The Danger Of Serving God Under The Anger Of God

The Danger Of Serving God Under The Anger Of God

As a chorister; Choir, prayer-warrior, usher, church woman leader, evangelist, protocol, assistant pastor, pastor or whatever departments you belongeth in the church; if you vividly knew within or your are convicted in your heart of fault or secret sin, such as stealing, embezzlement of church funds, none payment of tithe, worldly dating, lies, hatred etc; Perhaps, you still involves in immodesty dressing, parading in seductive dresses, jewelries, makes-up, women trouser (pant).

Please don’t waste your precious time laboring in that vine yard in course of working for God because you are merely deceiving yourself and also serving God under the anger of God. It doesn’t matter how glorious your voice might vibrate at it pitch or wondrous your ministration might sound or tactically and effectively you might exhibit in that church department during the course of fellowship — you are nothing but merely wasting your effort because God is angry with you.

…if you are serving God under the anger of God please don’t expect Heaven to acknowledges your ministry labor.

Whenever you fall into temptation don’t assume God understand because he doesn’t but rather required for your immediate confession and repentance through the act of restitution. However if you tend to cover-up your faults or wrong dealings and still occupied that glorious post or department in your church, my beloved you are not only hindering your eternal reward but also invoking God’s wrath upon the rest member in your department.

women serving God under God anger
I advice you separate yourself from your team and kindly hand-over to whosoever you felt that is spiritual and capable of handling such leadership post (if you are a leader) and secretly seek for the face of the Lord in prayers because it’s better to remains as an unbeliever than to embrace Christ or salvation and labor in vain.
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It’s unfortunate that majority of Christian who are in the church are been deceived by the assumption believe that their name are written in the book of life, probably because they can preach the gospel zealously, prophecy, sing gloriously, pray fervently and also gives cheerfully in support in the propagation of the Church.
However it so saddened that most believers are careless of their Christian life and lack spiritual self-clinic or examination. They still harbored in malice, lies, pornography, masturbation, sexual lustful, fornication, hatred, anger, quarrel, assaulting their wives and disrespectful to their husbands.
They believe in once save is forever saved perverse dogma without personal daily self-purification in prayers, scriptural meditation, sacrificing their food or water and subdue the power of the flesh under praying and fasting.

Moreover, it horrible to discover that majority of Christians has never set-aside a single day to participate in praying and fasting spiritual exercise since the commencing of this year. They are food bulldozers and sleep bulldozer. They can sleep for 6-10 hours every day without taking a keen observant to watch and pray for at least for 1 hour per week in night vigil.

While majority of our beloved Christian sisters who still indulges and always glory in immodesty dressing kept deceiving themselves. They assumed Heaven is going to examined only the content of their heart without considering their physical appearance.

the spirit out of the body

Nevertheless, after death you are definitely going to portrayed and present in same immodesty dressing and you won’t possess the strength to pull-it off because your earthly physical appearance shall likewise manifest spiritually in your appearance after death. And in such horrific situation you will definitely blame yourself because serving God under his anger is the most dangerous scenario in the life of every Christian.


When you backslide and dominate with secret sins; you can’t stand and fellowship joyfully in the presence of God. When you become enslaved with secret sins of masturbation, fornication, abortion, adultery, homosexual, stealing, sexual lust, Pornography and erotic images; you won’t like to listen to an edifying word of pure holiness.
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Your joy of salvation will be wreck and shattered. Your heart will be broken, void and sadden. You will be ashamed to fellowship in unity of faith with your brethren due to guilt, self torment and limitation.
Hence, the only way out of these miserable self torments of backslidden is repentance and confession. Declared unto yourself; “You pathetic pride and shame in me, i divorce and reject you from my life in Jesus name. Afterward, go on your knee and cried unto God for his mercy and forgiveness. And i assure you; your joy of salvation shall be revived and restored because none is above backslidden and this is reason why you need to be sanctified.

Sanctification is the uprooting of old admanic nature of sin from your heart and been renewed by Holiness. You must ensure your heart is sanctified and purified with power of the Holy Ghost; in order to retain an Holy Ghost baptism; a process where the Holy Spirit will filled your inner man by following the below process.

  1. The first thing you needed in order to grow spiritually is increasing the length of your prayer life because a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian; when you become powerless you become a football at the hand of the devil.
  2. Ensure you locate and identify with a genuine bible believing church in your locality and fellowship with them. Ensure you always attend your church mid-week activities or fellowship because faith cometh by hearing and continuous hearing of the world of God.
  3. You need to cut off from every form of worldly friendships and break-out from dating or girl s/boys friendship relationship because evil character corrupt godly motives.
  4. You must also get baptized by immersion in water; ensure it is conducted in flowing river — Your immersion baptism represent or identified you as been dead in Christ and resurrected as a new creation. Water immersion baptism also helps in breaking foundational curse and evil yokes of your father’s house that might hinder the exploit of your ministry or career.
  5. Make sure you continue to seek after perfection and also make sure you join a department or work force in your church. It’s a means where you explore your God given gift or potential in the ministry. Please also engage in evangelism or spreading of the goodness of the kingdom of God because we are all called to evangelize the gospel according to Mark 16:15-16 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
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