Near But Far Away From The Kingdom

Near But Far Away From The Kingdom


Near But Far Away From God's Kingdom


The preparation of many Christian toward Heaven, have made me to begin to wonder if we are still expecting the return of Christ or if he has cancelled his coming. Many are serving God in their ignorant quest  but very far-away from the kingdom of God. When you secretly scanned the lives of many Christians, you might even be discouraged from fellowship.
A brother once said, i only comes to church to learnth and discharge my duty-call as a Christian and immediately Church dismissed am on my way-off to exhibit them; I owns no man any discussion of injury” We are living in a delicate period when many are no more conscious, that we are on a pilgrim Journey to celestial city.
Where many fast growing churches are also fast decaying with hatred and hypocrites lifestyles. Where many who started in spirit are ending up in flesh; going back to their vomit; losing focus and marring after the future.  Matthew 24;12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.  We are living in days when some people will lock-up themselves in church room, counting money from the beginning of church service to the end of the church service even without hearing what the preacher says.
counting money in church
A period when Christians are engrossed into church office work and leadership post, they are not mindful of the sermon, neither knew when the glory moves but filled with familiarity of the scriptures, their pastors and word of God. We are in days when many glamour for church leadership.
Hence any position you attain without God’s approval, you will surely makes mistakes and struggle until it consumes you.
And if you go to Hell due to fornication or stealing i will be surprise but if you go to hell due to hatred and anger I will not be surprise. Today, hatred and bitterness has filled the church. The pastor hating the member and the member hating the pastor, I can perceived the shortage of dedicated believers in Heaven due to 


  1. Anger.
  2. Gossiping,
  3. Hatred,
  4. Unforgiviness.
  5. Beauty glamour.
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Someone women can forfeit the food or allowance because of beauty, hair design, makes-up and fashion. On Sunday morning they become Sister Mary and sister Pentecost but in closet become fashionistas. Majority has the message of what to preach but only lacks the method and commitment.
danger of makes up
Imagine the early missionaries who came to Nigeria because of souls when there was no electricity; when malaria was been dreaded as H.I.V because it was incurable. But they said; “if we perish we perish but Nigeria must receive the gospel” and many of them died.
Hence, you sat there doing nothing; always gossiping and when you find nothing to gossip, you form lies to talk about. No single work to show fort and you kept bragging of making heaven. When the Apostles shall stand to receive their reward, you will also want to receive; Go receive and let see.
Some are spiritual useless and selfish.
You are clapping, rejoicing, jumping up and down in the church while your mother who carried you for nine months; your father who trained you and also your siblings are all in a high expressway to Hell. You kept folding your hands; answering Heaven At Last without evangelizing the gospel to them. Imagine Nigeria, a country where great men of God with standard root but lacks genuine talented gospel singer but dominate by secular nonsensical nonsense musicians.
secular music dance styles
Entertainment Industry filled with immoralities; any musical video without naked women and nudity dance style will not be promoted. Its hurt to see the likes of many serious gospel singer, who beam into musical gospelment act as our long awaited savior but today, they have also join the spotlight in promoting crazy secular and acrobatic music styles.
There is an adage which says “show me you friend and i will tell you whom you are” But i will put it in this way. “Don’t call yourself a Christian yet or whatever born again you might profess to be, when things are tough, bitter, sour or tight” Your reality and seriousness in the kingdom service shall be determined when you become a millionaire.
We shall see if your heavenly zeal and consistent bragging of the gospel and preaching will continue when your hit the jackpot worth of millions of petrol dollar. An eagle does not fight a snake on the ground. It picks it up and changes grounds, then releases it back to the ground. A snake has no stamina, no power, and no balance in the air. It is useless, weak and vulnerable unlike on the ground where it is deadly, wise and powerful.
So, therefore, take your fight to the spirit realm and when you are in the spiritual realm God will takes charge. Don’t fight in the physical realm change grounds like an eagle. You will be assured of a clean victory in making heaven because Satan has not lost hope on you; he still believes you will backslide and returns back to your vomit.

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