am already a Christian, so what is the big deal going to this place? I knew, that I would inevitably, get more girls and I would become powerful. Remember when I was growing up, I was taught in a practical manner, that having a lot of girls meant having a lot of power.

church fellowship
I went to the camping. It was full of young boys and girls. The first day, the preachers came and they taught on repentance and serving God at an early age. I thought to myself, so what? I don’t think I am lost! I only need to understand the word more and continue with my life as it was. But something in me began to stir up, and a feeling of gift started to wash over me and I began to be convicted in my heart. But I ignored it and continued to pray.
The second day, there came a pastor and evangelist who really challenged and changed my life. I remember that moment so vividly as if it happened today. This pastor, who is now with the Lord, preached a message on genuine repentance and conversion and spoke about how young people are heading for hell every day; and about how they are fully engaged with Satan in his work of deceiving people.
He preached in-depth for about two hours and after that he said: “I want everyone to spread out in the garden of the camping hall; and I want you to have a tête-à-tête with God, just you and Him and resolve your issues with Him there. If you don’t repent seriously and meet God there, don’t come back to the hall”
This was a serious challenge for me. Even though, I obeyed and went into the garden, I was thinking within me that I had nothing to resolve with God. As sat, something told me to start designing a heart of love with an arrow on the floor. So while others were praying seriously and loudly, I was playing instead thinking about the days I was wasting in this place without my girlfriends. I was craving for impurity.
I was seated almost in the center where I could see as many people as possible. We were seated there crying hard. When I least expected it, I heard voice speaking to me, telling me: “if you don‟t repent today, you will surely die!” Ha, I was scared. I looked around to see if anyone had come near to me but I saw no one.
I looked to see who was near me praying; I saw that the girl who was a bit further away from me was crying out loud for her sins to be forgiven her; and the boy on my left was also in a deep prayer of repentance. The man, further down from me was also in prayer.

Christian crying for repentance

I remained calm and continued drawing when I heard the voice a second time say: “if you don’t repent today, you will surely die!” I said aha, what is this? When I tried to make out what was happening, the third voice spoke the same words again and immediately I fell flat forward, forced on my knees and my heart started cracking like dry biscuits. I started to feel as if my heart was failing and I was dying on the floor of the retreat center.

I wanted to respond to the voice to tell it that I was now ready to repent but I couldn’t. I was so desperate to say something so much so that after I felt the desire to repent, I felt as if I was choking; I could hardly breathe and all of a sudden, words began to be wrenched from deep within me and they started tumbling out of my mouth.
I then started crying, confessing my many evil habits and iniquities to the Lord with bitterness and remorse. At that very moment I saw my sins come to my mind so vividly, one after the other like in a television screen.  For the first time that day, I saw a vision of my life being translated from darkness to light.
I continued crying so much that I did not stop crying until they came to call us back to the hall. I was still crying and sobbing over my iniquities and for the Lord to accept me. Back in the hall, the pastor asked if we reconciled with God through the Lord Jesus Christ and everyone looked very serious with tears running down their cheeks like water.

In fact, everyone was crying so hard that day. The fourth and last day of the camping was a very serious day for me. I felt so clean that I did not want to leave that place. Not wanting to leave the place was due in part to the fact that I was afraid of how I would face all those numerous girlfriends I had left behind. How was I going to deal with them?
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What was I going to tell them? The only thing I could think of and do was cry to the Lord Jesus Christ to help me out from those entanglements. Mind you, my conversion was only the starting point of my warfare experience and would constitute the greatest fight of my life. I had no idea what laid ahead of me, but I trusted God.
That very last day, I prayed so hard for help and when we jumped into the truck that carried us back, I saw a second vision: I was in the truck and light went forth before the truck cabin ahead, clearing all darkness that was in front. Behind I saw beautiful fruit gardens; gardens filled with apples and other fruits and people clothed in white collecting the fruits. It looked so beautiful that I thought that it was paradise. And it was indeed the paradise experience.
When I reached home that evening with my friend and colleagues from the English school, we slept on our bed. When it was almost 1 am, Lucifer came to my room to claim me back. In the dream, I saw I was walking on a high way which came to a crossroads. The main highway had beautiful attractive music and people were enjoying themselves in pleasure and abundance.
On the contrary, the small narrow way, was so tiny and difficult to walk on and yet the people walking there had peace and there calm flowing from it. As it is written, But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it (Mat. 7:14).
I was attracted to this small narrow way and when I wanted to enter that narrow road Lucifer immediately held my left hand. When Lucifer held my left hand to pull me back onto the highway, the Lord also held my right hand. So there was a fight between the Lord and Lucifer over my life.
Lucifer would pull to his side and the Lord would pull to his side. As it was happening in the spirit, in the physical, I was pushing my friend who was fast asleep on the bed to the floor. He was very surprised and scared when he realized what was happening to me and how I was swaying back and forth on the bed.
So when the fight was taking place, the Lord Jesus Christ pulled so hard that I fell to the right side of the bed in the narrow road and at that very moment I woke up and started praying with my friend who told me that he saw and knew that I was engaged in a big and difficult fight. He didn’t know much about spiritual warfare and demon-possession.
When we woke up early in the morning, my friend went out and I stayed behind to prepare myself and get ready for the day when at the door came the first temptation. The girlfriend I loved most (deceptive love) came for the normal evil impurity sessions.
I was so determined to finish with everything that I quickly went to the door and crossed my hands over the door to stop her from entering. I then announced to her that I was now born again for real and I was converted. This girl was a member of the choir where I used to be the choir masters so she knew me and my deceptive ways very well.
She answered and said: how many times will you get converted; you always say that!! And she forced her way past me under my arms and entered straight into the room. She then stripped herself naked as she had the habit of doing; she would have been completely naked if not for her bikini. I looked very angrily at her and told her, “I will show you that this time I am really serious, yes, very serious when I say I am born again”

I left her in the house and went away forever. I never got in contact with her again. There were a couple of times, I saw her on the road to the Baptist church where I was then having fellowship but would not engage in any conversation with her; all I would say was “Good morning” and then I would pass her by.
This went on until after 10 years when I went to her and asked her forgiveness for all I had done to her through impurity. The rest of the girls vanished as if they knew what had happened to me. I became so serious with the Lord that I started reading the bible (book of life) so seriously and also every single book I would find on sin, repentance and death to self.

Lucifer did not give up on persecuting me. I did not understand why, but I knew something was connected but did not comprehend it. Dreams with serpents and dragons increased the more, poverty struck my life and I was very miserable. I lacked things like clothing, underwear and shoes but I was determined to follow the Lord.
I attended several evangelical crusades, including those of the Billy graham Association through TV and I read missionary books some by Loren Cunning and many other authors. I knew I needed deliverance but I did not know how and I did not understand that subject at all. Several times Lucifer would send girls to entice me into impurity, but I was determined not to serve him again at any cost at all.
The Lord Jesus was now my strength, my Savior, my new Master and my Lord. I started fasting so often and so seriously that friends feared the kind of revelations that started flowing from my mouth. I was determined to die to self and crucify the flesh and all its wickedness. I started waking up early mornings by 1am until 4am to pray and call upon the Lord. To Be Continue In Next Chapter “The road of deliverance from the dragon, leviathan and serpents”

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