Unity’s Vision The EndTime vision of a young girl from India named Unity. (Part of the Shillong Revival)

Jesus playing with kidsUnity’s Vision

The EndTime vision of a young girl from India named Unity.
(Part of the Shillong Revival)
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(Date of Vision: March 9, 2006.)

Jesus showed me three things;

1. The Rapture of the Saints.
2. The Rule of the beast.
3. The Judgments of God.
Kicked out of HeavenI saw all the Saints who had done the will of Jesus were taken up into the Rapture, where Jesus appeared midway in the heavens. He took up all those who did His will, along with the faithful ones who were in the graves.
After the rapture, I saw angels fight against a dragon who is the 666.  He was defeated, and there was no room for him in heaven, so he fell to earth. The dragon said that he would rule over the earth for a number of years.
He went away and then another beast came which had 10 heads and 7 horns. ** He wore crowns on his head which had blasphemous names written on.
He looked like a human being, but very very fearful. I saw that during his reign, even the rice had his mark sealed on it. Even money had his mark sealed on it. People who believed in him had his mark sealed on them, which was 666.
Mark of the BeastAt that time, those who believed in Jesus, were severely persecuted. Their flesh was cut while they were alive, their eyes were gouged out. Their throats were slit and they were fried in huge containers.
When Jesus comes to earth again He ascended right down onto the surface of the Earth. When the dragon, who was the 666, saw the glory of Jesus, the dragon could not bear it and fled. When Jesus came down again, those who were dead, those who were left behind during the rapture awoke from their graves.
The Angels blew their trumpets and all the dead rose from their graves to go for the judgment day of God.
Christian's Persecuted

Then Jesus put the goats to the left and the sheep to the right. These goats were those who did not do His will and those who had the mark of the beast 666.
Those who were on the right were the lambs. They had the mark of the cross and they are the ones who did the will of Jesus.
God then judged each and every person, the sheep and the goats. And each and every one was judged before God and their sins were viewed on a TV Screen.
Angel Blows TrumpetGod asked, “When a person witnessed to you about Jesus Christ, did you believe and repent or not?” If they replied “NO” then they were damned to Hell. I saw that those who were cast into hell, fell into a bottomless pit. They fell into the pit and where tossed about without reaching anywhere. There was a hot raging fire. They shouted and screamed begging God for mercy.
I also saw a place full of worms, large snakes and hell fire. I saw people there too. The worms would go in one nostril and out the other. I saw a big centipedes stuck to the cheek of one man. I saw a snake curl around the body and centipedes crawling over peoples bodies.


Jesus seperates sheeps and goats
Jburning in hellesus said that now is the time for you to repent. In this revival you will be saved. Jesus gave us this revival because He loves us.

Jesus playing with kids 

 ** The beast mentioned in Revelations had 7 Heads and 10 Horns (not 10 heads and 7 horns).
Unity’s statement may have been misinterpreted and reversed by the transcriber.

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