POWER OVER DEMONS By Zipporah Mushala,

POWER OVER DEMONS By Zipporah Mushala,
2 Timothy 1:7 ” For the Lord has not given us the spirit of fear; but of boldness ,courage and of a sound mind.
Whether they come in spirit form or human flesh,we have power over demons.
I saw in a vision of the night, a lady walking on the road. Then she felt like demons were following her and when she turned,she saw that it was a group of demons in human form. She discerned them and knew that they were not human at all but demons pretending to be humans. Immediately,the Holy Spirit came upon her and she started to rebuke them. She pointed at one and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind and arrest you!” She did the same to the next one, pointing a finger and each one of them and binding and arresting. However, the demons in human form decided to pretend like they were human and were not getting affected by the prayers in any way. They started laughing and asking in a mocking way saying,”What is she doing?”
They wanted to make her feel foolish and to make her feel like she had been imagining that she had seen them as demons. The lady didn’t stop and continued rebuking them fervently. Her body had been overtaken by the Holy Spirit and she was not in control of it.
When they saw that she was persisting, the same demons who had been pretending so much to be human started hurrying up to get away from her and even started running and they entered into a room to hide. She ran after them and started beating them up.
They were a huge group but none of them even fought back back once but instead, were trying to hide and defend themselves. That is how much power the Lord has given us. We have authority over ALL power of the enemy and they shall by no means harm us even according to the word.
Demons work best when they convince you that you are powerless. They know you are so equipped with God’s power and they are terribly scared of you. So to defend themselves from your attack, they convince you that they are all powerful, scary and that they can harm you. They start to convince you that you should be afraid of them, from an early age through movies and cartoons.
They depict demons and the devil as very scary being whom people should fear and stay away from. They instill fear in people and that is even why when in the dark, people are very cautious,thinking that some evil force will attack them and they are scared. They turn tables around and convince you that you are the victim and they are the offenders. That is their secret. Know today that it is a TOTAL lie. Satan is the Father of all lies. The chief liar. The bible already promises that we have authority over all power of the enemy. Not some but all. The Lord is not man that he should lie. Begin to exercise that power today and put the devil in his place. Claim victory over the devil in all areas of your life. Do not stop.Do this daily! The victory was already paid for on the cross of calvary.
The lady was beating them up terribly and they were so powerless. Surprisingly even though they were being beaten up,the demons continued making threats. They kept saying “We are going to beat you” “Does this one know that we can beat her terrible”.They were saying all this but I saw that their hands were just hanging lifeless on their bodies as if they had no bones. The Lord was showing me that all they can do is threaten but they have no actual power to do anything to you unless the Lord allows it for a purpose. Threatening is one of their tactics but they are so powerless. That is how powerless they are. The lady was calling fire on them in the name of Jesus and they were rolling as if they were getting burnt.
Then she started singing the song, ‘there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain’ and the demons started holding their cheeks as if they were getting terribly burnt.
Then suddenly,another group of demons in human form entered into the room with force. They came in a bunch and with force in order to intimidate the lady but she put them together and threw them on the floor! That is another tactic demons use when attacking. They come as a group in order to intimidate you into giving up. Even physically, they can attack you with difficulties from so many angles including spiritual oppression. They do this in order to scare you out of true Christianity. Know that they are powerless! They could not attack the lady and so they were using different tricks and make her stop attacking them.
Then a certain person whom the lady knew came into the room. She was also a demon in human form but was pretending to be the Christian lady’s friend. The Christian lady saw that this lady was also a demon in human form but because she knew her, she became tolerant and did not beat her up.
So the demon came and pretending to be her friend, hugged her. Immediately it hugged her,all her power went and she became weak. The Lord was showing me that this is what happens when we befriend the wrong people. They drain you spiritually while pretending to be your friends. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. When the Lord warns you about someone, your protection lies in obedience. The Lord connects us to some people for a reason and disconnects us from some for a reason. The people he disconnects us from are just as important as those he connects us to. Wrong connections prevent you from growing spiritually.
It was not until after much praying that I saw the lady regain her strength.
The Lord has given us tremendous power over the enemy. Start to practice it today.
In another experience, I also saw a Christian lady praying. As she was beginning to pray, I saw that she felt discouraged. She was feeling discouraged because she was feeling a lot of demonic attacks and demons were whispering all sorts of discouraging things to her mind and giving her things to worry about. She was feeling so discouraged,she almost cut her prayer short at one minute.
I saw the Holy Spirit urging her to pray in her spirit. Immediately she started to pray, the mighty power of God ascended. All demons ,witches and the devil who had come to attack her fled.
I saw a multitude of witches screaming and running for their lives because fire was descending on them. I saw Angels stepping on the demons and whipping them. Some demons came to try and scare her out of prayer by passing where she was praying so that she would feel their presence and get sacred of praying.
but she was not moved one bit. I saw as if she was praying longer, but the Holy Spirit in her. I saw the Glory of God all around her and no demon could dare to come near.
A demon came, having counted itself very powerful and approached the lady with much force but upon drawing near, it just disappeared like a puff of smoke because of the mighty power of God. Psalms 68 “Let God arise,Let His enemies be scattered; Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away,so drive them away; As wax melts before the fire,so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.”
Even the devil fled.
I was surprised that even the devil fled. I had expected him to linger on for the sake of saving face but he ran away with all his might! What a mighty God we serve!!
The Holy Spirit laughed and laughed. He said, “don’t you believe me when I tell you that the devil has no power over you?He does not have any power over you. Not even an inch. He is just like a little flea that you can step on. Do not be afraid.”
Luke 10:18-19“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” I was actually seeing the Holy Spirit and talking to him. The Holy Spirit is a being. He is not a force or power but those are just his characteristics. He is a living being and can be seen just as Jesus can. Just like in the testimony of Angelica Zambrano Mora, she could see the Holy Spirit .He is a glorious being and he is full of extreme joy and glory. He also has feelings just like Jesus and that is why it is possible to grieve him according to Ephesians. He is the God and he cares about us. That is why he is our comforter and guide. When you develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit in prayer and fellowship with him, you will begin to know deep mysteries.
Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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