The Important Of Prayer In Christian Life

The Important Of Prayer In Christian Life

The important of prayer in the life of every christian can’t be over emphasize; it is unique and spiritually honored by God. Do know that, your backslide from faith didn’t start the day you committed fornication or tells lies; NO, It began the very day you lost your prayer life.The first attack from the devil is to steal your prayer life.

Afterward, he will comes in other things and sink you deeply into sin to the point of No-Return. When you stop praying you will start sinning and when you start sinning you will stop praying.
A prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian and when you are powerless you become a football at the hand of the Devil. How you pray determine your spiritual level because Prayer set your heart in flame. Many of us are too busy to pray and have gone into spiritual coma.
Please, don’t forget, your backsliding doesn’t begin the day you commit fornication or steal but from the day you lost your prayer life. A brother shared with me and said  “If i didn’t pray fervently for about 2-3 days, demons will appear physically to swallow him” When i said about praying, i don’t mean 5-10 minutes prayer. I mean prayer that makes things happen.
Late Pa Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola founder Of Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C ) once told his fellow ministers during prayer meeting to knee down for SHORT prayer. After about 2-3 hours of kneeing down, the minister becomes frustrated and sat down, leaving only Apostle Babalola still on his knee praying for about 5-6 hours. The following day, they asked him “Baba, if you ask us to pray a short prayer with you which took almost 6 hours, How many hours will your LONG prayer last?”
powerful prayer of prophet babalola
Many of us knew Ori Oke Aanu (Mountain of Mercy) Praying Ground, Erio-Ekiti in Osun State Nigeria. This mountain of prayer was founded by this same Apostle Babalola. There is a spot on top of that mountain rock where he knee to pray and his knee pierced through, leaving a giant hole in the rock due to his long hours in praying. That hole is still over there till-date.
giant hole of prophet babalola knee in Ori Oke Aanu (Mountain of Mercy)
This same Apostle traveled abroad with his ministers for missionary work neither by air or water, he only gathered his minister for prayer and instantly they disappeared into thin-air. Sometimes, when preaching the angel will left-up his two legs and he will begin to move and float in air without his feet touching the ground.
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While praying on same mountain, a giant python came to swallow him but instantly dried-up. On June 25, 1931 he slew the sinister Abugabu dragon of the jungles of Yogumbo and with a bell and Yoruba Bible in his hand he toured yoruba-Land preaching about repentance and importance of prayer and fasting,
There was also a man called Duncan, after a very powerful message, people asked “What was his secret?” He said “13 hours of effectively prayer” Do you know why you are struggling to live right, fighting with sin and backslidden?
It’s because, you don’t have time for prayer and Vigil. Many no longer gather their family for prayer but can gather to watch movies, from part 1, 2 and 3 all at straight for 5-6 hours. Hence, to pray everybody will fall asleep, eating and having sex in the dream.
Many that started zealously are ending up today in flesh. Many believers are struggling to preach the gospel due to lack of honest and good report which is already waxing cold. Some Instead of bringing their strong reason to God they rather end-up quarreling, complaining and fighting God. They see God as a partial God whenever he answered the prayers of their neighbor’s but kept silent to their own prayers.
But If God is partial, would he had created the Angels and other living elements? No; he created them all to the glory of his name; likewise human. we are created to worship the beauty of his holiness in righteousness and truthfulness. Therefore; if your prayers isn’t been answer. you need to view vividly into your christian life and examine if you are living right or perhaps still entangle yourself  in worldly fashion or immodesty apparel.
The Important Of Prayer revival In Christian Life
Prayer is like exhaling the spirit of man and Inhaling the spirit of God. Prayer is like a pulse and how you pray determine your spiritual life level. If you want God to take your ministry life to higher level, engage in serious prayer. Prayer caused God glory to cover your physical eyes from beholding evil or wicked thoughts and leads you from falling into sin. When you become lazy or too busy to pray the veil covering your eyes and heart will begin to melt-off.
Afterward, you will began to beheld or sees the enticement, pleasure and enjoyable part of such sin, and after committing it, your eyes will opened and cried-out  “Oh No, i don’t know what happen to me” When you stop praying you will start sinning and when you start sinning you will stop praying.
At this junction, the devil will opened your eyes to see faults, errors and mistakes of your pastors and members. You will see your problem greater than God. You will ceased from following and spiritually cut-off from fellowship and your heavenly zeal will began to burns-off. A minister once told his fellow pastor, that the joy of preaching has left him. But just only forcing himself because he didn’t want people to knew about his backslidden.
However, spiritually the joy and zeal of serving God had been rob-off from him. His spiritual life already buried. His faith has been devastated resulting into frustration, hopelessness, then finally into spiritual mental illness. Which will result him sinking deeply and deeper into inequities to a point of No-Return. I pray; may it never be your portion in Jesus name, but always engage in prayer force and this important of prayers shall be behold in your life,

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