The Marine Spirits Agendas

These are vicious sexual spirits that afflict people with uncontrollable sexual lust and desire. The marine spirits that afflict women is called Incubus, while the one that afflict the men is called Succubus.

These are evil spirit of lust, sexual perversion and sexual misconduct. When they possess a person, such a life is dangerous to the society. They attack people when they sleep whether in the day or night, depending on how long such people has kept their attack secret.

They appear in the persons dream to caress and kiss them or subject that person to sexual stimulations that will motivate him to have sex. This exercise can be so intense and pleasurable that the person reaches orgasm, while on bed alone.
All kind of sexual perversion can be stimulated by these spirit on their victim to dehumanize them, afflict them cause them to have little value for their body.

These are the powers behind incest, masturbation, rape and other sexual crimes.

Once these demons posses a person, his or her sexual life becomes miserable. That person is no longer himself or herself. The demon begins to make sexual demands at places and times that is not convenient. For instance, a young man tormented by demon of masturbation can be coerced to masturbation in the office toilet during office hours, not minding the consequences of such act.

When this evil spirit operates in the life of a lady, one thing is sure. No one man can satisfy her sexual desire and marriage will be a problem for such a lady. She will be feeling horny always and cannot hold herself when the evil spirit is moving her. If she did nothing to find solution to the problem, the spirit will push her into prostitution.

Story is told if a first class undergraduate girl who cannot sleep a day without sex. For her to study all-night, she must have sex and immediately after, she can study all night – it’s the handwork of demon from the marine kingdom.

The longer a person allow the activities if any of these demons in their lives, the lower such a person will sink into sexual immorality of all kind Such a person soon becomes filthy and animalistic, so that when they see the opposite sex, the only thing that comes to their mind is sex. How such a lady/woman will be on bed. This is the spirit that pushes ladies to different men and when such women see a bore-headed man, they will start smiling – they will tell you that bore-headed men are very strong on bed.


1. These are enslaving spirits that put people in sexual bondage. This is one of the most difficult spiritual battles to fight because the flesh in man love pleasure and every move of the spirit of lust, in the form of pornography or masturbation will start with intensity and pleasure, only to end up in regret.

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Sexual bondage is a hard battle because the flesh inside of you will always justify your action with an excuse. Ask Lesbians why they dehumanize themselves, they will tell you they don’t want any man to abuse or lord over them. Ask women who cheat in the office why they do that they will say their husband is no longer interested in them.

Ask hotel attendants who sleep with hotel quests for money or the hairdresser or office worker who turns to a pimp at night why they do these kind of wickedness to themselves..they will say their pay cannot take care of them. They are all in the bondage of the spirit lust, its not ordinary. Unfortunately, Only a few people see demonic affliction as a problem. Until you so recognize it, you cannot be free. Any lady who have been in this condition needs deliverance.

2. The strongest tool of marine agents is sex. They keep people in bondage through sex through spell and arrows of lust. Spell is different from arrows of lust. while a spell could manipulate your behaviour towards certain areas, make you week in prayer and resistance, arrows has the power to enforce a specific command or action they want to see.

3. They imitate the Holy Spirit of God by discussing as Him to speak to the ears of even the elect. This is why, whenever you hear a voice in the spirit, you must verify it and be sure it is from God, else it could be the voice of marine spirit (the devil)

4. This wicked spirit is behind sexual perversion on earth today. From Pornography,to Lesbianism, to artificial Virginia, pennies to sexual robots and toys to deepen sexual immorality in the world. It is the spirit behind seduction, nakedness of women.

5. This is the spirit that the all people to walk naked in the street, make love in public places. It is the spirit that make a small boy propose and marry a woman, older than his mother.It is this spirit that makes an old woman loose value for her body and age.

6. This wicked filthy spirit work closely with the spirit of witchcraft and all marine agents are witches and wizards.

7. They possess people through evil dedication, having multiple sexual partners, curses, watching pornographic videos and practising masturbation.


To be ignorant of the consequences of filthy thoughts is to prolong the person’s suffering. Sexual bondage start from the mind, the mind is held captive that it cannot think right, it continues to fill you will pictures of sexual activities.
This is the spirit that posses some ladies in the church and use them to pollute the church. When you see a married woman who love dressing scantly like a teenager, there is marine or witchcraft spirit is in operation.

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The spirit will use such women to pollute the church and water down the holiness in the church for amorous relationships to develop among members of the church.


The marine powers are very wicked spirit that enslave people through sex. Those ladies offering cheap sex in the brothels and ckub s and bars are marine agents collecting peoples sperms to lock up under the water and destroy the efforts and labour of such a man from that day.

They use prostitutes, hotel attendants, demonically possessed ladies and witches to collect sperms of men to destroy them.To make matters worse, most marine agents are quite, patient and very intelligent. People easily like them and those of them educated get job easily, yet they are very wicked and deadly.
They are ready to do the bidding of Satan on an individual, company or even to their family. Because of the dual spirits of marine and witchcraft, they can see into the spirit realm at any time and so they are terrible destiny hunters. The use the following places as spots for collection of human sperms:

1. Hotels, clubs and sexually polluted bars
2. University campuses
3. Secondary school dormitory.
4. Cold and dead churches.
5. Private and public offices, ministries and parastatals.
6. Market places

They release their members into these places to hunt for the sperm and destiny of men and children. They appear with seductive dresses to pollute and capture careless men. Your destiny will not be captured in Jesus name.


You can come out of the bondage of marine spirit and their demons. It is a battle you must overcome if you hope to fulfill your God given destiny. No matter how entrenched the power has operated in your life, it is possible for you to receive your deliverance right here if you can pray the prayers given below with faith in your heart.


1. MARKS ON YOUR BODY: If you have marks on your body. This could indicate evil dedication into the marine kingdom. Most marks other than tribal marks are marks of evil dedication.

2. Hearing Voices and strange command: If the thought of sex dominate your mind always, you are under marine spirit attack. If you hear voices asking you to kiss, Hugh or caress someone, or voice asking you to spank the bombom of a lady, whether she is your girlfriend or not, you are under marine attack.

3. If you constant see the picture of a naked woman or ladies or people making love, whether real or not. if you are always attracted to the bom or breast of a woman ( those are the places where the demon of lust sits – on their breast and buttocks).


4. UNCLEAN DREAM: – Dreams of sexual intercourse indicate the activities of marine spirit. It means you are consciously or unconsciously mardied to a spirit being. when you now have children in the dream, it confirms the spiritual marriage. If in your dream, you see all kinds of sexual perversion, it means the demon want to pervert you deeper into immorality

These spirits are responsible for filthy thought that people harbour. Thoughts and actual interest in seeing the nakedness of neighbours or people even on the internet, watch it and resist it, otherwise you open the door for demons into your life. If you have ever seen an opposite sex and begin to lust for her/him to the extent of imagining the pleasure of sleeping with him/her, you are in the bondage of marine powers.

You find it difficult to keep a relationship for long time. You think one man cannot satisfy your sexual urge or you like every tall man you see. Some men cannot take their eyes off fat ladies, it is bondage. You need to breakout of it.

One of the purposes of the activities of marine spirit is to stop their victim from getting married here on the earth. They claim ownership of their victim as their wives or husbands. These wicked spirit force ladies to have children from different men, but would never allow any of the men to marry her.

1. Repent of your sins and invite Jesus into your heart.
2. Pursue after righteousness and purity
3. seek deliverance and help of your self deliverance prayers did not resolve the problem
4. Break every evil dedications made on your behalf, evil agreements and covenants.
5. Destroy every naked pictures around you. Flee from all nakedness.
6. Desist from fornication and adultery
7. Desist from oral sex and all forms of sexual perversion
8. Desist from masturbation and the use of sexually toys and drinks. Artificial pennies, Virginia etc.
9. Be strong to cast out every evil though that enters your heart.
10. The prayer should be with fasting for 3 or 7 days.

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