Who Is Your Number One Household Enemy?

Who Is Your Number One Household Enemy ?

The first household enemy is your individual character. Your character attests of the type of testimonies that will erupt in your life. Many had missed their blessing due to their ill-character and conducts. Your character might be the way and manner of your approach, friendship and conversation toward others.

Possessing of such ill-character have caused many Christians to lose their blessing and divine favor. Many had chase off their angels of blessing and divine favor. Many of our young lovely sisters had chase-off their God sent future partner. They seek after sight, riches and wealth.
Likewise our brothers (bachelors), instead of walking in faith, they are after beauty and physical appealing of sisters. However, to deal with your worst household enemy, you need to identify them, by walking in spirit. You might had prayed and fasted, calling upon Holy Ghost fire, to burnt and destroyed those old witches/wizard in your village, whom you thought are responsible to your nemesis or problems.
But you had forgotten that, your character, thoughts, actions and ways of approach to people, also plays major impact toward your testimony and blessing. Jesus Christ instructed his disciples, Matthew 10:14 “Any house you enter, and they refuse to accommodate you, dust-off your shoe and move-on to the next neighborhood”.

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This signifies, there is tendency that you might have ignorantly chased off the angels and divine helper assigned unto you by the Lord due to your ignorant and lack of humility. Moreover, God can’t jump down to help you, he will only sent his messenger’s to fulfill his bidding in respond to the answer of your prayers.
It’s now your duty to possess a friendly character and good manner of entertainment approach. The scripture also emphasis that we should be alert and sensitive in spirit while entertaining anyone. As a business men or women, How do you entertain your customer? Is the spirit of humility and patience still radiating in your heart?
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So, therefore, let begin to examine our individual characters and behavior. Those your wicked and unpleasant adamic nature need to be revived, strengthen and re-filled with an edifying gift of the Holy Ghost, such as patience, humility, love, joy, laughter, cheerful, happiness, meekness, brokenness, and temperance; Instead of contention, quarreling, fighting, hating, envy and aggression.
As a Christian, always learn how to control yourself when provoked. Don’t allow the spirit of anger, murmuring, complain and bitterness to reap-off your testimony, blessing and answer to prayers. Although many are ignorant of the fact that God had provided answer to their prayer at the very first day of their request. But the prince of Persia had now manifested as a “character” to reap them-off of their entitlement.
There is one thing that has greatly helped me in the ministry and its greatest tool which every genuine Christians has to pray ceaselessly to acquire. These spiritual tools will empower you to endure unpleasant situations of life and gives you an insight-log about the plans of the enemy.
And that tool is drive from James 1:19 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath” As a genuine born again Christian you are mandated to always act in humility lifestyles. Possessing all the gift of the Holy Ghost through consistent prayers and meditating of the scriptures.

  1. The Grace Of Meekness: Never you argue or debate on any uprising issues within or around you. You must always tame your tongue, gentle and overlooks.
  2. The Grace Of Self-Control: Never you retaliate or try to prove you knew the best but rather remain calm and play the act of folly. Let them wags their tongues while you keep listening to the sounds of their foolishness because a wise man doesn’t yield into debate or argument because it’s an act of foolishness.
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As a believer you ought to understand that majority has no business with prayer and daily bible reading but ever ready to watered-you down and castigate your belief. Hence it is your daily duty to play the act of folly and keep laughing at their ignoramus belief system.
He that maketh the loudest noise is a fool while he that gives out an instruction and remain calm acted wisely. None has ever won any triumph or gold medal in argument and that is reason why i don’t associate with fault-finders in the church and neither gives ear to none edifying chats and unreasonable questions.
As a believer; it’s not all issues or questions you must attempt. It’s not all updates or questions you must reply. You need to possess the grace to overlook and move-on because trying to act as if you knew all literally means you are the biggest fool.
Nevertheless, i don’t know, the kind character you had been manifesting all this years, which had turned you into a prayer warrior, binding and casting while you refused to deal with the worst nightmare of your life which has hindered your financial breakthrough and progress in life; (your individual character). Please examine your individual characters and starting re-adjusting your life style.
Your individual character might be your fashionista or wrong dressing code. Moreover many men are searching for a good decent young lady to marry, but due to your High-Killer dressing code, makes-up and painting, you have indirectly chased-them-off.

However, some men are also responsible for their poverty statues. Most of them are surrounded with helper’s, whom wish to assist or render form of assistance to them. But due to their ugly ways of approach they have also chased-off their angels of blessing. Therefore, you need to strengthen the things that remainth, which need to be corrected.
The prince of Persia is looking who to devour. Don’t allow him to cause havoc, through manipulation of your character. Remember, that our spiritual warfare is not canal. We wrestle against principalities, dominion and rulers of darkness in high places. You need to challenge and wrestle with you character, calling it unto submission to the perfect-will of God.

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