Servant come here

The Lord told me, “Servant come here, because I will continue showing you things.”  We arrive at a very beautiful place where I could feel the glory of God.  I saw lines and lines of white robes, so very white and beautiful!  I touched them and the Lord said, “Servant, touch these robes, because these robes are for all of you.” 

I saw many lines and touched the fine clothe.  It was so shining and white, like nothing I have touched on Earth.  The Lord said, “Servant, these robes are for all of you.”  There were tears running down the Lord’s cheeks.  The Lord said, “Servant, many of these white robes will remain here, waiting for someone to take them.  Many of these robes will remain here, waiting for a body.”  “Why Lord?” I asked.  “Because many do not worship Me as I want, many do not pay any attention to all the things I do for all of you.  Servant, many of these white robes will remain here, waiting for a body, because in My kingdom I do not receive anything dirty.  In My kingdom I only allow holy things, because it is written in My Word, be holy, because I am holy. (1 Peter 1:16)

I looked and saw many robes, each one had a name written in gold.  I touched the robes that were smaller and of different sizes, and I said, “Lord, these small ones, who are going to wear them?”  The Lord replied, “Servant, remember My little children, remember that I have for everyone, I am not a respecter of persons, these little robes are for My little children that praise My Name, they are for My children who like to go to My House and glorify My Name, therefore I have prepared big things for them.  I have for everyone that looks for Me, I have for all those that come to My feet, I give them Eternal Life.”

crownsWe began to ride again and soon arrived at a huge place with many crowns.  There were luxurious crowns, shining crowns, so I said, “Oh Lord! Those crowns, they are so beautiful.  Who are these crowns for?”   The Lord said, “Servant, these crowns you are touching, are for those that praise My name, for those that truly glorify My Name the way I want.”

The Lord showed me other crowns, but I noticed that they were just a frame.  Then the Lord said, “Servant look in this direction.”  And I began to see other crowns, but these crowns were made of thorns, so I said, “Lord, don’t let a crown of thorns or a simple frame be for me!”  The Lord told me, “Servant, in this place there are three types of crowns: the luxurious and shinny crowns that you can see and touch are for those that truly praise My Name, for all those that truly and with all their hearts glorify and praise My Name.  They are for those that work in My vineyard, for those that enjoy to be in My house, for those that like to make an effort and take pains to be pleasant for My Word.  The crowns that are just a frame, that you can see and touch are for those that are just playing with My word, it is for those that do not like crown of thornsto be in My house, it is for those that do not like to fast, nor to persevere, neither glorify My Name, they are for those that just praise Me with their lips but not with their hearts as I want.  Why My servant?  Because nobody can deceive Me, there is no place to hide from Me.   Servant, those crowns made of thorns that you can touch and see, are for those that make fun of My Word, they are for those that criticize My Word, they are for all those who I am knocking at their hearts but they do not want to accept My Word, for all those that criticize My Word.” 


Jesus_in_the_CloudsAfter that the Lord said, “Servant I will show you the rapture, I will show you how My coming will be.”  So I said, “Lord I have already seen many things, why are you going to show me more?”  Then we arrive at the Throne of God, and I saw thousands and thousands of angels gathered together there.  Then we started to go down, and the Lord and I stopped in a very white beautiful cloud.  The Lord gave orders to the angels to come and receive the church, and the Lord told me,Servant watch carefully, because this is the way it will be when I come back, this will be My coming.”

RaptureI saw people raised from the four corners of the Earth, praising the Name of the Lord.  All those people were cover with the power of God. They were dressed in white robes rising up and up.  They began to sing a very beautiful song, “Holy, Holy, Holy are thee oh Lord!  Thank You Father! For you have raised us!  Thank you Lord, for you have raised us! 

I saw many different people, tall, short, dark, white.  All the people, and all those angels went up to the cloud where the Lord and I were.  All the people and angels were full of thanksgiving to the Lord, and we all said, “Holy! Holy! Holy are thee oh Lord!”  It was such a tremendous thing, I saw so many people that I thought I knew them.  They all were cover with the glory of God. 


After that we arrived at the Throne of God, and the Lord said, Servant, come here.”  We went out of the Throne room and arrived at a place with a very tiny window.  The Lord said, Servant, now look down.”   I saw terrible desolation, such tremendous desolation, the whole Earth was desolate and full of pain.  The Lord said, “Look servant, this is what is going to be after I have taken My people from the Earth, this will be after My coming, this will be when My church is here with Me.”   I saw such tremendous desolation. 

I saw people that were celebrating one moment, but then, I saw a father looking for his son, a mother looking for her daughters, but they couldn’t find them, because Almighty God had taken them.  Relatives were looking for other relatives but they could not find them.  People were looking for their neighbors but couldn’t find them, because the Lord had taken them up with Him.

Something terrible what was happening over all the Earth.  I saw a pastor running from one place to another, and I asked the Lord, “Lord, why does that man run from one place to another?”  The Lord replied, Servant, this man was a pastor, but because he thought that I was going to delay, he was left behind.  He did not think that I was going to come now, he thought that it was going to take a long time before I would come back, and that is why he was left behind.”  The pastor was running all over, saying “Lord, why was I left behind? If I am a pastor, if I have a position in the church, and the church is gone, I am left behind? Why have I been left behind?” The Lord said, “Servant, I can’t do anything now, he thought My coming was going to delay, well, he was left behind.”

I saw how that man was persecuted.  He said, “The only thing I want is to be taken with Christ!  The only thing that I want is to be with the Lord because I do not want to be here and suffer in the great tribulation!”  He kept running from place to place and asking himself, “Why was I left behind? Take me with You Lord! I don’t want to be here and suffer!”  The Lord said, “Servant, there is nothing I can do now, for a long time I talked with him and told him that I was going to come very soon, but he didn’t believe me, well, now he is left behind.”

After the RaptureI saw many other people running all over.  So many people were running, desperate trying to find peace but they could not find it.  They were shouting, “We want the Word of life!  We are thirsty of the Word of God!” But it was already too late, because the Lord had taken the church with Him.

I saw so many young girls and boys running through the bushes, running through the mountains trying to find peace.  They wanted peace but they could not find it.  The Lord told me why, “Servant I have already taken My church, and now satan is the one in control.”  Satan was already ruling over the Earth and there was torment over all the Earth!  People were running from place to place.  People wanted to eat each other alive, and pull out each other’s hair.  They blamed each other and hurt each other, because they wanted to find peace, but they couldn’t find it!  It wasn’t possible because the Lord had already taken His church. 

Such a terrible time on Earth, I saw such horrifying things. So many people were hurting each other, saying, We want love! We want peace!”  But it was too late!  The Lord told me, “Look My servant, I talked to them, I spend time knocking at the hearts of these people, but they did not want to look for Me.  Well, now they are left behind, and there is nothing I can do for them now.  Why, because I have already taken My church with Me.  While all My people are with Me in heaven enjoying the marriage of the Lamb, all these people here will suffer great pain, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  For they did not want to obey My Word, they preferred to make fun and criticize My Word.”


Book of LifeAfter that the Lord show me a big beautiful book. It was very shinny and made of gold.  I said, “Lord that big book, what is it for?”  He told me, “Servant in this book are the names of those that praise Me, and the names of those that have repented and have looked for My ways.  For this is the Book of Life.  In this Book are written all those that gather together to praise and glorify My Name.”  The book was so big, and had letters written in gold.  He said, “Look My servant, many of these names I haven’t erased because of My mercy, because many have turn their backs on Me.  Many have turn their back on Me, but My mercy is so big that I haven’t erased them yet, for I do not want that anyone perish, but that everybody have eternal life.”  I began to touch the Book, and saw how so many names were written in it. 


After that the Lord told me, “Servant, I will show you hell.”  So I said, “Lord, no, I won’t be able to bear it, with all that You have shown me already, I’ve had enough.”  And the Lord told me, “Servant I will show you hell, so you will go and tell the church and the people that there is a heaven but there is also a hell.”  We started to go down and down.  We were still far from hell when I began to hear shouts and great groans.  I said, “Lord take me out of here, because I won’t be able to face this!”  The Lord replied, “Look My servant, do not be afraid because I am with you.”  We went down through some tunnels.  There was a great darkness in that place, a darkness like I have never felt on Earth.

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