Testimony Of Heaven And Hell By Pastor Hyun Sook Na

Testimony Of Heaven And Hell By Pastor Hyun Sook Na


Pastor Hyun Sook Na
I started going to church when I was young. Before now, I was down with a lot of diseases and that is why when I got to church, I started praying,’ Jesus, please heal my diseases, I heard from my pastor that if I believe in you, you will bless me.

One day, Jesus washed my diseases completely away, and I started attending church eagerly, with the goal and determination that when I grow up, I would serve the poor and pray for the nations. I have been able to believe everything in the Bible and I have been faithfully attending church.

At the age of 19, on the first day of the year, I went with a few church members, to a mountain to fast and pray. Though it was snowing heavily, we were not deterred and we prayed late into the night for my country, believers and non-believers. Suddenly, I heard a thunderous voice like the one heard by Abrahams and Moses in the Bible, “My beloved daughter! I’m calling you to be my servant to preach around the world. Therefore prepare yourself with prayer!” The voice was heard thrice.

By the time I left the mountain, my spiritual eyes were opened. ‘From now on you need to pray for 8 to 10 hours a day and not to watch TV because people are dying during the time I watch TV. The Lord told me.
So whenever I knelt down to pray, the Holy Spirit spoke to me: “Before you become the Lord’s servant, you must pray continuously and be an honest person. You shouldn’t get tempted by anything which does not belong to you. 
Do not pick up even single coin on the floor if that is not yours. Even if you become poor and hungry, do not beg for money, but pray with faith to your Father in heaven and He will bless you, answer you and provide for you.”
 He told me: “Be truthful, never lie in your mouth. And be humble. Before becoming a pastor, you must be a truthful person. Follow Jesus’s character. If you are not like him, you can’t be a truthful servant to save other’s lives. And do not judge by physical appearance. But open your spiritual eyes and see the spiritual world to solve spiritual problems that people are struggling with. 
Without prayer, you cannot truly love others and solve spiritual problems. You must pray, and not be consumed with pride. You must spend time in prayer, so you won’t idolize money which leads to destruction. You must be free from the shackles of denomination, nations and races. “Jesus said: “Conflicts among denominations are meaningless. Your battle is  not against flesh, but with the dark spiritual world that you cannot see.’
The Lord also told me, “You are not to have boyfriends, because the time you spend with a boyfriend, there are many people dying all around the world without knowing Jesus Christ. Instead of it, spend time praying for them. “So whenever I did not pray, The Holy Spirit would scold me to pray. He would interfere in whatever I was doing.
After a year, I heard the Holy Spirit saying: “When the time is up, the whole world will be corrupted with sin, and their minds will disintegrate and their hearts will be rotten like a rotten fish. Their spirits will die and fall into deep sleep. You are to preach the messages I have given you to churches around the world.”
The Lord started to show me the events that will come in the last days, vision of heaven and hell, while also telling me to intensify my preaching.
I am going to share some testimonies of heaven and hell. I cannot share them all, even in a week. It is too much to share; all the visions and experiences he has graciously granted me over twenty years.


  • A Trip To Hell
In hell, there was hot boiling water and people were trapped under it, struggling to get out. Their skin stripped off, melting down the body, but they could not die. In that hot boiling water, they were screaming: “Help me. Help me!” Every time they moved, they struggled like a frog.
They could not die, even though their body was burnt red and skin was melting down. They were screaming: “Please save me! Save me!” Even for us, it hurts when frying oil is splashed on our skin.
In hell their whole body was under the boiling water. Jesus later commented on their plight,: “While they were living on earth, they bowed to Buda and prepared a meal in front of it, bowing down to trees, and asking for a blessing. Also going up to the mountains and prepared a meal and bowing down for blessings for their family. They are the people who believed in idols of the earth.”
They believed in all kinds of man-made gods and when they died, they ended up suffering in hell. There is only one God. He is the only source of blessing to give us. There is only one God who can save your soul and grant everlasting life. Idols of the earth cannot give you blessings.
Jesus told me to look carefully. They were all wearing square hats and jumping up and down. Their faces changed like monsters and were pouring curses against the world with words I cannot even describe. I cannot bear the words they were saying.
But were terrible words and they were pouring disgusting words. They said: “While I was on earth I was a judge, a prosecutor, general and president. And lots of people came to me for help and I helped them, but they never told me about Jesus Christ. I ended up in hell without knowing who God was!” They were furious and their faces were like red hot coal.
“Why did you never tell me to believe in Jesus? But I never got to know Jesus! It’s unfair! It’s too hot here!” They were crying for help.
Jesus spoke to me: While they were living on earth, they had all envies of the people, the authority, and the power. Even though they had it all, they did not believe in Jesus, and did not receive salvation, they ended up in hell.”
Also He said: “Listen carefully my beloved children, in Christ by his grace, you receive big blessings of salvation and even after being saved, with life in Jesus, if you do not evangelize because of appearance, or for shamefulness, when a soul ends up in hell, God is going to ask for the soul’s price from you.  
Note you are a debtor to Jesus’ ‘James 5:20 says: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins. ’So you and I must repay the debt to Jesus Christ, Spread the gospel.

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Again, in hell with glazing fire, I saw people howling. “It’s too hot!” like the rich man asked for a drop of water, they begged for water. “Help me, give me water! It’s too painful!” They were wriggling in agony.
Jesus told me to look carefully. And I saw cash being stuck all over their bodies, apart from face. They were wandering through the blazing fire. “It’s too painful, where is my money, my money? “They were wailing: “while living on earth, I believed I could do anything with money. So I worked hard every day. After earning lots of money. 
So I worked very hard every day. After earning lots of money, I was going to live a happy life with my family; suddenly I ended up in a hospital and died of an illness. It’s unfair! It’s unfair 

I ended up in hell, without using my money. Please help me for once! Give me a chance!” 

Jesus said to me: “To my children I gave authority to rule and conquer the earth, but they became slaves of money, not knowing their soul was dying.” I had the privilege of visiting one foreign church on one of my missionary trips. When it was offering time, there were offering baskets in the front, and I heard the Holy Spirit’s voice saying to me: Look at this sight carefully and reveal it to the rest of the world.
They were giving offering with the smallest unit coins, and barely with cash. With my spiritual eyes, I saw Jesus standing next to the offering baskets. And I heard the Holy Spirit talking to me, and I saw fury in his face: Am I a beggar, Am I a beggar to you?” 
Do you know why you suffer in our businesses and our children being down with illnesses? Because we are treating God with like a beggar. Do you wish to be blessed? Then without any reservation, serve God with the best things you have to offer. Then he will bless you with the best things.
We should never be selfish or greedy. Greed produces sin, and sin delivers unto death. In gloomy hell, there were swarms of snake. It coiled around human body and passed through the nostrils and chipped away skin, so they were bleeding.
While they were bleeding, demons who held a big axe was standing on each side and cutting down human bodies. The skin was cut into pieces and intestines were releasing blood. They were screaming for help. The body regenerated and demons were cutting the body repetitively. Forgive! Help me!” But there was no one who could save them.
Jesus told me, while they were on earth, they used to say they believed in God. But they didn’t have the faith of salvation. Jesus said that 85% of Christians in churches don’t have assurance of salvation. Even though they say they believe in Jesus, they don’t have assurance of their salvation.
They used to say: “This church thinks they are the only church! This pastor thinks he is the only pastor around! Let’s leave and build us a new one.” They were splitting the body of Christ, with jealousy in their hearts, and taking church members to build a new church. Dividing a church is like splitting the body of Christ. They became slaves of Satan in the church. And they criticize, disapprove, and gossip.
In church, whatever the problem is, we should not blame others. Everyone should learn to accept his error. This also applies to families. Then the work of the devil will flee and the work of the Holy Spirit will live among you, resuscitating and blessing you. And you will live in truth and peace, and all the problems in your life will be resolved for you.


  • Journey To Heaven
Before I was taken me to heaven, the Lord Jesus made me repent of all my sins. After, my soul was cleansed by the blood of Jesus through repentance. It was then that my spirit left my body.
The spirit hovers with no weight, and passes through the sky, where the birds fly, and passes through the space where the stars lie, and reaches the place. That is heaven, where God lives. I was guided to the heaven onto this enormous gate, that automatically opened and tall angels greeted me saying “Welcome”.
When I first visited heaven I was astonished at the sight of heaven. Everything was sparkling, because everything was made of gold. The road was covered with pure gold. There are no roads made out of mud or asphalt. Revelation 21:21b  the great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass. Believe me we are going to walk on those roads.
There is no night in heaven. I asked: Lord how come there is no evening?” He answered: This is the place of bright light. I saw the glory of God like a flaming fire, I could not look into it.
So I was bowing down, and I heard Father God’s voice for the first time. Over the past 20 years that I have been visiting heaven, I only heard Father God’s voice 3 times. And even though He does not have the appearance it sounded like roaring lighting and thunder. His existence manifests as bright light, shinning onto every part of heaven. His kingdom is gigantic and radiates light all the time. So Jesus told me there is no night in heaven.
 “Why is there day and night on earth? When we resurrect, are we going to be flesh or not? Will we have a body like this? I asked and Jesus replied:We will become like angels, we will enter heaven with a holy body.”Since you are living inside the weak human body, in order to restore it, there is day and night. But when you enter heaven you are in a renewed transformed body, so the night is not required.’
Jesus said: “New Jerusalem is like the White House on earth. In this New Jerusalem, there are all the secrets of heaven that have not been revealed in the Bible.


Follow me. I’ve got something to show you. And look carefully and share this with my people. “The Lord told me. So I followed Him into His office where I saw many books on a golden tables. These were:  an original Bible, a book which recorded all the sins, a book that records all rewards, a book of life, and a book of life of the Lamb.
He held the Bible and said: the Bible that you read on earth is sufficient enough to get salvation. Also through the bible, it is sufficient enough to get better resurrection. But with the physical body, there is a limit of understanding of the Bible. Even for the wise, there is a limit. “There are far too many things that haven’t been revealed yet.
There are a lot of theologians on earth who analyses the Bible. Even if they do so well, there is no one who understands the Bible perfectly. But remember, it contains all you need for your salvation.

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He said: Therefore never dispute the interpretations of the bible.” There is freedom in interpretation of the bible, but believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. Jesus is the only way to salvation. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who can save us and He is the Eternal Lord. He said, if you have assurance of this, then you cannot be a pagan or an antichrist.

If there is a question concerning the Bible, then ask the Holy Spirit living inside of you, and he will teach you, help you solve it, show it to you and speak to you. Therefore do not open your mouth carelessly as it may lead you to sin.
Jesus opened the book of recording sins and a page was opened unrolling like a scroll. There were  written the name, nationality, date of birth, place of birth, e.g. Every date, hour, minute, second, was recorded and which sins were committed. If someone had an argument, stole, got drunk, caused sexual immorality, not tithing. Every single sin was in that book.
But the amazing thing is that, there were gaps where the letters were erased. So I asked: “Jesus how come it has been erased?” He replied: God forgive our sins if anyone confesses and repent their sins in the name of Jesus. So if you repent. God will forgive you and erase the sin from the book. Just as we  wash our clothe when it is dirty, or take  our  shower everyday, the same way we have to wash away our sin through repentance.
We are not sent to hell because we commit sin, but because we fail to repent. Even a murderer, if he relies on the blood of Jesus and repent, he will be forgiven. Even if immorality was conducted if he repents, by the blood of Jesus he is forgiven.

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No matter what kind of sin it is, by repenting and turning away from sin, the sinner will be forgiven. The Bible says in 1 John 1:9: ‘ if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’ When you repent, believe that Jesus will forgive your sins completely.

But the moment you accept Jesus as your savior, you have a new master. And He does not tell you to sin, but to be holy, since God is holy, you must be holy too. Follow Jesus, resemble his character, and stay away from wickedness. Forgive and love your enemies.

Our new master is Jesus Christ and He does not want anyone to fall into ruin and be thrown into hell. He wants everyone to come to heaven. Even if you could gain the whole world, but not saved yourself from hell, what benefit is it?  After death, if you find yourself in hell, what use is it? Even if you had all the riches of the world. It is no use for your soul.

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