My testimony is long, but I will try to be brief. Things started when I graduated in 2004. I graduated with distinction because I was really intelligent. I was so engaged in the studies that I distinguished in high school. Thanks to this distinction, I received a scholarship to study abroad specifically in Canada.


After receiving this scholarship from the Catholic Episcopal of the capital, I was told to handle the ticket problem because the issue of visas is already resolved. And once I arrived in Canada, everything will be supported by this scholarship. So I had to find the ticket in order to continue my studies abroad.


So I started to gather some money together and travel to Canada because the visa problem was already solved, but I had to find the ticket to continue my academic study.


When I started to go about traveling and collecting the documents, I realized that the whole thing was going to cost me about 6000 US dollars. And when I told my parents about the cost of doing this, they said it was too much for the family, we would not be able to collect that kind of money. My father tried to convince me to give up the idea of going to study in Canada because we will never be able to collect this amount of money. I was worried and troubled by all this.


In fact, my studies in secondary school were funded by the Catholic priest because already my father was unable to finance my education. I knew that unless I found a way to travel to Canada, I would never go to university because my family did not have enough money to finance my education.


So I wondered how my university studies would be funded because my parents did not have the financial means to support me. At some point I became desperate. I told myself that I will find that $6,000 at any cost.


One day I went to the hairdresser. I met one of my friends and we started to talk about life. As we were talking, I began to tell him about my concern. I let him know my desire to travel abroad to continue my studies in Canada. I told him that I was facing the problem of an official document and the problem of the ticket because the money was not enough to allow me to travel.


While I was talking with my friend, his cousin, who was also present in this room was interested in our conversation.


He turned to me and said, “I can do something for you. It is possible to solve this situation. Do not worry because you can come to our church because our pastor is powerful. Often when he prays, money appears. He can solve your financial problem. People come to our church with their problem


and they get a solution. No one is poor in our church. Everyone experiences prosperity and progress. If you come, you will see with your own eyes.”


I told this cousin, “If what you tell me is true, I’m ready to meet and talk to your pastor so that he can resolve my concern.”


While we were talking, this cousin of my friend called his pastor, and he passed me his pastor on the phone. I took the phone and I talked to his pastor, and we agreed to meet and talk. I made an appointment to meet him at church.


The pastor in question asked me to bring a $50 seed when I come to meet him, which I did. Later when we went to see the pastor, the latter showed me that he is a genuine man of God. He is not like many others who resorted to superstition and occultism. He said he was a true servant of God.


When I came to this church for the first time, I could not suspect anything wrong, because they use the Bible like any other church and Christian denomination. They prayed in the name of Jesus Christ like any other church. I thought that Jesus Christ was the God that they worshiped. I could hear they pronounce His name but I was there for a bad surprise.


I took the $50 seed and went to meet the pastor in his office for our appointment as agreed. But when I was on the way, I felt that Jesus Christ was trying to warn me that I should not go meet this pastor. I mean, while I was walking in the street, a small piece of wood penetrated under my foot and I was hurt. Instead of returning home, I decided to continue because I was desperate. I felt the resistance in me but I did not know the voice of the Spirit.


When I arrived at the church, there was no service. The pastor received me. Then he sent a boy to buy an envelope and candles. Beloved, I wanted to warn you to avoid any church that uses candles and incense because all this has to do with demons. The Bible says, a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth for the Father is seeking such as these to worship Him. God is Spirit and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:23-24)


The pastor took the candle. He entered the house to do incantation in secret. Then he called us to join him at home. When we were entering his house, I noticed two statues and a big pan. We took our places and began to the discussion.


Without delay, the pastor asked me, “Corine, have you ever spoken to a spirit?”


He asked me again, “Can you observe and contemplate a spirit?”


I said, “No, I cannot.”


So the pastor told me, “If you cannot contemplate a spirit, at least you should be able to talk to a spirit.”


I told him that I want to try.



Then the pastor told me, “I would like you to understand that the spirits we are talking about here are not demons. They are the first inhabitants of the earth. They were created before Adam and Eve. They are inhabitants of the pre-Adamic period of the planet Earth. They are our ancestors and our helpers. They were on the face of the earth before the coming of Adam and Eve and they help us in times of difficulty and misfortune.”


Then the pastor told me, “Jesus taught His disciples the prayer of Our Father. I hope you know this prayer.”


I answered the pastor, “Of course I do know it.”


So the pastor told me, “Do not be afraid. I told you that we are not in the occult. We use the Bible like any other churches in the city.”


When I spoke to this pastor, I was accompanied by the cousin of my friend who was a member of this mysterious church. After having spoken to the pastor, he asked us to kneel before the statue that was before us and to recite the prayer of Our Father that Jesus had taught His disciples. Then we all knelt down before the statue and we began reciting the prayer of Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.


While reciting this prayer, I felt the pastor touching my neck. I noticed one of the statues in front of us moving. A few minutes later, I felt a presence behind us. I did not want to turn around to check and see who was behind us, but I knew that the person had appeared behind us.


Having finished reciting this prayer, I heard the entity that was standing behind us talking to us. He greeted us, the pastor and my friend’s cousin responded to his greeting. But I did not want to answer his greeting because I did not know who was the entity that greeted us. But I also did not want to turn around to see him. This entity that was a demon of the underwater world began to talk to me.


He said to me, “Young girl, I greet you but you refused to answer my greetings. Do you reject my greeting?”


When that spirit was talking to me, I felt he was not happy.


So I said to him, “Salute father.”


This entity told me, “Why did you call me father? I’m gonna have to punish you. I’m going to take you underwater in our dimension.”


When I heard that spirit say that he’s going to take me to the underwater world, I pushed the cousin who brought me to this church so that he could do something and prevent that from happening. So the pastor and the cousin who had brought me started to beg that entity from the underwater world.


They told him, “Master, forgive her. She’s just a novice, but she will learn.”


So this entity has accepted this application.


And he told me, “You came to ask me $6,000 but I will give you $10,000. I will teach you how to use this money.”


Beloved, the devil and demons are strong in terms of giving promises but they do not always fulfill their promise.


Then this entity of the marine world told me, “I give you two laws that you must keep. First you will keep our covenant with you a secret. You will not speak of our collaboration. Otherwise, you will suffer consequences. On the other hand, you will not attend these Evangelical churches of awakening especially that of Pastor Claude.”


I answered this marine spirit, “The pastor said that this church here is like any other church and Christian denomination. So why should I avoid the evangelical and revival church?”


This marine demon answered me, “I give you instructions and laws that you must keep but you have the audacity to ask me questions and to challenge my laws and prohibitions. I can see that you are stubborn.”


I replied to this marine demon, “I do not dispute your law and your taboo but it’s just that I was told that this church is like other church and the pastor did not forbid me to attend another church.”


Then the marine spirit said, “This man of God called Claude and these evangelical and revival churches are waging a spiritual battle against us. They are leading a perpetual war and hostility against our kingdom and our spirits. And so the day you’re going to take part in the meetings of the Evangelical Church, you will become crazy and you will die.”


At this very moment, I saw this water demon losing his temper.


He said to me, “You human beings like to always attend the meeting of the so-called Revival churches and many people in this city are attending the meeting of the church of this so-called Pastor Claude.”


Dear brother and sister, I did not understand why this demon had lost his temper when he spoke of the evangelical church. He was annoyed, disgusted and aggravated by the existence and strength of these churches. It seems to me that he hated these churches of Jesus Christ in an intense way.


After having manifested this anger against the church of Jesus, this demon began to insult the man of God, Pastor Claude. He branded him as a miserable and a poor man who has nothing.


He said to me, “We have money to give you, but does this poor pastor of that church have anything to give you?”


He said to me, “Do not go to these churches.”



Then this demon asked me to swear. I had to swear in front of him that I would never again participate in the worship of the Revival church, and I would never go to Pastor Claude’s church, and I swore to keep secret our covenant.


Then the demon told me, “If you go, you will go mad and you will die. You must never divulge our covenant with you.”


I have accepted and I swore to keep the covenant secret and never attend Pastor Claude’s church.


Then this marine spirit told me, “Because you kept me for a long time on the surface of the earth, you’re going to buy me four perfumes. You must understand that when the spirit of water like me comes on the surface of the earth, the perfume allows us to breathe well.”


The marine spirit asked me, “Have you ever been in the underwater world?”


He told me, “If you go to the underwater world, you will not be able to breathe properly, unless you go through an alliance with us. And spirits of the water world like me do not come to the surface of the earth because we are not made to live on the surface. But perfume allows water spirits like me to breathe properly on the surface of the earth and therefore you will buy me four perfumes.”


I promised this spirit of water that I will bring him these perfumes in a few days but he insisted that I had to bring them the same day at 4pm. Later, the pastor went with me to buy the perfume for this spirit which was supposed to give me $6,000 for my studies. In occultism, the law and the rules are not flexible. This demon had to reappear at four o’clock, and we were supposed to keep the hour for fear of being punished. Demons have no concept of mercy.


It was 3pm when we bought the perfume and we went to the temple, and the pastor sprayed the perfume in the air. Then he summoned the marine spirit. When the marine demon showed up, he was really happy. Then he began to praise and speak highly of the perfume that we brought him.


He said, “May God bless you.”


I thought that this God was Jesus Christ, but he was not referring to Jesus Christ. He was talking about Lucifer who is the God of their universe and the Sovereign of their dimension. There are universes and dimensions where Lucifer is God. We must understand that many perfumes are the scent of water sirens. So the marine spirit asked me to repeat to him the instructions he had given me the last time.


I told him that I had to keep the covenant secret and not to attend a Revival church.


And then this spirit of the water told me, “Now that you have become our daughter, you must never go to the gathering of these evangelical churches. They are poor, and they have evil spirits.”


In the underwater world, Jesus Christ is considered the devil, and the angels of Heaven are considered evil spirits.


So the spirit of the water told me, “You will have to pay a tithe of $1,000 because we’ve already given you $10,000.”


But the problem is that this money that this spirit was talking about was disappearing every time I touched it, and therefore I could not use it. But the demon was asking me to bring him the tithe in order to make the $10,000 permanent, but the devil is a liar.


The spirit of the water told me, “You must understand that you have the power of domination. When you ask someone money, he will give it to you, and that whoever gives you money, his luck and his stars will be stolen and he will die poor because all the resources that God has given him will become ours. When you give someone money, this will be a point of contact so that we can attack his finance and those who give you money will fall victim.”


So I was used by this demon to attack people’s finances by giving them and asking them money, which was used as a point of contact and I dominated men who gave me money. My brothers and sisters when you give a stranger the money you have to learn to say words of authority.


Later my friend’s cousin took me to visit another temple of the same denomination. In fact, they had a network of different temples in the capital, and this temple was run by pastors and marabouts, who were Satanists and were married to the great ladies of the ocean, I mean water sirens.


When we entered this temple, I noticed a coffin around the pulpit. Then we knelt down and we began to pray by repeating Our Father prayer. After having prayed for a while a water siren appeared. After showing up the siren told me that I gave her a good impression and that she liked me. She asked me if I could look at her in the eyes. I told her I cannot do it. But she started to insist.


She told me, “If you could look me in the eyes, I would have given you everything you were looking for.”


But I was afraid to look at her. I told her that I could not do it.


Then the siren told me, “Take your time and think about it. If you change your mind, you can call me.”


At this stage, I had reached a level where I spoke to these sirens as if they were ordinary humans. It had become a way of life.


Later, the mermaid asked me for my phone number. I gave her my code. And she started calling me on the phone, which had become our communication channel. She called me on the phone and we talked as if she were on the surface of the earth, and yet she was calling me from the underwater kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean.


I could see the number of the siren Annabel but I could not call her. She was the one who called me.


I noticed that her number had the code of our country but I do not know how she got this number.


These sirens have the ability to shoot people through the phone. They can call you and the moment


you answer the phone you are hit. You do not have to answer the numbers that are not in your phone directory because sirens and demons can call you on your phone.


As this water siren was calling me regularly on the phone, I had to keep my phone away from my brothers and sisters lest they answer the siren’s call and suffer the consequence.


A few days later, I was called and commanded to go to the temple to meet the mermaid. When I went to the temple, the siren who was called Annabel appeared with a man who had the tail of a fish. They came with a mystic mirror. They began to show me the image of Pastor Claude who had appeared in their mystic mirror.


I noticed that there was a crown of fire over the head of this pastor. In truth every born again Christian has a crown of fire above his head shining. This crown of fire and light is defensive and protective but the light in the flame of this crown goes off when the Christians live in sin.


The Queen Annabel forbade me to go to the church of this pastor. The siren Annabel informed me that the crown of fire above the head of this pastor was evil power. She said this pastor had an evil spirit. These marine spirits work calling the anointing of the Holy Spirit evil and negative power and they refer to the holy angels of God as being evil spirits.


After showing me the face of Pastor Claude in the mystic mirror, the siren Annabel, who was a queen in the Atlantic Ocean told me, “I give you ocean water with which I wash. You will anoint yourself with this ocean water with which I wash.”


Once I sprayed and anointed myself with this water of the ocean, the oceanic siren Annabel told me, “From now on you and I are one. You are me and I am you.”


At first I did not understand what the Queen meant when she said that we had become one. In fact, I noticed that when I splashed myself with the ocean water, she penetrated inside the coffin that was around the pulpit of this temple. Later I came to understand that thanks to this ritual Queen Anabel had become able to come to the surface of the earth and stay on the surface of the earth for long hours with my physical form and my face. She came to the surface of the earth with my identity and my face in order to sleep with men. Men thought they slept with an ordinary woman but they were sleeping with a siren from the Atlantic Ocean, and there were consequences.


The siren Annabel was coming out of the ocean and she was landing in a popular roundabout the capital. She was prostituting herself and sleeping with men. As a consequence, these men were losing their fertility. In fact, this oceanic siren collected sperms of the men with whom she had sex with.


A few days after signing an agreement with this Atlantic mermaid, she showed up in the temple with two boys. These boys were sea monsters. It was difficult for me to watch them. Their upper parts were human but their lower parts were a snake. I do not know if you have watched in television the hybrid serpent that appeared in the Republic of Congo in the Atlantic Ocean. These boys were similar to that serpent. Their lower parts were a serpent.


To tell the truth, the power of water sirens depends on the amount of water that covers their kingdom in their cities. The oceanic sirens are more powerful than the sea sirens. Sea sirens are more powerful than river sirens. And river sirens are more powerful than the lake and streams sirens.


And so the power of the siren is relative to the amount of water that is the seat of their kingdom and city. The bigger the water the more powerful they are. The oceanic sirens are monstrous. They’re ugly and more dangerous than that of the sea and the river.


So after Queen Annabel had arrived with two snake boys, she said to me, “Corine, until when should I wait to see you producing fruit? When will you show me your fruit? I have not seen you producing tangible fruit for us.”


I did not understand what Queen Anabel meant me producing fruit.


So I asked her, “What fruits are you talking about? Because I do not understand anything.”


Then the water siren Annabel gave me a verse from the Bible, where Jesus Christ had cursed a tree that had failed to produce fruit.


The siren told me, “Jesus had dried a tree that failed to produce fruit. And so if you continue like that, I will do the same to you.”


Then the Queen asked me, “What is my mission and what are my activities on the surface of the Earth?”


I answered the Queen, “You sleep with men and then you collect their sperm and you transport it to the underwater world. Basically, you remove men’s fertility.”



Then the Queen told me, “Do you remember when you said we are one? I am you and you are me. Now you will sleep with men like me because we are one.”


I said to Queen Annabel, “Are you asking me to become a prostitute? And what if I ever get pregnant?”


This mermaid answered me, “You’re not a prostitute. You will never be pregnant and you will not contract any disease but you will go out with men like me. You will get their sperm and then you will recite the prayer of Our Father three times. As a result, the sperm of these men will disappear. As a consequence, these men will lose their fertility for their children will be captured. These children will be born in the marine universe under the ocean.”


Beloved, I slept with 11 men per week. The queen of the ocean Annabel slept with 89 men per week, and we were collecting their sperm. The siren Annabel was transporting the sperms under the ocean. She was capturing men’s fertility. These men will never have children in their lives unless men of God intervene through prayer. And if these men do not receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, they will never have children.



As soon as Queen Annabel collected these sperms she was traveling to the submarine civilization under the Atlantic Ocean. These sperms were preserved and germinated.


Beloved brothers and sisters, we must know that there is a biotechnological program in the underwater world. This submarine kingdom is running bioengineering laboratories for crossbreeding and genetic modification and the manipulation of human sperms. The sperm of men that we collected was undergoing genetic modification and the manipulation.


On the other hand, the water sirens were performing the fusion of the sperm of men and that of demons in order to produce hybrid creatures and aquatic demons. I mean, through the collection of human sperm, children will be born in the underwater kingdom. These children are demons, they will be taught to operate like demons. These children who were born in the aquatic world are initiated to mystery and occultism at the age of five. To tell the truth, these children are marine demons. They make up a proportion of the marine civilization population.


The main problem is that the demons are seeking ways and means to increase their population and become more numerous. This is why siren Annabel was emerging on the surface of the earth in order to sleep with men and collect their sperm for genetic manipulation and the creation of aquatic humanoid demons. The marine civilization is actively implementing the bioengineering program and genetically designing aquatic demons thanks to the mixing of men sperms and demonic seed.


The Bible says in Genesis 6:1 And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


What happened in the time of Noah will arrive at the same time as the advent of the Son of Man. Lucifer wants to increase the demonic population through the fusion of human seed and the seed of demons.


The Bible says in Daniel 2:43 And whereas you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not join one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.


So my duty as an agent of the submarine kingdom was to collect human sperm and transfer them to the underwater kingdom. And the children that are contained in the sperm of these men will be born in the submarine world under the ocean.


Later the mermaid Annabel said to me, “If you continue to bring us sperms of men, we will bless you, but you must never attend the meetings of this so-called Revival church.”


Beloved, there are seven continents in the universe beneath the ocean and there are modern cities in the underwater world. These cities are in crystal and glass and they are more developed than our cities on the surface. In fact, we are dealing with pre-Adamic and prehistoric civilizations. They


have laws and constitutions that govern these cities and the marine kingdoms are populated by various and different races and types of aquatic monsters.


Water sirens are just one of the races of aquatic demons living in the unknown water world. They live longer than men. Some are immortal. Others are mortal. Female sirens are more numerous than mermen. They usually take care of beauty because they are beautiful. Sirens are geniuses, and they speak all the languages of the world. They also speak the language of animals. They have advanced intelligence compared to men but they like to have sexual contact with humans because of the sperm of men.


The main thing that pushed sirens like Annabel to have sexual relations with men is this. The sperms of men contain about 12 billion chromosomes. Water sirens collect the sperm of men because of the fact that they contain more than 12 billion lives. They want to acquire lives contained in human sperm. They also try to acquire vital energy that is in the human.


A few days after my meeting with Queen Annabel, I was walking in the city. And then I saw a poster of an evangelical campaign of Pastor Claude who was hated by this marine spirit. I stopped and then I started to read the program for this campaign. While I read the contents and the program of this evangelical Crusade, I noticed that the smell of perfume which indicated the presence of the siren around me disappeared. The scent of perfume always reminded me of the presence of Queen Annabel at my side. It should be noted that this evangelical poster contained the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The sirens could not bear it, which is why she went away while I was reading this evangelical poster.


After reading this evangelical poster I went away. Immediately I received a phone call from the siren Annabel.


She asked me, “Why did you stop to read this evangelization poster though I had forbidden you to attend this church? So why did you have to stop and even read this program?”


I said to the siren, “I was just reading.”


But Queen Annabel was carried away in anger and she was aggravated and she rebuked me fiercely.


She said to me, “Did you not know that these evangelical posters contain evil power? There are demons inside but if you continue to behave like that you will die. We can kill you by accident.”


A few days later I went to attend another temple which was run by a marabout who was married to the siren Annabel. I had learned that any woman who slept with this marabout would die because he was the husband of the siren Annabel. She was killing any woman who slept with her husband because sirens are very jealous. Queen Annabel had made this man really handsome and attractive. I was on my way to the temple.


When the marabout called me and asked me why I stopped on the road to read the poster, I told him that I was forbidden to go to an evangelical church, but I was not forbidden to read Christian poster.



When I arrived in the temple of this marabout, we began to summon the Queen Annabel. As a result, she showed up with two other sirens. They were extremely angry. Immediately after their manifestation, they began to threaten me.


They told me, “If you can continue to act like that we will have to kill you because we have the impression that you will eventually become a member of this Revival church. You do not know what these pastors do with their flyers and their posters. These pastors and their churches will never give you money.”


I stood there observing the three sirens insulting and verbally abusing Pastor Claude and evangelical churches.


Then Annabel said to me, “This pastor Claude is just a poor and miserable guy.”


After insulting the evangelical church, they gave me the power of domination over men.


Then she told me, “When men give you money, you will do incantation on that money and you will throw it in the river. As a consequence, the finances and the chances of these men will become ours. They will be in difficulties and in poverty.”


Sometimes after having dominated these men, I was asking them for money and I used to place them in an envelope. Then I went to the river and throw this money into the river after reciting the prayer of Our Father in heaven. When the envelope fell into the water I could see the wave of water forming and then it was disappearing.


Afterward the siren recommended me to visit another marabout called Satan. Whenever this marabout in the name of Satan slept with women, the latter died. Women were dying of sudden death or cardiac arrest three days after having slept with this marabout and their stars and chances were captured.


Most of the marabouts of the city are married to mermaids and every woman who sleeps with them will be killed by these mermaids. The devil is poor. That is why he must kill and steal the stars and chances of the innocent so that he will give it to his servants. Once the victims are dead, sirens capture the stars of these victims. We must understand that maraboutism is Satanism.


Later Annabel gave me four strings and she instructed me to bury them in the four corners of our compound and recite Our Father prayer three times. A few days later, I was told that the four strings that I buried in our compound were four demons. They did not want to give me demons in their natural state because they were too scary. I would not be able to bear them. Then I went on to do incantation at ten meters so that the siren would visit me with the money, but the siren never showed up after these prayers.


Immediately after prayer, she called me on the phone and said, “There is a reason why I have failed to manifest with your money. If you enter the living room of your house, you will see the reason why.”



When I went inside the house, I saw that the TV was on. The whole family was watching Revival TV and there was a pastor preaching.


The siren said to me, “There is a power coming out of this television stopping us from doing our operation to get you the money. It is because of evil spirit and evil power coming from the TV that we are failing to do our operation and provide you with money.”


Later the siren said to me, “You are going to the football field at 10 pm. I have instructed my servant marabouts to meet you there.”

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When I went to the football field at 10pm I saw two marabouts waiting for me there. I could go out in the night and there was nothing my parents could do because I dominated them. So I went to the football field, I met the marabouts. The marabouts drew a line in the football field from one end to another. Then they collected the sand on the ground. They gave me the sand and they instructed me to do incantation with it. As a result, the money would appear.


The other marabout said to me, “This sand represents destinies, stars , and chances of young people that play football in this football ground. We have captured their destinies and their chances.”


I took the sand home and I did incantation, but there was no money.


The siren Anabel called me and told me, “There is a pastor preaching in television and the power coming out of television is stopping us from doing what we are supposed to do to give you money.”


When I went to check the TV, I noticed that the TV was off.


The Queen Annabel said to me, “Despite the fact that the TV is off, when it was turned off, it was on the frequency of the Revival TV and it is still in the frequency of the Revival TV. Open it and change the channel frequency and turn it off.”


After changing the TV frequency, I turned it off. I went to my room and I did incantation but there was no result whatsoever. The siren then instructed me to leave the house.


She said, “The house is affected by the power coming from the Revival TV and the pastor preaching on it. You will have to change to another house if you really need the money.”


I said to her, “I do not have a place to go.”


Annabel said to me, “As long as you are in that house there is nothing that we can do for you. There is an opposite power stopping us from doing what so ever.”


We must understand that all these formulae that the siren Annabel was instructing me to perform did not work because of the presence of God in our house. The power of Jesus Christ coming from Revival TV obstructed the power of the marine kingdom. Our house was inhabited by the presence of God, no magical formula was working.



The marabout said to me, “You will leave that house if you really need the money because there is a presence of God in that house.”


In this period, if I stare you in the eyes you will be dominated and I like this because I was able to dominate people and order them around.


Later the siren gave me an envelope containing four strings, and she instructed me to bury the four strings at 11pm. But I forgot her instructions.


When I realized that I have failed to keep instruction from the mermaid, I called her husband the marabout. He was angry to hear that I failed to keep instruction. He invited me to the temple and we summoned the oceanic siren. When she showed up. She was really angry.


She was accompanied by two sirens that were extremely angry. These two were threatening me but Annabel was like calming them and saying, “This is my daughter. I will teach her everything and she will serve our kingdom.”


She said, “I gave you these four strings that are powerful demons so that they can oppose the power inhabiting your place and coming from Revival TV but you have failed to keep the instruction. You’re going to go to the confluence of two river streams and you will throw the envelope that I gave you inside the water.”


These sirens were telling me that wherever water was flowing is a point of contact because they were water spirits. Before throwing away these strings I had to recite Our Father who art in heaven.


When I threw the envelope in water the siren called me in order to inform me that she got the envelope back. A few days later she gave me another envelope containing four of these strings that were demons who were supposed to oppose the anointing coming from Revival TV. But when I got into our house, these demons disappeared. They could not bear the presence of God in our house and the anointing coming from Revival TV.


When these demons disappeared, Queen Annabel called me and said, “Corine, you will have to move out of this house if you want the money.”


Later, I received a phone call from Annabel. She said, “Go check what is happening in your living room.”


When I went to check I noticed that my mother was watching Revival TV. I said to Queen Annabel that I saw my mother watching Revival TV.


The siren said, “Our problem is the power coming out of that channel. That power from TV is stopping us from working in your compound. You will have to leave your house.”


I said to the queen, “I don’t know where to go.”


The Queen said to me, “You are a woman and we gave you the power of domination. You can use it in order to impose your will on men.”


The following day I went to the temple. After prayer, Annabel appeared and she began to insist that I have to leave the house of my parents. She gave me six pieces of salt that I was supposed to put in the water with which I was washing.


When it was 12am, I put the salt in my water in order to bathe and I had to recite Our Father prayer. In the end, I did everything as requested but there was no result. I was not happy because I was doing everything as instructed but there was no result.


I called Annabel’s husband and I said to him, “I am doing everything but why is the money not appearing?”


He asked me to join him in the temple. I joined him and we prayed. As a result, Annabel appeared with two mermaids.


They said to me, “As you have refused to leave your place, you’re going to have to seduce a man of God so that you can capture his power and his chance through the sexual relationship.”


I said to them, “I don’t know where to find that pastor.”


The three mermaids said to me, “If you cannot seduce a pastor, you must then become a girlfriend of one of the marabouts managing our temple.”


I opposed their proposition. Immediately they got angry and they began to pressure me. As they were piling pressure on me, I began to hate the siren.


Annabel said, “Now you must work for us. And the more you work for us, the more money we will increase in your account.”


She showed me $10,000 but every time I touched the money it was disappearing.


Then she said, “If you win more people for us, we will give you $15,000.”


A few days later the marabout began to initiate me in occultic practice. After initiation, I became a marine kingdom agent. I began to function as a native doctor. Students were coming to the temple and I was supposed to help them distinguish in university. I was asking them to bring an egg. Once they brought the egg, I was breaking the egg on the statue. Actually, these statues were evil spirits. We were breaking the egg on the statue. As a result, a demon was entering the student. This demon was a scientist. He was full of scientific knowledge. He knew everything. He was imparting great knowledge to these students who were passing their course with distinction.


Some people were coming to us so that we can help them in love matter. A man was in love with a woman but the woman was refusing him. We asked him to bring the footprints of the woman. In the spirit world, the man footprint represents his life. Once we had the footprint of the women, we were


throwing on the mirror. As a result, the woman was appearing in the mirror and we could influence her heart so that she could fall in love with the man.


More than 20 people came to us for this love issue. I helped 30 students to pass their course in university with distinction thanks to the demon who was a scientist.


A few days later I went to visit the water siren.


I said to her, “I have been doing everything you have asked me yet I am not getting the money that I wanted.”


Annabel said to me, “You need to give us the sperm of 100 men then you will have the money.”


I said to her, “I have already given you men fertility and I have brought to you many customers.”


When I said this, the siren began to yell at me.


She said, “You are really stubborn. Do you know how many people there are on the surface of the Earth?”


I agreed to do what she asked me. But when I went back home, I was overwhelmed by all this and I began to cry.


Later my father said to me, “You have changed. Something is not right with you.”


But I did not want him to know my issue. A few days later, I saw a pastor of a church of our neighborhood. I knelt before him and I began to cry.


He asked me, “Corine, why are you crying?”


I said, “I have a lot of things to tell you. I have a confession to make.”


Then we went to church. It was a certain Friday when we went to talk. I confessed everything to him. I begged him not to tell my parents, but he said to me that this situation is grave and my parents had to be informed. When my mother heard my story, she began to cry.


The following day, the pastor took me in a mountain of prayer where Christians go to pray. And when he began deliverance prayer, the sirens and marabouts and marine spirits began to manifest because I was in covenant with the siren Annabel, which united her to me. I became her and she became me. I mean, I was inhabited by her and she was able to take my face and appear on the surface of the earth.


But in the end, these water spirits were expelled from my body in the name of Jesus Christ. The bondage was broken.


After my deliverance the marabout that was the husband of the siren Annabel and the marabout that was called Satan came physically to my compound in order to capture me. They had an altercation with my father. They were looking for me in order to destroy me.


A few days later the marabout who was the husband of the siren Annabel died. I was just passing when I saw his photo and people were crying. I informed my parents that the marabout that was looking for me in order to capture me was dead.

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