The Lord had given me some prophecies and I began to bring them forth to the Body of Christ and I was told by an evil spirit if I get to bring them in, he will take my life. I didn’t believe him, but he did. So I went to the Lord in death.


I was in pain on the earth, and blood was shooting out of my mouth like a geyser.


And all of a sudden, I wasn’t in pain anymore. This Man, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, stood by my side, and we started walking. And as we walked, I saw a Man who was white light. All white light was around Him, but He was the whitest of all white lights. He had His hands out. As I came into that white light, there came a feeling over me like I had never known before. I asked the Man beside me, “What is that?”


The Man (Holy Spirit) said, “It is the love of God that’s around you.” I said, “It’s just so wonderful. It’s so glorious. It is so white and it’s so beautiful.” And He said, “That’s what it is—it’s the glory of God.” I said, “How can it be both?” It’s in John 17—the love I had with the Father, the glory I had with the Father. He said, “It’s also the glory, the glory, and the love.” And that is John 17 the glory in love again from the beginning.


John 17:24 Father, I will that they also, whom Thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am; that they may behold My glory, which Thou hast given Me: for Thou lovedst Me before the foundation of the world.


So that was the greatest experience I have ever had. Just enveloped in His glorious love. That’s possible down here. The glory of God is coming, and it is going to be in His glorious love.


As I came close to the Lord, I saw all the people that were in our line. He asked each one only one word, “Did you learn to love?” I saw that about 2% of all humanity was in the line I was in.


I noticed another group of people on my left side. For each two in the line that I was in, there were 98 in the other line. They had what looked like a conveyor belt underneath them. They were wrapped up in all different kinds of things. I looked at them and I asked this Man, “Why are they wrapped up that way?” And He said, “They are wrapped up in the earth with their gods.” It’s the gods they worshipped on the earth that followed them into death. They were on their way to hell with their gods. I saw a man wrapped up in dollar bills. I saw a man wrapped up in his sod or grass; his yard was his god. I saw a man that had no body; he was just one big head. He was an atheist, and he worshipped himself; he was his own god and going to hell with it.


I saw many things people worshipped on the earth that they are going to spend eternity with. And if Jesus Christ is our God, we spend eternity with Him. Well, I worshipped the Lord, and I am going to spend eternity with Him. But these others who don’t are going to spend eternity in total darkness with their god. And their gods will be their tormentors, not for 100,000 years, but for eternity.


So I looked at that line. It was so horrible. Everyone in the line recognized Him. Their eyes got big.

Everyone who is going to hell has had a witness in one way or another tell them that there is a God.

And every one of them willingly denied Him.


I watched the Lord speak to people who were coming there. He asked them only one question: “Did you learn to love?” He’s not going to ask you what you did. If you learn to love, you are going to do what is right. Did you learn to love? He asked them that question and they said, “Yes, Lord,” and He kissed them right on the lips and embraced them, and the double doors of His heart opened and they went right in.


Some had a lot of angels with them and they would go on in to heaven. The angels went too because they had testimonies; they helped people do things on the earth. Angels have no testimony until they help you do something. We are the ones who will judge angels by their rewards for what they helped us do. They are more willing to help you do something than you are willing to submit and let them help you do it.


As I came close to the Lord, I was thinking, I learned to love. I’m OK. I’m going home. As I did, He held His hand up to me and said, “No, I want you to go back.” I told Him, “It was too hard to get here. I don’t want to go back because I wasn’t doing any good there.” He said, “You are

a liar, because you spoke My words, and My words will always bring it to pass.” I said, “Well, nobody was believing it, and it was painful.” He said, “Yes, and you have a cowardly nature too. Up there, it’s about the truth. But you love. You had a heart for souls. I want you to go back. If you look at that line over there and then tell me you want to come in, I will bring you in.”


I looked at that line and looked at their faces and said I would go back for one. I would go back and spend a day on a cross for one. He said, “I’m not sending you back for that. I’m sending you back to wake up the church because I am going to bring a billion youth to Myself in one of the greatest waves of all times. I’m going to honor Myself beyond anything that man can imagine. I want you to go back and touch the church and speak to the church of what I am going to do in these last days.” So I told Him I would go back.

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But He did show me some parts of heaven. And we’ve got five senses. In Heaven, all five senses are beyond anything I can tell you. For there are fruits there that you can bite into. And the nectar is so sweet and enjoyable. There’s nothing that I could ever compare on Earth.


Sounds there? Everything that makes a sound makes praise, the wind blowing through the trees, it praises, the rippling waters praise, there are songbirds praising there all the time.


You can hear the songs of praise, your eyes see nothing but beauty there. Your nose will smell the fragrance, your taste, and the feelings there were the greatest. Because I feel so secure, I felt literally wrapped in love.


And you’re literally wrapped there and you have no bad thoughts. You have nothing demonic penetrating your brain. All five senses are beautiful. The sounds, the praise, and there you meet people, and you know them without talking and you can literally answer questions without conversation.


If you’re in the valley, and you want to be on top of the mountain, you can be there as fast as a thought. You can go underneath the sea and talk to the fishes.


There are valleys of dinosaurs, and you can go look. Everything that is created down here on earth is a type and shadow of the real thing up there in heaven. So while I was up there, that’s what I saw.


I also saw that the saints that went before me. And some of them like the Apostle Paul, I want to ask the question. And the Lord says, “No, you don’t get to ask the question. He gets to ask the first question.” And I was saying, “Why?” He said, “Because you’re part of his testimony. And Paul’s testimonies won’t be finished until the last of the saints are saved.”


His testimony didn’t finish what he did. For our testimonies go into eternity. You lead somebody to the Lord, they are part of your testimony. So we’re continuing to build the testimony.


What God is doing with the sons of the kingdom?


Well, what He’s doing now is bringing forth a new birth. I believe we as babes will grow into sonship. And I believe in the next two years, we’ll see an escalating of sonship. And I believe you’ll begin to see the Holy Spirit cleansing out those that will be clean, so clean in the spirit, in their spirit that they can totally have communion with God. For if your conscience is totally clean, which is part of your spirit man, then you have communion with God. And if you have communion with God the Spirit in you, then you have at your disposal, the wisdom of God in your spirit.


So I believe there are people whose minds, emotions and consciences are being cleaned out to such an extent, they’re willing to be brought under the control of the Lord and direction of the Spirit now. And I see within the next two years of the Holy Spirit really dealing with our conscience that we don’t violate our conscience in any way. If we do, we immediately repent of it. With a clean conscience, you have communion with the Holy Spirit. In that communion, you have the wisdom of the ages within you. The Holy Spirit is the creative power of God. And I see that men have been literally born anew as First Peter 2:2 says. We were born of the logos Word of God.


1 Peter 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby.


But now there is a new thing going on. And now we’re being born to take from the Spirit of God as newborn babes, nurse from the Spirit of God. And it will be pure unadulterated sincerity. And it will be in the spirit, not by power not by might but by My spirit.


And I see overcomers coming that are the sons of God. Because they’re led by the Spirit of God. So if you’re led by the Spirit, you’re a son literally and to put in another way that which has been birthed has loved. And they represent the Holy Spirit too but their love make them peacemakers too and the peacemakers are the sons and daughters of God. And they are birthed now and they will have the wisdom of God to make peace.


But when I was before the Lord, all five of my senses, all five that my soul depends on, we are more alive, we’re more blessed. My taste, I can taste greater, with my nose, I could smell all the fragrances.


In other visions, the Lord came other times and took me to heaven and I entered in, there are seven levels up there in heaven and the throne is on the third level. I don’t know what goes above that.


But you continue growing in heaven, just like you do down here. Only up there you don’t have any devil opposition. Down here you have a lot. And you know, the greater devil opposition you have down here, the greater you already are in heaven because you’ve had to fight greater wars.


Some people that are really in great leadership down here, they don’t have many rewards because they didn’t have to fight much. But some people are just coming out of carnality and out of the bottom of the pit, they got beautiful mansions up there.


In one vision, I saw one of the most beautiful mansions up there. And a woman by the name of Corrie ten Boom was its occupant.


Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch woman who helped hide Jews during the Holocaust and was herself thrown into a concentration camp. She wrote a great book called “The Hiding Place”.


And the Lord said, “She pleased Me. If you want to copy after somebody, do like she did because she copied after Me. She really lived in humility.”



I want to tell you, sisters have just as big a testimony up there, they really do. Now my own way of seeing this is their beautiful mansions in heaven was created in them down here by what they endured. You want a pretty mansion in heaven, you grew one down here because that’s mentioned it’s built for the Holy Spirit. You are the house the Lord builds to dwell in.


And I mean that Corrie ten Boom was built with the Spirit beautifully down here. But in heaven, her mansion shows, she was that mansion and so are you. The only thing that is not settled in all creation is you. If the Lord wanted to build kingdoms or anything He had to speak it into existence. You are the mansions He’s building. You are the land that He wants. You are the holy land that He’s raising for His use. And you grow into humility. And you grew up in righteousness taking on holiness. And you will be a beautiful mansion that the Lord will inhabit.


I was taken to the first level. And it was like eternal springtime there. When I went there, He took me into a beautiful meadow. And it was like spring, only the light wasn’t like the sun as we know it. It was like everything was light and in the kingdom of heaven, everything is light. The flowers are light, the water is light. And they’re just different colors of light. And so He took me there. I just wanted to lay there in that meadow. It was, I mean, peace. All over was the peace which is beyond anything I can describe to you. I wish I had words. But I can’t do it. And so that peace was there. And I would just lay down in the grass and the flowers. So I was like, I wouldn’t hurt the flowers, but I could smell them. The sense of smell is beyond anything you can imagine. Can you imagine all the flowers in the earth being poured into one drop and put underneath your nose? It’s like you could smell all the nectar of all the beautiful smells on the earth and watch. It was like everything on the earth was first created in heaven and broken down here is the blessing.


They were fruits there. The Lord picked some fruits and said, “Taste it.” And I tasted of it. But I love apricot, especially when it’s really juicy. And it was a really juicy ripe apricot. Oh, that taste was beyond anything that I can describe too. And then I listened right by a brook and is running down some trees on both sides of the rock. And I can hear the water running in the water was singing praises. And I can see the wind blowing in the pine trees. It was praising too. And they were birds sitting on the branches of those pines. And they were singing praises and Lord said, “Look at those. Those are the songbirds that I release to the earth to the Body. So that’s why I call the praises of the songbirds. Because when My people start praising in the Spirit, well the songbirds come and sit on their shoulders and begin to sing in their ears and so they just repeat it.”


I mean, that’s the way it works. So the songbirds we’ve got here is because they’ve been anointed and sent to them that sing in the Spirit. And so the sound was beyond anything I can tell you. All the sounds there was so pleasant, there wasn’t anything that irritated your ears. There were of the saints that were being empowered in praise or songs. The songs there were so beautiful. And the music was beyond description. And it was just the contentment that was in me.


I had a desire that I could just stay there for thousands of years without moving. The feelings that come over me when those songs were sung were feeling like just waves coming through my body. And my senses would feel the Presence like a ripple would come through me. That’s what’s gonna


happen in this body. It gonna come like there’s like a ripple effect. It comes like a wave. Again, and again, you can start seeing that sound, hearing and feelings. And I have already told you about my eyes, everything that I have seen, was beautiful.


He took me to the second level of heaven, it was like the first, only the light was more severe and it hurt my head, I wasn’t mature enough to enjoy it.


Then He took me to the third heaven into the throne room. And really those mature in the last days in the church of Philadelphia, they’re the ones that will be in that third heaven. There I couldn’t stand it all, I had to hide behind Jesus. Jesus was like colored sunglasses to me there. And I had to look through Him to even see any of the things going on there. And I was begging Him to take me back. The only place I was happy with was the first level. And that’s where literally all the baby Christians went there and I was content there.


But that third level was so much light and glory and was beyond all the other levels. And the saints in heaven are continually growing and growing and going from one level to another. They’re continually ministering to one another, teaching one another, they are doing many things, their activities are there.


But the third level, it’s light was so bright that it was like the light of platinum, or like gold. And I was a very, very uncomfortable there because the light was stronger than what I could bear.


So He took me back down to the first level. And that’s where He’s taken me quite a few times when I go to heaven. And that’s where I’ve seen some of the things. He won’t let me talk to the saints, especially some of the disciples, the part who have become apostles, because they got a right to talk to us first. For you see you are part of their testimony. And your children and your children’s children for their testimony. So they’re waiting to see how their testimony winds up as we’re one another part of one another’s testimony.



2 Corinthians 3:2 You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone.


1 Corinthians 9:2 Even if I am not an apostle to others, surely I am to you. For you are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord.


There’s not any private thing in the body of Christ, because every one of us cross-pollinates one another’s lives so much. That is really one testimony, down to all history, where the end product of all the suffering from all the breakthroughs, and all the prayers, and all the praise this ever being in the body of Christ, and your children to be the product of what you go through as your grandchildren, and you’ll see your grandchildren. But you are in that in time.


And you can expect these revelations and what I’m speaking about to increase, because in the movement of the Spirit, these five senses that your mind depends on to run it, you’re gonna have to submit them to the spirit within you. And you’re going to begin to understand how to do that. And how to move in the spirit. Because it’s the five senses that you move in, exercising the senses and get ready to understand Hebrews 5:14 on the level like you’ve never known before and especially Hebrews 6:1 because you’ve got to go through 5:14 before you get to 6:1.


Heb 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.


Heb 6:1 Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God.


And the best way I would say about 6:1 is just maturity, are growing up in righteousness, the place that you can take hold of holiness, it is really what the word is saying there. And you do that by destroying your carnal five senses and making them look to the spirit within you for the answer. For the answers within you, you got to learn how to do it. It’s your choice. Believe no matter what your five senses say, and that TV and the radio say, believe God’s got it all under control. He does.


And that you are the beloved that He’s been waiting to put you on His knees. And that His love is towards you. It is. Get ready to love in a new way that you’ve never loved before.




I came back. I thought that when I came back into my body, I would be healed. As I came back, I saw two of the biggest angels I have ever seen. I know who they are. They are the resurrection angels. And I saw the death spirit as he left when I came back in.


When I went back into the body, I wasn’t healed. The pain was there, and I couldn’t understand why. I was gone from my body probably for about three hours. The pain was there, and I said, “What’s going on, Lord?” And then I heard a phone ring. And I saw people answering the phone and they were saying, “Bob Jones needs prayer.”


They started praying, and I felt better. It was on Friday. People kept praying; the prayers kept increasing and increasing. And then people came over and prayed for me that night until the pain was hardly there.


On Saturday at 3 a.m., the last person stopped praying for me. I could see who was praying for me.

The pain was coming back and I thought, Boy, it’s going to be a long time.


And then I saw an old sister who wasn’t highly thought of in the church because she didn’t take very many baths. She always sat in the last seat in the back of the church. She got up early in the morning and cleaned offices for a living. Her phone rang, and she answered it. She got up at 3 a.m. and started praying for me, and I went to sleep.


She had to go to work at 5 a.m., and others began to pray for me, so Saturday was pretty good. People came over Saturday and I thought, Well, I know He sent me back down here to live. Prayer and intercession sure made the difference.


That night the pain was there until about 3 a.m., and all the other prayers ended except hers. She got up and prayed for me again; she didn’t have to work on Sundays. She prayed for me until about 7 a.m. When she stopped praying, it was the worst time because there was no prayer. People were going to church.


And it was really bad until about 10:05 a.m. At 10, Viola asked me, “How are you doing?” I told her I was worse than I had ever been. I was swelling and couldn’t even get out of bed. At 10:05, I became totally normal, totally delivered. I got up and we went to church, and I testified of it.


I found out the value of prayer. And I found out the value of not having an opinion about saints. I found out the value of ministry, that one saint was able to void all of it so I could sleep.


Transcribed from a video and 2006 conference in Albany, Ore.


Bob Jones went home to be with the Lord on Feb. 14, 2014, after more than four decades of prophetic ministry. To read more of his prophetic words, go to

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