The Harmful Effect Of Immodesty Dressing In The Church

The Harmful Effect Of Immodesty Dressing In The Church


Effect Of Immodesty Dressing
Over the years we have endeavor to teaches and show more concern pertaining modesty dressing in life of Christian. Dressing modesty is an epitome of godliness while acknowledging yourself as a genuine child of God. Today, majority behold Christianity as merely going to church without considering the basic spiritual works and sacrifice which ought to be implemented while attaining unto perfection.

Today, you hardly identify a Christian woman or distinguished her as a born again believer from the world. There is not different between the church and the world. There is no remarkable different to distinguished between Deborah and Delilah. They both look replica in our societies today. However, in our society when you behold a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, an engineered, a pilot, a navy, an army or a police officer, you can easily identified them by what they wore on their body.
how to identify christian in the socities
Likewise also, when you behold a prostitute you can easily foretells, that such person is a prostitute. How? Definitely by how she dressed or portrayed herself but how can you identifies a genuine Christian woman today in our societies?
Sometimes ago, I heard a sad story of beloved sister who accepted Jesus Christ newly. She was so overwhelmed with the zeal in serving God and evangelizing the gospel. But unfortunately, she found herself in wrong church where the truth was concealed from her. Though, she was convicted of the Holy Ghost unto acceptance of Christ but was not totally converted.
The righteous truth that enhances complete salvation was held back from her because there is different between convict and conversion. She was convicted of accepting Christ but wasn’t informed about how to ensure complete salvation of her soul. However, few days later she makes an attempt in quest of spreading the gospel and while she was preaching on road side junction, she beholds her former school course mate. At the sight of her friend, she quickly embraced her and after pleasantries she beckoned her friend to accept Jesus Christ into her life and forsakes worldliness.
To her greatest shock her friend burst into laughter. She was seriously making mockery of our beloved sister. She said, “You mean you are now born again? Yes I am and also want you to repent and accept Jesus into your life and witness the joy I am feeling right now. She continues, “You Born again…! Wonder shall never cease in this world…! Haaa, Esther, you mean you are born again and you look like this…! I mean, just take a look at you. You are preaching to me about Jesus Christ.
a woman disgrace when preaching
Once again she burst into laughter. But out of curiosity our beloved sister inquired what the problem. She replied; “Can’t you behold that we are resemblance. You wore trouser I also wear trouser. You wear attachment I also have mine. You applied makes-up and painting and you can also see it on my face. Look at your fingers, you fixed extra nails and I also have mine. You even wore earrings and necklace and I also have mine with me, so tell me, my friend what is the different between you and me?
That was how our beloved sister went home sorrowfully and allowed the precious soul to escape from her. She was battered and shattered both emotionally and spiritually because of deceptive doctrine on women modesty dressing. She was meant to understand that God is only after her heart and not much concern about her physically appearing. But am wondering, if God was only after her heart, then why can’t she convince her sinful friend to believe such dogma teaching from the pit of Hell?
Sincerely, she can’t because her friend has previously encountered several godly sisters who dressed in modesty. She knew there must be physical differentiation between a genuine born again Christian and unbelieving believer that merely goes to church. Its unfortunate that today “Born Again” has become a general language for everyone that goes to church. Today, if you often go to church, you have automatically become Born Again.
That is wrong perception because born again simply means renewing or transforming of your inward-mindset into godliness which is automatically manifest outwardly by God’s grace through Jesus Christ. If you mindset still linger into worldliness, definitely your outward appearance will attest unto it. If as a Christian woman and your mind still cumbered with immodesty attires and kept lusting after immoral and seductive dressing, jewelries, makes-ups and elaborate hair styles whenever you behold those that wore them. Certainly, you wouldn’t felt comfortable in such state.
God is after the heart and not the body
In short run, you will definitely behold yourself wearing them because it’s first originated from your heart. Matthew 15;18-19 “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies” Hence, if God is only after the heart, then where does all those immoral lustfulness propel from?
This signifies that the manifestation of your inward thoughts is the source of your outward appearance. If you don’t possess the mindset of lusting after that immodesty dressing, definitely you wouldn’t behold them on your body. Lust simply means the strong desire for something. The desire to make use of something which contradicts the will of God, something you can’t do without…!
Where does all this fact lead us? This simply means, as a Christian woman still indulging into immodesty dressing; you are presently in sinful bondage of LUST. Moreover, you certainly knew where it will lead after death if you refuse to repent and cast off those disgusting and ungodly inward mindset–burn off those immodesty dressing and remain naturally endowed. Psalm 139;14 “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well”
Nevertheless, I would also like to lay emphasizes on reason why God is much more concern about your outward lifestyles as a Christian because he knew that your outward appearance is the product of your inward mindset. Whatever occupied or exposed to your heart or mind shall be the product and manifestation of your physical characters.
Recently, I counseled a young teenage boy who was addicted into masturbation as a result of his exposure into pornography cause by his father. I was perturbed how his father exposed such a young boy into sexual immoralities of pornography? He later confessed that his father has numerous porn video clips stored in his mobile phone. He often has free access to those immoral video files whenever his father drops off his mobile phone.
Pathetically, that was how he becomes exposed into the world of sexual immoralities and presently struggling on how to overcome 7 years addicted life of masturbation. This horrible mess was enacted due to nonchalant attitude of the parent while nurturing their child. Proverb 22;6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” As a parent, God has graciously blessed you with those children and whatever careless or nonchalant attitude you portrayed against them, you will definitely have your reward in eternity.
How can you trained-up your child in godliness manner while you mindset is decayed with ungodliness and lustfulness? That is another fact of inward manifestation. However, there was another young boy who is presently struggling to overcome masturbation addiction; he vividly confessed that he can’t do without masturbating himself. One thing that struck me in his confession was when he said, “My mum caused all this for me” I mean, how is that possible?
mother dressing nakedness before her son
He continues, I started masturbation since when i was 4 years old. My mum has always been dressing up naked before me; I am used to seeing her nakedness. I am not moved to have sex with her but I always long to see mature ladies naked just the way I always see my mum dressing up naked before me. I still remember seeing her nakedness regularly till I was 8 years and my dad do shout on her, “send this boy out before you dress”
But my mum would always reply by saying “will my son sleep with me?” My dad will retorted “Stop planting evil thought in his heart” Anytime I see my mum’s naked body, I long to see ladies’ naked body. I then went into fornication at age 10 and till now I am not free from fornication, heavy pornography and masturbation.
From above facts, we can behold the outward manifestation of sexual immoralities in the life of those teenagers as result of ungodliness been propelled into their heart. I would also like to send a warning message to every parent who is guilt of above two pathetic stories of those teenagers. If you are dressing up before your 2 years son/daughter and you say he/she doesn’t know anything yet, you are planting an immoral seed into such heart and shortly, you will behold its outward manifestation.
a small girl checking herself on a mirror
Moreover, in some case a couple’s will confessed that they used to have sexual relationship in same room with their 2 years old child, they felt such child can’t understand. You are also planting an evil seed and abnormal sexual fantasies and urge in that heart and very soon it will germinate. How will you destroy your own children with your own carelessness?
Please don’t let your children see your nakedness. Don’t make love in the presence of your child no matter the age. The sexual scene sticks to their memory and they may want to explore and experiment what they are seeing. Stop making free home-made “sex clips or video” for your children to be watching.
Please, while sitting down ensure you sit properly and dress modesty as a mother. Stop sitting as if you are in hospital labor room or about to deliver. Stop parting your legs for your son to see your inner tight and pant is horribly wicked. Please as a father; don’t wear ordinary boxer or short knickers at home that cause your manhood to dangling before your teenage daughter. There are some certain immoral dresses you shouldn’t wear while at home because that little child learnt actively. 
Don’t say because you want to enjoy your freedom in your house. It’s not just your house alone but also family house. What about the mother wearing ordinary bra around the house in the presence of their son and also allowing their daughters to dressed seductively at home before their son? Yes, he might not lust after you or his sister but you might be messing up and increasing his curiosity to see the breasts of ladies out there and exposing him to wide-range of sexual perverse.
This fact portrayed that an outward appearance is the seed of inwardness. Therefore, serving God is basically known and identifies meanly by your physical dealing. Whatever propel into the mind shall manifest outwardly.
The nakedness of women in God’s sight refers to any Christian woman exposing her legs, things, breast/cleavage and dressing in tightly dresses, trouser which shows the curves, shape, contours, hips and the anatomy of the body. The evil nature in our present world has deceived many women of this generation that exposing their thighs, shape of the hips and breasts in public is fashionable and attractive before men.
19th century christian women vs today christian women
The devil and his wicked demons are mocking and laughing at such ladies, because they know that if they die in that state, they will go straight to Hell fire. They are also causing many men to commit adultery and fornication in their hearts by lusting after these strange women in nakedness which is sinful before God.
The heart of a man doesn’t stop a naked woman from moving her feet, but he is tempted and compelled to lust after such nakedness. A godly woman understands this truth and she is VERY CAREFUL not to arouse the opposite sex with her body language and that is reason way she always loves to dress modestly.
modesty dressing christian woman vs immodesty christian woman
It’s time for Christian women to awake unto modesty dressing and make vow with their own body, to live for God and present their body as living sacrifice unto the Lord in purity. The devil has influenced and lowered many women bodies into his instrument of LUST. God wants all women to turn away from nakedness, nudity, immoral dressing and seductive dressing.
We are living in a wicked world where people call evil good. They think it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear trousers (U.S–pants), tight dress, half-dresses, mini-skirts and expose their breasts, body shape, thighs and legs seductively in a sensual manner. I see women in church, street, offices and media exposing their legs, thighs, curves and breasts to be praised.
This is called NAKEDNESS before the sight of God.  It’s sinful for a woman to dress immodesty, or exposed her vital body part such as thigh or laps, arm-pit, waist or cleavage because woman body is very SEDUCTIVE and SENSITIVE to a man.
a man lusting and look behind after a lady
Christian women and ladies ought to wear skirts that go beyond their knees and loosen. Their material of dressing shouldn’t be transparent. Many Christian women wear thin clothing that reveals their inner body skeleton figures and also revealing their inner pant-line and shapes.
the measurement of christian woman skirt
The way you dress affects the way you feel. If you dress like a whore, that is how you are going to feel about yourself. You can’t deny that not unless Satan has killed your “Consciousness”. The way you dress speaks volume about you. Exodus 23;2 Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment” Don’t follow the crowd, because the crowd is always wrong.
Perhaps, if they are wrong are you willing to follow them into an eternal damnation of Hell? Properly, you assumed that God wouldn’t destroy those found guilty of immodesty dressing because they are numerous. Anyway, this isn’t the first time he is going to enact such punishment upon humanity. Psalm 9;17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”
He first unleashed his anger upon the generation of Noah and the nation of Sodomite and this time around, his judgment upon humanity is going to be terrible because and it’s either you behold yourself Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours  “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” Hebrew 10;31, Because For our God is a consuming fire” Hebrew 12;29“
  1. A woman showing her thighs or exposing her laps in the church or public, it’s sinful and pure wickedness and nakedness before God. 
  2. A man sagging his trouser or showing off his inner wear, its seductive, nakedness and sinful before God. 
    christian boy in sagging with bible
  3. As a woman if you have to cover your knee or breast with handkerchief while sitting in the church or in Public, that is nakedness and sinful.
  4. As a man if the hair on your chest is seen by women, it’s nakedness and sinful because it amount seduction. 
  5. As a woman if your armpit is exposed when you dressed or you wear transparent clothes, its nakedness and sinful because women body are always seductive.
  6. As a woman if your waist is exposed, it nakedness and sinful. 
  7. As woman if you put on trousers, you are totally naked because it’s abominable before God.
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  • Dressing immodesty promotes lustfulness and every form of immorality imaginable.
  • Dressing immodesty pollutes the mind of the weak.
  • Dressing immodesty exposed the women into various spiritual attacks of marine spirits, sexual intercourse, swimming and eating in the dream because it attract spiritual husband, which always poses attack toward their marital breakthrough and barrenness.
  • Dressing immodesty lowers the dignity of a woman because a sensible mother wouldn’t condone his son to marry a prostitute.
  • Dressing immodesty exposed a woman to the great mother of harlotry–the Queen of the Coast.


Genesis 3;7 & 21 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. 21, Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them” In Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve clothes. All the saints and angels in heaven are fully covered with their modest garment while those in Hell are totally naked to an everlasting shamefulness.
Therefore, don’t live a naked life of immodesty dressing; stop exposing your thighs, breasts and shape of your body. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and ought to be fully covered. Please let your outward body presentation testifies about your inward mindset. Let your outward appearance testifies about the glory of God and not to be used in exaltation and propagation of the kingdom of darkness.

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