The Year 2001
The Lord God led me into the future. The technology was very modern. I heard the sound of bombs and saw big blasts. Planes were bombarding places and causing great destruction. Millions of mutilated bodies, bits of human flesh were found on all sides of the conflict. Coffins looking like large boxes were available to put millions of pieces of bodies inside. There was a war between countries. The prophecy of the red horseman was fulfilled.
Evangelical publishers stopped producing the Bibles by order of the Antichrist government. An elegant man came into the world and was the center of attention. His outward appearance was a handsome man, but his inner soul was a monster with lion teeth and sharp claws. His spirit was wild and his interior had deep darkness. And inside his chest, there was no heart, but a vacuum.
That man was summoned to bring order and progress to the world. A new leader of prestige appeared and supported by the UN. All the rulers, priests, Christians, and the Pope saw him as a genius.
Then Jesus took me in the middle of a great war. Food crops like rice, beans, vegetables, and fruits were destroyed by the bombs. All agriculture was damaged and caused the famine, leaving millions of families in misery. Hunger increased, industries and businesses went bankrupt. The remaining little foods were not enough for the world’s population which resulted in millions of deaths from malnutrition.
The black horseman of the apocalypse was fully fulfilled. The shortage of food caused prices to increase to the point of rice costing 100 times the value of its price. The poor did not have enough money to buy food. Only the rich who had money could have food, but prices began to soar that money lost its value.
And the mark of the beast became mandatory to replace the money printed on paper. Money was virtual, but only those who had the mark of the beast got the money. Whoever did not have the mark could neither eat nor drink, but the righteous lived by faith, for man shall not live by bread alone, but by the Word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
Telecommunication networks were destroyed and only a few channels were available. Highways, railroads, and means of transportation were destroyed because of the war.
The cities of the inner world had a camera system to watch over the world. Even in the woods, there were cameras that monitored people so they would not escape the Antichrist’s dictatorship.
Diseases were created in laboratories and scattered on the ground through vaccines. Millions of people died through new diseases that have no cure. The torments of Hell were on Earth, there was great suffering. The yellow horseman of the apocalypse was fulfilled with all the plagues brought to Earth.
All religions that did not worship the Antichrist were annihilated. All world religions came together to worship one man. A prophet in robes introduced this worship to this man, officiating as the only religion. The true religion was to worship that ruling leader as a God. This prophet wore a robe and looked like a priest. The true Gospel has been abandoned and the world has been tormented by darkness.
Diabolical laws were passed by the World Government Congress. These laws approved the death penalty for Christians and Jews. Those who did not support the laws of this new ruler had their properties confiscated and their families destroyed. Those who did not obey the laws were killed. Federal constitutions and judicial laws were in his favor. The number of rapes, suicides, murders increased exponentially.
There were clones of people walking in the middle of real people, but these clones were not people. There were robots with human skin looking like real skin, I cannot explain. They are state-of-the-art cyborgs that were created to work in companies replacing men and women. They worked without pay, all day long and that increased the company profits.
The rulers of every country were demon-possessed, I saw their dark hearts. The world was in chaos, death was on a large scale and there was much confusion. The hidden Christians spoke of the message of the Kingdom of God that was already near. The peoples were so connected with the goods of the Earth that they ignored that message. Others were afraid to surrender to Jesus and suffer great persecution from the government. The world leader wanting to capture those groups of Christians infiltrated his men into the Christian groups. They deceived the Christians by saying that they had converted. These men who had already received the mark of the beast were received into the group as Christians.
Groups of deceived Christians were delivered to their execution by the troops of the Antichrist. Soldiers, shock troops, federal police, and worshipers of the beast received promises of rewards to capture Christians. The whole world was after Christians. The desert was the place where there was no camera and the caves were the hiding place. The technological signals had difficulties with functioning because the signal was bad in the desert. Objects flew everywhere in search of believers. At the time I did not know what they were but now I know those flying objects were drones.
The drones had weapons of destruction that executed the victims. The photos of all who did not receive the mark of the beast were shown on television. The newspaper treated Christians who rejected the mark of the beast as criminals and lawbreakers. They were offering rewards to people who could find Christian groups.
The posters of the Christians were plastered to every place on the streets and searched everywhere. Their faces were on the newsstands and they were called rebels. The Christians who were hiding could not carry any technology with them, even clocks could be tracked. All technology had tracking microchips. Christians could not trust their families that were marked with the sign of the beast. Christians could not believe their spouses who were bought with mansions and large quantities of goods. The Christians had to flee with just the clothes on their bodies without taking anything, just like the people of Israel when they left Egypt. Everything that was Christian or Jewish was confiscated by the government. It was no use working to buy a house. Who had the mark had everything, who had no mark had nothing and lost everything.
In a world destroyed by war and cataclysm, whoever had a mansion would be considered rich since most have lost their homes in bomb explosions and natural disasters. Having lots of food is being rich, as the world has lost food crops through war and natural disasters.
The government forced the families and spouses of Christians to surrender them to the authorities. The whole city and forest were monitored, there was no hiding. The desert where the elect Jews were hiding was the place of Christians as well. There God provided food, even water boiled from the rock in the wilderness. Quail and her eggs were the food of God’s people. The Christians left their homes with all their belongings.
Those who were captured went through torture until they denied Jesus. Those who did not deny were shot, others beheaded and some died in electric chairs. The religious empire reached its maximum power by persecuting Christians. But the world leader did not want to divide his power with the false Church and destroyed the false religious system. All religions were weakened and had no more power. Now all power and all worship were concentrated in the hands of the Antichrist. The false Church no longer existed and there was no religion except the worship of the Antichrist.
The financial crisis began to affect the government of the great leader. God Himself was destroying government property with the plagues. Government officials began to question the great leader and the opposition began to exist. That perfect government was crumbling little by little, even with all its governmental skills.
Then Jesus showed me the land in peace and said it was a thousand years. An angel descended from Heaven opened the abyss and released Satan. He went up to the land full of hatred and revenge for being held for so long. Satan began to subdue the Earth and deceive the hearts of the people. He wants to take the kingdom of Jesus, convinces the nations to destroy Israel and take the land of promise. Israel is surrounded by a crowd of people and soldiers. They were millions who wanted to destroy Israel. The Jews cried for help and fire came down from Heaven and destroyed those thousands of people. They were not able to rival the power of Jesus.
My spirit left the future and came back. The Lord God made me travel to the future to reveal the events. I came back crying from this rapture, for it was terrible for me to witness this event. This will soon happen. I say to you, I am a paralytic, I cannot stay for the great tribulation, as I will flee and take my soul before that happens.
Jesus came to me and said, “I promise you’ll be asleep when it happens and you’ll be in My glory with Me.”
I tell all of you who have not given your life to Jesus yet. There are many paths to follow, but there is only one true path, He is called Jesus. This path is narrow and full of obstacles to be faced. Many look at this path and before they want to walk the path they look at the difficulties. Several people give up before walking and some people even walk down this path, but when they find difficulties they go back and are afraid to continue on the path. They do not understand that Jesus promised to be with them until the end of time. Jesus said He would send His Spirit to help everyone to walk His way. If you have the Holy Spirit you must not be afraid to proceed. What is lacking in many believers is courage. And to be brave you must trust in the One who can do everything. If you do not believe in the One who is greater than any problem, it is difficult to tread down the thorny path of Christ.
At the end of this path, there is a door on the other side. When you find it, you will find mansions, green pastures, a river of crystalline water, emerald and jasper wall, precious stones, gold street, diamond, and a tree of life. This is the destination for those who reach the end of this path. There is a reward waiting for you. Great is the victory of those who manage to reach the finish line. These are the champions that went all the way.
There I can walk and have the movements that are missing in my legs. I wish I could jump in the presence of God and go places I cannot go. And what have you done with your legs? Have you gone to places where Jesus has sent you or have you gone to places unfit for Christians? The way of salvation is narrow and full of barriers, but when it comes to the end of this path there is an immense and spacious land ready to receive you.
Jesus is willing to pay the price of suffering, to pass through anguish and painful trials so that you can inherit all this. You can have everything on Earth, but you will lose the inheritance that Jesus has for you, if you turn back. Jesus paid a high price so that you have the guarantee to enter that place and be heir with Him. Jesus has not paid this price to gain some inheritance for Himself since He is all of all. He paid this price so you can have an inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven.


He did it out of love, now it’s up to you to do your part to be an heir. We have no choice, either we enter this narrow path and receive all the inheritance, or we tread on the path that leads to the kingdom of darkness. In the world, there is no freedom, in the kingdom of darkness we are prisoners, but in the kingdom of Heaven, we are free from evil and temptation. Remain faithful to the glory of Jesus Amen.

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